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  1. So you are they guy letting the piss hanky waving bastards in!!!
  2. More like, "Didn't we already have the draft this year?"
  3. I know were you sit Amish!!(Sinister Laugh follows)
  4. But the Reds are only 13.5 games back.
  5. Hopefully it isn't Jaguars vs Bill Wildcard game. I am still thinking of suing the NFL for 4 hours of my life back.
  6. I volunteer, what in God's name is this all about?? I mean he has his tongue up a girl's (I am assuming) ass?? Doesn't look like you standard porn fare either (not that I have ever seen porn on the internet but understand there are a few secret sites that have nekkid pictures.)
  7. Absolutely. Pac Man WAS trying to stay away. The guy was the one running his mouth and obviously said something fucked up to Pac Man's lady friend. Even if Pac Man said something bad at first, this dude is AT WORK at an airport.
  8. SF2

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    Yep. If the guy is healthy he should be getting the ball quite a bit. Anytime you have a player who has "take the ball to the House" speed, you want him to get the ball. It forces the defense to protect over the top. There is a reason New Orleans is willing to pay old man Ted Ginn $3 mil a year, speed!!
  9. I totally agree but the video seems to paint an entirely different picture. The guy seems to be the aggressor and Pac Man's girl was keeping him away from said douche. All of a sudden, she attacks the guy. Obviously, he said something pretty bad to elicit that response out of her. I don't know what started the whole thing but she was being a peacemaker until the guy probably said something. Again, you have to be some kind of fool to try and pick a fight with an NFL cornerback. They may be some of the smallest guys on the field but they are probably stronger and faster than 99% of men in this country. My room mate was a Div 1 cornerback. 5-10 170 lbs and he could break my hand just by shaking it if he wanted to. 7% body fat which is insane and he could bench twice his body weight. Other than other football players and wrestlers, few people ever experience fucking with guys this strong and physically fit.
  10. Why would anyone risk getting arrested and losing his job to get their ass kicked by an NFL player? Pac Man is around 6' 200 lbs and probably not an ounce of fat.
  11. I think the point is that we had talent, every NFL team does. QB is typically a deal breaker when you are talking about post season runs. Our team didn't go 2-14 in 2002 because we lacked talent, it did so because the organization was being run like a mid tier division III college program.
  12. That was so the spies Pittsburgh had in our locker room couldn't plan for them. Got us an extra 2 wins in 2001.
  13. Yeah, I knew who they are, its just that making our path to getting to the playoffs having us lose to a horrible Indy team and to Tampa at home while sweeping the Stealers is rather laughable.
  14. Wow, that was just painful to watch. Did they just find these guys on the street and put nice clothes on them?

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