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  1. Just checked online and I got three. Thanks for the tip. BTW I got 3 tickets so it appears they've changed from the per account they've always used to per set. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Picked up my rings. Much better quality then I thought they would be. They heavy too.
  3. Curtis and Willie. Glad to see so many people aware of just how good Curtis was.
  4. My bad, my tickets went up $100 per ticket, so $300 for the season.
  5. How much did your tickets go up? 3 club tickets and 1 parking pass, mine went up a total of a little less than $100 not bad.
  6. Yea Atl, New Orleans is a good call. Vegas I think may be a better move for Rogers.
  7. My take on the shake out: Wilson to Alt (his wife from the area) Ryan to Shittburg on a 2 year til we find our new QB deal Rogers to somewhere warm either south or west.
  8. Also if you have a library card from any Ohio library you can get one from the Columbus library via their site.
  9. This isn't right, everybody being to civil. See how winning solves problems. This is just a good group of Bengal Fans, Who-Dey.
  10. will you our date for the draft party again?...haaa haaaa!

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