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  1. Boycott

    I hope so too. That was my first thought. Protests are not supposed to be easy. It shouldnt surprise me because there are people out there so stupid we elected Trump, but I really dont get how people care about this at all. First, the flag has zero to do with the game. If you like football just ignore it. Second, if you are upset that a very small number of people are kneeling you are ignoring all of the players who are standing. Support them. Third, I keep hearing that they are just spoiled brats and make millions so they need to play. There is a whole lot of, you are a trained monkey (sorry for the racial connection) get up and entertain me and don't have thoughts. What utter nonsense this is. The fact that they are making millions and are in some cases who are distant from this police behavior but are still willing to speak out tells me they are incredibly brave. Fourth, the president fanning the flames of this is such utter nonsense.
  2. I think Ced's problem is confidence and experience. I think they are trying to boost that confidence by putting him in a position where he isn't always playing and he is easing in somewhat. Think may = hope. I think Boling is an above average guard. I am hopeful that we have something in Hopkins at RG. That's 3 other spots to fill
  3. 2 huge runs by Mixon at the end were the difference. No other player on the team, in the league or ever in the history of football makes those. He is truly a gift from god.
  4. No but they are used at different times.
  5. Production has to do with a lot of factors. Situation, scheme, blocking etc.
  6. He's a very talented RB, has power and wiggle and will end up being the bell cow here.
  7. AJ Green is kind of a pussy.
  8. I dont mind him in there ever so often to pound the ball. There is something to be said about beating up the defense. Or at the end of games to preserve the other 2, but otherwise iI completely agree.

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