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  1. Almost any WR will upgrade on what we got on green last year. 47 catches on 104 targets with a passer rating of 55.4 when we threw his way. He was a detriment to the offense. Burrow forced things to him way too much.
  2. I m trying to remember but I think he had a great athletic profile and caught nearly everything thrown his way....although that was almost nothing thrown his way.
  3. 31-34 and 48. We are one of 2 teams with 3 WRs in the top 50.
  4. Per PFF Bengals have 3 of the top 50 WRs they graded last year. That doesn't seem like a weakness if my math is correct.
  5. AND!!!We have 2 very good guys and a good guy. Upgrading that position should take minimal investment not maximum.
  6. Tobin was on with Dave and Dan and basically said we won't trade down if it means we are giving up a stud. I assume that means we won't trade down now that we couldn't get to 8. If 5 QBs went first we might be able to do so and still get one of the 3 studs. I think now it's probably Chase, obviously should be Sewell and no trade back.
  7. I am not saying that Chase is BPA. I am saying BPA is not a realistic way to do things and the people who are pretending it is are doing so dishonestly, probably to themselves, because they just really really really want Chase.
  8. Burrow was on pace for the most yards ever for a Bengals QB last year before his injury and whilst being hit at an alarming rate.
  9. Tate was our 5th highest rated offensive player per PFF, 6th overall on the team.
  10. I doubt he is the BPA in the 2nd round so I would look elsewhere. Probably a pass rusher.
  11. Happening everywhere across the league due to the cap going down and then going back up.
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