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    Richie Incognito?

    Rarely if ever seen that make anyone violent. I did have this one friend who overdid it. According to him, he fought a dragon in an enchanted forest, it had come to set the castle on fire* *What actually happened: Ran out of his apartment and started banging on his neighbor's doors & windows yelling about a fire. Fire dept is called. They arrive, no fire, guy running around in the parking lot bouncing off cars. Police are called. He fights with police trying to subdue him. Wakes up next day cuffed to a hospital bed.
  2. T-Dub

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    Yeah... FUCK BBQ Becky
  3. Yeah I keep seeing that, and despite everything else suspect about the statement.. It's the teams that are being fined, not the players aka "employees". Because, y'know, again this is about power & control. It's important than the conversation stay well away from racist police brutality. So anyway.. Can we move on to the "protesters = traitors" thing now or would that be skipping a step? This is my first real fascism, I've only read about it in books & stuff so I'm not really sure how it goes.
  4. T-Dub

    Richie Incognito?

    Sounds like the kind of "dietary supplement" you take nasally.
  5. Patriotism =/= nationalism. This bullshit "controversy" is all about power & control. Zero to do with the flag or anthem or any of that.
  6. T-Dub

    Guns in America

    I think what they did is set the bar for "mass shooting" at 8-9 dead in order to exclude some of the events here but include the one you're talking about. Stats, y'know. So different but not overstuffed bags of asshole? Which one is.. Yeah, never mind that. I appreciate the invite. If I can put such a trip together I will bug you with more questions.
  7. The Redskins? Oh right. Yeah I see his worst game as a senior was a single 10-yard catch against Portland State. Everyone knows what a killed secondary they had. I'm sure the AFCN is nothing compared to the Pac-12.
  8. So far as I can tell, the only act that is beyond the pale for Mike Brown would be quietly and respectfully taking a knee during the national anthem. I'd also note that our "best case scenario" at LT is also our only scenario.
  9. T-Dub

    Richie Incognito?

    But you're seemingly all-in on him being punished in place of everyone. Sure, I know. The guy that was suspended for ONE GAME at the end of his career of dirty shit. Totally fair.
  10. T-Dub

    Richie Incognito?

    I disagree. Either everyone gets to play the game by those rules or nobody does. Otherwise it's not a game anymore. If you think it's ok to scapegoat our guy while letting them build a "dynasty" around the same shit, that is also telling. They aren't just getting away with it, they are encouraged and celebrated for it. AFAIK dude has been a model citizen off the field, and yet with all the other shit going on in the NFL so many Bengals fans are willing to buy the Public Enemy #1 spin from Goodell. I'm going to refrain from speculating as to why, but...
  11. T-Dub

    Billy Price signs

    We both know that was Mickey. 80's Toni Basil was hot. She's still serving at 70
  12. T-Dub

    Richie Incognito?

    Yeahyeah Burfict is suspended again. Gosh don't you hate the way he "fucks the team over" by playing football the way Pittsburgh does? The nerve of that guy, honestly. That BS aside, things off the field also affect the team. Very much so, as noted.
  13. T-Dub

    Richie Incognito?

    Man I know you have a inexplicable hard-on for Burfict, but see above... Being suspended by Roger fuckin' Goodell does not make him a bad person. Jebus wept....
  14. T-Dub

    Richie Incognito?

    I wonder how many of you referring to this overgrown turd's victims as "pussies" would be cool with some 6' 3, 300lb roid-raged psycho assclown blowing up your phones at 3am with text messages about raping your wife and family. Because that is the kind of shit he was getting up to in Miami, FYI. This wasn't snapping someone with a towel in the locker room once too often. My conservative estimate is not a fucking one of you tough guys. Simmer down there, Chair Force One.
  15. We've been kicking this back and forth in another thread, but the title of this one made me lol. He was part of that whole Bratkowski offense of trying to outsmart the other guy.. Who is more interested in straight-up kicking your ass. Guess who usually wins that match-up. Fuck him and his bifocals, and fuck Former Assistant Head Coach Paul "He doesn't suck turtle dick he just has a different style" Alexander.
  16. T-Dub

    Guns in America

    That 2nd link claims they have a higher rate of death from mass shootings than we do (for '09-15). I'm struggling to think of a recent mass shooting there? None of the other countries ahead of us on that list are in the MidEast or Central/South America. All this stuff aside, I'm very interested in the culture there. My paternal grandma was Czech (Moravian as she would always correct us) & babushka af. Texas in general is thick with Czechs. What a shock it was to discover I couldn't get kolache and klobasnik at any old bakery. Hell the best in Houston are boudin ones from random Viet convenience stores. I still haven't fully recovered from the loss.
  17. Seems like a great prospect. Regardless of how it turns out I'm glad they're finally making the investment.
  18. I already like him more than Ross. Better NFL stats, too.
  19. I am still not drinking the Ross Kool-Aid. He did not look like an NFL WR. Running fast makes you one of those like typing fast makes you a great writer.
  20. T-Dub

    Guns in America

    https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2017/10/06/555861898/gun-violence-how-the-u-s-compares-to-other-countries https://crimeresearch.org/2015/06/comparing-death-rates-from-mass-public-shootings-in-the-us-and-europe/ Stats aside, the Utoya massacre was worse than anything we've seen so far in the US. Europe in general has seen terrible mass shootings in the last few years, despite our legal differences. We like to think this is a uniquely American problem (like everything else we do) but it's really not. The accelerating frequency of them in the US is definitely alarming. What do you think is causing that? Again, the guns aren't new. Number of owners hasn't changed much in the last 40 years according to this (which also shows is at closer to 50% than 30%, btw) https://www.statista.com/statistics/249740/percentage-of-households-in-the-united-states-owning-a-firearm/ This quotes the 30% figure but I haven't finished reading it yet. Lots of good info so far but I haven't found a year-to-year stat. http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2017/06/22/americas-complex-relationship-with-guns/ It occurs to me that "household" is not the same as "percentage of pop". I would say that "households" is more informative than counting everyone in that house & saying eg only 1/5 people there own a gun. To put it another way, that would claim that almost 1/2 the households in the US are armed, regardless of who technically owns the gun. On that note, I think accidental shootings or even a negligent discharge should be grounds for losing your right to own a gun at least temporarily, depending on the circumstances. Make people prove something before returning them. If someone is killed you probably shouldn't get them back.

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