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  1. They have the Clowns at 9. Considering how good that team should be on paper, Vegas really has no respect for Baker. Same with Tua at Miami.
  2. Tom Daugherty is currently 3rd on the PBA tour but he has been on fire lately. He has a shot at the 2021 championship.
  3. Keep in mind we play 17 games this year. That places us tied at 3rd from last. https://www.thelines.com/odds/nfl-win-totals/
  4. Actually, I said Sewell would help the team. I just don’t think he will be a best at his position type player. Doesn’t mean he won’t be a good offensive lineman which we certainly could use. Pitts looks to be some type of Cyborb who runs great routes and catches everything. He is like Zion Williamson athletically. Generational talent in the NFL is based on much shorter blocks of time than 25 years. More like 10. Brady is the best QB in the last 10 years. Manning probably before him.
  5. To be honest, Gio’s fumble in the 2nd quarter of the San Diego playoff game will forever be burned into my memory. We would have gone into halftime up 17-7. He was on a contender and like most of the Bengals of that era, choked.
  6. Sounds like the next former Bengals RB to play at New England.
  7. The reality is Lawrence and Pitts are projecting to be generational talents. They are by far the two best players in the draft. Sewell looks to be a very good player but do the Bengals use the #5 pick on a player that will probably be “good”? No doubt good would be very helpful on that line.
  8. Pretty classless move by the Bengals. If they wanted to move on they should have done it at the beginning of FA, not a month in. This organization just doesn’t give a damn about its players. No wonder this is a last resort for many or a big payday for the below average.
  9. That’s why you gotta be a master of the cap and rookie contract. It’s better to trade up for the chance to have a complete stud for what seams like pennies.
  10. We have seen this movie before. Jones and Sanu. Replaced by Brandon Lafell and a rookie Boyd. Offense went from 7th to 24th. The good thing is that would be 3 years down the road. #5 pick costs about $7.6mil a year for 4 years.
  11. Not sure that is the smart move BUT I think he will be a hell of a player wherever he goes.
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