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  1. Comes with a side of dead horse, beaten for over three years straight.
  2. AJ is going to want to win some trophies, not take the 50/50 shot of having a Rookie QB pan out in the league.
  3. Taylor has already shown me he couldn't find his own ass with both hands and a flashlight. If you want to wait and see if that changes... Umm, ok.
  4. Good: Andy was lit today. Auden Tate was en fuego. Cordy Glenn is finally buttoning up the backside. He had a good game today. OL in general showed huge improvement. Great energy by the DE. Bad: Still some missed assignments, etc... But hard to argue with results. Ugly: Rock bottom is just a little further away for Zac Taylor and the Brown fam. I can already hear the "Zac showed us some good things at the end of the year" press conference in my head.
  5. You're like a guy who just got a blow job and is upset she didn't brush her teeth. Breathe. Relax. Learn to enjoy the little things.
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/cincinnati-bengals-owner-mike-brown
  7. None but by inheritance. Mike Brown has bought out all remaining shares in the name of Bengals Inc. over the 90's and 00's. As CEO, he owns all of it.
  8. As someone who has owned several small businesses... No freaking way. You have a guaranteed return on investment. The margins are incredible. Fixed labor costs... Owning an NFL team is literally a license to print money. Mikey thinks small and sees around $30-40 Million a year return on a team whose value is only increasing. You'd have to be Dan Snyder to lose money on an NFL team and even he isn't managing that. So, sell the Bengals for $1 Billion and do what with it? Buy an NFL team? What could you invest that money in that would give you greater returns? And buyers would be lined up around the door. It's a no-lose prestige investment for any buyer or group of buyers. Any self-respecting multi-Billionaire needs to have his own NFL team. They'd move it out of Cincinnati.... Not exactly South Beach or Manhattan.
  9. Hey, give the guy some credit. Out of the 100's of QB's he said were going to be GREAT over the last decade, one was. Dude obviously knows the position.
  10. The Brown Family has made over $300 Million while Andre Smith has been in the league. Think about that for a minute.
  11. Years later... Only 6 trips to the playoffs??? And you didn't win even one? Dude sucks. We should replace him with the Undrafted kid from Fucque U because he's more mobile and can overcome all of the things wrong with this team!!!! Super Bowl!!
  12. In a way, it's even sadder if this is true. If Mikey the loser is honestly trying everything he can to win and coming up this short, he's more of a moron than if he's just lazy and cheap. So, sure, Mike Brown is trying his hardest and his wounded pride keeps him awake at night. He often wonders if he's already died and gone to hell. Or he's getting in a good nap while his team is losing. One of the two.
  13. I hate to say I called it.... God, now coach "Just started shaving" has to go back to Andy Dalton, hat in hand. The only thing saving his sorry ass is the fact that Dalton is too professional to tell him to go screw himself, which I would do in a HEARTBEAT. I wouldn't risk getting a hangnail for this team if I were Dalton, I sure as hell wouldn't play behind this o-line. People say this has been a bad season for the Bengals... I think it's one of their funniest yet.
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