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  1. Meh, in 2012 the Lions were 4-12 And Calvin Johnson had 1964 yards receiving and only 5 TDs receiving. Stafford is garbage in the Red Zone. Dalton has almost identical stats to Stafford and has never had a decent running game either. One is a franchise QB the other sucks.
  2. This is a worthless article. He calls Matthew Stafford a franchise QB and leaves out Drew Brees? Stafford has won NOTHING. Zero, Nada, Zilch. Not even a division playoff game. Laughable.
  3. I do all the work myself and the C32 shares many of the same parts as a c230 or W203. Ordered everything from online. Cost me about $350. No way I will sell this thing, flat out blast to drive. Peeling all the blue fucking plastic off the car though was a different matter. Who the hell plastic dips a Mercedes?
  4. Good point but Philly should have gotten way more love than us last year considering they had a better record than us in 2016 and they are in a bigger market.
  5. We were pre-season 15-1 to win the Superbowl last year. Philly was 55-1. Pre-season odds are many times way wrong.
  6. I have a C32 AMG in the garage. Son found it on Craigslist for $500. Idiot woman had no idea what she owned. Cost me $32 to fix it. Transmission plug had bad o rings. Took 20 minutes to replace it.
  7. Considering their other 2 corners suck, not sure why this is a surprise.
  8. No way a guy who got a 13 on his Wonderlic is going to push anyone. Keep in mind, that is after intense studying and sample problems to try and increase his score. There is little recent history of QBs with low Wonderlics succeeding in todays very cerebral game. And don't pull out guys from the 80s as examples,..the Wonderlic didn't carry nearly the weight back then. Now if we would have moved up and taken one of the other 2 QBs (that will be good), I would buy King's argument but Jackson will NOT be a successful long term QB in this league. Might have some RGIII success early but he will suffer the same fate. Just ask Marcus Mariotta how well running around works long term. BTW, this is what SI said about our first round pick: "It’s not a sexy pick, especially with Lamar Jackson, a potential replacement for Andy Dalton, on the board. But it’s a grossly necessary pick. The Bengals have had major problems against interior designer pass rush tactics the past two years, and their O-line got no movement in the ground game last season. A-"
  9. From what I remember, he had several "guys". BTW, I had a discussion with another friend that has a "guy". He told me there is no way he would ever open an account at a legal book maker to do his betting. He had some really good points. 1. NO reporting to the IRS. For him, any money he won would be taxed at his very high income tax bracket (35%). While you can deduct overall losses to a point, the winnings and losses have to be itemized ie each bet placed has to be shown. 2. Per 1 above He doesn't want his wife to know how many games he actually bets on each week and the extent of his gambling wins or losses. She does the taxes so they would receive an annual statement from the legal book. I also think he doesn't really wants to know how much he losses every year. Not saying its huge but he bets on something almost every week and football season he probably has 50 bets a weekend.
  10. Pretty much his drug dealer "friend" convincing him to move on to adult drugs like coke and then crack. Of course it was given a cooler name in the white suburbs aka freebasing.
  11. He actually got it from another guy most of us went to school with who delt weed in high school. Guy increased his inventory to include more lucrative products as his clients became older and wealthier. Coke, ecstasy and crack were his big sellers according to another friend that had a coke issue with said dealer but didn't go deep end. There is one in almost every town regardless of economic situation. The big differences was this guy was clean cut, didn't belong to a gang and did most of his sales in his client's nice kitchens in the suburbs. Doesn't change the fact he was a drug dealer.
  12. Not going to say one is better than the other, both are horrible. I had one friend with the drug issue. Married with kids. Well known local guy from a fairly wealthy family. Wife was a total sweetheart. Started smoking crack (quite a few years ago). We tried to help him but he could not stay off the stuff. Wife finally left him with the kids. She asked one of my friends to go get some of her stuff a few weeks later. He found him at home at 3 pm, in the dark, asleep in the bed with 3 other people (2 skanky sluts and probably the dealer) and the house a mess. Took him years to get straight. Remarried, same thing. A few good years, couple of kids, sweetheart wife, started smoking meth. Almost the same result. Clean right now. Saw him a few weeks ago.
  13. The guys with zero stat lines were chosen pick 149th (fifth round) or higher.
  14. I am with you on this. How do you justify picking a guy at #9 that needs this much hand holding?

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