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  1. Thank you. Let's look at how many times he's under thrown the WR. Oh everytime it's over 10 yards.
  2. My daughter is in Detroit airport waiting on her flight back to Dayton. She called me and said she thinks she sees Devon Still, I tell her to go ask him. So she does and tells him a big fan and gives him the phone. I asked how he was doing and how his daughter was doing. Said she's 5 years in remission and thanks for asking about her. I told him his jersey was the only former player jersey that's always allowed to wear to a game. I told him I should have had my daughter carrying his jersey so I could have it signed, he said he'll giver an address I can send it to and he'll sign it. Cool guy.
  3. AJ and Dre doing drills and AJ carted off field. Got this from a friend at their practice in Dayton.
  4. Don't stay in Dayton. While you may save a few dollars a day on the hotel, the drive isn't worth it. There is also construction on 75 that's adding 15 - 30 to the drive each way. Normal drive from south Dayton around 675 to the zoo is an hour. Today it'll take 1 1/2 hour with the delay, that's 3 hours out of your day for the zoo trip.
  5. Just adding my shout out as a former JT board member. I still got the hat I had made with JT's Board on it that he signed. Joined Oct 04 also. 15 years ago this Oct.
  6. This would just be stupid. Where you going to get his replacement for 2M a year? BTW you can't teach speed.
  7. If you really don't see the problem there is no explaining it to you.
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  9. I agree, Suicide Squad was a very entertaining movie. It got crappy reviews and I think some people let that keep them away. Would love to see a SS2. BTW loved the girl, she was just wild.
  10. Going to keep grinding in Destiny until Dragon Age Inquisition then I'll start pulling all nighters
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