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  1. Got my passes today for the Colts game, anyone interested in trading for another game?
  2. This coming from the person who never served. Bet he wouldn't have a problem with one of them taking one of his children's place on the front line.
  3. Season Tickets

    Got that email, should have known it was you. lol
  4. Season Tickets

    Nothing, but I'm sure they got the cost out of the price for the season tickets some how.
  5. Bengal's Season Tickets Arrived

    Does your tickets have the players? Just wondering, if not I can post pictures so everyone can see. I think they're pretty cool this year.
  6. Bengal's Season Tickets Arrived

    No, it's not crooked, there is an Angel hanging on it. lol. I saw that and started to crop the picture then thought what the heck. I could use that picture for one of those find it in the picture games. Can you find the King in that picture.
  7. Got the season tickets today, pretty nice with some of the old players on them. Also got a 50th flag with them, don't know if this is only for Club tickets or not.
  8. Season Tickets

    Season tickets came today, it included a Bengals flag about 3' x 3' pretty nice.
  9. Trump/Russia Investigation

    If you really don't see the problem there is no explaining it to you.
  10. House GOP circulates new changes to health bill

    Again, don't be fooled this is not about health care. It's about getting rid of the taxes that are in the ACA, this is just a tax cut for the really rich.
  11. CBO on GOPCare

    Now they'll mess with the funding and try and kill it that way.
  12. RayDoggBengal

  13. I still have the few I got, they in good condition. The only problem is they getting a little tight, I know that's do to washing and weight gain. Anybody that says different is just wrong. lol
  14. CBO on GOPCare

    Don't forget the big tax saving for the rich.
  15. 24: Legacy

    I watched it, not bad, will give it a couple shows to see how it goes. I never watched any of the others so my view is a fresh view based on this one not compared to the others.

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