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  1. Holton Hill and Elijah Holyfield are both interesting signings to the Practice squad Hill is only 24 but he has 6 starts over his career with the Vikings. 73 career tackles 11 pd. Dealt with injuries and bounced around since being released by the Vikes off IR. Probably not a long term solution as a starter but very interesting depth. Hills PFF scores 2018 70.7 Overall 41.7 Run D (163 snaps) 76.5 Coverage (213) 2019 63.5 Overall 65.3 Run D (54) 62.2 Coverage (97) 2020 42.6 Overall 54.4 Run D (112) 38.2 Coverage (143) Seemed to show up as a rookie and be on a slide since Holyfield is obviously Evander's son. Left Georgia early in after a 1K campaign. More in the Jacque Patrick mold than the Traveyon Williams mold. On the Panthers PS in 2019, Eagles in 2020.
  2. Because I think Burrow and Mixon and Chase are the problems and they get it right we leap way ahead.
  3. FWIW I believe that we are on the verge of just blowing a team out. If it's not this week or next it's time for Taylor to go.
  4. Dehner had a stat this week that he was by FAR (a huge margin) the worst RB in the league against light defenses. I am not a smart man but that seems to mean only one of 2 things....1) there are no holes despite the numbers meaning there should be...2) he isn't finding the holes.
  5. But is getting 3 seconds typical? Every sack has been after 3 seconds. Which seems like a long time.
  6. I am not sure it's really the offensive line. I think so far it's been playcalling (which may be a product of the offensive line), Burrow, Mixon and Chase. If you dig deeper into the numbers that seems to be the case. Burrow and Chase are obvious issues (injury and youth) that should be rectified simply with time. Mixon should also break one or two. I am less worried believing they are the issue than the OL
  7. I need help. I have never bought a jersey in my life so I have no idea how to do this. I am obviously a Bengals fan but I go to 2-3 OSU games a year and am alum who has worked there for 12 years now. I am not a huge OSU football fan by any means so I think I want a white one that can be worn to potential Bengals games as well. Any ideas about where to look and how to get it sized right. I am super afraid I will be swimming in it or it will be too tight. This one looks pretty sweet but I don't trust the seller https://www.astorecare.com/products/ohio-state-buckeyes-10-joe-burrow-white-shadow-college-football-jersey-ncaa?variant=1000005630345699&gclid=Cj0KCQjwkIGKBhCxARIsAINMioJWkAyXRXLtvCaVZCWd62mc8a5kZS3Xjt1vEAW8BCv1zOQCgtPk-DIaAsuTEALw_wcB Any tips jersey nuts.
  8. Id love that. I think they seem to be waiting for another guy to drop. Dangerous to just have 2
  9. Here is their roster with some preliminary thoughts -Their high end talent on Offense is great but Cousins is typically just average. -We tend to have trouble with TE's, they don't really have a good one. Just traded for Herndon but he has been pretty awful despite his traits. -Danielle Hunter coming off injury, Barr is injured.... -Nick Vigil and Mackenzie Alexander (nickel) start for them. -They have Dede Westbrook who we met with and many of us talked about signing -I think there is a decent chance Zimmer is coaching here next year. I would put it at 49/51 right now. This Vikings team seems pretty average. If Taylor or Anarumo don't do well this year he could be back in either role. Maybe as DC for Taylor or Joe Brady or as HC. He loves the area. Has a son that is rising in the coaching ranks. -Don't really see any free agents that I would be interested in for next year QB Cousins 23 Mond 25 Stanley 22 RB Cook 26 Mattison 23 FB Ham 24 Bargas 23 WR Jefferson 25 Westbrook 22 WR Thielen 24 Smith-Marisette 25 WR Osborn 24 Beebe 22 TE Conklin 22 Herndon 22 Dillon 22 Ellefson 22 LT Hill 22 Darrisaw 26 LG Cleveland 24 Samia 23 C Bradbury 24 Cole 22 RG Udoh 23 Davis 25 RT O'Neill 22 Brandel 23 K Joseph 22 P Berry 22 LS DePaola 22 LE Hunter 24 DT Pierce 23 Watts 23 Lynch 24 DT Tomlinson 23 Richardson 22 RE Weatherly 22 Griffen 22 Jones 25 OLB Barr 23 Lynch 23 Connelly 23 MLB Kendricks 24 Dye 24 Wonnum 24 OLB Vigil 22 Surratt 25 S Smith 26 Mettellus 24 S Woods 22 Bynum 25 CB Breeland 22 Boyd 23 CB Peterson 22 Dantzler 24 CB Alexander 22 Hand 24
  10. We (I) talk a lot about losing Whitworth. And he was a huge loss. But the line was terrible his last year or too.
  11. You don't want Russel Bodine to walk in and start.....I agree 100%. Lets get to average with XSF and let Carmen and Smith fight like hell to be above average.
  12. Prince only has 4 career games so I included him but technically yo are right. I don't know what to call his opt out year but he's been out of college for 3 years.
  13. Now that things are a bit settled going into the year. Here is my take on the offseason. RB Mixon 25 Perine 23 Evans 25 PS: Patrick-Williams I wasn't for the Bernard cut. I didn't believe we should release a veteran known for his pass blocking when Burrow was coming off an injury and the offensive line, while improved, was still messy. Beyond that I think they nailed everything else. Perine showed at the end of last year that he can put up stats in a pinch. Chris Evans was a brilliant find who I think will see lots of snaps this year (my dynasty league teams are evidence of this). The debate was often who to keep as the 4th RB and I thought there was something wrong with that debate. If both Patrick and Williams were deserving, cut both and let them go to the practice squad. It also helps that I do a project that looks at all the rosters in the league and knew there was tons of comparable RB depth. I think it was Joe Goodberry who said to draft a RB in Rd 6+ every year because the position is so hard to predict due to injury etc. I think that's brilliant. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Evans was the lead back here at some point. And I love Joe Mixon. [B]Grade: B+[/B] If the other backs can pass block this goes up. Additions: None (Brian Hill is a Free Agent) 2022 Outlook: Add a 6th-7th rounder and WR Chase 26 [B]Tate 22 [/B] PS: Williams-Irwin-Taylor WR Higgins 24 Morgan 22 WR Boyd 24 [B]Thomas 22[/B] I wanted Sewell over Chase. With that said I have absolutely no worries about Chase's drops. I don't think anyone should. He is going to play at least 3 years of this contract and we will keep giving him chances. He will eventually make plays or he won't. Regardless it's not like the other team will just leave him open and double up Higgins and Boyd all the time. I love Tate. He is a great 4th option and I'd like to see him more and more involved. Morgan stands out for special teams and has some untapped upside having been coached by Walters in college where he set records so it makes some sense that he is the 5th active on gameday. But, although I didn't think about it prior to cuts, this position logically is just like RB. We were debating Irwin and Taylor and should have just logically said we have them both AND Thomas and any of the 3 will probably make a similar impact on the game day roster. Having all 3 still in the fold is great. I also assume they hid Williams so to speak because he has the biggest upside of the group of 5 but is the rawest as he learns a new position. [B]Grade: A[/B] Additions: None (Alex Erickson is a Free Agent, John Brown too but he is likely to land in NO or KC) 2022 Outlook: Tate and Thomas will be able to walk. I don't think either have big markets and we'd welcome them both back. Morgan-Williams and Irwin would all be under contract. Being as top heavy as we are with 3 legit talents you can let the rest of the roster figure itself out. A mid round pick or a veteran on a team friendly deal make the most sense. TE [B]Uzomah 22[/B] Sample 23 Wilcox 22 PS: Moss-Schreck All this group is missing is a high end talent. And I don't believe this offseason was the one to invest in that. They swung for the fences a bit with Pro Wells and Cheyenne O'Grady and seemed to miss as neither is on even the practice squad. Uzomah is a glue player to this franchise chemistry and Sample isn't far off. This wasn't a position where I believed they should invest and they didn't. [B]Grade: A[/B] Additions: None 2022 Outlook: This is a tough one. We can probably upgrade from Uzomah on the field but not off. He has just 35 catches after signing a pretty lucrative deal. I would love to see them start putting a basketball player who is transitioning to the NFL on the PS every year. An uber athlete who needs seasoning. With 16 spots there are far worse ways to use a spot. K McPherson 25 P [B]Huber 22 [/B] PS: Chrisman LS [B]Harris 22[/B] I think it's odd for a fanbase to have affection for all of their special teamers but here we are. Harris and Huber are in the fabric of the team, veterans that have been here for as long as I can remember....I can't remember who our last punter was actually. McPherson wowed us all in the preseason after many of us, including me, questioned the wisdom of drafting a a player at a position where most fail with their original team. Even Chrisman has OSU ties. Overall I think their strategy was great. [B]Grade: A[/B] Additions: None 2022 Outlook: Huber (37 in 2022 season) has a built in replacement should he decide to retire. Harris (38 in 2022) doesn't have the same luxury. At some point this season it would be wise to grab his potential replacement on the practice squad to carry over to next year. LE Hubbard 26 Sample 25 IR: Hubert-Kareem-Ossai LT Reader 24 [B]Tupou 22[/B] Shelvin 25 PS: Spence-Wren RT [B]Ogunjobi 22 Hill 22 [/B] RE Hendrickson 25 Hodge 24 Ray 22 I hated losing Lawson and think that Hendrickson is a downgrade. I was worried we didn't do enough to get a second 3 technique and Ogunjobi was a gamble. When the dust settled, despite the injuries, I love what they did to remake this position. Only Hubbard returns from the very boring group we had year that couldn't get to the QB. [B]Grade: A[/B] Additions: Olivier Vernon. He was great last year and has ties to Anarumo. Who knows when his injury is cleared up though. 2022 Outlook: This position is going to be very deep next year. DE will probably go 7 deep. Free agents at DT in Ogunjobi-Hill and Tupou will cloud things but any of them could come back and are unlikely to be high priced. DT could be a major need next offseason or Ogunjobi (27) or even Hill (26) could come back long term. SLB Pratt 23 MLB Wilson 24 Bailey 24 PS: Bachie-Jones WLB Davis-Gaither 24 [B]Evans 22 [/B] I wanted Bynes back but other than that I once again love what they did. Evans seems to be progressing. Bynes is on a practice squad back in Baltimore so available if we need him. Grabbing Bachie was a nice add as well. [B]Grade: A[/B] Additions: None (Josh Bynes on Ravens PS) 2022 Outlook: This will all depend on progress. Outside of the OL this is the biggest sink or swim position on the team. Not one of the 5 players at the position has proven themselves yet but all have shown something to lead us to believe they could settle the position. We could be looking for a lead LB next year or depth. S Bell 23 [B]Allen 22 [/B] PS: Henderson S [B]Bates 22[/B] Wilson 23 Probably the strongest position on the team. Allen was a great addition and Wilson and Henderson are both still progressing. Getting Henderson back to the PS is a huge positive. [B]Grade: A[/B] Additions: None (Shawn Williams was released in Arizona) 2022 Outlook: I have no doubt Bates is back for 2022 but beyond I am not sure. I hope they don't play hardball and they bring him back long term but I believe they Franchise him if not. I was thinking this could be a spot for an early draft pick to eventually replace Bell and didn't realize he is only 26...younger than Wilson. CB Waynes 23 [B]Apple 22 [/B]McCloud 24 IR: Lewis CB Awuzie 24 [B]Phillips 22 [/B] PS: Brown-Rose CB Hilton 25 Davis 22 Another position where I love everything they did. Invested heavily and wisely at the position and then backended it with potential upgrades. Added a high reward low risk guy in Apple. Rewarded Davis for his hardwork. Through 3 guys on the practice squad to hedge for the future. i am not sure how I feel about the McCloud signing but I trust them. Grade: A Additions: None 2022 Outlook: A lot of this depends on Wayne's health. If he is healthy and can play up to his contract then we won't necessarily need an early investment. He will be a Free Agent after next year so it wouldn't hurt. QB Burrow 25 [B]Allen 22[/B] This is one of only 2 positions where I think they errored and they should still do more. I hope they agree and they are only carrying 2 in order to try to grab someone. Word was they tried to grab Sinnett after the Dolphins game but he decided to go to their practice squad. I don't expect a backup to be flawless but I lean heavily to guys with athleticism and experience. I want someone who can come in the second half of a game and run for a couple first downs. I don't mind Allen but they needed to hedge. After final cuts you saw a bunch of guys swap teams to others practice squads. It might be telling we didn't get one. I am hopeful we still have our eyes out. [B]Grade: D[/B] Additions: to PS: Newman-Ta'amu (Driskel-Texans, Hundley-Colts, Finley is a Free Agent) 2022 Outlook: Burrow is great but I want to at least have a mobile option in camp. At this point, unless there are other cuts I would add Ta'amu for the season and see where things land. LT Williams 24 Prince 24 IR: Adeniji LG [B]Spain 22[/B] Smith 25 PS: Sutherland C Hopkins 23 Hill 25 RG Su'a-Filo 23 Carman 25 RT [B]Reiff 22 Johnson 22[/B] This is the position where I disagreed the most with where they landed. We essentially have 4 rookies as backups on the OL and we know eventually they will see time. I don't have any qualms with any of the 5 backups individually, but collectively it's a position that is just too thin to inspire confidence. Losing Price and Jordan added to that although individually I was glad to see them go. I would like for them to add at least 1 veteran to the mix. [B]Grade: C[/B] Additions: Okung-Wagner-Reiter-DiCastro-Easton-Skura Trade-Duvernay-Tardiff (Bobby Hart is available too) 2022 Outlook: With 3 true rookies as backups and potential growth from both Adeniji and Prince we could actually be in a much better place by the end of next year. It wouldn't be a surprise if Carman or Smith was a starter by next year. RT would still be a huge question.
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