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  1. Pickens was a piece of shit person. I was still on active duty and now stationed in Dayton so I could spend time with my young son who lived in Cincy with his mother. He was about 13 or 14 and the closest I had been to Cincy was stationed in DC so I hadn't had time to build a strong relationship with him. When I got to Dayton I spent almost 2 months pay on season tickets for us. He's 38 now and still takes about those games setting in the cold, my wife packing us food to take to game and the best I could do sometimes was get him a hot chocolate during the cold games. I'm not complaining just setting the stage for when we met Pickens. Back then they use to have a lunch for season ticket holders before the regular season started where you could meet the players and get stuff signed. They have everybody a mini Bengal's football that could be signed. Well me and son went to Pickens to get him to sign it and he looked at me and asked why I didn't buy one of his jersey's. This still pisses me off today, but that day I just walked on down the line and got Ken Anderson to sign it. I should have just KOed him then or told him I couldn't afford his jersey because I was busy severing so he didn't have to. So yes Pickens was a piece of shit person.
  2. Lol, come Dec when he say's it cold, tell him he could be setting up in the club with RayDogg sipping hot chocolate and chatting with Icky.
  3. 2022 2023 Ok, breaks down to $27 more per game based on 10 home games or $30 per game if we only have one home preseason game. Not so bad for 3 tickets per game. Hey Go, just drop a seat and move to the club with me and save a couple bucks. lol
  4. Just checked online and I got three. Thanks for the tip. BTW I got 3 tickets so it appears they've changed from the per account they've always used to per set. Thanks for the tip.
  5. Picked up my rings. Much better quality then I thought they would be. They heavy too.
  6. Curtis and Willie. Glad to see so many people aware of just how good Curtis was.
  7. Yea Atl, New Orleans is a good call. Vegas I think may be a better move for Rogers.
  8. My take on the shake out: Wilson to Alt (his wife from the area) Ryan to Shittburg on a 2 year til we find our new QB deal Rogers to somewhere warm either south or west.
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