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  1. MichaelWeston

    Coaching Staff Changes

    I wonder if ex Bengal Eric Bienemy would be an option. His OC when he was RBs coach in Minnie was Darrell Bevell, currently unemployed Maybe Kris Ricard as DC or Vance Joseph. Bring in local Deland McCullough off the Chiefs he wants to leave.
  2. MichaelWeston

    Coaching Staff Changes

    I think there are a lot of good assistants on a lot of bad teams. I'm hopeful Marvin is gone after this year and we get to get some to fill out the new staff.
  3. MichaelWeston

    Coaching Staff Changes

    Potential Options from 2017, I will update and let me know who I am missing for this year. Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmicheal, Saints OC John DeFelippo, Vikings OC: AFC North (Browns coach), From Youngstown Jim Bob Cooter, Lions OC: Eric Bieniemy, Chiefs OC: Norv Turner, Panthers OC: Matt LaFleur, Titans OC: Josh McDaniels, Patriots OC: John Carroll Graduate, Broncos HC (11-17) Ken Whisenhunt, Chargers OC: AFC North (Ravens-Browns-Stealers 1997-2006) Cardinals Head Coach, 2007-2012, Titans Head Coach 2014-2015 (48-71) Offensive Assistants Dan Campbell, Saints TE Zac Taylor, Rams QBs Todd Downing, Raiders OC: Senior Offensive Assistant Raiders Mike Munchack, Stealers OL Coach: AFC North (Oilers back in the day) (Stealers 2014-2017), Titans HC 2011-2013 (22-26) Hue Jackson, Bengals: Browns and Raiders Coach, Bengals Assistant. Rumored heir. Defensive Coordinators Matt Burke, Dolphins DC: Former Bengals Assistant James Bettcher, NYG DC George Edwards, Vikings DC Paul Guenther, Raiders DC Marquand Manuel, Falcons DC Kris Richard, COWBOYS DBS Jim Schwartz, Eagles DC: Ex Lions Head Coach (29-51) Special Teams Coordinators Dave Toub, Chiefs: Current Head Coaches John Harbaugh, Ravens: Ohio Native Vance Joseph, Broncos Ex Head Coaches Jim Tressell, Youngstown State President: OSU Bruce Arians, Cardinals Chuck Pagano, Colts Jack Del Rio, Raiders College Coaches Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Greg Schiano, OSU DC David Shaw, Stanford Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma Chris Peterson, Washington Matt Campbell, Iowa State Urban Meyer, OSU Matt Rhule, Baylor
  4. I am going to do this thread again. I am not sure what I believe about Marvin's return for next year but as a fan it's fun to speculate so lets just have fun. Please add your takes and I will adjust 2018 Head Coach: Marvin Lewis Offensive Coordinator: Bill Lazor QBs Coach: Alex Van Pelt RBs Coach: Kyle Caskey WRs Coach: Bob Bicknell TEs Coach: Jonathan Hayes OL coach: Frank Pollack Special Assistant: Hue Jackson STs Coordinator: Darrin Simmons Defensive Coordinator: Marvin Lewis DL Coach: Jacob Burney Assistant DL: Matt Raich LB Coach: Jim Haslett DB Coach: Daronte Jones? Secondary Coach: Robert Livingston OUT Probably Out Maybe Out Probably Safe Safe
  5. I will track as we go. This may be early but I want to start both threads now for ample discussion. Fired Hue Jackson-Browns
  6. MichaelWeston

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Hue Jackson and Jack Del Rio both available. Hue has never been a DC but was a dbs coach here. If Marvin stays next year I would like to get Ricard from the Cowboys.
  7. MichaelWeston

    Keeping our enemies close 2018

    Not sure where this goes. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25233884/new-york-giants-cut-former-starting-rg-patrick-omameh Giants started the season. Didn't like their RT or RG so they cut them and replaced them.
  8. Do we have the leagues worst defense? How is that possible?
  9. Why arent we just trying to force the ball to John Ross. Make him get tougher.
  10. We don't have a mentality of a winner. We have the mentality of someone wo just wnats the status quo.
  11. We paid him because we freaked out after we lost Whitworth. This is an incredibly different team had we just franchised Whitworth. Also if we fired Marvin as we clearly should have. Such an absurd thing that we didn't fire him. And then he said, we need better coaches and players.
  12. Discussion topic. We took a one dimensional WR who had no heart at pick 9 without apparently ever talking to anyone about what was between his ears. Should we have drafted Mahomes at 10 instead.

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