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My Mock offseason 1.0

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Name Position Cap Hit
Samaje Perine RB(2yrs) 2,000,000
Hayden Hurst TE(2) 3,600,000
Eli Apple CB 3,000,000
Von Bell S(2) 5,600,000
Josh Oliver TE 1,500,000
Brandon Allen QB 1,000,000
Olamide Zaccheaus WR(3) 3,750,000
Kelvin Beachum OT(2) 3,600,000
Ty Nsekhe OT 1,750,000
Joe Mixon RB 3,500,000
Adam Gotsis DL 3,000,000
Bobby McCain S 3,200,000




QB Burrow 25 Allen 23 Browning 25 Dinucci      
RB Perine 23 Mixon Evans Rd 3 Williams 23 Evans 25 Borghi  
WR Chase 26 Irwin 23 Lassiter 25        
WR Higgins 24 Morgan 24 Kirklin        
WR Zaccheaus Mingo Rd 4 Taylor 23 King      
TE Hurst 23 Oliver LaPorta Rd 3 Wilcox 23 Asiasi 24 Bowers 25 Hudson 25
LT Williams 24 Nsehke Cochran 25        
LG Volson 26 Carman 25 Gilliam 25        
C Karras 25 Hill 25 Brown 24        
RG Cappa 26 Adeniji 24          
RT Beachum Harrison Rd 1 Smith 25        
K McPherson 25            
P Chrisman 24 Barringer Rd 7          
LS Adomitis 24            
LE Hubbard 26 Sample 25 Johnson 25        
LT Reader 24 Tupou 24 Tufele 25 Davis 25      
RT Hill 25 Gotsis Carter 26        
RE Hendrickson 25 Ossai 25 Gunter 26 Carney 25      
WLB Wilson 24 Bachie 23 Johnston 23        
MLB Davis-Gaither 24 Miller Rd 5 Jones 25        
SLB Bailey 24 Dennis Rd 6 Scales        
S Bell 23 McCain Thomas 23        
S Hill 27 Anderson 27 Corker 25        
CB Awuzie 24 Apple 23 Tell 25        
CB Taylor-Britt 26 Williams Rd 2 George 24        
CB Hilton 25 Davis 23 Likely        




2-Allen: re-signed 1 year 1.5mil (At some point does it make sense to have Allen on the practice squad and not the 53? Is another team going to take him? The market is going to be full of these Sam Darnold types. What if you could get Sam Darnold for 1.5 million and put Allen on the Practice Squad. He can still support Burrow and the QB room from the practice squad. End of thought experiment)

3-Browning-I like my backups with the ability to run. Browning might eventually be the main backup here and he 16 rushing tds in college. 

4-Ben DiNucci-Former, Pitt and James Madison QB. Drafted and played 3 games with Cowboys. Now best QB in the XFL. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/ben-dinucci/32004449-4e69-6076-c776-132bd8bc99d5



1-Perine: re-signed 2years 2.5million per. He needs to be back. Great pass blocker, pass catcher, solid runner. Needs to be back.

2-Mixon: Cut and brought back for 3.5 million 1 year deal. I think this is probably low. There wasn't an obvious upgrade in FA, He wants to be back, they want him back just not at the 12 million per. I think they renegotiate the deal and he's back. 

3-Rd 3 Evans: Did a few mocks and wanted to take a RB later but Rd 3 was the sweet spot to get the best guys. Evans seemed the most well rounded and ready to be a bell cow in 2024. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/zach-evans/32004556-4181-2057-89cd-cc42654bef9d

4-Williams: Williams flashed some from the backfield and as a returner. Would want him back if the price is right.

5-Evans: I thought he would be the starter this year. He fell down the depth chart. 

6-Borghi: Another XFL guy. Poor mans McAffrey. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/max-borghi/3200424f-5241-7143-6122-139e830d7c66 Curious if he can play the slot at all and return punts





Traded Boyd for the 75th overall pick saving 7.2 million.

3-Zaccheaus-3 years 5M per: This might be too much money and a guy like Richie James might more sense. Regardless I trade Boyd and replace him with one of Zaccheaus-James-Dortch-Landry-Moore+4th rounder. You save money and get a long term guy for a downgrade for a year. Zaccheaus is just 26 and went 40-533-3 last year with a QB rating of 109.5 when targeted. (Boyd 58-762-5). 

4-Rd 4 Mingo: I haven't looked at the draft much but it's loaded with slot guys. Mingo is one of the biggest 6'2 220 with a 4.46 40. I could see them going more for a quick guy who can return punts. 


6-Irwin: He is restricted but I assume they bring him back

7-Lassiter: Should battle for a roster spot

8-Taylor: I assume he signs the minimum and is in camp. Perfect Practice squad veteran. 

9-Jontre Kirklin: I am deep diving the XFL but this guy makes a ton of sense. Buried deep on LSUs roster during Burrows time but played some WR-CB and QB at LSU. Graduated in 2022 and was a UDFA for the Cardinals. Lighting up the XFL now. https://www.revengeofthebirds.com/2022/5/6/23060108/jontre-kirklin-is-true-utility-player-who-could-have-special-teams-impact-for-the-arizona-cardinals. Could be a late developer who is still settling into the position after playing QB in HS and sitting behind maybe the greatest WR group ever in college. Not a Burner but did run a 4.52 at their pro day. 

10-D'Eriq King: I love King. He's will be 26 at the start of next year and is still playing QB but I think he could be an interesting slot WR and PR and emergency QB stash on the Practice Squad.https://www.nfl.com/prospects/d-eriq-king/32004b49-4e38-5176-d53b-f3808bd169bf



1-Hurst-2 year deal. He is a lock to be back. They like him. He feels home here and that's important to him

2-Oliver-1 year deal. I love Oliver and he can block which is great. Ravens wont have a spot for him. 71.9 as a pass blocker this year. 

3-RD 3 LaPorta: Got him with the Boyd pick. In the mocks I did I couldn't get a TE I really wanted after Rd 3 but could get WRs I wanted. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/sam-laporta/32004c41-5064-0235-3970-b5e5514839fc

4-Wilcox-RFA but will be re-signed. Was good enough last year on teams, blocking and catching. 










5-Beachum 2 years 4 m per: Beachum is a stud pass blocker and average run blocker. He is already 34 but had a great year last year. Was coached by Pollack at NYJ. 

6-Nsekhe 1 year 1.75 m: At 38 he is the perfect mercenary swing tackle. 8 starts last year for the Rams. 


8-Rd 1 Harrison: It looks like the focus is going to be on tackle in the draft and I am all for it. Harrison could be the long term answer at LT. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/anton-harrison/32004841-5257-5324-7acd-121b32d76e46




12-Brown: Really interested in what he might bring next year after sitting out the year on IR. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/ben-brown/32004252-4f26-8400-a074-e05dc53a590f

13-Cochran: I am a fan of Cochran as well. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/devin-cochran/3200434f-4311-2236-7121-ee2139cd5202




1. Reader

2. Hill

3. Gotsis 1 year 3 Million: There are a ton of guys I'd like here but Gotsis took the contract. He had 9 hurries last year and 3 sacks. I tried Jarran Reed, Tavan Bryan and Matt Ioannidis but didn't want to pay too much. 

4. Tupou

5. Tufele

6. Carter

7. Davis








6-Johnson:  https://www.nfl.com/prospects/raymond-johnson-iii/32004a4f-4878-9803-e19e-a9c0e9fa10bf

7-Carney: https://www.cincyjungle.com/2022/4/14/23024135/bengals-illinois-news-owen-carney-jr






4-Bachie-Resigned PS



7-Rd 5 Aubrey Miller-Jackson St-Developmental LB with speed and coverage skills https://thedraftnetwork.com/sr-prospect/aubrey-miller-jr-04435d62-2786-43b8-9ad4-3fafcc8f713d/

8 Rd 6 Sirvocea Dennis-Special teamer with great play recognition https://www.nfl.com/prospects/sirvocea-dennis/32004445-4e40-2506-bf9a-7ab7dce4da04

9-Tegray Scales-On XFL now but was in camp last year. 



1. Bell-2 yrs 7 per: Had to have Bell back if we lose Bates. 

2. Hill

3. Bobby McCain-1 year 3million: Cap Casualty for the Commanders where he played mostly FS and Slot corner but has played in the box as well. Coached and drafted by Anarumo in Miami

4. Anderson

5. Thomas-Got to re-sign the Special Teams captain

6. Corker



1. Awuzie

2. Taylor-Britt

3. Hilton

4. Apple 1 year 3 million: I don't think he will have much of a market and he gives us insurance for Awuzie's injury

5. Rd 2 Garrett Williams: Love Williams upside. He falls because of a knee injury. Provides depth in 2023 and is healthy to potentially start in 2024. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/garrett-williams/32005749-4c29-2135-4337-7403b68fd2b1

6. Davis-League Minimum as backup slot

7. Tell

8. George

9. Likely-XFL-Great punt and Kick Returner






2-Rd 7 Baringer-https://www.nfl.com/prospects/bryce-baringer/32004241-5214-5519-a728-3afd68fd5264





Strengths: Redid Tackle position, Longterm at WR and RB

Weaknesses: I wanted more pass rush at DT and maybe DE. I wanted a backup C/G who was a veteran.

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