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  1. I think more than the money, they might test FA seeking a club that has a shot at getting them a ring before they go. I'd sure be tempted to talk to the Pats or Stealers. Marvin is now on his 4th rebuild of the Bengals.
  2. Kipers first mock draft

    Edmunds fits the mold physically, but he's a low football IQ/low instincts kind of player. He's bad in coverage. Lacks zone awareness. He's a good hitter, but he needs to be kept clean, has trouble disengaging blocks. Plays too much east-west instead of north-south. You're hoping this guy gets better so that his physical tools can make an impact. He's most likely not an impact player day 1 at any position except for 3-4 OLB or 4-3 Joker. Over they years I have come to the conclusion that coverage skills are around 60% instinct. You can coach up a guy who has a feel for it, but other guys just lack that spatial awareness to play zone coverage. If you see a guy who doesn't get it in his 3rd year of college ball, you're not going to see it in year 3 of their Pro career. Mel Kiper is a stats whore. He's going to rate high 40 times just like BJ is going to pick the fattest guy and make an awesome thread about him. Edminds is NOT a top half of the 1st round pick. IMHO, he's a late 20's 3-4 OLB. (Ravens or Stealers actually)
  3. Kipers first mock draft

    He's a much better prospect than Peter Warrick.
  4. A lot will depend on FA. But right now, you have Fisher who is just plain a "I don't know". RG has to be addressed... I hate to say it, but Bodine is our second best Lineman right now. I don't think the Bengals have any logical moves to take in the first round that the best tackle they can get. They need to address guard on Day 2, and I don't think they have the luxury of overlooking any Tackles that look promising that day either. Unless they can land some guys in FA... Outside of that, we need LB's. WR wouldn't hurt either.
  5. This times 1000. He'll get the usual slap on the wrist and have another 100 tackle season next year.
  6. Some people ask for forgiveness on Sunday because they really need it.
  7. Hmmm.... Millionaires and hot wives. Maybe there's a connection....
  8. Before Kitna, Palmer could only throw Pick-5's.
  9. No... I was saying it's worse than that.... He was hired as a math teacher, not a football coach. Interviewer: "So, Jon, where do you think you'd be a fit here?" JK: "I played QB for the Bengals. I was thinking football coach..." Interviewer: "Jon, there are 16 games in a season and you lost 14. How many games did you win?" JK: "Ummm, 2 but I don...." Interviewer: "That's right Jon. 2 games. Luckily it sounds like you have all the skills needed to teach Algebra 1." JK: "Can I help out with the football team or something?" Interviewer: "You can wash the uniforms as long as you promise not to talk to the players." JK: "Awwww, shucks...."
  10. Alright Andy, what do you run when it's John 3rd and 16? All I know is when I met Kitna at the Bible mini-golf place outside of training camp, he was rude. So, screw him. As long as he quits telling people about his awkward boners all of the time, I'm sure he'll be a fine QB coach. (And FYI, he's been teaching HS math and "helping" with the football team)
  11. News has it that Paul Gunther has already been tagged to be Gruden's DC in Oakland. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/1/5/16849850/paul-guenther-leaving-bengals-raiders-defensive-coordinator
  12. soP again again and again

    How is this different if we hired someone other than Marvin? Do you think they'd be clamoring to annoit us champions if we had hired Hue Jackson? Do you think they'd do that even if we hired Bellichik? The Vegas odds would only favor us to be a Super Bowl winner AFTER we have accomplished much more than would make the fans happy.
  13. But can he afford his coke habit on what Mike Brown pays.... Hmmmm....
  14. With the amount of spread offenses in the college game... They're already talking about drafted linemen not knowing their ass from a hole in the ground. Munchak and Kugler have already been signed... We'll wind up with that guy the Dolphions had to fire after video of him snorting a "strange white power" surfaced.
  15. soP again again and again

    Next year is within 2 years, and you said Vegas would give us 0 chance, not "make us the favorite". (FYI, usually defending champs are the favorite) The Vegas odds are the same for us as the Redskins. Bills and Jags are both +10000 and they made the playoffs.

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