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  1. Plus, you know, Jethro Bodine is just fine. Sigh.
  2. "Even Andy Dalton can succeed in that situation..." Fuck you. Guido asshole.
  3. That might be the best NFL comparison for Ross' game. However, don't forget that Chad also had Chad Johnson levels of work ethic. He lost his way in the later years, but before he changed his name, he was at the stadium more than Marvin. Chad was also a slight guy. He was a taller 6'2" and had a real talent for high pointing the ball. Ross isn't going to have that, but at 5'11" he's not going to be shorter than 90% of NFL corners. Both guys predicated their game on speed. Ross shows that same short area burst and sideline control. From interviews, he seems MUCH smarter, so hopefully he will commit himself to learning the craft, and have Ocho's luck when it comes to durability.
  4. Don't worry, when Mike Brown dies they'll cut to a very tasteful mac and cheese commercial during our pick out of respect.
  5. TJ Watt is pretty easy to hate.
  6. Shut up about Dan Rooney already.
  7. He was standing off to the side of the stage, ranting like a crazy man with snot running down his face. Deion shoved a mic in his face and he was all "I told my Grandma I'd be drafted, blah, blah..." He's like Rocky after defeating Apollo Creed depths of crazy/incoherent. "I told her I'd fucking do it. Get to the quarterback!' (Literally, he kept screaming the "Get to the quarterback" thing like he thought that's how you pronounce "!") He then ranted about "Fine me later, I don't care... Grandma..... Get to the quarterback! I did it Grandma...." until Deion had to be like "We love the intensity son, but you need to control it, not let it control you." Deion Sanders as Yoda. Dude's a god damned mental patient. He's the kind of guy that makes you explain to him that cartoons aren't real.
  8. Great Blue North had him at #18 when they went to print, at #17 on April 26th.
  9. Someone needs to get McKinley his meds. Aaaand he just dropped an F-bomb on NFLN.
  10. If Foster and Mixon are both there at 41, who do you take?
  11. Goodell: They're booing me. Kid announcing Ravens pick: Oh, I know.
  12. Ross is a legit game changer... Watch his highlights, and he's got mad feet and burst with an attitude that says every ball he catches should be a TD. He catches the ball effortlessly. I've seen interviews, and he's also a good kid by all appearances. It's all about whether he can stay on the field. Hopefully my worst fears are foolishness. Let's get Mixon in the second and have the all question mark draft.
  13. The guy injured himself running his 40 at the combine. LOL.
  14. In all fairness, our medical staff says he's cleared.
  15. John Ross. Dammit. I'm just at a loss. Now the Chiefs make a trade to move up? Fuuuuuu.... You know we must have had a trade offer on the board. Hope the second round pick is good.