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  1. SF2


    He is better IMHO but not so much that we would give much up to get him. If we were to make this kind of move now would be the time to do it.
  2. Hush your whore mouth. Dale Earnhardt Sr drove a Chevrolet Monte Carlo.
  3. SF2


    Tannehill is better than Dalton. If he ever had an O line and AJ as his #1 receiver he would be quite a bit better. Doesn’t mean he is great.
  4. I wish I was a shitty NFL GM with an IMAX theatre in my yacht.
  5. So the “optional video system” on his boat coast 10X more than my house? Shit.
  6. I don't disagree with any of this. I certainly don't think the league gives a shit about player safety. They DO care about losing massive lawsuits because they refused to change once they knew about the concussions. They learned their lesson very well by watching what the tobacco companies had to pay out by NOT acknowledging the problem once they knew. $246 billion is a lot of money. No doubt the league will do everything they can to protect the QBs to include looking away from a lot of the holding calls. The QBs are the face of the league. This weekend it is Brady vs Mahomes and Brees vs Goff. It isn't being advertised Edelman vs Hill and Thomas vs Gurley. Most casual fans could not name another 2 players on any of those teams. That said, a linebacker who tackles legally won't be an issue in my opinion. They don't get near the QB that often anyways unless they play outside on a 3-4 defense, something we don't run. We need a guy who can run sideline to sideline and be effective against swing passes and passes to the tight end. White is that guy if he could actually last until 11. Keep in mind if OTs Jonah Williams or Cody Ford are still on the board its a no brainer(doubtful). If White is gone I think you trade down for OT Dalton Risner.
  7. Miller was picked at 15 and had a good rookie season. Wynn was picked at 23 and didn’t play. None of the 2nd rounders started the season but some did later and played ok.
  8. We have to have a guy who can start day one. If there is one in FA, they need to take him. There are multiple linebackers and TEs in the draft that could start day 1 on this team. Not so at OT that we will have a shot at I believe.
  9. The NFL had no choice but to change. CTE is a huge liability problem for the league. The game has changed. If it had not, it would have been litigated out of existence I am not the one who said we can’t draft a stud linebacker because the league has it out for the Bengals. The league doesn’t have it out for the Bengals, it has it out for Burfict. If Burfict were traded tomorrow the league would still have it out for Burfict. It’s the same league that suspended The Chosen One Tom Brady for 4 games because he wouldn’t give the Commissioner his cell phone.
  10. Sorry, you implied the league would target him for flags which everyone knows was an indirect reference to Burfict’s propensity to get flagged. I don’t see scary Burfict, I see a guy who missed at least the first 3 games of the last 4 seasons because he can’t play within the rules. A guy that has missed 34 games in the last 5 years. A guy who keeps giving himself concussions. Scary is not the word I would use. Now you are justifying Burfict’s behavior because back in the old days, everybody did it? It isn’t the old days. There are cameras everywhere. Every play can be reviewed by the league office per the players’ agreed to CBA. Everyone used to take drugs and do steroids too. It’s 2019, not 1969. If if you hate the product and think there is a conspiracy to shit on the Bengals why are you a fan?
  11. I agree but the real issue is our staff will be a month behind the power curve. It is going to be a full makeover of everything except special teams. A lot of work to do.
  12. Best tackle or LB at 11. If we have to move down, so be it.
  13. Depends on how you read it. Is he being sarcastic? I doubt it but you never know. The emojis always throw me.
  14. So obviously the league hates the Stealers as well after the phantom pass interference play cost them a victory and playoff birth against the Saints. I dont hate the team, I just don’t make excuses up for them, particularly in the case of Burfict. He is being treated the way he should be. He has become a part time player and embarrassment for the club because he can’t quit lowering his head to make hits. Everyone else seems to have figured it out. Acting as if White would be treated the same just because the league has it out for the Bengals is ludicrous. Clay Matthews has fined 7 times for various late or excessive hits. The only difference his he wasn't grabbing people's nuts or twisting their ankles.

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