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  1. Hey guys, maybe the wrong forum for this, but I have got to let you know about this great show. It's on ABC or FOX, I forget which, and they keep moving around the time slot - but it's totally worth it. It's a great comedy program called "The Bengals". It's about this clueless small town football owner and his daughter who bring together a bunch of wacky misfits and they try to take on real NFL teams and fail horribly. It's hilarious. I mean, ALL of the guys on the team are just like, total idiots, and then there's this young "head coach" who makes them do stupid shit... And you can tell he has no idea why. Seriously, check it out. It's on for like... 11 more weeks. They never show it in January for some reason. Anyway, sorry for the interruption.
  2. You mean like the guy who is still starting in LA right now. That "old" guy.
  3. So, who do you think will be the new coach next year??
  4. Nooo... The interior of this line blows. There's so much penetration up the middle it should star Jessica Drake.
  5. ??? We're playing 5 d-linemen. We can't stop the run. Do the math.
  6. You know what, I don't want to hear about how talented Geno, Dunlap, Hubbard, etc... are. Yeah, our LB's suck, but they're still part of an o-line that's giving up huge runs and letting Dickless McDillweed stand there for half an hour and wait for the outlet pass.
  7. That was a sh*t call. Not enough evidence to overturn.
  8. It's very unfair for the NFL to make our linebackers play this game on rollerblades.
  9. The moral of the story is this: When the entire team is a giant piece of shit, it's really hard to pick out one kernel of corn. They've all overflowed the outhouse. The O-Line sucked last year, and they're worse this year. The LB's sucked last year, and they're a year older this year. If you can stop the run and pressure the QB rushing 4, then your offense is going to struggle. No matter what. It's why LT's are so valuable - and we're starting Andre Smith. If any of us had to play Dalton's position behind that line we'd lose too many yards slipping in our own urine as it streamed down our leg. If your only strength is your front 4, play action and misdirection can get them out of the game and expose your weak back end. And 210 pound safeties taking on 230lb. running backs all game long is a bad recipe. We knew this coming into the season. When does it get fixed? Dunno. But hey, we got Joe Mixon. And Drew Sample.
  10. https://i.gyazo.com/c6fc4b912de8fda659b15570eb6c1370.mp4
  11. Different week, different team. The 9ers sat back and dared us to pass, and our o-line couldn't get anything going with the run game. Expect this to have been noticed and repeated for the rest of the year. On defense, they required discipline, and our defense was undisciplined. Poor gap control, terrible tackling. I don't know how Taylor gets this team on track again after an ass-whipping like that. At home.
  12. Zav Taylor is over there going "How do I load my autosave and start over?
  13. Andre Smith has a groin injury... Aka, he sprained his vagina.
  14. It's a real shame that Andrew Whitworth is too old to play now.
  15. I hope the medical staff brought extra Midol for halftime.
  16. Had to be holding on SanFran, we have been able to wrap anyone up today.
  17. Straight up the middle on the goal line, standing up. Wow.
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