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  1. In that case the receivers were in a stack. The call was that WJIII would take the outside receiver and McRae would take the inside guy. If you can't stop the run, you can't run stunts. When Lawson has been in there, he hasn't done anything this year. I've seen him on the left and right side. They've been playing a lot of cover 3 and cover 6. Take away the explosive plays and limit runs up the middle. Austin has let Bates take the entire weak side of the field in the cover 6 to make the most of his play making ability. If WJIII can't play in zone, he needs to learn how. You can't have one guy dictate your entire defensive strategy unless his name is Deion.
  2. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    I said leave *A* tip, not *THE* tip. Jesus....
  3. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    Remind me to never invite you over for a game of pool...
  4. They've also put us in plenty of positions to NEED big plays to win games this year. 6 of one, half a dozen of another.
  5. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    Very good observation.
  6. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    Isn't it somewhat ironic that some of the same members who constantly complain about how our players suck are the same members who imagine that the only way we could possibly lose a game is in collusion with Rodger Goodell, the Clinton foundation, a taco stand in Los Cruces, and every referee in the NFL?
  7. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    I didn't need slow motion... Someone on this board has a gif of Burfict taking the exact same type of shot at AB previously. I'm a Bengals fan... I cringed, hoped it wouldn't get called.... But I also can't pretend I didn't see it. The reality is that Football participation is way down in youth leagues, which means in 10 years we're going to have fewer and less talented players who want to play a game where head trauma is a given. Much like we've already seen in boxing. Also, much like boxing, people get turned off. More stories like Junior Seau committing suicide by shooting himself in the chest so his brain could be studied... Football has been a big part of my life, I played, I coached. It's tough for me to get pumped about a guy getting his bell rung now that I understand the long term consequences. And FWIW, I didn't let my son play, and I have talked several friends into not letting their sons play. At my age... Thank god I sucked. Aside from a bad right ankle and left wrist, I can still remember my kid's names. And you know what? Play some damn defense instead of trying to hurt people maybe? Burfict injured one of ours on that play, and missed a tackle earlier going for a big hit instead of wrapping up. It's not even good fundamentals.
  8. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    What do you expect in a thread titled "Fight after the game"? Isn't this the thread where we're all supposed to... wait for it... fight after the game?
  9. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    I mean, it's not the 30 yards we gave up before that... We called a cover 0 with the game on the line and got burned. I don't like the call, and I haven't seen the fight. But every time we lose, we have the same gaggle of people blaming the refs because they favor whomever.... Cam Newton, the Stealers, Joe Flacco's eyebrows... Vontaze Burfict is a choir boy who just keeps getting screwed by the league because... Reasons. Roger Goodell doesn't like chihuahuas or some shit. Joe Mixon? You must be in a "contrary mood" to think that guy would EVER throw a punch! That's totally out of character for him! The Stealers managed to hold all 4 D Linemen on every play the entire game! Geno and Dunlap are powerless if you just put your hands under their pads! They tried to cut block guys! Of course it's OK for someone to try and decapitate a WR because of that.... DUH! It has nothing to do with them being in our heads so we do stupid shit. Nope, couldn't be. And I'm sure it was Mixon in the fight - No one on defense showed any fight at all yesterday.
  10. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    Thanks for the armchair psychology. At least I'm not on here whining like a little bitch because those mean ol' Stealers beat us again. If intent doesn't matter, why is the league saying it wasn't a penalty because he was running a route and the defender initiated contact? But hey, maybe that's your way of not accepting the truth after another ass fucking by Big Ben and Mike Tomlin.
  11. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    Meh... The pig likes it.
  12. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    Ummm, the NFL has MANY penalties that judge intent. You want to complain about the pick play at the end? Was Hunter's intent to run a route or block? The NFL judges intent all the damn time. He lowered his shoulder and targeted the head. It's not rocket science. It was obvious to a lay observer in real time.
  13. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    Yes, because as we all know, two wrongs always make a right. Everything is justified if you can just point out that someone else did something wrong at some point. Kimo VonOlhoffen mother fuckers!
  14. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    I remember that one, because I cringed. He lowered his shoulder to hit him in the head but missed and only hit him with an elbow. It wasn't a clean play. Legal by NFL rules? Maybe. But if I was a HS coach and saw an opposing player try that, I'd be livid. There was no flag thrown because he missed. But the intent looked pretty obvious. Fun having you for two whole games Taz.
  15. LostInDaJungle

    Fight after the game...

    I'm sorry... Are they accusing guys of doing something they didn't do? "Witch hunt"? If guys are throwing punches after the game, that's not acceptable. Period. And if our guys started it... They have video you know. SkyCam so they can see it from every angle only at NFL.com. Draft low character knuckle head players, get low character knuckle head behavior. So much for composure or this being a better team.

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