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  1. The Hoodie is one game over .500 without The QB and has gone nowhere since The QB left. Otherwise though I tend to agree, they've got to draft well to avoid a setback because some of these guys are gonna be elsewhere.
  2. I don't see how they can afford to keep everyone. Burrow alone is going to be a challenge.
  3. Equating someone's kid caught distributing CP with another QB being unable to win a playoff game is uhhh... Yeah let's maybe not do that.
  4. Are these mf's for real? Please hang 50 on them and send them home limping.
  5. Pretty sure he's still the only player I've seen leave the field on a cart and be in for the next series
  6. It's Sois man, he's like the neighborhood stray cat that every so often sneaks in and pukes all over the rug. After a while it's kind of endearing.
  7. I bet the excuses for losing the AFCC at home last year are fascinating
  8. How do you think he manages that without turning it into a media circus?
  9. Oh yeah, he certainly sounds like he'd stick around for any offer that wasn't outright insulting.
  10. I suspect Higgins might want a shot at a WR1 spot somewhere else, but maybe not? I'd be happy to move on from Jonah Williams but I don't know if that's likely without some draft magic. A significant upgrade may be out of their price range otherwise. Hopefully he looks better healthy, whenever that happens.
  11. He's a free agent at the end of this season per Spotrac https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cincinnati-bengals/germaine-pratt-29108
  12. Little different when a public figure posts it on the internet for everyone to see. I'm not offended or shocked at all, in fact it's funny to me that some armchair QB nobody triggered him like that. I don't think anyone's that upset over it but it was remarkably stupid and impulsive.
  13. Hey he's probably the easiest to retain of that bunch, even if he goes off between now & then. It's a hell of a list though for certain.
  14. Free agent in 2024 along with Burrow, Higgins, Boyd, Hendrickson, Reader, Williams, Awuzie, Wilson... Site I was on had it wrong, he's on a one-year deal. Didn't show up on Spotrac earlier for some reason
  15. AFC North teams deal with the Stooler's bullshit twice a year, unless you start hitting people with a sock full of quarters it's nothing new to them. Doesn't matter how bad their records may be, may lose the game by 3 scores but no one's going to be scared out there. Matters about as much as the weather in this division.
  16. Collins has been "playing through an injury" since he signed here. Hopefully we'll see them both healthy next year since replacing them is unlikely. I think Volson is missing fewer blocks but still gets pushed into Joe's lap far too often. Karras & maybe Cappa are the only ones that look consistently average or better.
  17. Agree he's gotten better at escaping pressure more than the OL has improved. I still see our OTs getting beat off the edge consistently. I don't think putting a 3rd OT on the field just to pick up their slack means the OL is better. They're just better at scheming around the suck.
  18. every time they do that tomahawk chant shit I wish a herd of buffalo would get loose in the stands shit is so cringe
  19. Oh that's a relief, when I saw it was from Dungy I thought he was going to complain about Karras using bad language
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