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  1. Finley just won the backup job I think.
  2. So Saturdays game is on something called the Bengals Preseason network? What is that?
  3. Tackles still free agents who started last year Parnell-Jags 65.3 Schraeder-Falcons 63.6 Barksdale-Cardinals 62.5 Bushrod-Saints 62 Clark-Panthers 60.9 Remmers-Vikings 59.2 Penn-Raiders 47
  4. Who knew that HSH was a fashionista?
  5. MichaelWeston

    UDFAs...Who do you want?

    That doesn't normally happen.
  6. My Grade A- Round 1: OL Jonah Williams A+ When the draft season started I wanted Jonah Williams and he remains my top player in the draft for the Bengals. I think he will be a 10 year starter somewhere on the line and possibly at the LT position, which I think is the 2nd most important position on the team. He can start at RT tomorrow. I believe you build teams with Rocks that you know are stable. To me he is the most sure thing in the draft. Round 2: TE Drew Sample C When we drafted him I was furious. I thought it was a terrible pick and taken way too soon. While I do think it was early I think as others have mentioned it reflects that we had a gaping hole in the new offense and Taylor deemed that his offense couldn't function without a run blocking TE. Essentially we drafted a starter. Still, to me, depending on how many snaps he plays, it's likely too high for a specialist. We wouldn't draft a fullback, nose tackle or 2 down LB that early. At the same time after the trade there wasn't another player that stood out to me. I would have taken Dalton Risner if he was available. It was noted that we tried to trade up for one of the lineman but the cost was too much. Round 3: LB Germaine Pratt B He's fast and a former Safety but might not offer the cover skills we really need at the position. The LB unit was terrible last year so anyone is an upgrade but despite his skillset he was a one year starter that wasn't amazing in coverage. Round 4: QB Ryan Finley A This pick was excellent. Ourlad's had him as the 3rd rated QB in the draft and a 2nd rounder. We have an offensive room with 3 QB coaches making it a perfect place for a rookie to develop. Dalton's contract means he has the perfect opportunity to fill in as needed and Round 4: NT Renell Wren A A really big nose who can be explosive in the middle. Billings is a free agent after this year and Wren is likely his replacement. Round 4: C Micheal Jordan A+ The coaches described him as the last starter level guy they saw on the board. Love the connection to price and his versatility. Westerman, Hopkins and Boling are all free agents after this year. He might just kick Redmond of the team this year. Round 6: RB Trayveon Williams A+ Familiarity with Jim Turner and rare numbers (1700 yards and 18tds) make this a home run this late in the draft. Might be Gio's replacement next year Round 6: LB DeShaun Davis C 2 down player who has bad size and athletic traits. Put up numbers but these type of guys don't seem rare in the college game. Round 6: RB Rodney Anderson A+ Ended three of his four years our with injuries. A perfect flyer in round 6 with starter and difference maker level upside but who may never play. Round 7: CB Jordan Brown A Adds to the depth at CB. Small school guy with big upside.
  7. Another Texas AnM guy Keaton Sutherland
  8. MichaelWeston

    Roster post Taylor

    QB Finley 23 RB Williams 23 Anderson 23 FB WR WR WR TE Eifert 20 Uzomah 22 Sample 23 LT LG C Hopkins 20 Jordan 23 RG Miller 22 Redmond 20 RT Williams 24 Hart 22 K P LS LE Wynn 20 LT Tupou 20 RT Wren 23 RE SLB Davis 23 MLB Brown 22 WLB Pratt 23 S Wilson 20 S CB Dennard 20 Brown 23 CB Webb 22 CB McRae 20
  9. Rated as a 4th rounder by Ourlads.
  10. Need 4 of them and we had only 3 before the draft. Wouldn't be surprised if we brought in a vet like Doug Martin for camp as well. Gio is a Free Agent after this year and will be 28 in November.
  11. Coney and then Finleys WR Harmon?
  12. Coney makes 100% sense. Also need a guy at WR spot. Could use a pass rusher too.

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