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  1. You don't cut a guy in March hoping to get a guy in April. The Bengals also don't let need dictate their draft picks.
  2. We also have to save money to resign Mitch Hyatt after we draft him next year. People just don't understand smart cap management.
  3. We had to cut him to sign Gilberry. We're down to only $24 Million in cap space.
  4. Burfict's already on his second deal that doesn't pay anyway in the neighborhood of $10M py. I'd guess that about half the teams in the league consider him a guy they wouldn't want on their team. We'll see in the next off-season, but Burfict screwed us the last two years, IMHO, by costing us a playoff game and missing the first 1/4 of the season. In an already soft LB market, Burfict is damaged goods. I wouldn't make him our 3rd highest paid player.
  5. How many of our first round draft picks in the last 5 years have started on day one? Also, WJ3 could have been activated during the season but wasn't. Screw the excuses why, etc... How many? How many 2nd round picks started from day one over that time? This myopic optimism that every guy we draft is going to start day one is both charmingly naive and ridiculously silly.
  6. Was WJ3 taken to be our 5th CB? Was Dennard taken to be our slot guy? Was Ced taken to be a backup? The best indicator of future results is past performance.
  7. Gracias! I am now a point on a map. Woot!
  8. Hmmm.... I don't show up. Is that from Profile info?
  9. Hear, hear! "Our last first round pick sucked, so let's replace him with another first round pick who is sure to make the pro-bowl in his first year!"
  10. http://mmqb.si.com/nfl-draft-combine-reuben-foster-alabama-hospital-incident-draft-stock Take from that what you will.
  11. Why release him until you draft Foster?
  12. Howard is even a good blocker to boot. If he and Eifert are both healthy, they could be quite a tandem. Is 1 wide 2TE a run or pass? Especially when Howard and Eifert both have the ability to play on the outside. You've got an unstable O-Line, and you need guys you can get the ball out to quickly. Play to Dalton's strength. Bolster the run game with a good TE and more 2 TE sets.