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  1. That's what it may come down to, I agree. Although.. Our offense has been comically bad at overthinking that sort of "Chess Match" stuff, so I guess it's only fitting if the defense ignores it completely in favor of mindlessly bashing a square peg into a a round hole.
  2. The NRA was bought out by the manufacturers to serve as their lobbying organization. Before Charlton Heston's Alzheimer's rants it was more of sportsman's organization and while certainly active politically they were much more neutral in general, to my recollection. If you took a hunting safety course it was probably run by the NRA (they're required for a minor to get a hunting license in most states AFAIK - one of those things "common sense" gun reform advocates like to demand since so few of them know anything about existing gun laws). All that aside, if you go to the NRA site now they have a "Freedom's Safe Space" slogan - you never would've seen such troll behavior from them 20 years ago. All that Tactical Asshole "operator" bullshit is a more recent development & if I'm guessing, has more to do with the country fetishizing the SF types at the front lines of the vague & unwinnable counterinsurgency warfare we've been asked to support for the last 17 years.
  3. No that's a general question
  4. ...but mostly this. Q: When Johnny Cash or Metallica sang about killing, were they also thugs, or are you just a little racist?
  5. So they go heavy on DL spots? We don't have a starting NT right now. Cuts are going to be interesting.
  6. A punter takes up a single roster spot designated for a punter. If we carried a 2nd punter just for fake punts and had him take a WR spot, your comparison would make sense. We aren't, so it doesn't.
  7. I was all set to type up my response but I couldn't find my protractor
  8. Think you forgot a there, sport. Or at least I hope you did because uh..
  9. Well, they do now. What happens when they don't? A roster spot for a tweener DE/LB you wouldn't want to start at either spot weakens the depth chart at 2 positions. I think he needs to turn into more than just a 3rd down pass rusher.
  10. Seriously I mean if you're a kid it shouldn't be that hard to find a party clown willing to give you the good drugs for free
  11. TFW when you check in and people have moved on from symbolic logic to arguing about the scientific method
  12. Not like I know the guy but CD always seemed mad at the world to me.
  13. Why don't we leave the poor dogs out of this and just "put down" the kicker?
  14. Ranked by who? The Bengals? These discount players haven't been working out so well. Maybe whether they are healthy and ready to play football should count for more in their ranking system.
  15. Makes me wonder why they fell out of their projected first round spots, if anything. What did all the other teams see that ours didn't?
  16. Keep doing that yoga buddy I'm sure you'll get there one day
  17. You fail at humor. I blame that omgdrdoom guy, he starts talking about "logic" all the time and now everyone's running around here in togas with this "if the subset of not x is defined by b where x" >= the height of my pile of bullshit"... We're talking about a practice field for a football team FFS. Nobody is being graded on it.
  18. We need to be more like TeamsLikeTheEasternMichiganEagles
  19. Then we must also have a Dana Farber Field House!
  20. Wait, teamslikethePatriots don't have a practice bubble? If that's true then neither should we, obviously.
  21. You sound like the kind of guy that mentions their IQ score a lot.
  22. But America should be united! (behind him)