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  1. If the offense roles and he wins upwards of 5-6 games he will stay. They can scapegoat Anarumo
  2. For Taylor to keep his Job all that needs to happen is the offense is good. That's it. Because he can blame the D on Anarumo and fire him. Probably win like 6 games or more too.
  3. I answered the question. Did we add enough depth. So that there aren't gaping holes when injuries happen. Otherwise I like your breakdown and appreciate it QB Options: Brett Hundley, Sean Mannion and Matt Barkley. Mannion coached by Taylor. Barkley a former Bengal. Hundley fits the mold for what I like at the position.
  4. What's on his chest? If you don't love Optimus Prime GTFOOH.
  5. Exactly. It's a bully mentality. The Bully claims victimhood as soon as it's pointed out how ridiculous they are being.
  6. Sure it would. I didn't even mention Sewell in the breakdown of each position. I understand being too busy so as not to read entire posts. I don't understand the desire to comment on them if you haven't read them.
  7. You think Hoard Lap went around and looked at every other team to determine this. Lap said it. He is Hyperbolic by nature and didn't really know. You ran with it because it fits your narrative. Done enough at each position. That's why there are positional breakdowns in the original thread you dolt. You don't feel like fighting? That's all you do. That's who you are. It's part of your identity. You are playing the victim after being the aggressor. It's typical for you. It's why I had you blocked here before you disappeared and why I have you blocked on twitter. You don
  8. This is unsubstantiated. You can't spell. I linked the definition of that word for you. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unsubstantiated
  9. There is a pattern of not doing everything they can to win.
  10. I don't know how to phrase this, but I believe in what you said, I am just super trepidatious about this team and how they have been doing things. I don't believe what I believe....which is confusing.
  11. I am worried about a bunch. Chopping off practice sessions for a young team, not coaching the senior bowl, having 85 players when you could have 90.....all seems like a team not doing everything it can do to win. This seems like a team full of good guys...players and coaches....that are easy to root for but won't see success. I always think we should think about what we would do if X player went down. We do a terrible job of leveraging our self for injuries. QB: I worry Burrow will push himself too hard and get hurt again. The talent is there, he might be too con
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