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  1. 4-6 weeks isn't a huge deal. I am honestly not worried in the least. A-The schedule is relatively easy B-We have incredible QB play....he needs to be able to toss the ball around a bit C-We are supposed to have smart coaches....they need to be able to scheme without a star D-We have 2 other stud WRs. Most teams don't have that. Most teams can't compare to Boyd and Higgins. E-Hurst has been solid. He is on pace to catch 70 balls. There are a handful of obvious guys. In house. 1-Mike Thomas-He has never had huge production but he has never been asked to play a major role. His best stats are 13-132-1. He did have an amazing final year in college 71-1,391-19.6-14. 2-Trent Taylor-Obviously he is undersized to play outside but he had a ton of production as recent as his rookie year in 2017, 43-430-2. 3-Stanley Morgan-He has 5 career professional receptions but was coached by Troy Walters at Nebraska and put up great numbers there. 4-Kwamie Lassiter-Flashed in the preseason and has upside. I bet he is just moved and given some snaps. 5-Trenton Irwin-Has always been solid any time he has been called upon Outside of the roster 1-Terrace Marshall-He makes the most sense. He has played with Chase. Was a high draft pick. Put up 17-138 as a rookie. Has only played in 95 snaps this year. 2-Denzel Mims-He makes the 2nd most sense. His Rookie year he had 23-357. He has played just 24 snaps this year. 3-Auden Tate-He is a known commodity, flashed when he has had an opportunity and is free being on the Eagles practice squad. 4-Bo Melton-One of my favorites in the draft who is now on the Seahawks practice squad. Can play inside and out and might be the eventual replacement for Taylor and maybe Boyd.
  2. I would do 1 a year until we got to 10. Then I would come up with some system where they had to get like 75% of the vote or something. Should be really special. Right now it is. Really all of our hall of famers or those in the conversation. Shouldn't water it down.
  3. Does it say Bemgals instead of Bengals?
  4. Thats awesome. Anyone ever use that one?
  5. Its time to start getting Perine and Evans carries We save 10 million by cutting Mixon this offseason. If he is averaging 2 yards a carry it's going to have to be considered.
  6. I really want a Joe Burrow OSU jersey. I found gray ones online but they seem shady sites. Any ideas? https://www.darynashop.com/products/ohio-state-buckeyes-heather-gray-joe-burrow-gridiron-gray-ii-limited-3d-jersey-dmgl79is?variant=1000004235991375
  7. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2022/9/23/23367966/cincinnati-bengals-offense-struggles-joe-burrow-zac-taylor
  8. We are in a weird limbo. If we are bad....and lets say we lose to the Jets or go like 6-11 or something....which at this point looks very likely....where is the improvement. They won't fire the coach. The next step was supposed to be compete again for the super bowl and then pay Joe Burrow the best contract in the league. What in the world do we do now? Can we get Taylor to not call plays and focus on game and team management? Is it replacing Pollack? We have 1 offensive starter who is a FA and I fully expect him back. We have 4 on Defense and I expect Bell and Pratt back, Bates to be replaced by Hill and Apple to have competition at the least. But the problem is scheming and coaching and Burrow and the OL. How do you fix that with the same people who caused the problem? They can't run any semblance of an offense. QB Burrow 25 --> Burrow 25 RB Mixon 25 --> Mixon 25 WR Chase 26 --> Chase 26 WR Higgins 24 --> Higgins 24 WR Boyd 24 --> Boyd 24 TE Hurst 23 --> OPEN LT Williams 24 --> Williams 24 LG Volson 26 --> Volson 26 C Karras 25 --> Karras 25 RG Cappa 26 --> Cappa 26 RT Collins 25 --> Collins 25 --> K McPherson 25 --> McPherson 25 P Huber 23 --> OPEN LS Adamitis 26 --> Adamitis 26 --> LE Hubbard 26 --> Hubbard 26 LT Reader 24 --> Reader 24 RT Hill 25 --> Hill 25 RE Hendrickson 25 --> Hendrickson 25 WLB Wilson 24 --> Wilson 24 MLB Pratt 23 --> OPEN SLB Davis-Gaither 24 --> Davis-Gaither 24 S Bell 23 --> OPEN S Bates 23 --> Hill 27 CB Awuzie 24 --> Awuzie 24 CB Apple 23 --> OPEN CB Hilton 25 --> Hilton 25
  9. Both of these takes are great. It does seem like an arbitrary rule. The player not being able to re-enter makes tons of sense.
  10. Completely agree. Big names on the decline. We picked up guys who were surprise cuts on the rise.
  11. I wonder if we can expect a Bell or Pratt extension some day now.
  12. I hate the idea. But I think it's what happens. They will save up to pay for Burrow and then pay for Chase. I don't think they can pay all 3. Higgins may even leave next year. That's how things seem to play out for a bunch of people in the league this past offseason. Now Mike Brown did say they needed to pay a QB and receivers....with the plural. So who knows. He does have Bates agent
  13. Free Agents after next year. Possible replacements Allen 23 -Browning or re-sign Perine 23 -Evans or re-sign Thomas 23 -Lassiter or Irwin more likely a draft pick to replace Higgins after he leaves Hurst 23 -I expect him back, he will fit perfectly with this team Sample 23 -I expect him back after he has a weak market Scharping 23 -Who knows, but maybe Carman developing could work Huber 23 -Chrisman Harris 23 -Adomitis Pratt 23 -Probably re-signed but maybe ADG Bell 23 -With Bates leaving he could be back on the cheap Bates 23 -Dax Hill Thomas 23 -He will probably be here until he wants to retire Wilson 23 -I think he is probably cut once healthy Apple 23 -CTB Flowers 23 -Re-signed or Draft pick
  14. A look at 2023 QB Burrow 25 Browning 2 RB Mixon 25 Evans 25 Holyfield Williams 4 WR Chase 26 Lassiter 24 Irwin 23 3 WR Higgins 24 Morgan 24 2 WR Boyd 24 Taylor 23 2 TE Asiasi 24 Moss 2 LT Williams 24 Smith 25 2 LG Volson 26 Carman 25 Gaillard 3 C Karras 25 Hill 25 Brown 24 Gilliam 4 RG Cappa 26 Adeniji 24 Noel 24 3 RT Collins 25 Prince 24 Cochran 24 3 K McPherson 25 1 P Chrisman 2 LS Adomitis 24 2 LE Hubbard 26 Sample 25 Kareem 24 Johnson 23 4 LT Reader 24 Tupou 24 Shelvin 25 3 RT Hill 25 Carter 26 Tufele 25 Davis 23 4 RE Hendrickson 25 Ossai 25 Gunter 26 3 WLB Wilson 24 Johnston 23 2 MLB Bailey 24 Bachie 23 2 SLB Davis-Gaither 24 Scales 23 Jones 23 3 S Anderson 27 1 S Hill 27 1 CB Awuzie 24 Davis 23 2 CB Taylor-Britt 26 George 24 2 CB Hilton 25 1 63
  15. A full look ignoring status QB Burrow 25 Allen 23 Browning 3 RB Mixon 25 Perine 23 Evans 25 Holyfield Williams 5 WR Chase 26 Thomas 23 Lassiter 24 3 WR Higgins 24 Morgan 24 Irwin 23 3 WR Boyd 24 Taylor 23 2 TE Hurst 23 Sample 23 Asiasi 24 Wilcox 23 Moss 5 LT Williams 24 Smith 25 2 LG Volson 26 Scharping 23 Carman 25 Gaillard 4 C Karras 25 Hill 25 Brown 24 Gilliam 4 RG Cappa 26 Adeniji 24 Noel 24 3 RT Collins 25 Prince 24 Cochran 24 3 K McPherson 25 1 P Huber 23 Chrisman 2 LS Harris 23 Adomitis 24 2 LE Hubbard 26 Sample 25 Kareem 24 Johnson 23 4 LT Reader 24 Tupou 24 Shelvin 25 3 RT Hill 25 Carter 26 Tufele 25 Davis 23 4 RE Hendrickson 25 Ossai 25 Gunter 26 3 WLB Wilson 24 Johnston 23 Bachie 23 3 MLB Pratt 23 Bailey 24 2 SLB Davis-Gaither 24 Scales 23 Jones 23 3 S Bell 23 Anderson 27 Thomas 23 3 S Bates 23 Hill 27 Wilson 23 3 CB Awuzie 24 Flowers 23 Taylor-Britt 26 3 CB Apple 23 George 24 2 CB Hilton 25 Davis 23 2 77
  16. The current roster as I expect it will be when the dust settles Orange-Draft picks Gray-UDFA Blue-FAs and Waiver pickups Yellow-IR-R Red-IR Light Blue Practice squad QB Burrow 25 Allen 23 2 Browning RB Mixon 25 Perine 23 Evans 25 3 Holyfield Williams WR Chase 26 Thomas 23 2 WR Higgins 24 Morgan 24 2 Lassiter 24 WR Boyd 24 Taylor 23 2 Irwin 23 TE Hurst 23 Sample 23 Asiasi 24 3 Wilcox 23 Bowers LT Williams 24 Smith 25 2 Moss LG Volson 26 Scharping 23 Carman 25 3 Gaillard C Karras 25 Hill 25 2 Brown 24 Gilliam RG Cappa 26 Adeniji 24 2 Noel 24 RT Collins 25 1 Prince 24 Cochran 24 K McPherson 25 1 P Huber 23 1 Chrisman LS Harris 23 1 Adomitis 24 LE Hubbard 26 Sample 25 2 Kareem 24 Johnson 23 LT Reader 24 Tupou 24 2 Shelvin 25 RT Hill 25 Carter 26 Tufele 25 3 Davis 23 RE Hendrickson 25 Ossai 25 Gunter 26 3 WLB Wilson 24 Johnston 23 2 Bachie 23 MLB Pratt 23 Bailey 24 2 SLB Davis-Gaither 24 1 Scales 23 S Bell 23 Anderson 27 Thomas 23 3 Wilson 23 Jones 23 S Bates 23 Hill 27 2 CB Awuzie 24 Flowers 23 2 Taylor-Britt 26 CB Apple 23 George 24 2 CB Hilton 25 Davis 23 2 53
  17. 8. MAX SCHARPING | Northern Illinois 6057 | 327 lbs. | rSR. Green Bay, Wisc. (Southwest) 8/10/1996 (age 22.72) #73 BACKGROUND: A two-star offensive tackle recruit out of high school, Max Scharping grew up in the shadow of Lambeau Field in Green Bay and was a three-year starter on the offensive and defenses lines at Southwest. He earned All-Conference honors three straight years and was named All-State as a senior. Playing his senior season at only 250 pounds, Scharping went underrecruited and went overlooked by Wisconsin, where both his parents attended. He was ranked as the No. 20 recruit in Wisconsin and committed to Northern Illinois over Central Michigan, Western Michigan and Yale. Scharping accepted his invitation to the 2019 Senior Bowl. YEAR (GP/GS) POSITION NOTES 2014: Redshirted 2015: (14/14) 8 RT, 6 RG Freshman All-American 2016: (12/12) RT First Team All-MAC 2017: (13/13) LT First Team All-MAC 2018: (14/14) LT First Team All-MAC; Finalist for the William V. Campbell Trophy Total: (53/53) 27 LT, 20 RT, 6 RG HT WT ARM HAND WING 40-YD 20-YD 10-YD VJ BJ SS 3C BP COMBINE 6057 327 33 5/8 10 80 1/8 - - - 28 09’00” 4.69 7.77 27 (no runs – left hamstring) PRO DAY N/A (positional drills only – no 40-yard dash due to his hamstring) STRENGTHS: Coordinated shuffle in his pass sets…sinks his hips and sits in his stance to handle bull rushers…resets well to stay square…walks the fine line of being patient while also staying aggressive with his punch…grip strength to lock down edge rushers (see 2018 Florida State tape vs. Brian Burns)…rolls his hips and runs his feet to create movement in the run game…comfortable pulling through gaps…quick to set his hands, turn defenders and plant his flag, opening run lanes…sees the field well and understands what the defense is doing…graduated with his undergraduate degree in kinesiology and recently completed his master’s degree (December 2018)…durable and started all 53 games the past four seasons, playing all 998 offensive snaps in 2018. WEAKNESSES: Inconsistent pass pro depth…only average foot quickness and arm length when protecting the corner…bad habit of bending at the waist to cut off edge speed, falling off balance…tends to be late with his hands, allowing rushers to reach his chest…inefficient on combination blocks with inconsistent results picking up second-level defenders…not a mauler in the run game and hands lack shock…battled through a left hamstring injury during the pre-draft process. SUMMARY: A four-year starter at Northern Illinois, Scharping spent his first two seasons at right tackle and right guard before shifting to left tackle as a junior and senior, lining up primarily in a three-point stance for the Huskies. He graduated with a 3.99 GPA (received one A- in an English class his freshman year) and his high IQ translates well to the football field, sensing pressures and breaking down defenses. Scharping isn’t a top-tier athlete, but he is quick out of his stance and stays busy, allowing only one sack (Iowa’s AJ Epenesa) the last three seasons. His margin for error will be much smaller in the NFL compared to the MAC and he must eliminate bad habits to lock up an NFL starting role. Overall, Scharping has his shortcomings, but he does an excellent job working within the confines of his skill set, displaying a keen understanding of his strengths to mask his weaknesses. GRADE: 3rd Round (#81 overall)
  18. 5. DEVIN ASIASI | UCLA 6030 | 257 lbs. | rJR. Shoreview, Calif. (De La Salle) 8/14/1997 (age 22.69) #86 BACKGROUND: Devin Asiasi (AH-see-AH-see) was a two-sport letterman at De La Salle, playing basketball and football in high school. Starring on both sides of the football, he posted 16 catches for 264 yards and two scores as a junior tight end, adding 33 tackles and 5.0 sacks as a defensive end. As a senior, Asiasi finished with 17 receptions for 311 yards and five scores on offense and 49 tackles and 4.0 sacks on defense, earning 2016 U.S. Army All-American honors. A four-star tight end recruit out of high school, Asiasi was the No. 3 tight end in the country (behind Isaac Nauta and Kaden Smith) and the No. 12 recruit in the state of California. He had offers from just about every major program in the country and narrowed his list to Michigan, UCLA, USC and Washington. He was thought to be a package deal with his high school teammate Boss Tagaloa, who signed with UCLA, but Asiasi chose the Wolverines. However, he lasted only one season in Ann Arbor before transferring back west, joining Tagaloa at UCLA and sitting out the 2017 season. Asiasi elected to skip his senior season and enter the 2020 NFL Draft. YEAR (GP/GS) REC YDS AVG TD NOTES 2016: (13/0) 2 18 9.0 1 Michigan; First career catch went for a touchdown 2017: Sat out due to transfer rules UCLA 2018: (9/1) 6 130 21.7 1 UCLA; Served a three-game suspension 2019: (12/12) 44 641 14.6 4 UCLA; Honorable Mention All-Pac 12 Total: (34/13) 52 789 15.2 6 HT WT ARM HAND WING 40-YD 20-YD 10-YD VJ BJ SS 3C BP COMBINE 6030 257 33 1/4 09 3/4 80 1/8 4.73 2.75 1.62 30 1/2 09’07” - - 16 (no shuttle or 3-cone – choice) PRO DAY N/A (Pro Day canceled) STRENGTHS: Carries his weight well with agile feet…quickly enters his routes…flashes sink and snap at the top of patterns to give the quarterback a target…nice job settling in zones…steady concentration at the catch point and dependable in traffic…adjusts well to throws away from his frame…tough over the middle of the field, taking hits and holding onto the football…averaged over 15.0 yards per catch over his career with 14 plays of 20-plus yards the last two years…steadily improved as a run blocker, sealing on down blocks and staying after his target…strong hands as a blocker and willing to do the dirty work…well-liked by coaches and teammates. WEAKNESSES: Needs to tighten his routes…too much lean in his patterns, giving defenders a preview of where he is headed…defenders are able to crowd him down the seam…not much of a tackle-breaker after the catch…on-the-move blocking angles lack refinement…needs to be more assertive shooting his hands and aggressively locking on instead of allowing defenders to come to him…there are undisciplined elements to his game with at least one penalty in each of the five tapes studied (two false starts, three holding calls)…still maturing and learning how to become a professional…served a three-game suspension to start the 2018 season for a “violation of team rules”…only one season as a starter. SUMMARY: A one-year starter at UCLA, Asiasi was the starting “Y” tight end in head coach Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense, lining up primarily inline to the boundary. After a reserve season at Michigan and another year sitting out as a transfer, he spent 2018 backing up Caleb Wilson before taking over as the starter in 2019, finishing second on the team in receiving. There isn’t much deception or diversity to his route tree (mostly digs, outs, posts on tape), but Asiasi moves well and presents a window for his quarterback. Although he isn’t shy banging as a blocker, he needs to be more of an aggressor in the run game. Overall, Asiasi doesn’t have the traits that scream playmaker, but he is well-rounded with the steady ball skills and blocking chops to earn a roster spot and fight his way up the depth chart. GRADE: 3rd-4th Round
  19. Tufele Writeup 5. JAY TUFELE | USC 6021 | 305 lbs. | rJR. Salt Lake City, Utah (Bingham) 7/25/1999 (age 21.76) #78 BACKGROUND: Jay Tufele (too-FAY-lay) was born in American Samoa and moved with his family to the Salt Lake City area when he was a toddler. He attended Bingham High School and earned a starting role on varsity as a sophomore, posting 63 tackles and 6.0 sacks. As a junior, Tufele was named Salt Lake MVP with 57 tackles and 10.5 sacks in 2015, earning All-American honors. He suffered a foot injury while working out at Nike’s The Opening the summer prior to his senior year and missed most of the 2016 season. He returned to play in the final three games and helped Bingham win the 5A state championship. Tufele started playing rugby in the seventh grade and fell in love with the sport. He competed for the West Valley Rugby Club in high school. A four-star defensive tackle recruit out of high school, Tufele was the No. 3 ranked defensive tackle in the class and the No. 1 recruit in Utah. He received over 20 scholarship offers and had a final five of BYU, Michigan, Ohio State, USC and Utah. He committed to the Trojans (Marlon Tuipulotu already committing to USC in the class was an important factor because they wanted to play together). Tufele elected to opt out of the 2020 college football season due to the pandemic – his older sister, Noreen, tested positive for COVID-19 in July 2020 and was on a ventilator for over a month fighting for her life. He decided to skip his senior season and enter the 2021 NFL Draft. YEAR (GP/GS) TKLS TFL SACK FF PD INT NOTES 2017: Redshirted 2018: (12/5) 23 4.5 3.0 0 0 0 Freshman All-American; Second Team All-Pac 12; Blocked FG; FR TD 2019: (13/13) 42 6.5 4.5 0 1 0 First Team All-Pac 12 2020: Opted out of the season (August 19, 2020) Total: (25/18) 65 11.0 7.5 0 1 0 HT WT ARM HAND WING 40-YD 20-YD 10-YD VJ BJ SS 3C BP COMBINE N/A (Combine canceled) PRO DAY 6021 305 32 1/2 9 3/8 79 3/8 5.00 2.94 1.75 30 8’9” 4.90 7.81 30 STRENGTHS: Solidly built with broad shoulders…balanced mover with short-area quickness to elude or play through contact…flashes efficient arm-over and violent rip moves…able to pry his way into the backfield once he gets under the edge…strong at the point-of-attack and puts down roots to anchor in the run game…uses quickness to beat cut-off blocks…active hands and plays with a fully charged battery…his effort is consistent, chasing plays down with athleticism near the numbers…the coaches heap praise on him for his mature work ethic at such a young age…his production steadily increased from his freshman to sophomore season. WEAKNESSES: Plays quick, but needs to show better control in his rush setup and execution…undeveloped shed skills and late to attack gaps if he doesn’t win with his first-step quickness…can get stuck on blocks and moved from lanes…attempts to battle through double teams with toughness over technique…relies more on effort than instincts and needs to develop his feel for blocking schemes…overeager play style leads to tall pads and missed tackles in the backfield…only two years of playing experience at the college level after opting out of the 2020 season. SUMMARY: A two-year starter at USC, Tufele lined up at three-technique in defensive coordinator Todd Orlando’s multiple front, playing mostly over the B-gap. Despite not playing in 2020 as an opt-out, he looked like an ascending disruptor on his 2019 film, although he was more of a flash player and needs continued development. With his rugby background, Tufele competes with the physical violence and body control to work his way through gaps and put heat on the pocket. While he plays strong, he doesn’t consistently play with the power to create knockback or overwhelm blockers through their numbers. Overall, Tufele needs to develop his feel as a pass rusher and block shedder, but he is quick off the ball with impressive balance and a motor that runs hot. He projects as an NFL threetechnique with starting tools. GRADE: 2nd-3rd Round (No. 78 overall)
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