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  1. Glass eaters more like ass eaters. I think they will get better the more time they get together. I just hope we don't build us to big of a hole to attempt to make post season.
  2. That was posted before his release. It basically says releasing him saves alot of money rather than trading him.
  3. There is no financial benefit to Dallas with a trade this week, however. A deal made official before June 1 would have saved the Cowboys about $1 million under the cap, but caused Dallas to eat $14 million in dead money. A post-June 1 trade would actually create $5 million in cap room, but $5 million in dead money for 2022 - but because that would come after the NFL Draft, would offer no other immediate benefit.
  4. The reason he was cut instead of traded, Dallas has a bad cap situation, They saved alot of dead money by releasing him.
  5. Still feels like a dream. That was a total team win. Hats off to players and coaches. Insane win.
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