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  1. I don't even think comparing deals works here... We were only interested in Whit if the deal was extremely team friendly because management was already convinced that Ced was the future at LT. Every player is going to have his growing pains, so we'll have to wait and see if the light comes on for Fisher, and Ced... And O-Line is hard to make a new group come together even when they're vets. I'd like to Lazor start this next game run heavy. Let the guys get out there and manhandle the D-Line for a dozen plus plays. I don't care if it's 3 series. It'll make passing easier down the line. We gotta dance with the girl we brought. The O-Line has top play much better for us to play better as an offense. Let the mules get out and flatten a few people to start this one even if Hill is getting 1 ypc.
  2. Hobson Puns

    I just saw this on Bengals.com... "Lewis says Lazor re-directing God dammit, I hate to admit it but Hobson is good at this. He's all "You inside the box thinking m***er-fuckers don't even play in my linguistic ballpark. Take that weak ass shit on home." Mic drop.
  3. Would you say it's fair that he was a mediorce QB... Top 15 but not Joe Namath, who had one or two years that were outliers for both good and bad? Much like Dalton has been? That Anderson doesn't get the respect he should because the team around him often times wasn't good enough? A guy who didn't win a playoff game until he was a 10 year vet of the league?
  4. Yep, and the Bengals tried many other options, yet Kenny continued to be the best one for some odd reason. Always the guy who wasn't supposed to be there but... Cook was injured, Thompson was injured, etc... And Kenny was just there. I don't know if you've seen the Twitter image going around about how Dalton has done under Gruden, Hue, and Zampese, but the basic argument is that Dalton has largely played the same under all of them. Meh, found this image. There's one that's just stats. But you get the point. Andy had a really good year in 2015. He was even good under Zampese. The problem was that Zampese couldn't find the end zone. Throughout 2016 he was questioned about red zone decisions, in games that ended up being decided by missed kicks. That's the difference between 10-6, and 6-9-1. The offensive numbers were even decent... In a year when they kept juggling RT's because Ced sucked. If Jesus Christ had a threesome with Peyton Manning and Brett Favre, they could not be Tom Brady behind this offensive line we have today. I have nothing against AJ McCarron. People have a right to give in to their emotion, Dalton's only an average QB who's durable and consistent. He's not one of those lightning in a bottle one in a generation talents. AJ McCarron is? The last 30 years haven't taught us to have some appreciation for a guy who "just" makes the Pro Bowl as an alternate? Who only manages to keep playing all 16 games "just" well enough to get us to the playoffs 5 years in a row? Anderson got a lot better with Munoz protecting his blindside. He got a lot better when Chris Collinsworth started going long. He was better before Bill Walsh took a Head Coaching gig... History is going to be kind to Dalton for one reason - Competent QB play is damn hard to come by. Ask the 90's about it. Andy Dalton doesn't suck... Andy Dalton has had some bad games. We figured it would be a train wreck when we lost Whit and Z... What the hell was everyone expecting? The offense line was going to be horrible without our two best players, but the QB play was till going to be the best in the league? We expected that Andy would have no time to throw, but that he'd still be completing 29 out of 33 every Sunday? One day in the future, when we're wading through a string of Frerotte to Smith to Kitna disasters that nets us the #1 pick so we can go out an get a Carson Palmer and hope he's not a Johnny Football, we will look back very kindly on Andy Dalton. It's not obvious to anyone that AJ McCarron has more upside... He was the also ran in the Jimmy Garropolo sweepstakes during FA rumor time. Wanting to bench Kenny Anderson for Turk Schonert so early in the season? Kenny's best year started off with him getting benched after a half and not getting to play again until week 3. We've lost one division game. The sky hasn't fallen yet. Dalton deserves the benefit of the doubt, and unless you're positive that AJ McCarron is Tom Brady, it's lame to criticize Dalton for not being Tom Brady and suggest we bench the guy because McCarron has some mystical "clutch" thing we just haven't seen yet.
  5. And during those great years... We drafted Thompson, Esiason... Anderson's best season was 1981, the same year he got pulled in the very first game. Even in 1974 when he would earn his first All Pro appearance, Mike Borlya was drafted out of Stanford and was considered to be Greg Cook's successor. Gary Sheide in 1975. Anderson made the pro-bowl again in 1975 and 1976, but the leash was so short that Thompson was drafted in 1979. (Anderson threw 22 INT's against only 10 TD's in 1978) Anderson would make the Pro-Bowl again in 1981 and 1982. In 1984, we drafted Boomer in the second round. Don't gloss over it... Anderson had some great years and some terrible ones. Anderson was under 60% completion for his career, and has 197 TD's vs. 160 INT's. That's one interception per 1.23 TD's. For reference that ratio is 1.75 for Dalton. Dalton has completed 62.7% of his career passes. (Albeit in a different era) Comparing Anderson to Montana for era, 63.2% completion, and 1 INT for every 1.96 TD's. Anderson was also setting records for being the passing leader when that required 2,667 yards on 328 attempts. Andy has only dipped down in the 300's when he missed three games due to injury. The game has changed since Anderson's day... But it has also made QB's ever more important.
  6. Andy Dalton is our Ken Anderson. Fans always wanted someone better than ol' Kenny, and we even went out and got Jack Thompson. Heck in 1981 when we went to the super-bowl, they pulled Anderson for Schonert early in the season. Bill Walsh even famously quipped that if Greg Cook hadn't gotten injured we'd have never heard of Ken Anderson. So, maybe it's fitting that Dalton is the first player since Ken to wear the #14 for the Bengals. By 2028, we'll be drafting Akili Smith Jr. and remembering the good old days when Andy Dalton was our greatest QB ever.
  7. Rumor has it that his play has declined this year because his wife is 41.7% pregnant.
  8. AJ McCarron is suddenly clutch because he won big college games... How many QB's have won big college games and then gone on the be NFL disasters. Andy can only succeed with great players around him... How good was McCarron's 'Bama squad top to bottom? McCarron is obviously more talented than Dalton... Which is why Dalton was a 2nd round pick and McCarron was a 5th rounder? Zampese wasn't the problem, Dalton just sucks... How many TD's did McCarron throw in the preseason? How many INT's? Did two QB's run the same game plan and get drastically different results? To quote Archie Manning, "The backup quarterback is always the most popular guy on a losing team."
  9. #5 Defense

    That would be almost as crazy as promoting the former QB coach to the position... What was his name again?
  10. "berth" Yes, and wildcard berths are so very easy to come by. We all have fond memories of all of our other playoff appearances before Dalton was our QB.
  11. #5 Defense

    Hmm, maybe Katie should just grab a headset and start calling the plays herself since she knows more about how to coach offense. Rumors have it that it wasn't until 2011 that Marvin was even able to choose who suited up on game day. IMHO, you're defending one of the problems in the Org chart. But by all means... Let's have Mike Brown in there saying that we haven't tried DeShawn Watson at TE while all of the coaches roll their eyes some more. It's worked so well in the past.
  12. #5 Defense

    Didn't you hire the guy to be the boss of the Offense? He's our former QB coach, no one knows the players better... Being the Bengals, it wouldn't surprise me, but if you're hiring someone to manage, you let them manage. If Katie doesn't think Lazor is qualified to decide which QB starts for him, why the hell is he qualified to coach them or call plays?
  13. #5 Defense

    Really, if he plays like shit, you trust your o-coord to do his job. It's not a decision for PO'ed fans to make. If Bill Lazor wants Dalton to start, you start Dalton, and if he wants McDonald's to start, you go that way. Do you really want out personnel decisions made by mob rule or a Bucky Brooks column?
  14. It should be noted that there are very few "League Executives" that should be watching Bengals games right now. So, unless you're the scouting department for the Raven, Texans, or Packers, you really haven't watched Dalton play, you're just reading the stat line or flipping over when a big play happens. It should also be noted that if you're say... The coach of the Cowboys, it's unprofessional and silly for you to be giving out pull quotes like "Dalton's play is puke-worthy". Did he meet these NFL execs on the set of "Heathers"? Did they follow that up by saying that Arron Rodgers is "totally tubular" and refused to comment of Kaepernick with a "Don't go there brah"? And the truest thing you can say about the Bengals is that if you aren't Mike Brown or Katie, you don't know jack about what's going on in the building. And they don't give a f*** what unnamed league executives think.

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