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Art Schlichter Released from the Hoosier Hoosgow

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INDIANAPOLIS -- After a run of prison sentences that spanned two decades -- brought on by a gambling addiction that led to financial fraud, theft and shattered an NFL dream -- former Colts quarterback Art Schlichter has been released from prison.

Court records show Schlichter, 61, (wow... hard to believe... hsh) became eligible for parole June 13 and was released from the Trumbull Correctional Institution in Leavittsburg, Ohio, the next day. He was serving time for federal fraud charges related to a massive ticket scheme that bilked millions of dollars from his victims.

Schlichter's status is listed by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction as "APA Supervision" for the next five years. That means Schlichter will be supervised by the Adult Parole Authority in Ohio, responsible for adult felony offenders returning to the community.

As part of his parole, Schlichter was required to sign a contract agreeing to a number of rules, including not to own guns, use illegal drugs or leave the state without notifying his parole officer. There was nothing in the contract stating that Schlichter cannot gamble.


"My advice to anyone coming upon Mr. Schlichter is that they not engage in any business transactions or any purchases or any other transactions that would involve giving him any money," said Ron O'Brien, former Franklin (Ohio) County prosecutor who fought to keep Schlichter in prison.

"(He) is a career criminal engaged in fraud as a career," O'Brien said. "He just cannot help himself. He will do this the rest of his life."


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