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  1. LostInDaJungle

    Season over/under

    It's almost like they got to pick first in every round!
  2. LostInDaJungle

    Season over/under

    Jesus, you're just a broken record. No thought, no fresh takes, no nothing. BTW, your boy AJ McCarron can't even win the starting job in Buffalo against Peterman.
  3. LostInDaJungle

    Season over/under

    I'm going to say this: The Bengals are in a great spot. They've had a few trips to the playoffs followed by a down year that highlighted their weaknesses. They have a good core of QB/RB/WR skill players. Defense should be solid, and we had some promising rookies going into their second year. This is the same scenario that has seen teams finally get over the hump previously. Pollack makes a dent on the O-Line just by not being the guy who drafted you and already wants to hand you the starting job. We have a playoff caliber D, if we can get a running game and let Dalton be effective with time? This is a 12-4 team to me. That said, Andy Dalton could get injured week 1 and it's a 4-12 team. But if we can keep to an average injury year (meaning Eifert plays all 2 games he's used to) I think we have a 12-4 squad.
  4. Wishing the Vanilla Gorilla all the best.
  5. LostInDaJungle

    Logan Woodside arrested.

    Judging from the picture above, I'll believe it.
  6. LostInDaJungle

    Logan Woodside arrested.

    Wow, he looks like a giant douchenozzle too. Forget we drafted the guy and really don't care. Didn't realize dude was 6' tall. (6'1" with the bro-spike) The only "seam" he's going to be seeing is Cordy Glenn's backside anyway. But I'm guessing that that usual contingent is still upset that we lost a QB that's *much better* than Dalton.
  7. Seating is for a 3K venue with more outdoor. Trends are such in music that there are very few acts that can fill a 20K arena anymore. And those who can are drawing a... How shall I say this... darker, less affluent audience. I did some work a few years ago for a very famous artist that was really at the top of her game, and the bigger shows never sold out. I also did sound for some more urban acts that came through... I got paid less to do more, and I heard the management talk repeatedly about how they don't make much with these type of shows. In FAR less polite terms than I just used.
  8. Or.... Westerman: Oh, God. I shouldn't have eaten the concession stand nachos before the game Dalton: Nachos?
  9. When you click on a topic and you wonder which of the three usual posters will make this an Andy Dalton thread. Which wouldn't be as bad if they didn't finish off by slurping off McCarron. "Jennifer Anniston isn't hot, but that chick from Ugly Betty...." Coming from someone who liked McCarron... It's a bit like saying that Greg McElroy was better than Palmer. I'll sit here and shit on Carson all day long, but dump him for McElroy? That's the Ambien talking son. Whatever, it's an easy way to tell who's not worth reading.
  10. Gosh, what an original and completely unexpected take in this thread.
  11. "We might be inconvenienced for 10 Sunday afternoons by a music venue designed to draw less than 1/20th of our capacity. I mean, sure, who is going to schedule a big concert for Sunday at noon in December KNOWING there will be a football game... " I simply cannot believe that the stadium deal allows the Bengals to determine the future of the waterfront. The Bengals ain't shit, and never have been. Cincy jumped through all of those hoops to keep the league's laughingstock. "Allows our fans to tailgate..." In other words, put the parking where it helps us. No one is going to be booking Aerosmith to play at the same time as your game against the Browns.
  12. LostInDaJungle


    As opposed to Right/Left Tackle?
  13. LostInDaJungle

    Mychal Kendricks released

    Hard to tell...
  14. LostInDaJungle

    Mychal Kendricks released

    At least he had the correct answer to the question "Do you want to play in Cleveland?" https://deadspin.com/mychal-kendricks-on-potentially-joining-the-browns-s-1826522182
  15. LostInDaJungle

    Eric Reid files collusion grievance against the NFL

    Very well said. And really, if they ever did manage to overcome the systematic oppression they face those same white Americans would be more than happy to tell them they're doing just fine so shut the fuck up.

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