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  1. Cosigned. Much as I don't want a RB with a high pick, if that frees up $13m to spend elsewhere and nets us a guy that doesn't get our QB killed and doesn't have his boy magdumping a fuckin mini-AK at teenagers on the lawn of his country estate, well.. good enough.
  2. Much as I enjoyed watching that 20+ years ago, it's not remotely the style of offense being run here. This is a pass-first team as long as JB is here, just like pretty much every other team in the modern NFL is trying to be.. When was the last time they even carried a FB on the 53? Mixon, again, has been an average RB but is set to earn top 5 money. Average can be had for much less.
  3. Shouldn't be hard if his only competition is Adeniji and Ford. Carman seemed lost anywhere other than LT but I guess that's still a possibility.
  4. Starting him at RT because of his paycheck would be awful. Wouldn't be the first time, but still a terrible idea. Draft a RB in the first to then hand it off to him behind a disgruntled Jonah? Or draft a TE that never gets to run routes because he has to help him block?
  5. I don't expect good, I'd settle for healthy and with starting experience. Anyone better than Adeniji and not starting the season PUPed would be an improvement.
  6. Moving Jonah for an extra 3rd would be nice, considering.
  7. RT and TE are still holes. Be nice to get some average vets in those spots so there's no incentive to reach.
  8. My question as well. If we're looking for a RB where actually running the ball is solidly in 3rd place behind blocking and receiving, does that require first or even second round talent? College backs are so consistently overrated I just don't trust the value is there as BPA in early rounds.
  9. I don't understand that at all in a pass-first offense that was 25th in attempts/game last season. The OL is much improved but still heavily geared toward pass pro.. What's this first round RB going to do exactly?
  10. I'm unconvinced. They'll have other FA options if they don't get someone in the draft. They can wait to cut him once they're confident in a replacement.
  11. Maybe they're waiting for the draft before they decide how much to invest in a free agent TE but it'd be nice to not have any glaring needs when we're on the clock.
  12. Same. Of course you'd hope a 1st round pick is ready to start but you can't count on it. Rookies are prone to TC injuries, OL more so, & sometimes it takes guys a year to get in NFL shape. They could draft our next RT in the 5th round just as easily as they could whiff in the first. Draft picks are just prospects & they've been prone to taking risks on injured players or workout warriors with not a lot of football experience in the past. Hopefully we're done with that stuff. And no RB in the first 2 rounds please unless the offense is changing to accommodate a feature back. We don't need a superstar to get 12 carries a game on first downs.
  13. Worked nearby and traded with them all the time.. Easy on the wallet but less so on the belt
  14. Definitely agree with the first part but have my doubts about either of the remaining guys being capable. Think Ford is now in the mix there as a plan C or D with the hope being they land a starter in the draft that will outperform all of them in TC. Sure is nice to have some options though, ain't it?
  15. That's too bad, he was always super approachable when I've seen him. He used to come through the Penn Station in Clifton fairly often.
  16. If he wins the job at RT it must mean Carman is blind out of his right eye, we missed in the draft, and Collins is either cut or just doesn't feel like playing football. That or Mikey is in his feelings again, IDK. I really don't want to see Jonah getting ragdolled every time we try to run the ball just because he's owed $13 mil. He doesn't have any push for a RT, not from what I've seen.
  17. Sounds like Marvin was going right along with Ketchup Whisperer bullshit, bringing a chessboard to a boxing match.
  18. If you've ever met the guy he's ridiculously charismatic, kind of surprised he's not endorsing some big brand (McDonald's) or landing acting gigs... But maybe he's not interested IDK.
  19. Interesting but he doesn't look to have the power to be a "push the pile" kinda guy, which is what I'd like to see at RT. Pass pro is obviously job #1 but someone with a little bit of bulldozer in them would be ideal. Frankly saw more of that out of Carman in 2 games than I ever did out of Jonah. Collins seems capable but I have big doubts about his want-to in general.
  20. I agree a change of scenery would be good for him.. Like, say, a golf course? That's impressive that he played hurt but the thing is, he was almost always hurt. Also he wasn't very good when he wasn't hurt. Hopefully someone is willing to eat his salary in a trade but I don't expect teams to be beating down our door for him.
  21. Play action works when the running game is working. Let's hope we have a back that can capitalize on this (massive, massive) upgrade
  22. Ridiculously hot round to be using as personal defense in a neighborhood. Not only is he lucky he didn't directly hit the kid, he's lucky he didn't hit a kid in a house 1/4 mile away. Honestly makes me wonder what kinda sketchy shit they're up to at the Mixon estate.
  23. As others have pointed out, think they're going away from those in-the-box safeties?
  24. Eh, that's useful. Considering how big of homers they tend to be I'm guessing the difference is really minimal.
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