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  1. Gooder: Than they've looked so far this season or at least since @ GB Bad: Injuries? I thought Burfict looked good @ MLB, otherwise I think we may have some depth there. Ugly: More slob football, trying to give the game away, grab-assery etc. All of the Above (in 4 Minutes halfway through Q1): Blocked punt, DreSwag's 87 yd INT return from the C4, goal-line fumble, Kroft's TD to bail him out, missed XP from Fat Randy: In hindsight I'd say this was the game in a nutshell. If not the season.
  2. 3 of the 4 NFC East teams, and the only one missing is also the only one with a winning record, the #1 seed in the NFC and the best overall record in the NFL. Are the markets so big that the NFL doesn't care if the games are unwatchable for anyone outside of them? Are people in NYC or DC even staying up to watch a 4-6 team play a 2-8 team? You'd think they'd at least make the Central/Pacific time zone match-up the late game. All the other bullshit aside, their viewers are down because of dumb stuff like this. Millions of football fans sitting around at home and they schedule 1 game out of 3 between teams that are above .500? Hey next season let's host one in London or maybe Jakarta! Pile that shield full of integrities!
  3. I laughed when he put his face through a car. Fuck that guy, he's a POS in ways that have nothing to do with football (other than keeping him out of prison). I hope a bird shits in his mouth every time he opens it.
  4. Agreed, & the trailers really didn't do it justice. (it makes sense if you've seen it, trust me)
  5. This OL is a liability against any competent defense.
  6. No one expects us to do shit but that's no reason to nail your dick to the table
  7. I'm with that. We've drafted for shit in the top 10 lately anyway, and it's always a crapshoot. This team has a hard enough time winning, in fact if they approached every game with a consistent effort, not even "WC game vs Shitsburgh" intensity but a standard level of focus and so on.. That's the difference in playing at home in the postseason. Do that and they probably have a playoff win by now. And we want them to dial it down? Good day to you sir.
  8. Sucks to their offended fee-fees, but (like HueJ) I could see him unleashing fail trying to reinvent the game. I would kind of prefer someone that's famous among other coaches rather than in the media? Not that you can't be both, but I've been told they won't pay Gruden.
  9. I made no claim to the contrary, but.. What if we beat Pissburg on MNF?
  10. I disagree. Any team we beat is no longer a good team, through Transubstantiation. Wine into water. Thou art Redeemed!
  11. He's throwing where the coverage isn't. It's a nice change, AJ will get his.
  12. OL's hands are inside his elbows, they never call that. Unless they do, of course.
  13. I think they would have to cut off his head and swing it around in the air before they'd call a flag in his favor. It's ok though, he's a Very Bad Person.
  14. I'm just fucking with you dude. I think it's funny that the ESPNFL has got y'all fixated on Burfict among all the wife-beaters, rapists & drunks. "Oh noes our NFL linebacker is a big meanie!"

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