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  1. Ross will be way better with AJ Green on the Field and Joe Burrow at QB
  2. Looks like Joe Judge, the Pats current ST coach is interviewing for the Giants job but the Frontrunner for the Miss State job. I could see Simmons going to the Pats if that job opens.
  3. First of all the roster is not nearly as bad as we keep hearing. The offense is a QB and stability and a year in the system away from being good. We lost 8 games by a score or less with a new coach who was in over his head but is otherwise notably intelligent. On offense we will get back Williams, Green and Burrow if all goes well. Our roster at RB-WR-TE-DL and DB is good enough but LB and OL were so bad it brought everyone down. I expected to add Bill Callahan but have not heard a peep. We have the AHC position open and I assumed it was for him all season. Wouldn't be surprised if Giants DC James Bettcher gets added too. The guys who remained when Marvin left were Simmons-Van Pelt-Bicknell-Combs-Livingston-Jones and 1 other that I don't remember. I could see some turnover there but all would be welcome back IMO. I would simply try to add Callahan and Bettcher. Plucking some veterans from the Skins coaching staff if we get Callahan would be nice. https://www.redskins.com/team/coaches-roster/ Draft talk will come but it seems obvious that we go QB-OL. LB isn't as deep and there are a few names out ther that improve us right away (Kwiatkoski, Van Noy, Littleton-who I think costs too much). As for Free Agency elsewhere I would love to see us try to add Scherff at RG especially if we get Callahan and then kick the tires on Whitworth at LG. I want to see us re-sign Green despite his age and Dennard. Also interested in Vigil at a decent amount and Billings. Having Wren and Tupou on the roster makes Billings a little expendable. Then I extend Mixon. He is a heart and soul of a team type guy and will hold out. You don't want to go into your trainging camp with your new QB with your best WR and best RB holding out. I get that the conventional wisdom says you don't pay a RB or a 32 year old WR coming off an injury. I want to win sooner than later and believe this offense can be very good next year. Get them done and frontload the deals so you can get out of them if you must. I believe that the OL could catch up quickly. There is a group of guys that we know we want in that group of 8-10. Williams-Hopkins-Miller-Hart-Johnson-Jordan. Then a group of offseason question marks. Jerry-Price-Glenn-Prince-Dugas-Redmond. A line of LT Williams 24 Johnson 22 LG FA Jordan 23 C Hopkins 23 Price 23 RG Miller 22 Jerry 20 RT Hart 22 Rd 2 That's not 5 quality starters, but most teams don't have 5 quality starters. Redskins have Penn, Flowers, Bergstrom and Scherff as Free Agents. If we get Callahan we might get some of these guys. I think that guys like Jordan and Price could really use a veteran like Whitworth on the roster. As for Jerry he might be the perfect end of the bench inactive or off the roster depth kind of guy. He played I think 4 positions this year. Wasn't great, but he can do it. As for the rest of the offense. I am a proponent of signing one veteran at every roster spot. What we do wrong that other teams do right is we only sign players that we think will play. Instead of signing 2 veteran G's and then having insurance if someone gets injured in training camp, we sign one and then when he gets injured we act like there was nothing we could have possibly done. This might be guys who are on the verge of being out of the league. That's fine by me. But sign someone who knows how to come to work and has veteran insights. Sign a Veteran QB to backup Burrow (Matt Moore if he would leave KC makes the most sense as he has starter experience and was coached by Taylor in Miami). Sign a Veteran RB just for camp-The way our roster is now we should be basically back filling that spot with UDFAs for this offseason so this might be the one spot I am ok with. Sign a Veteran WR and TE. I would love to get Eifert back but Dehner made it sound like that was over. I don't see it that way, but if he gets a high price tag I am not paying it. And along the OL add high price FA's and the low end roster guys. As for the D I thiknk that could speed up quickly as well and it played much better since the bye. We are talented on the DL and DBs and LBs improved. I like Littleton from the Rams but think Kwiatkoski might be similar at a Bengals type price.
  4. Bill Callahan and James Bettcher are 2 guys that we could add and they would both make huge impacts but not be coordinators.
  5. The players seem all in. That's what matters at this point. A smart, young coach has a 2-14 team that still wants to play for him. Now implement the system, get some better coaches and add some better players.
  6. Finch was a great get. Why not just throw him on IR or something.
  7. Finch will make this team next year and AJ will get a long term deal. 2 great moves.
  8. You are correct. At worst we pick 3. If Tua hadn't hurt his hip this would be a 3 player draft at the top. We have the easiest schedule left. I am hopeful that we can find a way to lose one. Start Dolegola guys. Bengals Giants DC Dolphins Dolphins DC Giants Bengals Browns Eagles Cowboys Patriots
  9. Apparently Alex Van Pelt gets a ton of credit because he has them using the system they used to use with Eddie Lacey in Green Bay
  10. Seems obvious to me that we win a meaningless game or 2 and totally mess up this plan. Joe Burrow just fits us perfectly.
  11. Pats Free Agents Pink=UFA Kyle Van Noy and Thuney both interesting. Ferentz is not the starter typically but will against us. QB Brady 20 Stidham 23 Kessler 20 RB Michel 23 White 21 Bolden 21 Burkhead 21 Harris 23 FB WR Dorsett 20 Sanu 21 Slater 20 WR Edelman 22 Meyers 22 WR Harry 24 Olszewski 22 TE LaCosse 21 Izzo 22 Watson 20 LT Newhouse 20 LG Thuney 20 Eluemunor 20 C Karras 20 Ferentz 20 RG Mason 24 RT Cannon 22 Cunningham 22 K Folk 20 P Bailey 23 LS Cardona 23 LE Guy 21 Wise 21 NT Shelton 20 Butler 20 Cowart 23 RE Simon 21 Winovich 23 OLB Collins 20 Calhoun 20 ILB Hightower 21 Bentley 22 ILB Roberts 20 OLB Van Noy 20 S Chung 22 Harmon 21 Brooks 21 S McCourty 20 Ebner 20 CB Gilmore 22 Williams 23 CB McCourty 21 Jackson 21 CB J Jones 23 Bethel 20
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