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Royals' Yost says DH should be used in all interleague games

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Royals manager Ned Yost enjoys the National League game -- just not during interleague play.


Yost, who managed the NL's Milwaukee Brewers for six seasons, said he would like to see designated hitters throughout interleague play, regardless of the game's location. Currently, the home team's league determines whether the game is played with or without a DH.


"I feel our team's built for an American League game," Yost said. "I love National League rules when National League teams are playing National League teams. For interleague games, I think they should just make it all DH. That's just me."


Yost and the Royals have had to sit one of their main hitters on both Friday (when Kendrys Morales was out) and Sunday (when Eric Hosmer made way for Morales). When NL teams enter AL parks, they gain a hitter. When AL clubs come to NL stadiums, they lose a bat.


"It doesn't hurt them," Yost said. "They take a guy who sits on the bench and he's the DH. We come here, we got to take one of our best hitters and put him on the bench. We're not built for the National League game.


"They don't have to sit one of their better players, but we do."

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