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  1. After watching last game I am convinced this team is a contender next year. That roster is solid everywhere but OL and LB and QB can be a winner. OL is going to be drastically improved by next year. Bill Callahan will be added to the staff. For the first time since Marvin was hired I see a coach dictating and out thinking the other coach. And it happened both on offense and defense. We had good leaders as coaches but we didn't do anything that was over the top. Now we have smart guys on both sides. The personnel will catch up. We have few free agents this offseason. Green-Hopkins and Vigil. I am hopeful Hopkins signs asap. Just offer him the 3 year 16 million dollar deal we just gave John Miller.
  2. Mingo plays for the Texans now. We don't know what system we will use. There is talk we might run essentially a 5-2 with Hubbard Atkins Billings Glasgow Lawson in the 5 spots. Not sure where Dunlap is in that situation.
  3. I’m confused this season. Our roster is better than the Seahawks. I know it’s a road game but there is this sentiment that we don’t have a chance. They have a better QB and OL and LBs we have a better RB WR TE DL Dbs They have Russell Wilson and Tyler Locket on offense. Jadaveon Clowney an Bobby Wagner on D.
  4. There literally are no other options. He is unequivocally the best option.
  5. Josh Wells started 5 games at T for the Jags last year http://www.nfl.com/player/joshwells/2550416/profile Malike Carney https://www.nfl.com/prospects/malik-carney?id=32194341-5224-6338-4e57-c061d01e22a8 Ryan Groy started 6 games at C for the Bills last year http://www.nfl.com/player/ryangroy/2550569/profile LaRoy Reynolds played 16 games for the eagles last year Sutton Smith Great stats in college https://www.nfl.com/prospects/sutton-smith?id=3219534d-4967-1290-7c06-bc9db721f480 Connor Strachan played a little LB for the Jags last year Bryan Witzman started 7 games at G for the Bears last year.
  6. Because he's under contract and the position is so ridiculously thin that we may be starting Andre Smith and Bobby Hart week one with John Jerry as the backup.
  7. If Mixon is making Elliott like money than Bernard/Anderson/Williams/Perrine make it easier to move forward without him.
  8. All great points. I like to think about it this way. If you were going to start a team from scratch I would always start it with a LT. And if we are giving Taylor a long leash then everyone else outside of Williams is just noise. I also think that Bill Callahan will be joining the staff next year as well so that offense will be revamped a bit. Here are the people on the 53+ who signed contracts after Taylor arrived. QB Finley 23 Dolegala 22 RB Williams 23 Perine 21 Anderson 23 Ellis 22 FB WR WR Willis 22 Cooper 20 WR Boyd 24 Morgan 22 TE Uzomah 22 Eifert 20 Sample 23 Franks 20 LT Williams 24 Dugas 22 Miller LG Jordan 23 Sutherland 22 C Hopkins 20 RG Miller 22 RT Hart 22 Smith 20 K P LS LE Wynn 20 LT RT Wren 23 RE Brown 21 SLB MLB Brown 22 WLB Pratt 23 Dawkins 22 S S CB CB CB Webb 22 Chesley 22
  9. This thread is about 2020 and beyond. There is always one guy who says "why are we talking about 2020 and beyond?" There are hundreds of other threads just ignore it. It's in the damn title. Back to the topic. As I dig deeper into the roster I am actually excited about each move. Looking at the roster just through the lens of the future, were are in a very good place. QB Dalton 21 Finley 23 Dolegala 22 Dalton plays well or he doesn't. If he does well in the system that's fantastic. If he does poorly he costs us nothing to cut him, if we can't trade him, and we have 2 QBs who looked every bit the part at times during the preseason. Finley was looked at by some as the best Rookie QB. Dolegala forced himself on the roster by showing up every time he had the chance to. His story makes sense. An injury in HS threw off recruiters so he ended up at a second level school where he dominated. RB Mixon 21 Williams 23 Perine 21 Anderson 23 Ellis 22 There will be big questions around paying Mixon next year. The cupboard behind him shouldn't be close to bare. Anderson's injury is frustrating but his future matters more. WR Willis 22 Tate 21 Bohringer 21 WR Ross 22 Morgan 22 WR Boyd 24 Erickson 21 I doubt Green is going anywhere. He will be Franchised or otherwise re-signed if he can get past his injury. The team should be loaded around him. TE Uzomah 22 Sample 23 Carter 20 Franks 20 Schrek 21 A spot that will be solid without a star. The Rams haven't had a special guy. I think they can make due with this group and possibly Eifert again. LT Williams 24 Glenn 21 Miller LG Jordan 23 Sutherland 22 C Price 23 RG Miller 22 RT Hart 22 Dugas 22 This is where it gets interesting. The way things are we might have landed our starters at LG and LT for the next 4-10 years in this draft. That's huge. I don't think people are excited enough about that. Price may have been beaten out but he will still start 5-8 games so I think we are set from C-LT going forward no matter if Hopkins is back. It hasn't been lost on me that some rookies have called Bobby Hart a genius on the line. I think all of the pieces are here for this line to be very good, just not right away and maybe not even this year. FWIW I would overpay Glenn to be a backup at LT, RT and LG. Their are so few people who can play the position in the league I'd rather have two at a big cost. LE Dunlap 22 Willis 21 LT Atkins 23 Glasgow 21 RT Tupou 20 Wren 23 RE Hubbard 22 Lawson 21 Brown 21 This should be the strength of the team this year and the next. With the only loss being Billings and a hopefully very capable Tupou and Wren to replace him we should be fine. Hubbard and Lawson both could be stars by then. SLB MLB Brown 22 Dawkins 22 WLB Evans 21 Pratt 23 A decision will need to be made about Vigil but he should make it obvious either way. This is the clear hole next year with questions at both QB and the OL otherwise. We have a spot open now. It seems obvious that we should be seeking trade partners. First off the Seahawks just cut Autin Caltiro, the Giants cut BJ Goodson. The Hawks are loaded with 2 rookie LBs that would be upgrades here. The Bills, a common trade partner, have some depth there as well. S Williams 21 Henderson 21 S Bates 22 Wilson 20 CB Kirkpatrick 22 Phillips 22 CB Jackson 21 McRae 20 CB Webb 22 Chesley 22 These spots should be fine as well. There might be options available for Dennard and Fedj but I don't think this position will be a problem.
  10. Bryant signed on with the Cowboys practice squad. Their backend is thinner, kept Devin Smith.
  11. Traveon Williams is hurt and might not play the first couple of weeks.
  12. 2 fantastic pickups 1. Samaje Perine Friends with Mixon and Anderson Under contract for the next 2 years Coached by Our OC's father on Redskins, (OL coach anyway, I assume run game coordinator) Completes our rotation nicely with a Bruiser 603 yards as a rookie and had 22 catches. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/samaje-perine?id=2558138 2. Pharaoh Cooper Coached by our head coach Just 25 career catches but a Pro Bowl appearance as a KR in 2017 Injured in 2019 http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/pharoh-cooper?id=2555419
  13. Here is my best guess. And remember this is for week 1. I am a bit confused about the rules but there some rule where you have to be on the roster for week 1 to do IR return. Anderson and Williams go to IR return. Week 1 Shaun Williams and Fedjelin fill in at LB. We sign Kiko Alonso who played for the Dolphins when Amarumo was thaere. We sign Adarius Taylor if cut by the Browns who played for Duffner last season.
  14. This isn't about who is starting, it's a 53 man roster post. Eifert, Uzomah who cares. Colors are Orange=Draft picks Red=Ended last season on IR Blue=Free Agents signed Yellow=Signed to a futures contract this offseason
  15. QB Dalton 21 Finley 23 Dolegala 22 RB Mixon 21 Bernard 20 Williams 23 Anderson 23 FB WR Green 20 Core 20 Tate 21 WR Ross 22 Willis 22 WR Boyd 24 Erickson 21 TE Eifert 20 Uzomah 22 Sample 23 Carter 20 LT Glenn 21 Williams 24 LG Jordan 23 Jerry 20 C Hopkins 20 Price 23 RG Miller 22 RT Hart 22 Smith K Bullock 21 P Huber 21 LS Harris 21 LE Dunlap 22 Lawson 21 LT Atkins 23 Glasgow 21 RT Billings 20 Wren 23 RE Hubbard 22 Wynn 20 Brown 21 SLB Vigil 20 Pratt 23 MLB Brown 22 WLB Evans 21 S Williams 21 Fejedelem 20 S Bates 22 Wilson 20 CB Kirkpatrick 22 Dennard 20 CB Jackson 21 Phillips 22 CB Webb 22 Harris 22
  16. Familiarity has to come in to play a bit as we look to fill out the roster after cut down day. There are obvious needs at LB and the offensive line. With a staff full of fresh faces here are some potential fringe roster trades or signees after cut down day Head Coach Zac Taylor https://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/LAR OC Brian Callahan and Jemal Singleton https://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/OAK DC Lou Anarumo https://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/NYG LB Tem Lukabu https://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/SF Mark Duffner https://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/TB DL Nick Eason https://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/TEN
  17. So Saturdays game is on something called the Bengals Preseason network? What is that?
  18. Tackles still free agents who started last year Parnell-Jags 65.3 Schraeder-Falcons 63.6 Barksdale-Cardinals 62.5 Bushrod-Saints 62 Clark-Panthers 60.9 Remmers-Vikings 59.2 Penn-Raiders 47
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