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  1. Have we traded someone of note away mid season (lately) other than the Quitter??
  2. No successful team (actually winning playoff games) has spent a 1st round pick on a TE in the last 11 years unless you count this years 0-5 New York Giants who took one this year. Guess what, few good teams spend first round picks on running backs or #2 WRs either. The game has changed and Eifert still isn't elite. In the last 10 years neither Green Bay, Seattle, nor New England have chosen an offensive skill position in the first round. The Stealers did in 2008. The last offensive player who wasn't a lineman chosen by the Packers? QB Aaron Rodgers in 2005. The last offensive player who wasn't a lineman chosen by the Patriots? RB Laurence Maroney in 2006 who only played 4 years there. The last offensive player who wasn't a lineman chosen by the Seahawks? TE superstar Jerramy Stevens in 2002 The last offensive player who wasn't a lineman chosen by the Stealers? RB Rashard Mendenhall in 2008 who was decent. The last offensive player who wasn't a lineman chosen by the Ravens? WR BUST Breshad Perriman in 2015 then Joe Flacco in 2008. The last offensive player who wasn't a lineman chosen by the Giants? WR Odell Beckham Jr. 2014 who is a #1 WR and possibly the best WR in the league when healthy. Next RB David Wilson 2012 who was a bust. The last offensive player who wasn't a lineman chosen by the Broncos? QB Paxton Lynch 2016 sitting the bench. Damarius Thomas WR 2010 who is a #1 receiver. So what does the RECENT drafting habits of the recent Super Bowl winning teams tell you Fred (No, I don't care what happened in 2001)?? You spend first first round picks on lineman, QBs (if you have to) or #1 WRs. Not tight ends, not #2 WRs and not RBs. Now if you are Detroit, Cleveland or Cincinnati, you obviously are more intelligent and do the opposite. I mean we do have a total of 2 playoff wins in a combined 75 years of of seasons among us. I mean Cleveland loves drafting bad QBs, TEs, RBs and slot receivers in the first round. Model franchise.
  3. First of all, you are going back more than 10 years. The rules have changed in favor of wide receivers in that time frame. But just to humor you: I said, specifically, that using mid to early 1st round picks on a TE was foolish. The position does NOT rate the pick in almost every case. Patriots.....Ben Watson 32nd pick. Patriots Danial Graham bust. Patriots learned their lessons and these 2 were hardly the reason why NE won Superbowls. Giants......Jeremy Shockey in first round...won two Super Bowls. Chosen in 2002. He was a good tight end. There is 1. Colts........Dallas Clark in first round...won a Super Bowl yeah, a team that needed defense chose a tight end. Brilliant. They only won 1 Superbowl with Peyton Manning and now the organization is garbage. Wasted pick but good player. There is 2. Ravens....Todd Heap in first round....won a Super Bowl 31st pick. Stealers...Heath Miller in first round...won 2 Super Bowls 30th pick Niners......Vernon Davis in first round..made it to a Super Bowl SF never had a top 10 offense in the 10 years he was there. Good player though. There is 3. BTW, neither Gresham or Eifert are as good as any of these guys save Daniel Graham. So going back 17 years we have what? 3 tight ends chosen mid round or higher in the first round of the draft that were worth the pick. 3 in 17 years. BTW, here are the first round WR chosen in that same time frame. THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T WASTE a top 25 pick on a Tight END. Protect your QB and let these guys get downfield. https://tinyurl.com/ycayzh4h
  4. SNL could do a skit of the NFL Replay room full of Patriot posters, the Tom Brady cafeteria and the Stealers complimentary Hot Tub and bar. 85% of the country would love it. Someone play Roger Goddell who would overturn any bad calls against those asshats. Roger: "I am gonna have to over rule you Jim, looks like Alex Smith backed into Mitchell's helmet to me. Want another free beer and your paycheck?"
  5. Yes, but Adam Jones is getting hit with a $2500 fine for watching the game. BTW, I love your new avitar. KiWi fruit is very under rated and good for you.
  6. So now you are saying he isn't Elite or are you saying for 13 WHOLE games in 2015, Tyler Eifert was as Elite as Nick Foles was in 2013? My point is really more that you are ball washer. You continue to carry water for an organization that has employed a coach for 15 years who hasn't even won a single playoff game and you defend him and the organization at every turn. Eifert had one good season and that season ended with a complete meltdown in the wild card game. Eiifert has an elite wife though. You make excuses for everything this organization does like drafting another TE in the first round 3 years after the first one. From 2007 to 2016 only 6 TEs were chosen in the first round. The teams that did it were the Jets, Bears, Detroit twice and the Bengals twice. The Jets used the 30th pick to get Dustin Keller and Chicago used the 31st pick to get Greg Olsen. Olsen is the only one who was worthy of being chosen in the first round albeit very late in the first round. Good teams don't use high to mid first round picks on Tight ends. It simply isn't a top 25 position. We take 2 in 4 years. You are way better off getting a good slot receiver and using your tight end to help pass and run block. But you will defend the brain trust. Brilliant moves. This begs the question why do we feel it is so important to spend first round picks on tight ends when the good teams use later picks to get decent players? Why does Andy Dalton need so many weapons to be successful while most go QBs do with far less (and better O lines)? Which brings us to,.. Why did we spend a first round pick on Ross, THE 9th pick no less? He is not a #1 receiver. He would not be a #1 receiver on this team until 2020 at best. At 5'11" he is not tall enough to go up and get some of Andy Dalton's passes time after time like Green can. You don't use first round pics on #2 or #3 receivers. In 10 years the Patriots highest drafted WR? Aaron Dobson at pick 53 next is Brandon Tate at pick #83. Green Bay? Jordy Nelson #36, Devante Adams #53, Randall Cobb #64. Denver? Demarious Thomas #22, Eddie Royal #42. Sure use a first round pick on a true #1 receiver, I have no problem with that. Ross isn't that guy. We just spent the #9 pick on Ted Ginn. Brilliant. If he were on any NFC team most of us wouldn't even know who Eifert is other than for fantasy value.
  7. After a long and detailed investigation by Roger Goodell from the warm confines of the Art Rooney II vacation home, Mitchell will be awarded AFC Defensive player of the week for week 7.
  8. KC was looking good but they now have WAY too many injuries. They ran out of receivers yesterday and their secondary,..I thought I saw Chris Crocker out there for a few plays.
  9. Its 2017 Skippy. 27 Year old Tyler Eifert's stat line for this year will read 4 catches for 46 yards. In 2016 he had 29 catches for 394 yards. Not elite. Had a great 2015, that is all. He has played in 2 playoff games. AWOL the first one, was very mediocre for the other. Gotta play big in big games to be elite. Gresham is a 2 time pro bowler,..he isn't elite either. BTW, here is the elite Nick Foles 2013 highlights. He is the future of the Eagles,..even Deion Sanders says so!!
  10. As each week passes it has become apparent that the 2017 version of the NFL is one steaming pile of mediocrity. At this point we have as good a chance as any to make the playoffs. Pittspuke looked good against a depleted KC offense and defense but have sucked against good defenses. Baltimore is terrible. Cleveland is beyond terrible and are in full intentional tank the season mode. The rest of the AFC looks,.. meh. New England is very average although they have the best player in the league on their team, the NFL front office. The only team that looks good at this point is The Eagles. Us vs the Eagles in the Superbowl would be sweat.
  11. Eifert wasn't the best TE in the league in 2015. Not even top 3. Wasnt even an All-Pro. Therefore according to the above definition, he was not elite. Good evening gentlemen.
  12. John Ross

    No, simply not true. You are making shit up again. I don't think I even responded about Ross on draft day. My only comment was we drafted a shiny object we did not need but that was much later. My other comment was it would be nice to really know what is wrong with our first round draft choice. I never expected him to play much this year anyways. I doubt I ever said much about Eifert either other than we didn't need to spend another first round pick on a tight end at the time. I didn't even know he had a back issue in college until recently.
  13. Bo only had 4 seasons and played in only 39 games so they are one in the same. Your obsessed with making Bengals players and management decisions far better than they ever were. Eifert is not elite. He was one of the best tight ends in the game for a very BRIEF period of time just as Jackson was the best pure runners for a brief period of time. Doesn't make them elite. Elite players play at a high level for an extended period of time and are key to the actual success of the team. They win multiple awards and accolades and are recognized by their peers. Eifert has done neither. BTW, success does mean post season success at some level other than just making it to the playoffs. For you success seems to be not being as bad as we were before Marvin. Not sucking as bad is your battle cry.
  14. Take Marcus Allen's best 4 years and compare to Bo. Take Allen's best year, 1985 and compare to Bo's best year. Jackson was a part time player. Seriously you guys love shiny objects.
  15. John Ross

    BTW, Tyler Eifert's only major injury in college, BACK issue that kept him out his entire Freshman year. Worst sports injury you can have is back issues,..just ask Tiger.

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