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  1. The worst possible situation is trading up for a RB, especially one that doesn't fit us.
  2. Round 1 Thomas Allen Davis Barnett Ross Hooker Adams Williams Howard Fournette Reddick Round 2 Anyone from Round 1 Bolles Lamp Ramczyk Mixon Cook Kamara Cunningham Melifonwu Baker
  3. I should have written that almost all of the top TE's have serious injuries. Not all of the top TE's have serious injuries. That first part was an over statement. The data I provided was different than the other data provided and I deem it to be more relevant. The other data included all players at a position. The Data I provided included the top players at the position. TE's get hurt more often than other positions so I wouldn't personally ever invest a first round pick in a TE because you are giving up too much to take a player that is more likely to get hurt.
  4. Adults said this phrase around you once and now you get to repeat it despite a lack of understanding of what it actually means.
  5. https://www.playerprofiler.com/article/positional-fragility-rates/ Or maybe it just doesn't make sense to draft one early because the guys who see the most time get hurt more often than any other position.
  6. That data is for erryboddy. Melt down city!
  7. https://www.playerprofiler.com/article/positional-fragility-rates/
  8. LOL. Is there a streetfighting emoticon?
  9. You change the logic with the word sometimes over all. If sometimes TEs get hurt than the logic is less. And that is the assumption you are working with despite the evidence. If always or almost always TEs get hurt then the logic changes. If TE's get hurt more often than other positions, then the logic changes. Those last 2 are closer to the truth than sometimes. You aren't going to beat me in a conversation on logic. It's simply not going to be done. Your welcome to your points here but you should probably tone things back a bit.
  10. It is painfully obvious that you are not trying here. There are 2 components to this. 1. Is that top TEs get injured at a greater rate than other positions 2. Is that TEs drafted highly bust at a very high rate. Often due to injuries. Those things don't have to be one in the same. They are 2 reasons not to draft a TE early.
  11. I am not calling people illogical. I am saying that decision would be illogical. And then I pointed to the logic that I had, that is sound have you, that reinforces that. You are more than allowed to have a divergent opinion. Sure there are tons of variables. But there is a reason that not many top 10 TE picks have existed and so many first round TEs have busted. Ignoring history is what got all of those TEs drafted.
  12. It would be interesting to see who the 1st round picks at TE have been over the lat 10-15 years and how they faired.
  13. Well no one wrote that. Sooooo.
  14. That has more to do with the difference between salary of veterans and the scarcity of starters than injury.