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  1. Determining Adjusted APY The first phase necessary to execute these cancellations are to value each UFA that changed teams. OTC’s program does this by using the following steps: Start with the actual APY of the contract signed. Subtract from the actual APY any money that the compensatory formula does not count. It has been determined that workout bonuses, incentives, and salary escalators are the most common money figures that the compensatory formula does not count. Adjust the APY by applying a coefficient based upon the percentage of offensive or defensive snaps the player took in his first year under the contract. Apply a positive coefficient to each UFA that obtained postseason honors. Currently, there is not enough data for OTC to reliably apply the coefficient. However, it is believed that postseason honors adjustments are smaller than playing time adjustments, and there are typically very few relevant CFAs that obtain them to begin with. It is believed that the postseason honors used in the compensatory formula are the ones explicitly listed in the CBA. These honors are Pro Bowl, All-NFL (First and Second Team), All-Conference (First and Second Team), Super Bowl MVP, NFL MVP, Offensive Player of the Year (NFL or Conference), Defensive Player of the Year (NFL or Conference), and Player of the Year (NFL or Conference).
  2. Mike Brown and Katie Blackburn - Guardians of the compensatory picks! The lengths they're willing to go to for an extra pick at the end of the 6th round... It's just amazing.
  3. He was the pick we needed due to the decisions we made. We let Jones and Sanu go and signed Brandon LaFell - All of a sudden WR is a need. But hey, we managed to hold on to Tyler Eifert...
  4. And when you hit on guys in the fourth like Geno. If we could do that year over again, would anyone want to "wait and see" if Geno made it to the third round? Would you be happy with any of the guys in his same "tier" as determined by Kiper? Would you be happy to take Al Woods or Corey Peters? Would you argue that Jermaine Gresham was the BPA? Would Jimmy Graham still make it to round 3? You're arguing over which lottery ticket is the best before the balls have even dropped. BPA makes the fan feel smart (maybe), but frankly, the way it's been used on this board over the last month is just plain wrong. There's a FA/Signing players component that has to be done before you have the luxury of drafting BPA. When you leave FA with TJ Johnson as your potential starting center, you no longer have that luxury. (Especially when you have no backup QB and we NEED Andy to stay healthy) Did any of our "backup" Centers do anything to make you think we DON'T need to address the position? We have HOLES to fill, not positions to upgrade. Waiting to take one of the top three is a sure sign you don't trust yourself to pick the right one of the three. If you have faith in your scouting, you go take the guy you want. And as the saying goes, if you need 1 Center, draft 2. I want the best guy in the first AND a backup in the late rounds.
  5. McGlinchey

    Yes, he'll be far more disciplined and less stupid if we just change his position. Sorry, but the guy can play... his tape shows that. He's just a lazy sack-o-shit when he's NOT on the field and that doesn't change no matter the position. Andre Smith didn't suddenly stop being fat because we played him at RG.
  6. Meh, or you get #6 choice at a group of 30 guys at different positions. You can choose the guy with the best attitude, work ethic... Put it this way... You walk into a bar and there's 50 women there. There are 15 super hot chicks in there, but there's also 20 super hot dudes who are rich. Now, the other 35 girls are all solid 6's, but none of them are going to be on the cover of Vogue. You get to take each out on a date and get to know them. Now, do you really think there's no difference between the girl that gets picked #21 vs. #50? Which one are you going to want to marry? Would you just stand back and let everyone else decide who they liked best and take whomever is left over? Because you're getting the crazy cat chick with daddy issues. So, while these guys may be similar on tape, Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning were once considered to be "similar" players. Does it make sense to say that the Colts should have traded back to #2 and picked up an extra second rounder? After all, if they're so similar, just wait and get more "value". The Bengals are in a great spot. There shouldn't be any standout BPA at #21, so they get one of the top picks of the second tier guys. They get to fill a position of need without having the agony of passing on a potentially game changing talent.
  7. Still god damned fantastic. Because we couldn't pick OJ Howard last year - what if a speedster like Ross was available? The same man who will explain to us in three months why we can't re-sign Dennard because we just have too many good corners... And I'm sure I can go back and find Hobknob's article on why we couldn't resign Jones or Sanu... Or a few write ups about how great Brandon LaFell is... Damn it. Isn't this ALWAYS our draft plan? Wait to see who "slides" down the board without ever asking for one god damned second WHY they slid? From Andre Smith's tits getting to the 40 yard line a full half a second before the rest of him to our litany of guys we drafted who were injured or alcoholic... I said it in the "draft fears" thread... They'll draft a guy 15 spots higher than anyone has him ranked and then swear they couldn't have gone for a Center because BPA. They'll draft Ross at #9 when he was considered to be a top of the second round guy... BPA bitches! (Plus we have a "need" to stretch the field...) Fuck Hobson with a rusty file.
  8. Yes, that's why the Bengals have been so successful. You were being sarcastic, right?
  9. My draft fear.

    I have a feeling that Mike Brown is a fan of his own farts.
  10. My draft fear.

    Let's face it.... When was the last time the Bengals drafted the guy you think they should have, at a position of need, in the first round? We drafted Ross when we needed O-Line. We drafted OT's when we needed WR's. We drafted CB's when we needed LB's. My draft... fear isn't right, maybe prediction... Is that the Bengals are going to walk up there at #21 and take a FS from a small school slated to go in the third round. "At #21, the Bengals select Oliver Dipthong, FS, from North Malamute State University."
  11. Seriously... The Bengals have the worst front office in the league. It's not news. Now, let's argue about why agents all suck so they must be wrong. I mean, sure, the Brown family is the worst, but it's not like they're the "worst". These guys are just intimidated by the effect of our contract negotiation "Raid" against their little cockroach selves. Heck, they don't like us because they FEAR us.... Yeah, I like the sound of that! Every player in the league wants to come here, but the agents fear Katie's mojo. Seriously... The Bengals have the best front office in the league.
  12. OH NOES!! Where will we put all of the threads about how Dalton sucks if people keep posting this stuff!
  13. My draft fear.

    The 2015 draft disagrees.
  14. "Heeeeey, Eric, about that whole protesting thing.... Promise me right now that you will never do that again. Even if PBS security is in the process of killing an innocent minority, you will not make a peep. We need to make sure that you understand your place on the totem pole here. Because, you know, some guy named Rick isn't going to be buying beers next year if you keep pointing out 200 years of injustices." "Well, I'm not sure..." "Well, kick sand Fidel! There's a guy we like in the draft, and he's going to slide to the 5th round because there's video of him beating a girl up and raping her while smoking a joint. Go f*** yourself."

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