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  1. 4-6 weeks isn't a huge deal. I am honestly not worried in the least. A-The schedule is relatively easy B-We have incredible QB play....he needs to be able to toss the ball around a bit C-We are supposed to have smart coaches....they need to be able to scheme without a star D-We have 2 other stud WRs. Most teams don't have that. Most teams can't compare to Boyd and Higgins. E-Hurst has been solid. He is on pace to catch 70 balls. There are a handful of obvious guys. In house. 1-Mike Thomas-He has never had huge production but he has never been asked to play a major role. His best stats are 13-132-1. He did have an amazing final year in college 71-1,391-19.6-14. 2-Trent Taylor-Obviously he is undersized to play outside but he had a ton of production as recent as his rookie year in 2017, 43-430-2. 3-Stanley Morgan-He has 5 career professional receptions but was coached by Troy Walters at Nebraska and put up great numbers there. 4-Kwamie Lassiter-Flashed in the preseason and has upside. I bet he is just moved and given some snaps. 5-Trenton Irwin-Has always been solid any time he has been called upon Outside of the roster 1-Terrace Marshall-He makes the most sense. He has played with Chase. Was a high draft pick. Put up 17-138 as a rookie. Has only played in 95 snaps this year. 2-Denzel Mims-He makes the 2nd most sense. His Rookie year he had 23-357. He has played just 24 snaps this year. 3-Auden Tate-He is a known commodity, flashed when he has had an opportunity and is free being on the Eagles practice squad. 4-Bo Melton-One of my favorites in the draft who is now on the Seahawks practice squad. Can play inside and out and might be the eventual replacement for Taylor and maybe Boyd.
  2. I would do 1 a year until we got to 10. Then I would come up with some system where they had to get like 75% of the vote or something. Should be really special. Right now it is. Really all of our hall of famers or those in the conversation. Shouldn't water it down.
  3. Does it say Bemgals instead of Bengals?
  4. Thats awesome. Anyone ever use that one?
  5. Its time to start getting Perine and Evans carries We save 10 million by cutting Mixon this offseason. If he is averaging 2 yards a carry it's going to have to be considered.
  6. I really want a Joe Burrow OSU jersey. I found gray ones online but they seem shady sites. Any ideas? https://www.darynashop.com/products/ohio-state-buckeyes-heather-gray-joe-burrow-gridiron-gray-ii-limited-3d-jersey-dmgl79is?variant=1000004235991375
  7. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2022/9/23/23367966/cincinnati-bengals-offense-struggles-joe-burrow-zac-taylor
  8. We are in a weird limbo. If we are bad....and lets say we lose to the Jets or go like 6-11 or something....which at this point looks very likely....where is the improvement. They won't fire the coach. The next step was supposed to be compete again for the super bowl and then pay Joe Burrow the best contract in the league. What in the world do we do now? Can we get Taylor to not call plays and focus on game and team management? Is it replacing Pollack? We have 1 offensive starter who is a FA and I fully expect him back. We have 4 on Defense and I expect Bell and Pratt back, Bates to be replaced by Hill and Apple to have competition at the least. But the problem is scheming and coaching and Burrow and the OL. How do you fix that with the same people who caused the problem? They can't run any semblance of an offense. QB Burrow 25 --> Burrow 25 RB Mixon 25 --> Mixon 25 WR Chase 26 --> Chase 26 WR Higgins 24 --> Higgins 24 WR Boyd 24 --> Boyd 24 TE Hurst 23 --> OPEN LT Williams 24 --> Williams 24 LG Volson 26 --> Volson 26 C Karras 25 --> Karras 25 RG Cappa 26 --> Cappa 26 RT Collins 25 --> Collins 25 --> K McPherson 25 --> McPherson 25 P Huber 23 --> OPEN LS Adamitis 26 --> Adamitis 26 --> LE Hubbard 26 --> Hubbard 26 LT Reader 24 --> Reader 24 RT Hill 25 --> Hill 25 RE Hendrickson 25 --> Hendrickson 25 WLB Wilson 24 --> Wilson 24 MLB Pratt 23 --> OPEN SLB Davis-Gaither 24 --> Davis-Gaither 24 S Bell 23 --> OPEN S Bates 23 --> Hill 27 CB Awuzie 24 --> Awuzie 24 CB Apple 23 --> OPEN CB Hilton 25 --> Hilton 25
  9. Both of these takes are great. It does seem like an arbitrary rule. The player not being able to re-enter makes tons of sense.
  10. Completely agree. Big names on the decline. We picked up guys who were surprise cuts on the rise.
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