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  1. All things considered I think I'd rather have a decent OL than 2 draft picks.
  2. Dang, and I was going to bet you a kayak
  3. Guns in America

    That's simply not true. Vegas, variety of rifles; Pulse nightclub, SIG MCX/handgun; Aurora Theater Shooting, shotgun/handguns; Virginia Tech, handguns. Of the 20 deadliest mass shootings in US history, only 5 used an AR-15 (or copy) exclusively. "Nearly every" (a phrase that should be a red flag) mass shooter in recent US history used a handgun. If you want to say that external-mag semi-auto rifles should be more regulated, that's a fair discussion. Making emotional statements that are easily disproven is counterproductive to furthering that discussion.
  4. When ol' Musty sees the repair bill he's going to make the team switch from football to water polo
  5. So who is the 3rd rounder for?
  6. Guns in America

    The guy in Vegas had an assortment of different rifles, otherwise not sure which "last few" you're referring to?
  7. Guns in America

    The AR-15 fires a rifle round, like any other rifle. They are different than straight-walled handgun cartridges in that they have a sort of bottleneck which greatly increases velocity. (center) This is far from unique to the AR-15; a 100 year old deer rifle probably uses a larger & deadlier round, as does an AK-47 for example. Any semi-auto rifle that accepts external mags has the same functional capability as an AR-15, in fact many are both cheaper & more powerful. The AR-15 just happens to be the most popular, mostly because it's a civ version of a famous & reliable M16 which many people are familiar with & it has a ton of customization options, but also lately because it's the one uninformed gun control advocates seem fixated on. Colt Firearms thank you for your support.
  8. Guns in America

    But in any and all other situations, fuck 'em? It's pretty obvious that your issue is with guns in general. You're entitled to your opinion but you sound like an NRA recruitment ad.
  9. Guns in America

    I thought you were interested in saving the lives of children. Treating a gun like a toy is how accidents happen, keep spouting BS about something you obviously know nothing about.
  10. Guns in America

    I thought this was about saving kids? If someone drowns a kid with a gun then your point.. wait no, you'd still be full of shit. "You gun people" Go back to licking racist cop shoe leather, at least then it was clear where you stood.
  11. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Likely, but I think it's almost certain that he's been laundering money for the mob. I've posted this before but: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/05/donald-trump-2016-mob-organized-crime-213910 Extravagant real estate development, don't pay certain contractors, declare bankruptcy.
  12. Guns in America

    Gotta call bullshit on the "if it only saves one life" rhetoric. Backyard swimming pools kill more kids than guns. Nobody needs a backyard swimming pool. Reducing the speed limit to 25 mph would save thousands of lives a year. If saving lives is the determining factor for what should be legal, ban cigarettes and booze. Ban ice cream & fried chicken. We assume "acceptable risks" every day because our concept of "liberty & the pursuit of happiness" leaves these choices to the individual, even if they may be self-destructive. When those actions impinge upon the rights of others, we consider that crossing the line. Like, eg, shooting someone. Already very much illegal, yet here we are again. Did you know America's worst school massacre wasn't a shooting? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bath_School_disaster To be clear, I'm not making an argument against better gun laws. I am making an argument against hysteria.
  13. Guns in America

  14. Tell them you didn't get a pony for Christmas and also you once saved a puppy & they should give them to you for free. If they can Redeem some dickhead multimillionaire fuck-up pro athlete surely they can afford a couple thou for you, right?
  15. Not when the AIDS has cancer of the bird flu. You can't cure it, you can only hope to Redeem it for Good Boy Points. They may not appear on the scoreboard but they are more important than winning.
  16. And sometimes his dumb shit changes games because he takes 15 yard penalties being a jackass. One game in particular comes to mind. Dude is terminal cancer of the AIDS to a locker room.
  17. Guns in America

    Not about true or untrue, it's about tone & volume.
  18. Guns in America

    Do you think the only difference between us and all of those countries are a few laws? Thailand just had a military coup a few years back, I shouldn't need to point out the history of guns & violence in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, South Africa, Guatemala and Yemen? We should be more like Yemen?! My point here is that the United States is unique in demographics, culture & history. In many parts of our country law enforcement can be hours away. 100 years ago you could've been the victim of a train robbery! What other country in the world was settled/conquered in the last 2 centuries by armed private citizens? I'm not saying we're stuck with the problem, but it's important IMO to understand that we aren't Europe. Pointing to Denmark or whoever as an example is flawed from the start. There's no Chicago in Denmark, or Tulsa, or BFE Nevada for that matter and there was never a Deadwood or Tombstone there, either. There aren't isolated mountain towns overrun with tweakers &/or cartels. Point being that in many ways we are reaping what we've sown. I don't like it either but I don't think the laws of Sweden have much to do with anything here. You aren't unique in having children or other people in public schools that you love. My mom's a retired teacher & had one of her 13 year old student bring a gun to school & had another ex-student caught planning to go sniper on the HS next door from a nearby hill. One of my closest friends has a daughter that is like a niece to me & just entered public schools; I would take a bullet for either of his kids. I wasn't trying to insult you but some of the stuff you've been posting is a little reactionary & inaccurate or unfocused. Right or wrong, spamming stuff like that makes people tune out & I don't think that's your intention. Take that for what you will, just an observation from someone trying to find a middle ground.
  19. Guns in America

    ^ exactly what I was getting at; they're all crisis actors! Ignore reality, praise Glorious Leader!
  20. Guns in America

    At least most of us can agree that the NRA sucks. Spreading fear & disinformation sells guns, and that has become their single overriding purpose. Still waiting to hear where this latest loser managed to get a ~ $1500 rifle & another $200+ worth of ammo. Read some stuff claiming that the white power militia story was a hoax.. perpetrated by alt-right goons. Some 5th-dimensional chess reasons I guess? They were suggesting that it lets them claim reports about someone like Dylann Roof are fabricated as well. Seems like a lot of work only to reinforce that their type have completely split from consensus reality.
  21. We need a DB or DL help as much as anyone. We don't have a starting NT and have a couple of knuckleheads in the DB room I'd love to see gone. Still can't believe we gave DreSwagYoloTrill Whitworth's money. Let him & Pacman trash hotel rooms & puke in limos on someone else's dime. I wouldn't be mad if we drafted a top-10 quality QB either, for that matter. Quit drafting broke & stupid players and #12 is worth a lot, I'd rather we use it wisely than trade it... but you know. A monster at DE would help too.
  22. Guns in America

    Assholes have done the same thing with shotguns and handguns; see V Tech or Aurora. It's not the type of gun.
  23. Guns in America

    Canada is the only one that can draw some kind of parallel to the USA's history with private gun ownership, & they have a fraction of our population. It's telling how these memes (and that's all you're posting here, btw) never include Norway. Wonder why that is, Norway has some of the strictest gun laws.. oh, right. The one guy with the dickface who shot all those kids, then got to sit around and play Xbox because Norway. Not to be all "I THOUGHT THIS WAS 'MERKA?!" but the difference between us and, say, Australia goes beyond gun laws. Closer to home, consider the rate of violent crime in US cities vs. rural areas, and the intersection of poverty, gun laws & gun ownership. Consider veteran suicides as a singular problem rather than a gun control statistic. This isn't Iceland. In other words, and no offense because I've been guilty of it myself, but stop retweeting & wagging your finger for a minute. You think it's helping but it's not.

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