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  1. No, it's accurate. They paid him what they paid Marvin. It was in an Excel spreadsheet somewhere - Coach, 4.5M. It was the line right above "All-Pro LT, 6.5M" Katie and Troy have a 7 year plan to pay for that new deck on the house.
  2. Good: Two evenly matched teams made for an entertaining game. Bad: They were evenly bad. Both are "competing" for the #3 pick. Ugly: Any notion that a win against a bad team means Zac Taylor is a good coach.
  3. He had 4 sacks in 3 games. 14 M doesn't even put him in the top 5 for DE's, and the hawks got him for peanuts this year. Once FA deals get signed, he won't even be in the top 10. You must be a Bengal fan if you think they're going to blink at paying a productive pass rusher.
  4. As are most of our vets... I can point to one or two guys who are just plain ballers (Bates) and a bunch of young guys happy to get game film, but I'm not really seeing guys buying into Taylor's system. Sure, Geno missed a game for his daughter's birth... And why not? It was a pointless game on a team that's going nowhere, and he's not even a featured part of the game plan. That says all you need to know about Zac's "culture".
  5. Laphroaig and water. I learned to drink scotch in college. You never have to share.
  6. Well, he was injured in preseason. Came back, was unhappy about his reduced role. Started getting 10-14 snaps a game. Missed a game for "personal reasons" that we were assured was not injury related. Still missing. He's letting the shoulder heal with rest and looking forward to either playing for a new coach or team next year. If you think it's anything other.... Ok.
  7. No one has mentioned Matt Campbell? HC at Iowa State? He's an Ohio kid with an old school attitude and has been successful at turning around two programs. He'd be my first choice.
  8. So... He keeps Bobby Hart and MJ because their Mom's are bangable?? Makes as much sense as anything else. If you're going to threaten to rape a guy's family, his Mom should at least be a 5.
  9. Did you see his presser? He looked like a guy who's being forced to coach this team or his wife will find out about the hooker he murdered. He's making a strong MEDICAL case for not being forced to endure this much stress and shame for another year.
  10. It looked like Pee-Wee football, and I wanted to sit all of the players down for a stern talk about sportsmanship afterwards.
  11. Quentin Spain more like Quentin France the way he surrendered that sack. Amirite?
  12. Curious why myself. Especially considering the poster.... Tibor thinks that the Bengals job is better than New York or two teams that have won playoff games in the last 10 years? Color me f***ing curious. Do tell my good man.
  13. After today's display... After the last few weeks... I'd believe this even if there wasn't an article. It's obvious watching the product on the field that the Bengals are poorly coached. Failing to get anything out of the vets and relying on undisciplined play from youngsters eager to get some big hits on their game tape. It's been a consistent feature of Zac's Bengals. If it was any other team, any other owner, you know he'd be fired, and soon... But it's Mike Brown. 50/50 he is back next year.
  14. You say that like giant asteroids aren't a thing and aren't more likely than Mike Brown hiring a competent coach and actually letting him do his job.
  15. Crazy idea guys... But what if Mike Brown made a deal with EA to just let their Madden AI coach the team for the 2021 season? Could it go any worse?
  16. No. That was a pretty vicious hit on a guy who was not even looking. That's not excusable play.
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