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  1. For you non metric types out there that means with only a 300 ft vertical drop, they would have needed to pile up an additional 2325 feet of dirt to make Mad River mountain work. That is a lot of dirt.
  2. I have made it from the top to the bottom of Mad River in 17 seconds. Ski Patrol was a little pissed. As soon as your skis hit the top of the hill while still on the chair lift, the clock started.
  3. LOL, you are correct. I should have phrased it, "Offering peanuts to an All-Pro Tackle knowing you would get outbid and thinking you had a viable replacement." And talk about taking a ride in the Way Back machine. Lily Tomlin on Laugh In.
  4. Or save money by trading away pro bowl quality offensive lineman for Ryan Leaf level busts.
  5. I would rather have AJ for 1 year no doubt. Even the Stealers would swap Jar Jar for Green for 2019 if they could pay him the same amount. Being an NFL GM is the most important and difficult jobs in pro sports which is why you need a great one. The cap math is complex as hell with all kinds of weird dates and benchmarks.
  6. I only have to pay Smith 1.9mil the next 2 years which will be rebuilding years or re-sign Green for a minimum of $15 mil a year for 4 years with $35+ mil being guaranteed? What do you think most GMs in the Bengals’ situation would do given the option? Loyalty is a bad trait for a professional sports GM.
  7. It doesn’t matter how good he is, WRs ultimately have to produce and they need the team around them to do it. Green is being wasted here just like Megaton was in Detroit
  8. 100% correct. The unfortunate thing is you won't have to worry about either being very good this season.
  9. Or is could be that Ju Ju is now the number 1 receiver, he is playing on a team with one of the best offensive lines in the NFL and his QB is a future Hall of Famer. Sure, Big Jen is a rapist, he also turned a 6th round WR named Antonio Brown into the most productive wide receiver in football the last 6 years. Since AJ Green entered the NFL he has 8907 yards receiving, Brown has 11,050. That is on the rapist. Yes, AJ Green has consistently performed at an elite level but he plays for the Bengals, a team that let its offensive line turn to shit and thinks a broken down player who has missed 45 games in 5 years is the answer at tight end. They also think one of the worst RTs in the game deserved a long term deal. A team that drafted another hurt player in the first round. A team that drafted a guy with the #9 pick that ran fast in his underwear. He also has Andy "Throw it high and hope he doesn't die" Dalton throwing passes at him. Green risks his life every time he goes out for a pass from Dalton who consistently forces him to expose himself to big hits either by going up for the ball or having to stop at yet another ball thrown slightly behind him. And since Green and Dalton arrived the team is 3-14 against Pittsburgh so yeah, Pittsburgh been pretty much better in almost every conceivable way. Its no conspiracy, its an inept front office that is using a slide ruler, graph paper, Ouija Board and Hope as a draft strategy and wouldn't spend an extra nickle in free agency to get this team over its playoff win drought. Lets keep that coach around who is 0-7 in the playoffs and is a whole 9 games over .500 lifetime after 16 seasons. Don't worry though, this new crew of never been coaches will fix everything. I will be shocked if Green re-signs here. My guess is he will be a Carolina Panther next year and no, I really don't care what he says in public, he has class and will leave that way.
  10. The entire article is NOT premised as such. The author spent almost the entire paragraph discussing his recent injuries and health. He also discussed the cold hard fact, something Green even admits, that he didn’t play up to his formerly elite standards in 2017 which was his last full season. He never once said Green, at 31 was too old only that his best days may be behind him due to injuries. He went out of his way to praise Green and said he had carried the team offensively for years.
  11. I wish I could be but I was supposed to believe we had Whit, Zeitler and Andre Smith’s replacement in 2017. I was misled. Imagine AJ, Dalton and Mixon with 3 pro bowl lineman in front of them. Fucking Stealers.
  12. No way a healthy Green out performs a healthy JuJu. Dalton will not have time to throw. Rothliesburger stands back there for an eternity.
  13. Yep, impossible to blame Boling. Blood clots are killers, he has zero reason to continue playing after earning over $24mil in the NFL. Best of luck to him. Well, the bully is gonna need some lemons first.
  14. Nobody is saying that, straw man argument. What people are saying is that Green has missed 13 games the last 3 years and is coming off a surgery that isn't always successful. They are also saying that in his last full season (2017), every one of his receiving metrics dropped. Add in our Oline in going to be worse than last year (little change and Boling gone) and its easy to elevate Shuster over Green for 2019. Hate the Stealers all you want, they have 3 pro bowl lineman on their team and the Rapist likes to throw the ball. Their oline is light years better than ours. If Green and Shuster switched teams and Green stayed healthy, he would be a top 3 receiver in the league. Big Jen threw for 5000 yards last year, the Bengals threw for 3290. Dalton will not have nearly the time to throw the Rapist will. Sorry but facts can be troubling things.
  15. They scored 13 points against a very average defense. The defense and running game won that Super Bowl just like the defense won Manning's last Super Bowl.

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