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  1. Again, don't be fooled this is not about health care. It's about getting rid of the taxes that are in the ACA, this is just a tax cut for the really rich.
  2. Now they'll mess with the funding and try and kill it that way.
  3. I still have the few I got, they in good condition. The only problem is they getting a little tight, I know that's do to washing and weight gain. Anybody that says different is just wrong. lol
  4. Don't forget the big tax saving for the rich.
  5. I watched it, not bad, will give it a couple shows to see how it goes. I never watched any of the others so my view is a fresh view based on this one not compared to the others.
  6. You know it would be funny if was wasn't so sad. Low and middle income people are going to have it hard, they're going to lose benefits while the rich get tax cuts.
  7. The difference between starting the 4th up 3 scores and having 2 TDs take the lead is a reliable kicker.
  8. Freedom of expression.
  9. On the Pro Shop page, bengals.com then the shop link.
  10. Ok, instead of being lazy I called the pro shop. This whole thing is a cluster fuck. Talked to a very nice lady who explained it all to me so I'll try and break it down for everyone. The online Bengals pro shop you get to from the Bengals.com webpage is no longer ran by the B&M pro shop. It's ran by fanatics not connection with the Bengals pro shop at all. The color rush jersey's the only ones that you can buy are Dalton, Greene, and Eifert, so no Geno, Dunlap, or Byod. The $79 ones are 100% cotton so the tshirt like ones. The $149 ones are the jersey's with stitched letters and numbers. I think she's wrong about the numbers being stitched, however the description also says stitched.
  11. This makes no sense, the only color rush jersey's for order is Greene and Dalton. They don't even have the players wearing the jersey's available. I want a Tez, it'll be his 1st game of the season.
  12. I just want to know who was wearing #99 today? Getting tips and all.