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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2019/jan/18/showboat-billionaire-nfl-team-owner-installs-imax-cinema-on-superyacht
  2. LostInDaJungle

    2019 Draft Talk

    If I'm the new HC... It's a weak class at QB. And Andy Dalton is serviceable. I'm going to want to upgrade the O-Line. RG and RT. I want a real backup center. I'll worry about a new QB when he won't be behind Bobby "QB Killer" Hart. LB's HAVE to be upgraded. However, if there's any position that has a short shelf life, it's LB's. And the more reckless they play, the shorter the sell-by date. Size... Speed... Blah... If the guy isn't a good technician, he's going to get hurt. TE's - We need at least one. Outside of that, you roll with what you got. I would be happy with taking 5 linemen, 3 LB's and 2 TE's.
  3. The student who chooses to be his own teacher has a fool for a master. The biggest thing I take away from this is that Zac and Press are both guys who are immensely curious and open-minded. They're "smart" enough to learn from everyone that passes through their transom. As much as the Bengals needed Marvin Lewis' confidence at the time of his hire, he seemed to cling to a very old school mentality and if any criticism was leveled at him it was his refusal to hear outside voices or adapt. My big hope is that the family will listen when it comes to organizational changes. But I could not be more impressed with the Taylor hire.
  4. Or you believe the opposite if you assume he's a liar for no reason. Or that the many media reports after it happened are all part of a conspiracy.
  5. Jeez... A entire story about it.... https://deadspin.com/andrew-whitworth-had-his-way-with-the-cowboys-1831713551
  6. They could have stopped him. They just couldn't tell crap from corn. There is nothing about Whit's departure that backs up your assertions.
  7. LostInDaJungle

    Who's the next HC?

    Welcome back SMU.
  8. Beauty fake reverse to max protect. Nice play.
  9. Don't be that guy. Whit deserves to win a playoff game.
  10. Yeah, dude was straight up beast mode. And didn't miss a game this year.
  11. Jesus, Joe Buck looks terrible. Time to give up the smack?
  12. LostInDaJungle

    Zac Taylor overview (1/4)

    First year assistants generally don't go on recruiting trips. He's probably familiar with Dalton being part of a rival team, but that puts him behind just about any coach in the AFC North. My brain fart...
  13. LostInDaJungle

    Who's the next HC?

    Now that the news has had time to sink in... Zac Taylor COULD be the next coming of Dave Shula.... And I still love it. There is absolutely NOTHING safe about this pick. Coaches are already being let go in preparation. Considering that Mike Brown has almost always hired in house and preferred continuity even at times when we were going 4-12 every year, seeing the Bengals take a chance on a hot young name and immediately handing over the reigns? How long did Marvin have to wear Alexander and Brat around his neck like an anchor? Yet a long time guy in Hayes was let go before there's even ink on the paper. Good decision or bad one, I like the decision making process.
  14. LostInDaJungle

    Zac Taylor overview (1/4)

    Oops. My bad. All Texas Universities look the same to me.

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