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  1. LOL. If you were only half as clever as you think you are...
  2. Oh, you're not only a football mastermind, but can now read minds and know what all NFL GM's are thinking? If they would have "love" to have him, they'd have drafted him. I can't believe that I have to explain that.
  3. Which has nothing to do with Burfict claiming the refs curse at him and provoke him.
  4. Marvin Lewis Poll

    Dick LeBeau is still working... He's only 80....
  5. Marvin Lewis Poll

    I can't stress enough how little I trust the Brown family to pick a new coach. And a new coach doesn't come with more scouts, doesn't get rid of Paul Alexander... Most reports have the Bengals just promoting Paulie Gunther. I don't see anything getting better in that situation. As VonBlade says, it's about how much power Marvin has. If this is anything like 2011, he might be the one refusing to re-sign because he knows the Brown family isn't giving him a winning team to work with.
  6. So now we just run the ball and... Oh... Crap.
  7. Man I hate this soft zone stuff with so much time left in the game.
  8. Two incompetent teams do make for an entertaining game.
  9. Peko has trained with one of those oxygen restricting masks for years now. I doubt it was him.
  10. He's been a solid one gapper for such a big dude. We still need to find a NT to eat space in the run game and keep the LB's clean. Time to get Glasgow on some 'roids and potatoes.
  11. After all of the sh*t they HAVEN'T called today, that was a hold on Boling?
  12. You're throwing a ball with velocity 20 yards within a 2-3 foot window while people are trying to rip your head off. Love AJ, but he's had too many bounce off his hands this year.
  13. It's also true this year that when they have tried to force it to him, he's not making the play.

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