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  1. A lot will depend on FA. But right now, you have Fisher who is just plain a "I don't know". RG has to be addressed... I hate to say it, but Bodine is our second best Lineman right now. I don't think the Bengals have any logical moves to take in the first round that the best tackle they can get. They need to address guard on Day 2, and I don't think they have the luxury of overlooking any Tackles that look promising that day either. Unless they can land some guys in FA... Outside of that, we need LB's. WR wouldn't hurt either.
  2. This times 1000. He'll get the usual slap on the wrist and have another 100 tackle season next year.
  3. Some people ask for forgiveness on Sunday because they really need it.
  4. Hmmm.... Millionaires and hot wives. Maybe there's a connection....
  5. Before Kitna, Palmer could only throw Pick-5's.
  6. No... I was saying it's worse than that.... He was hired as a math teacher, not a football coach. Interviewer: "So, Jon, where do you think you'd be a fit here?" JK: "I played QB for the Bengals. I was thinking football coach..." Interviewer: "Jon, there are 16 games in a season and you lost 14. How many games did you win?" JK: "Ummm, 2 but I don...." Interviewer: "That's right Jon. 2 games. Luckily it sounds like you have all the skills needed to teach Algebra 1." JK: "Can I help out with the football team or something?" Interviewer: "You can wash the uniforms as long as you promise not to talk to the players." JK: "Awwww, shucks...."
  7. Alright Andy, what do you run when it's John 3rd and 16? All I know is when I met Kitna at the Bible mini-golf place outside of training camp, he was rude. So, screw him. As long as he quits telling people about his awkward boners all of the time, I'm sure he'll be a fine QB coach. (And FYI, he's been teaching HS math and "helping" with the football team)
  8. News has it that Paul Gunther has already been tagged to be Gruden's DC in Oakland. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/1/5/16849850/paul-guenther-leaving-bengals-raiders-defensive-coordinator
  9. soP again again and again

    How is this different if we hired someone other than Marvin? Do you think they'd be clamoring to annoit us champions if we had hired Hue Jackson? Do you think they'd do that even if we hired Bellichik? The Vegas odds would only favor us to be a Super Bowl winner AFTER we have accomplished much more than would make the fans happy.
  10. But can he afford his coke habit on what Mike Brown pays.... Hmmmm....
  11. With the amount of spread offenses in the college game... They're already talking about drafted linemen not knowing their ass from a hole in the ground. Munchak and Kugler have already been signed... We'll wind up with that guy the Dolphions had to fire after video of him snorting a "strange white power" surfaced.
  12. soP again again and again

    Next year is within 2 years, and you said Vegas would give us 0 chance, not "make us the favorite". (FYI, usually defending champs are the favorite) The Vegas odds are the same for us as the Redskins. Bills and Jags are both +10000 and they made the playoffs.
  13. Paul Alexander gone!!

    Alexander: But, Mike, it's been 15 years and I've done good work for you. Brown: Whatever Paul, I'm not paying for a god damned piano tuner to come to Georgetown next year. Alexander: I'm going to have to insist... Brown: And I'll insist you get out of my fucking office right now. Besides, I think Bill Lazor has a son around the right age.
  14. I am grateful to Rage for their very mediocre rap-metal. They were way ahead of their time... So far ahead that by the time any decent rap-metal bands had formed, the genre was considered so trite and unmarketable that they had to get Kid Rock to push that crap on Skynrd fans. It would be Limp Bizkit who would take their stuff and rework it to be bigger and stupider for the masses. but if not for Rage poisoning the well we could be well into Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson laying down "dope rhymes" written by Rick Ross.
  15. People did not write him off because he was very successful for a coach of the Bengals. He's basically fighting with one hand tied behind his back. I'm all for fixing what's wrong, but the problem isn't named Marvin Lewis.
  16. soP again again and again

    http://www.gambling911.com/football-news/early-odds-win-2018-super-bowl-.html Meh... +5000 is still middle of the pack. And that was before Marvin was resigned.
  17. Bodine gone?

    Paul Alexander still gets credit for Corey Dillon/Willie Anderson. So, for a while there, he had a great running game, and even seemed to be able to do well no matter who was back there. (Rudi, Cedric...)
  18. Bodine gone?

    He was pretty good when he got here, and got lazy and unmotivated under his coach. He then flourished under a new coach a year later. Conclusion: Paul Alexander is a great coach.
  19. Yeah, that press conference sure sounded that way...
  20. Baltimore Game Flexed

    Who makes it in if we beat the Ravens? Chargers or Bills? Nope. I'm with Amish - take the better draft pick.
  21. Bodine gone?

    Outside of Richie Braham... You should be able to develop 4th round OG's to be mediocre. Collins and Andrews didn't finish those big contracts they got after leaving. I mean... That's your list after he's been here since the Franklin Pierce administration? Kinda underwhelming in 30+ years on the job. If Anthony Collins is a part of your argument, that's a pretty weak argument. In what... 2006? What has he done for me lately except for take a guy we drafted to be an average guard and made him average? If we really want to start going down the list... Why was Philly's O-Line coach able to get so much more out of Evan Mathis? Livings played much better for the Cowboys than he did for us... Do O-Linemen get better when they leave the Bengals? This is the "No, he's great at Marketing... Look, he's got Pets.com on his resume." of defending an NFL coach. A blind squirrel who found a 4th round acorn named Clint Bolling in the last 10 years. That is a laugh. Among how many flops? Even accepting that it's hard... Anthony "&$@(*&%" Collins is a part of your defense? I'd love to see Big Willie brought back in to teach the O-Line. He's expressed an interest, and he's already running an O-Line academy for HS/College players. (FYI, I know I'm responding to Jamie, but in agreement, and since I have Fred blocked I don't want to kick sand in his vagina by quoting him directly.)
  22. Bodine gone?

    Well, the implosion is in full swing. Marvin is leaving, by his OWN choice, and even our mediocre players are deciding they'd rather play somewhere else. Jake Fischer... Not to be crass, but what are his realistic chances of coming back from a surgery to correct an irregular heartbeat and playing at a high level? I would think there's as much of a chance that it takes a mental toll as much as physical. RG has been a mess all year, Bolling has been solid. Ced has been a disaster at BOTH tackle spots. We need to remake the entire O-Line. We're already seeing media discussions about moving on from Dalton. So, 1st round pick spent? We need some depth at TE and a compliment to AJ in the passing game. We need to hire a quality HC and new assistants. Oh, and the Brown family uses their assistants as scouts, so we'll be well prepared come draft day. If we had just fired a GM for landing us in this untenable position, we would be talking about the insurmountable problems the new GM faces in getting this club turned around. We'd be talking about what an amazing job they'd have to do to get this turned around. We have not fired a GM. We still have the same two Ivy-League morons who got us into this mess manning the helm of the USS Poopie Loop. We can sit here and speculate about people they'll sign... our FO isn't competent, and no one WANTS to play here. The good news is that 7 draft picks is ~10% of your roster. Paul Alexander will probably be one of the few assistants they keep and might draft O-Line heavy with his input. After Mike and Katie use the first two picks on whatever glamour position player they fell in love with on Saturdays. My guess - Is that either Hue or Gruden comes back, and Dalton is going to be safe. That's a first round pick freed up for a Tackle. But all rambling aside... We're trusting Mike and Katie to right the ship. God help us all.
  23. That's just the problem, it doesn't. Thing A is rare Variant B of Thing A is rare within Thing A distribution Variant B does not exist (Except for these times when it did exist) Really, I don't want to break this down 35 teams at a time... But the reason the Bills went to 4 SB's and lost all of them had nothing to do with Dan Reeves and John Kelly. The reasons Don Shula and Dan Marino couldn't win a Super Bowl had nothing to do with QB play. So the correlated data in no way shows causation. 4 out of 31 head coaches took more than 5 years to win a championship. Ok. Knoll, Madden, Landry, and Cowher?!? Those are all some very respected names. Should their teams have cut bait after 5 years? And is 4 out of 31 even a bad ratio in the "Not For Long" NFL? Good coaches are successful over a long time. Good QB's start for an extended stretch. Mediocre owners and GM's field mediocre teams over and over again. Good owners and GM's can build a team in under 5 years.
  24. Showcase McCarron?

    Even if we took a QB in the first round, why would you want to get rid of Dalton now? The rookie is on a friendly salary, Dalton isn't making peanuts but isn't breaking the bank.

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