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  1. Play calling is totally on the offensive line. When you're playing a bunch of sugar sets to get quick passes and you can't run the ball...
  2. I am offering right now to buy Zac a copy of Madden '22 so he can practice play calling and clock management. Empty sets are a gimmick, not the basis for an NFL offense. You can't run them 25 plays a game.
  3. You HAVE to throw the ball short to keep the blitz at bay, open up the run game, tec... When your line can't open holes on their own or protect the QB on long plays. The left side was just awful today.
  4. Jonah Williams was simply awful today. #94 handed him his ass. But you had plenty of plays with guys just coming free from everywhere. Center needs to be making those line calls, and each man has to trust the guy next to him. Neither happened today. Let's hope they figure it out.
  5. Andy Dalton has managed to have himself a very good career - and he did it on the Bengals. He will forever be shat upon.
  6. Can't run the ball and you can't pass if you can't block. They never had to commit to stop the run, and they never had to play deep thanks to pressure.
  7. Joe Burrow walks into a bar. He wasn't looking because he thought Tyler Boyd was open.
  8. The good news is that we're only down by one score, and it would be difficult for us to play worse in the second half.
  9. After reviewing the play, we figure what the hell. We want it to be complete.
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