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  1. LostInDaJungle

    Driven to Distraction

    You somehow think that Mr. "Limit Explosive Plays" didn't mention it at all? I mean, all of this is some standard "what-iffing", but are you honestly saying that you feel like Marvin Lewis somehow is to blame for Hill fumbling that ball? Never mind the fact that he should not have to tell Hill not to fumble the ball with 2 minutes left in a close game.... But you honestly think that no one cared all year about holding on to the ball?
  2. LostInDaJungle

    What a dipshit.

    Hmmm, odd place to be in... But for as much of an ass as TO was, there is a salient point to be made about what constitutes a "character concern". Killed a guy? First ballot! Beat your wife? Who cares, look at that career yardage! Too much of a "diva"? Time to keep these bad apples out of the hall until they learn how to kiss the ring. It'll be an interesting few years when guys like Richard Sherman are looking at induction and getting denied because they took a knee during the anthem and guys like Ray Lewis and Ray Rice are first ballot inductions. https://deadspin.com/terrell-owens-is-right-to-feel-insulted-1828120664
  3. LostInDaJungle

    Urban Meyer, anyone?

    I'm honestly curious... So those of you who are saying that her did nothing wrong or this is just "PC Culture" and the metoo movement... So, you're OK with this? Assuming that Urban Meyer knew that this guy beat his wife, and understanding that if he didn't he must have willfully avoided learning about it, you have no problem keeping a wife beater employed to work with 18-22 year old kids? He's just a victim of PC culture run amok? If an employee's wife was texting your wife pictures of her being beat to shit by her husband, you'd keep the guy around? You'd just pretend you didn't know? You'd just assume he was an alcoholic and let him continue to mold young men? (Meyer's official line) You honestly don't think there's any problem at all with Meyer refusing to acknowledge the situation? This isn't some guy in the mailroom... This is an assistant coach who was on "text my wife" standing with Meyer. Don't forget that this is the guy who protected Arron Hernandez, and his Florida teams were rife with criminals in a town where Gator football is god and players get a slap on the wrist. He bailed on Florida because of his heal... No wait, it was because he could see NCAA sanctions coming. http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2010-09-17/sports/os-florida-gators-arrests-list-20100915_1_frankie-hammond-second-degree-misdemeanor-charge-misdemeanor-possession FYI, it's three pages... Yeah, the dude wins football games. Then say that instead of acting like he's the victim of a culture that just isn't as tolerant of wife beating as they should be.
  4. I had such a crush on her in my teens...
  5. LostInDaJungle

    Finding A Run Stopper

    Whatever... Run stopping is a 7-8 man job. It's all about gaps and coverage. You get better at it as a unit, or worse as a unit. The real question is if we're going to be more aggressive or if we're going to be passive like we were in the Chunk days. Hard to keep guys from getting 4 yards when you have LB's waiting to meet them 6 yards off the ball.
  6. LostInDaJungle

    Camp report: Price as advertised

    We're all trapped in our own echo chambers created by us and a few algorithms.
  7. LostInDaJungle

    Camp report: Price as advertised

    Oh, "mainstream" news... How cute. You know Rick only believes what he reads on Infowars and the forums at Little Green Footballs. Gay frogs man.
  8. LostInDaJungle

    Camp report: Price as advertised

    He was gently stroking Katie's penis.
  9. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1008127515000826
  10. Whoah! Why is he calling the police?!? The last thing we need is him calling the 5-0 to talk about Cordy Glenn's underground sumo club and Joe Mixon's "Whack a Bitch" arcade game in his house. Andy - snitches get stitches. Throw passes and keep your damn dimes to yourself.
  11. LostInDaJungle

    Eifert Cleared

    Joe Dirt: Luckily, my neck broke my fall.
  12. LostInDaJungle

    Pacman in the news again

    Ouchie Bro.
  13. Agent: I have a great name for the book... "Trump"! Trumpy: "Trump? Sounds like tramp..." Agent: "No like bridge! Really fantastic!" Trumpy: "Yeah, sounds great. As long as people won't think the book is about something cheap and nasty...." Agent: "Noooo, this is as classy as a solid gold toilet."

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