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  1. Any notion of where the team is lining him up? Nothing on the website yet.
  2. But how does he feel about his girlfriend? Eh.. If he can avoid knocking out his own teammates I guess that'll work.
  3. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 'Scuse me for not getting all giddy over a soft LB
  4. From Evans scouting report: Lack of physicality leads to completions he’s in position to disrupt, as well as missed tackles; very much an arm tackler who does not keep his feet and deliver a blow through his targets. Ranked just 142nd among FBS ILBs in run-stop percentage; posted just 26 run stops with eight missed tackles. 12 total missed tackles in 2016, ranking him 108th at his position in tackling efficiency. You realize he's a LB and not a DB, right?
  5. Maualuga has tattoos. Maualuga couldn't cover. Therefore, no draft picks with tattoos! QED. I'm pretty sure the game is still full-contact (most of the time).
  6. Finesse center and a finesse LB. Are we drafting for the ice capades?
  7. FFS. Why is Alexander allergic to guys that can actually anchor and generate some push? Sure, 5th-round pick, but still.. Who wants finesse in an offensive lineman? Give us a damned bulldozer this isn't ballroom dancing.
  8. As discussed in the other thread, more experience in less-than-domelike weather conditions. Think that gets overlooked at times, for all positions really, with so many teams playing in domes these days. None of that arena shit in the AFCN! Now if only our OC's would get that message...
  9. Either of them have significantly more experience kicking in shit weather?
  10. Also why that WC game was called the way it was & VB got a 3-game suspension while their coach that was pulling hair like a bitch won his appeal. Then they schedule the first game next season during the suspension & send out the same ref crew. Pretty fucking obvious there. And the Stooler whining after that WC game, man that was sweet to hear even though it worked. They're a spoiled playground bully hiding behind Goodell's apron.
  11. Stooler fans are a special case - they've been a dirty team since the 70's, so I assume any fan of the shitbags is either too casual to really be aware of it, doesn't care, or in many cases from what I've heard out of them actually likes that they're goons. Superbowl MVP > sexual predator in Shitsburgh.
  12. They're Fry's or Fred Meyer & a few other companies depending on where you live. I think that's why people think they're only in the MW.
  13. Yes, but did they need to be saved? I'm sure they are fine players but the important thing here is for everyone to think Mike Brown is a good person.
  14. I don't know any names to throw out there, but some kind of OL help. Expecting Ced & Fisher to both play well, Smith to smoothly transition to RG - a position he hasn't played - and all of them to stay healthy for 16 games is foolish IMHO. I would like to see a better back-up plan than Alexander's "think happy thoughts!"
  15. No question. Then again, there was video of Joey Porter and his goons mugging Jones and the NFL was happy to ignore that. There's some very cynical math that goes on, where the available evidence & severity of the crime gets weighed against the popularity (read as $$$ value) of the accused.
  16. Simply put? Because the NFL is not the game. Goodell, ESPN, & all the other bullshit doesn't stop me from enjoying a last minute pass breakup on 3rd & long, or AJ Green doing AJ Green things. That being said, I don't follow NFL ball nearly as much as I once did. Eventually I suspect they'll have the big scandal and following reform like all the other major sports, or instead they'll just get more and more corrupt until I lose interest. If it's a problem for you, you can always put me on ignore and I'd be none the wiser.
  17. The difference being that it was videotaped? That doesn't change anything for me, no. Keep in mind that I didn't want them to draft Mixon, either. Point being that all this righteous indignation is pretty fucking comical when you look around at the state of the NFL in general.
  18. make excuses for him and talk about his kid.. that's also an option.
  19. Seems he will take the spotlight off of Pacman for a bit, at least. Kudos to whoever made the point about the Bengals being seen as criminals no matter who gets drafted. Mixon didn't create this perception, nor Pacman or Burfict or Henry etc etc; Father Brown did. So, hey - screw it. If he's going to run a halfway house franchise anyway we might as well bring in all the miscreants we can find. As long as MB is running the show there's not going to be any accountability either way. Big Jen has been raping women since high school and he gets a pass, just like every other POS player that sells. The NFL and sports media are a bunch of hypocritical sycophants & there's no question in my mind the Mixon pick would be getting an entirely different spin if he went to teamslikethePatriots. It's done now. I guess I really don't give that much of a shit, ultimately.
  20. That's the kind of press you get when you continually make excuses for one shithead and then go out and draft another one.
  21. Oh me neither. Gotta keep on redeemin' !!
  22. Plenty of fertilizer, that's for sure.