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  1. Exactly!!! Marvin had 7 good to great years as a Defensive Coordinator in the NFL, Taylor had nothing close to his resume. A couple of games as the interim OC at Miami after Lazor got fired. He wasn't asked back.
  2. If Burfict would have kept his on field "issues" isolated to only Stealers' players, the fans would chip in to build a statue of him at PBS. Unfortunately, that was not the case.
  3. Other than our #1, #3, #4 receivers being out along with the assumed starters at LT, LG, C, RG missing, the team's situation is fine.
  4. “But if you surround him with a bunch of talent he can be a good game manager who can get you to the playoffs”~ Every sports radio show about Andy Dalton in 2012 Hobson thinks Ross, Boyd, Green and Williams might be on the field together this season. LOL.
  5. Owen had already torn his hamstring and ACL I think twice before he went to United. He was a shell of his former self. He and Solskjaer were extraordinary players who couldn’t stay healthy. I fear Jackson is on the same path.
  6. He had one run yesterday that was simply ridiculous but at the end he allow a defender to hit him pretty good. It just takes one freak tackle and he becomes another guy.
  7. Jerry Jeudy, WR Alabama. Top WR prospect and probably in great shape playing for Sabin an his grist mill program.
  8. And the reality is Tyler Boyd is a decent #2 receiver who can easily be neutralized by an average cover corner. Jar Jar Smith in Pittsburgh is having the same issue. No true #1 receiver lets the defensive team use their best corner to completely shut down the #2 guy. Boyd caught 1 pass yesterday for 0 yards. Green rarely gets completely taken out of games. Not having Green or even Ross out there significantly hurts the other players ability to get open. Tate was doing ok as the #2 but he is really the only guy able to get open besides Eifert on occasion.
  9. The team is horribly boring. 73 net passing yards and 10 points. After the first quarter touchdown the team managed 158 yards of offense and 3 points. Thankfully I only saw the last quarter which was like watching a marginal high school team with a weak armed QB try and pass, down by 10. Defense was ok.
  10. Well, he is completing 66% of his passes and has a passer rating of 103. "Make him have to thrown into a tight window and see how he does"? Really? That is brilliant!! I can't believe the defensive coordinators out there have not thought about this strategy.
  11. Oh there won't be any signs, it will all happen in the blink of an eye just like Tua, Alex Smith or Sam Bradford.
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