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  1. If you're playing the Ravens last Sunday... Isn't your game plan to stop the run at all cost and make Josh Johnson beat you? I mean, you could drop 8 into coverage all day and say "Hah, we've taken away the weakest part of their attack! Now they'll have to run the ball!" They are the #5 rushing team in the league AFTER last Sunday. They average 137.7 yards on the ground. They had 39 yards last weekend. (Coming into the game they were the #3 ranked rushing offense with 147.1 yards per game) Josh Johnson had a good day. Or... The #3 rushing attack got less than 40 yards on 16 attempts.
  2. Either way you slice it... We're top half of the league. By DVOA, Lou does it better than 27 other guys in the NFL. If you're not convinced with two games left in the season, then I doubt you ever will be. Kinda the point of this thread is that despite some bad games or series we could all point to, it's time to appreciate that the defense has been damn good by any metric, and we should stop bitching about one bad series or even one bad game. The "averages" are in. And on average, this is a damn good defense. Considering he did it with other teams scraps... Zero pro-bowlers. We may not be the '01 Ravens, but Joe Batchi isn't exactly Ray Lewis either. Props to Lou.
  3. Word has it that he had lined up a great job at Taco Bell, but when he asked for the "minimum" he thought he'd get $720K per year and Taco Bell thought that meant $7.25 an hour. Thank god. No one likes to come back to a cold bench. Keep it warm brother.
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