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  1. Yeah, this needs to be less "gettable" for the Raiders in the second half. I don't want them thinking they have a chance.
  2. Mad props to everyone but Trey Hill. Burrow hasn't been touched.
  3. (Sean Connery voice) They put one of theirs through the uprights then we put one of ours in the end zone.
  4. The last time the Bengals won in the playoffs, dinosaurs roamed the earth and there were only 6 commandments. The game was still played with a large stone. Christ, we get it. STFU already.
  5. Hope Prince and Williams had big breakfasts. It's going to be a long day.
  6. Well, my YouTube feed is all ______ says the Bengals will win. Because YouTube has recognized that I click on those videos. You probably want to see more videos about the Bengals winning, yes?? Don't forget in our modern times how the algorithm dumbly promotes and reinforces things in our reality tunnels. It is not designed to give us dissenting opinions or a broader understanding of the world. It is designed to show things "Just like the one before it, +/- 5%". Watch one video about Spongebob being a Nazi and you don't get a dissenting opinion... You get every other crackpot theory about Spongebob being a gay alien Nazi. Look for good news and the machines will feed you good news. Look for doom and gloom, and the machines will feed you doom and gloom. You can create your own feedback loop by consciously managing your inputs into the machine. In our modern age, the media we consume is much more a reflection of our own interior mental landscape than any objective reality.
  7. Sports pundits are the lowest form of life. They're more interested in having "hot takes" than being right. That said, it seems to be pretty even.
  8. TBH, you diehards need to remember we just came back against the Chiefs down 14. The stands are quick to respond to a slow start. You need to have faith even if we're down by 10 at the half.
  9. Sorry to hear it. Half of my team is out with Covid right now. It's been pretty mild for them, but it's been a few weeks of getting better and getting sick again. That sucks. I pretty much accept that it's just a "thing" going forward. But if flu cases were spiking like that, I'd tell you to be careful as well.
  10. We're also at the height of Omnicron. So.... Don't be a dumbass. Wear your seatbelt too. I'm not a fan of wondering why we don't see some folks anymore and realizing they probably died. Politics aside - If we were in the middle of a flu surge I'd be saying the same. An R value of ~4 is nuttin' to play with.
  11. Riiiiiight.... Because you're the only one who is objective. My Youtube feed is full of "Joe Burrow should be the MVP" from ESPN, but objectively, he's only as good as David Carr.
  12. We could be playing the Washington Sentinels and I'd still be worried that John Favreau was going to kneecap Burrow and Orlando Jones was going to score with 10 seconds left on the clock. The Raiders have nothing to do with it.
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