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  1. Nope, The Titans play the run well because they are disciplined. The Raiders want to keep the play in front of them - If you want to go 80 yards, you need to go 4 yards 20 times. It's on you to keep executing. The Titans want to shut you down. Leaves more opportunities for big plays. They try to run a bunch of disguises. Burrow's ability to read the defense is going to be key. Screens and wide runs to keep the defense honest. Take your chances when you get them. The Titans Defense started the season pretty pedestrian. They've been on a "tear" here recently - but a schedule against the Stealers, Dolphins.... They haven't really faced Green Bay. Like remember when the Chiefs defense was "really good" and had forced 2+ turnovers for a bunch of weeks before we played them and scored on almost every possession? They're good, don't get me wrong, but not great.
  2. Tibor is like a Terrier. You have to smack his bottom every once in a while and remind him who's in charge or he starts to think he owns the place. Part of the game is to see how close up he can push the line without going over it. At some point you realize: A ) It's a persona. In which case, given infinite possibilities, this is what he chose. B ) It's genuine, and he really is this miserable. Either option isn't the most flattering. But given all of that, he has been the hemorrhoid on the stinky rectum of Bengal's boards for two plus decades and has shown why they don't sell small tubes of Preparation H. You have to admire his staying power and willingness to be despised on an almost Clintonesque level without giving up or taking it too personal. I've always admired his sharp wit even as I question the wisdom of how he chooses to use it. Imagine going to a party where everyone hates you. Now imagine not only staying for 20 years, but following the party from house to house as well. Hearing the neighbor's stereo and dropping by real quick to piss on their cat before heading back.
  3. I always assumed it was just part of Tibor's weird game to get everyone to hate him. Kinda tragic if he really was making an effort to be charming up until this point. Like... Finding out Captain Hook's real name was Admiral Henry Palms, and we've just been making the cruelest joke possible about his disability for 50 years.
  4. From a strategic standpoint, the biggest thing you accomplish with a steady diet of run is punishing stunts and overloads on the defensive line. D-Linemen need to stay in their run gaps, and stunts don't really work well against O-Linemen who are firing out to run block. Our guys may not be able to beat the Raiders in one on one matchups, but at least they got one on one matchups. Success running the ball to the left side kept their guys in lane most of the game. Made Crosby leery of playing wider and made Prince's job easier. Kept Burrow from playing for the green team.
  5. I forgot - Katie Blackburn. Talk about your complicated wanks.
  6. It depends. He went into the season talking "Best safety in the NFL" money. If you lose the guy, he's hard to replace. Even "bad" Bates is a passable NFL SS. And those aren't available at the 5 and dime. But you also have some guys on one year prove it deals who need to get paid too. Do you pay Eli Apple like a bust or off 2021 production. I like driving a nice Lotus Exige. But my insurance payment says I like driving a Passat. Maybe Bates could get more money signing with a bottom feeder who needs a big name... Given a fair price, I'd resign the guy.
  7. Resign Reiff. Sign a vet center. Draft the two best C/G/RT you can get your hands on. Build a Thunderdome wherin Chase rides around on the back of Tyler Shelvin screaming "Not shit, Energy!!" Let Adjeni, Prince, Carman, the new Rooks, Fred Johnson, and the guy who pumps Mike Brown's gas fight it out for the remaining spots. 2 men enter, one man leaves.
  8. I have to admit that over the decades you've actually managed to enkindle... Not fondness. Familiarity. Like how the smell of offal from your hometown's meat processing plant comes to remind you of simpler times and a girl you kissed down by the river on a cold winter's night. Much like regular bowel movements, I don't enjoy you per se, but I do notice your absence and don't feel like things are quite right without you.
  9. That's almost exactly what Ted Karras made last year. And I'd offer him double that to bring some of them Belichick smarts to this O-Line room. I'll settle for Ben Jones.
  10. That's also just how a stunt works. DT engages with Guard on his outside shoulder and drives into the gap. Get your arm out to engage that tackle. Ideally the DT gets both guys and leaves the DE free. And looking at Crosby, this was a stunt from the get go. Fake the outside rush and loop in. From the center position, the old cliche is "Head on a swivel". Hopkins should be hanging back in that gap doing the whole Richie Braham spread arms and looking around. He should not only be protecting that gap on both sides from stunts, he should also be in position to come under and get either DE if they break free. If he's going to go up and "help" Spain, he needs to be more aware that the right side has been pushed back and maintain his level. To me... It looks like Hopkins thinks this is a running play. He's 3 yards downfield helping to open a gap. I don't think that "The free lineman should keep the pocket intact" is that hot of a take. It's as basic a concept as defenders maintaining gap discipline. I guess by their metric, the NT is responsible for all running yards. After all, he lined up closest to the RB. Did you not break up every running play in the backfield?? Adjeni could also take the ding for not cleanly passing his guy off. But Prince could only have stopped that if teleportation was a thing. I've defended PFF and DVOA in the past - so if I'm reacting a little strongly it's because I used to publish "30 healthy recipes with Soylent" before I found out it was people. Prince and Adjeni both had relatively great games. After re-watching the game specifically to scout O-Line, my conclusion was that we need Center help badly. So it seems horribly unfair that two guys who should be getting all of the kudos for a great game are going to hear their PFF score sucked while Hopkins is going to hear the pregame announcers talk about how good he is when he seems to have not known the play a few times... And he's the Center! So, next time someone quotes you a PFF score, just remind them that Joe Burrow is a better run blocker than Jonah Williams. F those guys and anyone who looks like them.
  11. Joe Burrow is a better run blocker than Quentin Spain, Chase, and Jonah Williams.
  12. Just finished killing a few dozen opponents with my dual wield Mace/Arming sword combo in "Until you Fall".
  13. To install more apps/sideload more porn. 128 is fine. The Oculus apps are pretty small.
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