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  1. Sprint to the podium then hope he beats out Volson on the first day of camp? Let him take over at C (or not) when the time comes.
  2. Which is kind of funny because they never fire anyone either. What's the concern? People miss on draft picks all the time anyway. Whiffing on a 6th round punter isn't a big deal unless they turn it into one. For some reason they have a tendency to do that & I think it's cultural. Remember when Ol' Musty was on HK & suggested moving a DE to TE or some nonsense hot take from the days of leather helmets? Everyone else in the room tried not to look at each other. That kind of Naked Emperor avoidance shit will permeate an entire organization & while I'd like to hope the younger generation are better than that, who is around to tell them they're wrong about anything? From the top down, people hold positions with the Bengals due to nepotism & patronage. Suck up to the right people and you can drunkenly threaten to kill cops on camera or shoot a kid on your lawn and you'll still get paid. You don't even have to be good at the sport that is ostensibly their only product. Said it before but this franchise sometimes operates like a charitable trust that is required to perform football games. Anyhow they should definitely go get Townsend but they probably won't & I know it sounds crazy but is their reason really because it would make Brad Robbins and Simmons sad?
  3. We need to raise the overall talent level and depth with free agents so we're not counting on draft picks to make or break the season.
  4. Just watched a clip video & he's back on his heels a lot in pass pro. Also grabbing a lot of jersey but IDK, in the current NFL that might be a good thing. A lot of wins by virtue of simply being bigger than the guy he's blocking.
  5. Well yeah, they've got to draft guys they think are capable of starting & it does work out sometimes. Good teams do that before the depth chart fills up with blank spaces. Writing them in as starters before they're even on the team is where they run into trouble. When they don't work out or get hurt because they're not up to NFL conditions yet then they've got no Plan B and we start getting the videos & articles about how nice they are.
  6. To my eyes it looks like a frequent lack of effort. Just kinda out there doing the bare minimum unless he gets the ball. Like what you might expect from a guy who thinks he's untouchable and can do (or not do) whatever he wants. Weird, huh?
  7. They'll be lucky to get a capable day one starter at either position, let alone fill both. Drafting for starters rarely works out & less so for linemen.
  8. These fools haven't even considered the smiles! No one has mentioned Dobbins smiling so hard pass. I bet he doesn't even make fingerguns at the RB coach after he whiffs on yet another blocking assignment. Forget it.
  9. I don't share this optimism. It's the draft, odds are at least one of them will be average at best at the NFL level. Nothing against them individually just how it goes with draft picks. This scenario also means waiting until the 3rd round or later to draft OL. This team can't afford to do that.
  10. Same as RT, cosigned. I'm about establishing a baseline with free agents, that's the floor. Maybe every so often the stars align and they get a real difference-maker on a reasonable deal but for the most part these guys are meant to fill out the roster, they're hovering around average. Then go find actual impact players in the draft. They've done pretty well with finding DL talent in both cases so I'm not too concerned.
  11. Being top 5 in cap space should make the Bengals front-runners for any A list free agent they want to pursue, but.. well... they don't.
  12. NFL: Coddles rapists and woman-beaters like nothing happened Also NFL: wHy iS it So hArd tO mArKEt tO wOmEn? Look, we made pink jerseys! Ladies?
  13. Oh definitely but at this point I'd be happy with 5 capable starters. Someone other teams have to actually plan around or a promising back-up would be a luxury.
  14. I'd like to see them do some Redeeming on a RT looking to either earn a long-term contract or a vet trying to get a ring in the next couple of years before they hang it up. Then draft their replacement just like this new guy doesn't exist. What I suspect we'll get is wait to see who falls to them in the draft, then sign some leftover JAG RT to back them up & hope the rookie keeps them off the field. 3rd option, they ignore the position in the draft again & roll with another 2nd-string FA who they'll talk up all off season before smoothly transitioning to "not as bad as people think" mode.
  15. Fair to say a good RT could elevate the rest of them. Need some competition for the interior OL as well, though.
  16. Think we all hate the idea just as much as we all know it's a real possibility.
  17. In all fairness to Coach Rascati, what doesn't run through this offensive line? I'm glad he's making noise about it now, though.
  18. Yeah this is his last year under contract but they need to extend him. This OL is way too shaky to be letting the one solid vet walk over saving a few bucks. Go ahead and draft JPJ anyway if he's BPA when they're on the clock, though. He can earn a starting spot somewhere on the interior if he lives up to expectations. If not, good thing they didn't lock themselves into starting him. Also there's the small matter of not having a starting RT. The more they insist on filling roster holes with unproven draft picks the earlier they're going to be making those picks. They've got to address some of these needs in FA or they're going to keep sinking.
  19. This seems like it's shaping up to be one of those situations where they don't want to admit they made a bad pick. Dude was pretty bad, instead of waiting around for him to not be bad why not get someone that isn't bad? Crazy I know but that is an option. Go learn to punt on someone else's time, the team can't afford to wait on these guys to maybe figure it out.
  20. He hasn't waved a gun at anyone (allegedly) or busted out an AK over kids having a nerf fight (money solves everything) so I guess Volson has that going for him. JS if I was replacing someone based on draft hype alone I'd start with him, but the main point was let's make the new guys earn their spot.
  21. I sometimes think this FO/staff will keep starting a bad player rather than admit they made a mistake. Not saying that's the case here but they have a history of trying to talk up bums until their contract runs out & then quietly moving on.
  22. Why would you replace Cappa instead of Volson? Also why demote the best OL they've got in favor of starting a rookie? Seems to me it'd make a lot more sense to let the rookie start at guard if they beat out Volson and then move them to C if Karras leaves in free agency next year. That's a lot of "ifs", they've got to stop writing in draft picks as starters before they're even on the team.
  23. Oh I don't much care if they fire him but I don't expect it to change anything until they get someone competent making OL draft picks. Real interested in seeing how they handle the RT situation.
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