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  1. Could represent debt as well. He's into the great-grandchild generation now, hard to sustain champagne wishes & caviar dreams exponentially. At this rate their kids may be attending public schools. How humiliating!
  2. Tell me again how it's not a cult
  3. JD Vance was an odd choice, he's going to be their own worst critic. Definitely don't see him gaining any voters. I guess they figure the Qult would vote for Kim Jong Un so long as Trump's name is in front of his. They're probably right.
  4. T-Dub


    His only mistake was taking cash. Make a wish list on Amazon or "borrow" a helicopter like a pro! Jersey is just old school like that, whaddya gonna do, fuggedaboudit.
  5. T-Dub


    What's up with this Menendez conviction? Is taking bribes bad now? Has anyone told the Supreme Court justices?
  6. Yeah but it's Wyoming, what did she do to get voted out? Uphold bestiality laws? JK I know she criticized Dear Leader. It'll be much easier for y'all when he makes that illegal. Makin' those lists!
  7. Anyone but Dear Leader is disposable. Just ask Mike Pence, or Cory Comperatore for that matter. Has Trump even said his name?
  8. Well yeah, anything they don't like, disagree with, or don't understand - anything outside of the Holy Word of Dear Leader - is "liberal" something. Anyone not goose-stepping high enough is a liberal. They'll say it's overreacting and then double down & endorse it with the same breath. These are not fundamentally honest people. Once someone starts lying to themselves, lying to everyone else becomes routine. It's addict behavior only they're addicted, remarkably, to Donald Trump of all things. A delusional cult.
  9. Whatever do you mean? "Violence has no place in Ameri"-AHAHAHAA. Aheh. Sorry. Wait, wait let me try again
  10. "Bipartisan" is very loaded in this case. I'm not interested in appealing to the extreme right. Fascism and Christian White Nationalism are ideologies to be defeated entirely. There's no negotiating to be done there. That sort of thing needs to be chased back under the rock it crawled out from, period. That aside, I think Newsome or Buttigieg would both be stronger candidates than Biden. Neither are perfect by any stretch, but they are both well spoken, mentally sound individuals with strong track records. More importantly, both have shown they have the balls to call Trump out on his nonstop torrent of spiteful bullshit. You may hate it but with someone like AOC as VP to energize the extremely disillusioned 18-30 voters, they'd very likely kick the shit out of Trump/Vance (assuming they don't implode on their own in the next few months, which seems entirely possible.)
  11. It probably does look that way from inside a cult. There are quite a few strong voices in the party, but like the Republicans they are hostage to corporate donors that control the party leadership & unlike them, no one is blindly dedicated to a single egomaniac. Fuck's sake, Moscow Mitch stacked the Supreme Court & kept Trump out of prison on multiple occasions yet the entire convention booed the guy off stage. Talk about eating their own. On the plus side, none of the Dems visited Epstein's island 70 (!) times, so that's nice.
  12. Not much would beyond some shred of self-awareness or compassion.
  13. He also likes to talk about the "white working class" so he checks that box. Expect the opioid epidemic to be blamed on immigration & not doctors getting paid to hand them out like candy. Hell if you listen to Trump lately everything is about "immigration" which for Republicans is just a dog whistle for non-whites.
  14. I have a strong hunch Vance has skeletons in his closet beyond some choice quotes about Diaper Donnie. They're so used to MAGA making excuses for any and all of Trump's behavior I think they assumed it would extend to his VP. Cults generally don't do well with power sharing.
  15. Goofy mf just made a guy who called him "America's Hitler" his VP. The campaign ads write themselves!
  16. Boof frog powder and blame 5G cell towers for COVID?
  17. At any rate MAGA complaining about violent rhetoric is fucking ridiculous & yet again I wish the Dems had the balls to say so instead of low-key apologizing. Let's ask Gabby Giffords about "rhetoric." FOH with that noise.
  18. Supposedly from his Instagram, hard to tell if it's legit with all the misinformation going around right now. Like that non-cult members are responsible because of their "rhetoric". It was the CIA, it was Antifa, it was a false flag, it was lizard people... Gaslight harder, MAGAts. Fact is you reap what you sow.
  19. If Biden & the Dem leadership had spines we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with.
  20. That apparently posted about his "quest to end Epstein's evil empire"
  21. Probably. Heck, it might even make it all the way to the Supreme Court! its funny because ive had Taco Bell crunch wraps more "supreme" than this court
  22. Speaking for myself, I am not "ok" with that at all. They should both be investigated. However, I have no reason to suspect Joe was giving them to Putin, nor did he lie about it under oath. I know this may be hard to understand but I am not in a Biden cult and don't even particularly like the guy. It's just that I see the alternative and unfortunately it's fucking horrifying.
  23. The Supreme Court is corrupt, the chances of him ever facing legal consequences went from slim to none. All the DNC has to do is nominate someone competent to run against him and this nightmare can be avoided. But they won't. 💰 💰 💰 Also DGAF about Trump's health other than not giving his rabid, bloodthirsty minions an excuse to start shooting anyone with a Prius or solar panels on their roof. Everyone is the enemy when you're in a cult.
  24. Seems to be the move from everyone right now. You didn't want to be downwind of Diaper Donnie before but now it's legit dangerous. That aside, can we pull a switcheroo, stick a Biden mask on him and then reveal it's Stewart after the DNC rubber stamp nomination? He has a much better chance of beating Cheeto Benito. No
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