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  1. This makes sense but also gives me a headache. Readers has 6.5 sacks in his 5 year career. Averaging 1.3 a year. He has never played over 60% of the snaps for his team in a season.
  2. Reader is a 2 down lineman that doesn't rush the passer.
  3. Slater has been mocked consistently in the top 10. I'd still trade down if you could.
  4. Who do you have in mind at DT and DE that would make an impact and be affordable?
  5. Because there are so many needs that not taking a first round lineman is negligence. Even if you signed 2 starters in Free Agency, you still need lineman. Even if you could argue that we could take one in the second round we are then ignoring the DL and that's nonsense as well. I think the only logical choices are take Sewell or trade down. I think you need 3 early picks on the lines. If you can trade back to 7-12 and get another 2nd rounder then we can still do that. I think people are forgetting just how little we have invested in this line in the draft even though we tried with
  6. There is no such thing as reach massively. That's what everyone said with Ramczyk when we took Ross. I wanted Ramczyk. We would have been much better off. If you get a starter there isn't such a thing as a reach. And if there is you just trade down.
  7. You are a jerk all the time. Playing the victim won't work.
  8. Yep. There is like Chase blindness going on or something.
  9. These are my top guys for 3rd WR. Interesting to note how bad AJ Green was. When the QB threw to him they had a 55.1 Passer rating, one of the worst in the league. WR Age Starts 2020/Career stats Notes Overall Receiving Pass Block Run Block Snaps Conley-Jaguars 28 4/52 40-471-2 90.1 Rating, 10.3 ADOT $3,745,000 4.35 40
  10. Sewell is an ideal partner with Jonah. One is raw but will bring power and is vocal. One is smart and a technician. Hope it's Sewell
  11. Red means they finished on IR. Atkins is on the main list for comparisons sake only.
  12. Any Bengals player on the full list is there either as a reference or as free agent. Any other player on the full list is either cut or noted that they would need to be traded for.
  13. Updated Roster and Free Agents Red: Finished Season on IR Blue: UFA Green:RFA Gray: Futures Contract Pink: Opt Out QB Burrow 25 Allen 21 Finley 23 Shurmur RB Mixon 25 Bernard 22 Perine 21 Williams 23 Patrick WR Green 21 Tate 22 Thomas 21 Washington
  14. Please don't combine this one with the other ones Mods. I will update as it rolls with new Cap Casualties and signings. I would like for it to be in the first spot. Let me know if I am missing anyone. QB Age Starts 2020/Career Stats Notes Overall Pass Run Snaps Fitzpatrick-Dolphins 38 7/146 2091-68% 13-8 95.6 7
  15. Seahawks QB Age Starts 2020/Career Stats Notes Overall Pass Run Snaps Smith-Seahawks 30 0/31 33-80% 0-0 94.2 62.2 67.4 53.9 18 WR Age Starts 2020/Career stats Notes Over
  16. Completely agree, my only point is that you can't let that guy leave.
  17. Lawson to me needs to be franchised. He is eventually going to be a top pass rusher in the league.
  18. I didn't expect them to fix the line by loading up on free agents. However, I think that Thuney is a real possibility because he is a local guy and we should be willing to outpay everyone else. Havenstein can solidify the RT spot and he is on the Rams so I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't be more willing to trade with us because of the Taylor connection, as long as we offer a 4-5th. His salary is in the Bobby Hart range. That's more than doable. 6.725 2021, 7,250 2022. He is giant but he has played guard...(not sure if well)....https://www.therams.com/video/ota-one-on-one-with-rob-havens
  19. Patriots QB Age Starts 2020/Career Stats Notes Overall Pass Run Snaps Hoyer-Patriots 35 1/39 130-62.5% 0-1 59.4 58.8 56.3 63.9 51 C Age Starts 2020/Career Notes Overall
  20. Chargers QB Age Starts 2020/Career Stats Notes Overall Pass Run Snaps Taylor-Chargers 32 1/47 208-53% 0-0 75.4 59.1 63.1 47.8 75 G Age Starts 2020/Career Notes Overall
  21. I think that it's not out of the question that we draft Sewell, Sign Thuney and trade for Havenstein. To me that's exactly what we should try to do.
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