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2024 Stanley Cup

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This postseason has been pretty good, turning me into a fan.  It's definitely sports entertainment down to the ref controversies but it's not quite so slick & polished.  Also helps that I don't really have a team other than rooting against places where ponds never freeze. 

I am something of a Red Wings fan because they're old school and this has to be one of the most ridiculous & weird fan traditions going:




Also kinda like the Blue Jackets, they've been good but don't seem to get much attention at home.  Olivier's beatdown on Rempe was an instant classic of a vet taking the headhunting young guy behind the woodshed. A bit like Bell laying out JuJu but with more straight up fist meet face. While Goodell's refs are throwing flags every other time a star QB get hit these dudes square up, go have their little timeout in the sin bin after & the game keeps going.





Not to say there aren't bullshit calls and dirty players but a fight like this on an NFL field would get the cops involved. The cry-bully flopper bs football fans have come to expect is mostly absent and that's refreshing. The officials are generally unobtrusive and most of the rules seem clear 


Kinda pulling for the West at this point as Tkachuk is considered the biggest cheapshot artist in the NHL right now.  These Eastern finals remind of how I watch Pittsburgh vs Baltimore for the sake of a back-alley bumfight.  I like Montour as I believe the last indigenous player standing this season (so racist u guys).  Shesterkin is fun to watch as well. Beyond that I admit I'm a degen fan, I'm basically rooting for the bull.


WCF are streaming on "Max" or TNT.  ECF are showing on ESPN - in their tradition of always offering less for more, you don't get FFWD-Rewind shuttle control without ESPN+ but if you get regular ESPN with a cable TV package you can log in with those credentials.


Expect it's going to be Dallas v Florida for the cup.



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Correction, the Blue Jackets have been pretty shit the last few seasons and have never made it beyond the quarterfinals.


The cannon & Civil War kepi hat logos are fresh though.  :D  filthy casual

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