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  1. The interior of the line is average to above average already. Just need to re-sign Hopkins there. Jonah Williams goes to LT. Cordy Glenn goes to LG or Swing tackle or RT. Maybe we have a line of Williams-Price-Hopkins-Miller-Jordan/Glenn
  2. I have never seen a team completely unable to set the edge.
  3. I truly believe the OL is fixed next year. Much improved without an influx of talent. I have no idea how to fix these lbs.
  4. Billy Price is good. The 2nd to 4th best lineman out there. Well on the field in white anyway. Played well last week.
  5. How many seasons are we going to see the team scrambling to replace terrible positions that they tried to convince us weren't bad all offseason. Tackle and LB are not even professional level players.
  6. This run defense is the worst I have ever seen for a team talented everywhere but LB.
  7. After watching last game I am convinced this team is a contender next year. That roster is solid everywhere but OL and LB and QB can be a winner. OL is going to be drastically improved by next year. Bill Callahan will be added to the staff. For the first time since Marvin was hired I see a coach dictating and out thinking the other coach. And it happened both on offense and defense. We had good leaders as coaches but we didn't do anything that was over the top. Now we have smart guys on both sides. The personnel will catch up. We have few free agents this offseason. Green-Hopkins and Vigil. I am hopeful Hopkins signs asap. Just offer him the 3 year 16 million dollar deal we just gave John Miller.
  8. Mingo plays for the Texans now. We don't know what system we will use. There is talk we might run essentially a 5-2 with Hubbard Atkins Billings Glasgow Lawson in the 5 spots. Not sure where Dunlap is in that situation.
  9. I’m confused this season. Our roster is better than the Seahawks. I know it’s a road game but there is this sentiment that we don’t have a chance. They have a better QB and OL and LBs we have a better RB WR TE DL Dbs They have Russell Wilson and Tyler Locket on offense. Jadaveon Clowney an Bobby Wagner on D.
  10. There literally are no other options. He is unequivocally the best option.
  11. Josh Wells started 5 games at T for the Jags last year http://www.nfl.com/player/joshwells/2550416/profile Malike Carney https://www.nfl.com/prospects/malik-carney?id=32194341-5224-6338-4e57-c061d01e22a8 Ryan Groy started 6 games at C for the Bills last year http://www.nfl.com/player/ryangroy/2550569/profile LaRoy Reynolds played 16 games for the eagles last year Sutton Smith Great stats in college https://www.nfl.com/prospects/sutton-smith?id=3219534d-4967-1290-7c06-bc9db721f480 Connor Strachan played a little LB for the Jags last year Bryan Witzman started 7 games at G for the Bears last year.
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