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  1. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    He's not bitching about anything. I'm pointing out that having a rap sheet a mile long with deteriorating play and an on field persona that costs your team 15 yard penalties on a regular basis is fine as long as you don't stand for something. Yes, Ali did 5 years... Are you saying that we can't do better/be better than this in 2017? If you went back 50 years would you say "That's wrong" or would you have said "Well, that's just what ya get... He's insulting the crowd. He's probably a real jerk in private."
  2. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    Are you honestly implying that Kaepernick is not good enough to be a team's backup, but Adam Jones is till so good we have to put up with his antics?
  3. Corey Dillon was an ass-clown, but he was also pretty much a one man football team in the late 90's. Jeff Blake just seemed to love the game. He was fun to watch. The problem with all of these guys... Pickens was a fav of mine right up until he pulled his BS at the end. Same for Dillon. These guys all suffered from "Big fish, little pond" syndrome. Carl Pickens thought he was god's gift, left the Bengals and was cut by the Cowboys. I believe before camp was over. Do I blame the players? Not especially. Does it leave a bad taste in my mouth that they A) Left the Bengals with bad blood or B) Sucked so badly they were afraid to leave the little pond? Yep. Does it bother me that Jeff Blake would have been a 1 year starter if Mike Brown had an actual scouting department? Yep. So.... I don't have any favorite Bengals from the 90's. I either watched them leave with bad blood, or I watched them suck the life out of me for a decade until they were finally replaced by someone who couldn't play either. Shout out to Big Willie - a true pro who was done dirty by the Brown family.
  4. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    And still Colin Kaepernick is jobless. You can call a cop a slew of curse words, tell him you hope he dies, as long as you don't disrespect the police with a T-Shirt.
  5. They're also trying to do something no one else does. (Or, at the very least, they're the best at what several people are trying to do...) Raw stats don't indicate if you were covering AJ Green or Rex Burkehead. They don't tell you if your RB had a big day against Cleveland twice and 14 horrible days against actual NFL teams. They don't tell you if your QB had a bad day when his top 3 starters were injured. The stats are interesting, but not gospel. Remember that everyone thought Sabermetrics was a joke and a half until some team gave them a chance to prove it out. I find the blind "I don't believe in PFF" to be as short-sighted as treating them as gospel. It's an avenue to generate discussion, as much as some posters here dislike discussion.
  6. Because you have big egos, and guys who are signed to a longer term deal than their boss. It creates a situation where players think the coach needs to make them happy instead of the other way around. So Marvin gets out there and yells "work harder", and a guy like AJ Green says "Bitch, I'm signed until 2023, and you're 6 months away from bagging groceries. You better hope I don't tell Mike Brown that I'd rather play for someone else." You see it some in football, but you really see it in basketball. Ask Dave Blatt about it. I think he's coaching in the Turkish leagues right now.
  7. And when teams are running out the clock because you're losing, your pass D looks better. "Hey, we lost by 31 points, but we only gave up 121 passing yards!" (Hobson, 1999) Now, this is per snap, but if you're giving up a lot of cushion and trying to keep the play in front of you, an offense is going to take what you give them. A 5 yard pass play is still a success. So, you have a good yards per snap, but a high rate of passes completed against your Defense. Heck, a 2 yard pass is a success on 3rd and 1. While the DVOA metric isn't gospel, it does try to measure how many times an offense was successful against a defense. Even if it's a 2 yard pass on 3rd and 1. Denver's pass D? -32.9 (negative is good) The Bengals? Passing +5.7, rushing -4.4. That ranks us 15th in passing D. Against short passes, we drop to 19th. Pittsburgh was 9th against short passes, and 18th against the long ball. Denver was 1st in both categories. And don't forget - both the Stealers and Bengals got to play the Browns twice. The worst passing offense in the league.
  8. Exactly. It also wasn't a choice to start Dalton as a rookie or have Rex Burkehead manning the slot for the last 4 games of his rookie year. As said, I don't disagree. But at this point when Hobson starts talking a guy up in camp, I get nervous. Heck, even earlier this year he slobbed all over Nick Vigil... right before the Bengals went out and got his replacement in FA and drafted a traditional SLB. (Who is now getting some Hobson slob...) Offseason reports of players are like campaign promises, I don't believe them.
  9. I don't disagree, but it's common for Hobson to publish these puff pieces on these guys and then they never see the field. Weirdly, it's usually the late rounders that get the starts... Russell Bodine is a part of that group.
  10. Except they say that stuff every year. "Coaches and Teammates are really impressed with Nick Vigil, or Will Clarke, or Margus Hunt..." Every year some guy feeding the bottom of the roster comes in and gets a good Hobknobbing... And then sees 50 snaps.
  11. I met him a few times... That's pretty accurate with what I saw, and about half of them were public events where he should have been pretty chill. Dude didn't just seem to be unhappy to be there... Parents would come up to get their kid's stuff signed and CD is just glaring at them like they just ran over his mom. You'd go get a burger with the guy and you could almost feel the undercurrent of rage emanating off of him. CD smiled like a guy thinking "Ya, that's right, walk away you little b****". His SMILES were hostile. Steve Foley was a HOSTILE MF'er who looked like skin wrapped around a pile of old rebar and rocks, and he found CD scary.
  12. Cool Carl Lawson Story

    Reality of the situation is that he was considered too stiff to play DE much less line up against TE's in coverage. That's from the NFL.com draft profile.... If he's a DE who can stand up, MJ93 could stand up well enough, how often did we drop him in coverage? MJ93 is pretty agile. I believe it was "rare athleticism" used to describe him on draft day. So, where does Lawson play? SLB? Is he on the field before Vigil? DE? Does he get to see grass before Willis, Hardison and Clarke? https://www.cincyjungle.com/2015/8/4/9094679/will-clarke-stepping-bengals-depleted-de Because 2 years ago, Will Clarke looked awesome and was really ready to make a contribution. He could play both sides of the line and even line up at DT if we needed him to. He put on good weight without losing any of his speed... Clarke barely saw the field that year. You know three years ago Margus Hunt spent the offseason with Kevin Greene and really looked awesome. So strong and quick. Really developed that nasty streak he needed. It was going to be a breakout 2014 for him...
  13. Cool Carl Lawson Story

    Lawson has been the talking point of this off-season, but last year it was a different guy who saw ~100 total snaps for the year. The success rate for moving College DE's to LB is practically non-existent. Lawson, at best, takes the SLB role that has been a non-producer even for former pro-bowl players. If he's the 3rd linebacker, we don't use him very much. If he's a situational pass rush guy, is he any better than Clarke? Can he play in space well enough to use him on 3rd and long without giving away that he's the blitzer? These little off-season man-crushes rarely amount to much. Get excited if you want, but don't be surprised if he's nowhere to be found on Sunday's next fall.
  14. Lewis Worried About Kids

    Hey, can we sign Terrel Owens? Yeah buddy! Put your money where your mouth is.