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  1. It rather sad that you have no understanding of what QBs did on the field during that time frame. Namath, Dawson and Unitas pretty much called their own offensive plays during most of their careers. The switch to offensive coordinators calling plays exclusively didn't occur until the 70s as well as the switch to exotic passing schemes and timing routes as rule changes allowed receivers to run down the field with being blown up at the line of scrimmage. Namath was the AP player of the year 2X and 5 time pro bowl player. He was also the 1974 comeback player of the year after having his knew fixed by Doctor Frankenstein. He was far from average for his time. Johnny Unitas never completed over 59% of his passes in 18 years. Len Dawson led the league in completion percentage 5 years in a row in the late 60s. Never over 60%. DBs and Safeties could MURDER you when the ball was in the air. They could practically murder you at the line of scrimmage. Quick slants were almost impossible unless you had Lance Alworth (HOF) type acceleration and the deceptive moves needed to get past the DB untouched. Comparing any of their stats to today's no touch, field turf track star WRs is laughable. QBs were offered ZERO protection. There was no roughing the passer penalty and diving for the QB's knees was a taught strategy. Team's didn't have 5 passing formations with 15 options out of each formation. Even if they did, the QB never had the type of time they do now because getting blown up after passing the ball was NOT a penalty. There used to be a 2 step rule, if he lets go of the ball you could still take a step and blow him up.
  2. All the younger guys who can actually play are already,..playing. Not much left but bald tires and neverwere's available right now. Maybe some diamond in the rough on a practice squad?
  3. I think he was referring to signing a guy out of desperation like A.J. Hawk not Brown
  4. Power sweeps? Is Woody Hayes our coach? Single wing damnit!
  5. Well Manning has 2 rings and will be a HOFer most likely just because he wasn't average when it counted. Brad Johnson was better than average. Nick Foles had a 115.7 QB rating during the playoffs last year to include the extraordinary game he played in the Super Bowl. Some people can just step up when it matters like Foles and Manning. And again you said a lot. 23% is not ALOT Genius. It isn't even a good batting average. So what if the Saints had 7 players that didn't play. Were any of them named Watson, Thomas, Kamara, Hill, Ingram, Lattimore, or anyone of their starting linebackers? Seriously, almost their entire starting lineup from day 1 is healthy minus Ginn. Most of the guys on IR I have never even heard of and I AM a Saints fan.
  6. SF2

    Hue is Back

    AJ Green and a serviceable TE are typically part of the formula. Of course we could run Mixon more but why start now. If we were healthier I could see us winning but the Raven’s D is legit.
  7. SF2

    Hue is Back

    I know this may sound crazy but I think it will come down to the last 2 road games. If we lose @Cleveland and Pitt I think he walks. Pitt may be playing for a home WC game or even a bye. We could be 8-6 going into the last 2.
  8. SF2

    Hue is Back

    No nuclear option. We need to find a defensive coordinator for next year. Preferably someone who could possibly replace Marvin after his contract runs out in 2019. I share the same fear as others, Hue will stick around and become the HC after Marvin’s contract runs out.
  9. SF2

    Hue is Back

    None. Don’t even belong to one.
  10. SF2

    Hue is Back

    As the Assistant TO the head coach,..yes. It’s not even a real fucking JOB!
  11. SF2

    Hue is Back

    Because Hue Jackson sucks and doesn’t deserve shit. Bring on a young and up an coming guy, not this EPIC loser.
  12. SF2

    Hue is Back

    It is purely from an optics standpoint. I am tired of this organization being a laughing stock. Picking him up off the trash heap reeks of desperation. Yeah, he may help us this year but to what end? We are a borderline wild card team at best and our defense is carrying us NOWHERE. So he helps out and we get to what 9-7 at best? Talk is now AJ may be out until December. That is a killer for us regardless of better defensive play.
  13. SF2

    Hue is Back

    I don't remember all (or any) of the Browns players being upset he was let go. In fact it was utter silence. Players don't relate to bad coaches, AT ALL. These are all guys who busted their asses to become NFL players. Its an extraordinary accomplishment that takes years of hard work. These guys all know each other and NOBODY wants to be on the shit team led by a bad coach. The Bengals players will NOT have any respect for Jackson.
  14. SF2

    Hue is Back

    Lets just get it out: Hiring Hue Jackson makes the franchise look fucking ridiculous. Seriously? A guy who totally sucked as a HC and his ONLY success was taking over a very good offense built by Jay Gruden. This is fucking stupid. Obviously we got a guy cheap who will either take over as OC or HC next year.
  15. Yes, the defense was legitimately the best defense in the NFL at the end of the season. Dalton getting hurt sucked. Mike Brown Karma.

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