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  1. The only problem with that is we know how the Bengals FO responds to "leverage". They don't take kindly to players telling them who they should keep.
  2. As a Florida alumni... I've yet to see Jeff Driskel be a competent QB. He has amazing measurables, but he's had one good year at Louisiana Tech. (Conference USA) His last year at Florida saw him throw more picks than TD's and only complete 54% of his passes. Tim "Not an NFL QB" Tebow completed 70% of his passes with 21 TD's and 5 picks his last year. Unless we're playing ODU and Western Kentucky I don't want Driskel anywhere near center, much less under it.
  3. Of all the players to do this for... Graham? Guy didn't even spend half his career here, and has been off the club for 8 years. And no offense to Graham. Just... We couldn't do this for Chad Johnson? Bad blood aside, Chad was the face of the franchise for a decade, and is still one of the most recognizable Bengals, and we let him retire as a Montreal Alouette? Ummm.... Good for you Shayne?
  4. His agent is going to take $20 million less over 5 years instead of waiting for Free Agency? Where are you hearing that Eifert would re-sign for 7 Million because he knows he's damaged goods? And frankly, if Eifert's thought process is "I'm going to be injured a lot over the next few years, might as well take a discount..." Is he someone you want to sign long term?
  5. Football is still a team game. To give all of the credit to Brady for his success ignores how well the Pats have done in the front office. How their system made problem children like Moss and Dillon buy in to the team concept. Brady has been a great QB, but he also has had a great system and coach. He's had a very good defense around him. He's had videotape of the Jet's signals. Dalton was the guy who went to the Pro-Bowl when Brady didn't. If you're implying that Andy is some mediocre QB who has to have talent around him to succeed, you're underrating Dalton.
  6. Why not ask the guy who played with both of them? http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/16231202/brandon-lafell-cincinnati-bengals-says-andy-dalton-similar-tom-brady
  7. Depends on who else is on the board. Do I think that WR is such a pressing need that we have to use our first round pick on one? No. I have no objection to taking either if they're the BPA, but I wouldn't target them or reach for them. Of the two, Williams would be the best compliment across the field from AJ. Kinda like the Johnson/Housh days.
  8. WR has always been a revolving door. If you're looking 2-3 years down the road... You have to go back to 2007 to find a year we didn't draft at least 1 WR. A.J. is signed for another 3 years already. Any first round pick is going to get 4 years with a 5th year option. Little early to be buying insurance. After Boyd we have nothing? I'll respectfully disagree. No NFL team has the luxury of filling all 5 WR spots with superstars.
  9. From NFL.com: " He’s damn good. I don’t think he gets drafted as early as you do because he’s not big enough for inside and he’s not as long as you like on the outside. You have to figure out where you will play him, but he won’t stop. " IMHO - his best fit is as a 3-4 DE or OLB. And even then he has to gain 20 pounds or learn to play in space. Longer/Stronger OT's in the NFL are going to give him headaches. I don't hate the guy, but at this point, he's a much better Wallace Gilberry. Tell me he's there in the 2nd or third and I'm in love with the pick. I think Taco Truck Charlton would be a good fit on every corner for us if we were going to go DE early. Plus, the dude's name is Taco.
  10. If you check the rumormill, the Bengals are already going to need to make Eifert one of the top paid TE's in the game just to get a long term extension done. Specifically, Spotrac estimates Eifert's value at five years, $46,970,202, with an average yearly salary of $9,394,040. The Franchise tag for a TE is $9.8 Million. If he stays healthy... Past performance and future results. Eifert's injury history looks like a game of Operation. Smart money would be on him being injured again this year. If not, you Franchise the guy. If he plays all 16 for 2 years straight, give him Gronk money. The risk-reward scenario is this: You either have to make room for a superstar in 2 or 3 years, or you take a chance on having $10M in cap space eaten up by a guy who isn't on the field for a long time.
  11. The article itself says that we could go year-to-year with Eifert for only slightly more than what he'd ask for a long-term contract. I don't think that the inability to use the franchise tag in those years is a big deal. I like Eifert just fine, but the reality is that he hasn't played all 16 games in any of the 4 seasons we've had him. Over the past 3 years, he's played in less than 50% of our games. (22 out of 48) He's coming off back surgery this year. Before that it was neck, elbow, ankle... To be kind, the guy is snakebit. How long before all of these things add up to a guy who just can't play anymore? I'd much rather see him prove he can stay on the field for 16 games before making him the highest paid TE in the game. It's not like his price goes through the roof even if he has a great year.
  12. Blame the NFLPA for not insisting that contracts be guaranteed. Or insisting that players have the same right to cancel a contract with a club they don't like. And frankly, Mike Brown is one of the most loyal owners in the league. To a fault. Many guys have commented that when you sign a contract with the Bengals, you'll play it out. It always takes 2 to tango, so no one is 100% innocent. Lacking any other information about what happened, that's my take. And this even before I get into Marvin Lewis' and player's comments that Carson quit on the team long before he demanded a trade. Jerome Simpson made similar comments. I'm pretty comfortable with "little bitch", even if he somehow manages to win the Super Bowl.