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  1. Burfict's already on his second deal that doesn't pay anyway in the neighborhood of $10M py. I'd guess that about half the teams in the league consider him a guy they wouldn't want on their team. We'll see in the next off-season, but Burfict screwed us the last two years, IMHO, by costing us a playoff game and missing the first 1/4 of the season. In an already soft LB market, Burfict is damaged goods. I wouldn't make him our 3rd highest paid player.
  2. How many of our first round draft picks in the last 5 years have started on day one? Also, WJ3 could have been activated during the season but wasn't. Screw the excuses why, etc... How many? How many 2nd round picks started from day one over that time? This myopic optimism that every guy we draft is going to start day one is both charmingly naive and ridiculously silly.
  3. Was WJ3 taken to be our 5th CB? Was Dennard taken to be our slot guy? Was Ced taken to be a backup? The best indicator of future results is past performance.
  4. Gracias! I am now a point on a map. Woot!
  5. Hmmm.... I don't show up. Is that from Profile info?
  6. Hear, hear! "Our last first round pick sucked, so let's replace him with another first round pick who is sure to make the pro-bowl in his first year!"
  7. http://mmqb.si.com/nfl-draft-combine-reuben-foster-alabama-hospital-incident-draft-stock Take from that what you will.
  8. Why release him until you draft Foster?
  9. Howard is even a good blocker to boot. If he and Eifert are both healthy, they could be quite a tandem. Is 1 wide 2TE a run or pass? Especially when Howard and Eifert both have the ability to play on the outside. You've got an unstable O-Line, and you need guys you can get the ball out to quickly. Play to Dalton's strength. Bolster the run game with a good TE and more 2 TE sets.
  10. Not only that, but the Bengals are generally against planning to replace roster holes with draft picks. If they were worried about Ced, they would have picked up a veteran right tackle. If Ced falters, do you move Fisher over and slide Andre to RT? I dunno. The 2017 Bengals are going to ride or die with Cedric. They're not going to find a top tier LT in this draft, and they're making no move to get one in FA.
  11. As I see it, the signing of Minter means that Foster never caught their eye, and I can't see them making a semi-reach for Reddick if LB isn't a priority. If that theory holds water - We realistically could be looking to shore up the D-Line or looking to add an explosive playmaker to the Offense. My gut feel is that the Bengals are happy with their secondary, and feel good about their LB's with Minter in. With Hunt and Peko both gone, they can upgrade the D-Line. O-Line doesn't have anyone worthy of the #9, when there will be potentially game-changing players available. A guy like OJ Howard would provide much of Eifert's promised skill set. He can be good insurance in a position that sees a lot of injuries, or open up the playbook. A speedy play maker like Ross might make AJ and Andy's lives a lot easier. A back like Fournette can make a bad line look better. Their scouting and pro-day visits have seen a lot of RB's looked at, some TE's, and some mid-round D-Linemen. They did attend Reddick's pro-day. My gut says that they value the pass rush enough to take the best available DE/DT on their board at #9. Experience tells me that they prefer "skill" players at higher draft positions. This is Eifert's final year, he's going to be a hard one to re-sign next year. He's an essential cog in our scheme, and the whole offense suffers when he's out. The need for Foster is reduced... Charlton and Barnett don't thrill me. Assuming that we get no offers to trade down, I still want the best pass rusher I can get. I'll pick up my NT in a later round. But I would not be surprised if the Bengals picked OJ Howard, nor would I disagree with the pick.
  12. On a one year deal, he's insurance, not a solution. Nice thing about first rounders, you get them for 5 years with cap friendly numbers.
  13. Then I'll just stand on my position that we don't use the SLB enough to warrant a #9 pick on the guy.
  14. Indeed. And it doesn't look like he has a fear of hard work. Hmmm...
  15. You should follow the dude on Twitter. I can tell you he at least takes his workouts very seriously. Dude is still jacked.
  16. Seriously man, that's way too much importance put on how guys run around in shorts. "Gee, I can't draft this guy to kill people, I don't know exactly how well he competes in track and field events!" Seems to also explain your love affair with the big combine performers. All you have to do is watch game tape. And I respect that you know what you're talking about, but we'll also have to agree to disagree. The stronger you try to make your argument by going after Foster - Who is still considered a top 10 pick by many, honestly just weakens your argument. And long before people fell in love with Reddick's 40 time, and a 6 hour MRI wait Foster was a top ten pick on most everyone's boards. The kid can ball, and he's a good kinda nasty. Not heavily panalized, no off field issues. Foster can plug into any place in your scheme. Ideally, he's a run and hit Will backer like Burfict, but he's being drafted at Mike. He could play inside in a 3-4. He's not without his issues, but his floor is very high. With Reddick you're projecting him to be a player he hasn't been yet at a position he hasn't played yet. Yes, Johnson's versatility allows us to go 4-3 Under when we want. that's a 3-4 with a different tackle-end alignment. So if we redesign around Reddick to feature the 4-3 Under, he replaces Johnson or becomes our Strongside backer? The strongside is like a 3-4 ILB in the 4-3 under, the Leo replaces the RE. If we're upgrading from Johnson, give me a DE who can rush the passer. #9 is too high to take a strong side backer with our scheme. Reddick doesn't flash the type of talent you build a scheme around anyway. If it's not Foster, it doesn't have to be another LB. So give me Taco Charlton and see if we can upgrade the pass rush. If the first 8 picks went the way the OP proposed, and I was dead set against drafting Foster and Charlton, I might even have to start looking at Howard or Lamp.
  17. Foster is a vicious hitter. He likes to make big hits. And he has good form. If you look at his senior year game tape, he is almost textbook. He's also a guy like Burfict, who will throw his body around. And like Burfict, it could be a long term issue. But c'mon, playing LB in today's NFL is a concussion factory. And as Newton's 14th law tells us, delivering a big hit means you take a big hit in return. Backs are huge, coming at them with a head of steam and trying to take them low while they wrestle a 300lb. gorilla. I'm not asking Reuben Foster to go out and cure cancer, I'm asking him to penetrate on an A-gap blitz. I'm asking him to make TE's poopy themselves a little bit when they (might) catch the ball over the middle. I'm asking him to fly to the RB screen and demolish the guy. I want him and Burfict to be a Nickel D you're afraid to catch a short ball on. 3rd and 8 becomes a down where you start hearing footsteps when that 6 yard pass comes your way. And all of that is going to come with some woozy moments on the sideline, I don't are how good your form is. These guys aren't choosing between being a human crash test dummy for the NFL and a Bio-Tech firm, I've had smarter dogs than some of these guys. From an athletic standpoint, he's a true sideline to sideline presence who excels in pass coverage. This dude can flat out move, and he comes with a head of steam. His short area burst one he sniffs out the play is astounding. He can hit the hole like a RB, and is fast enough to cover the best TE's. And was excellent in coverage in college. Combine my ass, this kid looks like he was born in pads and with the gift of flight. His game tape shows him taking a good number of plays "off" when the ball isn't coming to him, but when he's on... This is a dude who will fly over the pile on 4th and 1 to save a TD. Or slice through the A gap to make a big play. Or can blanket a TE. Or keep pace with a RB going out to the flat or a wheel route. On the mental side... Google some interviews, but I'm thinking Burfict would win a chess game against him. Doesn't strike as a Mensa member. Burfict, at his finest, has a football IQ that is through the roof. Foster's bulb run's at a lower current, but he is still well above average at reading and reacting. He's going to excel in man to man situations, but will get lost in zone coverage sometimes. He doesn't diagnose the plays/routes at an elite level. It's teachable, or at worst, he's not Rey Maualuga bad. Foster is worthy of top 10 consideration in an age where MLB's aren't considered first rounders. Straight up believe it, this guy is very good.
  18. Not to mention the impact on overall team morale. When Andy Dalton has to answer questions about being afraid for his life, you know that's going to affect the message that the team is gunning for a Super Bowl*. * Provided we have $10M extra on hand so we can sign** our future star/current problems after said Super Bowl Victory. ** Offer based on player taking what we think he's worth rather than market value offered by other teams. We, the Millionaire owners of an NFL Franchise by virtue of nothing more than coming from the right set of testicles, don't approve of the insensitive and greedy behavior by the men who chew up their bodies and cloud their minds for our glory. Offer null and void if player was born before 1989. Gatorade not included.
  19. Yeah. They're the scrappy upstarts from Major League. Dalton is Charlie Sheen, AJ is Wesley Snipes and so on. A mix of talented and often troubled youngsters with a few over the hill vets and an overpaid FA at the end of his career. Marvin's the gritty coach guy. Add in a cheap female front office executive... As an old timer, the Bengals is a drama that comes on 16 Sunday's every year. And like life for fans of 31 NFL Franchises each year, it usually doesn't have a happy ending. Que sura sura. As Robert Lewis Stephenson once said, "It's better to travel hopefully than arrive." I've moved on to the acceptance phase. I can now face the stark reality that after 11 seasons in stripes, Domata Peko will no longer be with us. I'm excited to see if Billings can live up to his draft rep, or William Jackson, or a lot of other guys. Now we can add Ced and Jake to that list as well. It's a storyline in next year's season. And we still have draft picks that will spice things up. Reuben Foster seems like a Willie Mays Hayes type. Should be much more interesting than Carson's Gatorade obsession. The Whitworth drama was more painful than losing Glenn on The Walking Dead. Especially because it all looked like he'd be back in last season's cliffhanger. Will Cedric be this year's T-Dog, or Michonne? Is Fisher a Spencer or a Daryl? Who knows, but the Front Office looks like a total bad guy here. They had him, they said they had him, told everybody they had him, and they left a man behind to be eaten by the Rams. That's frikkin' brutal dude. And then they tried to be all "But we saved Dre from servitude in a steel foundry", but it was just too late. Wisdom comes from accepting what you can't change, and inner peace comes from hoping for the best and enjoying the ride. I have another 30 years on this planet if I don't do anything stupid, one day we'll look back on this and laugh. Remember Akili Smith against Tampa Bay? Hurt like hell that day, cracks me up now. The team may be going to hell in a hand basket, but at least enjoy the ride.
  20. Foster... Maybe Charlton. Really depends on how you fgeel about Foster's personal issues. Foster is the biggest remaining play maker, Charlton is probably the best edge rusher after Barnett.
  21. Shows that it's a lot more difficult/different playing in space. Maybe. I'm not even sure how David Pollack relates to Reuben Foster.
  22. So all we have to do is redesign our defense around this guy? His coverage skills are largely unproven... But he's athletic enough. Like we've never had an athletic linebacker be lousy in coverage. And since Reddick started his college career at DB, the Hunt comparison seems apt to me. I can't believe that some good combine numbers have blown this guy up into a must have prospect. I'm not 100% sold on Foster at #9, but I'd be looking at positions other than LB at that point.