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  1. I texted my buddy a stealers fan to congratulate him after mixon scored. Why the fuck did they score that quick.
  2. Horrible. Fg block, almost punt block can't cover kicks/punts.
  3. Nickerson blows!!!!! Yeah his dad was a solid lb but the kid sucks!!!!
  4. Yeah zero pressure on Luck is killing the Bengals
  5. Kochman

    Survivor League

    Just noticed this. Im in😁
  6. Kochman

    Broadcast map

    I was fortunate enough to get the NFL ticket for $100. My wife took a class this past semester, so I was able to get the student discount.😊
  7. Thanks guys im going with Sorry Eifert-ed . It was either that or Short armed Ricks.πŸ˜€
  8. I figured Geno would wait till Donald signed his contract to set the bar. Glad Both Geno and Dunlap are back for multiple years. Great news
  9. Buddy of mine in my league has had some catchy names. He is a browns fan last year was "eye of the kizer" this year it's "hyde my chubb" I can't come up with anything. Right now it's sieze the dey pretty lame. Any ideas?
  10. Drafted by the Eagles in the 7th

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