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  1. Coaching Staff Changes

    I thought Simmons was AHC. I saw where they said he would have more responsibility. Maybe I miss read or assumed.
  2. Coaching Staff Changes

    I have no clue on Bickwell. Paul dehner just posted this. Paul Dehner Jr. @pauldehnerjr · 1h With the obvious John Ross-DeSean Jackson comparison, important to note success Bicknell had with Jackson in Philadelphia, had 1,332 yards with nine touchdowns in one season under him.
  3. Coaching Staff Changes

    Paul Dehner Jr. @pauldehnerjr · 39s Austin has been a hot head coaching candidate in recent years. Had nine interviews the last three seasons for various head coach gigs. 1 Paul Dehner Jr. @pauldehnerjr · 2m More importantly, #Bengals are set to hire Detroit Lions DC Teryl Austin for the defensive coordinator position. Via @enquirer Cincinnati Bengals to hire Teryl Austin as defensive coordinator cincinnati.com 1 2 5 Paul Dehner Jr. @pauldehnerjr · 5m Bicknell’s 10 seasons of NFL experience spent last year with Baylor as WR coach. Has coached with Kansas City (2007-09), Buffalo (’10-12), Philadelphia (’13-15) and San Francisco (’16). 1 1 2 Paul Dehner Jr. @pauldehnerjr · 7m #Bengals staff rounding staff into place. Bob Bicknell arrives as WR coach in place of James Urban. 1 1 4
  4. Coaching Staff Changes

    https://mobile.twitter.com/JimOwczarski Jim Owczarski @JimOwczarski · 57s Can confirm the multiple national reports that the #Bengals are set to hire Teryl Austin as their new DC. It’s the first break from the Mike Zimmer tree.
  5. Coaching Staff Changes

    Teryl Austin it is Ian Rapoport @RapSheet · 5m The #Bengals & #Lions DC Teryl Austin have agreed to terms and he’s their new DC. #Raiders tried, but Cincy closed, as @JosinaAnderson said
  6. Coaching Staff Changes

    If choosing I think I would want fangio more. He had a solid d with guys on roster not as good as our roster.
  7. Coaching Staff Changes

    I think I would be comfortable with either.
  8. Coaching Staff Changes

    Seidel: Teacher Teryl Austin is mastermind of Detroit Lions defense https://www.freep.com/story/sports/columnists/jeff-seidel/2016/12/17/detroit-lions-defense-teryl-austin/95528310/
  9. Coaching Staff Changes

    Film breakdown: How to beat Teryl Austin’s defense for big plays https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2016/9/23/13003102/film-breakdown-how-to-beat-teryl-austin-defense-big-plays The Breakdown: A Look at the Detroit Lions Schematic Philosophy http://lastwordonprofootball.com/2017/08/23/breakdown-look-detroit-lions-schematic-philosophy/
  10. Andrew Norwell

  11. I do and mainly agree playoffs haven't been all Andy's fault. He hasnt played to his capabilities but the team hasn't either. You can choose what you read and respond to. I don't agree with what everyone says and most times keep my thoughts to myself.
  12. That Is epic, Thanks For The Laugh
  13. Most ignorant non signing of all time. He should have spent his whole career here. Thanks Mike/Katie or who ever made the decision.
  14. Andrew Norwell

    I thought he looked great in both pass and run blocking. I haven't watched him personally. But what I've read sounds alot like Cedric O. (Very athletic needs to get stronger)

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