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  1. I don't disagree at all, I just think they are not as important as many feel. Megatron, Randy Moss, Terrel Owens and Larry Fitzgerald were all great but didn't win rings. Guys like Danny Amendila and Julian Edelman do.
  2. McCarron has only started 4(?) games? Also, elite WRs are not nearly as rare or important as decent experienced starting QBs and guys like Dunlap and Atkins.
  3. How the hell do you not protect Dalton? QB is by far the most important position on the team.
  4. If I wear any Bengals gear I usually just get a sad look and sometimes a free bowl of soup!
  5. Yeah I didn't count the loss in 1991 since Marvin wasn't the coach but you are correct.
  6. 26 soon to be 27 year is a little more than a jinx, its almost impossible. Considering 37.5% of the NFL makes the playoffs every year, not winning a playoff game in 26 years has very long odds. In fact, the odds, if all things are equal is 0.452%. Obviously, not all things are equal since different franchises are run better than others. Odds of losing 7 straight playoff games? 0.78%.
  7. Why don't you quit your crying and go buy a "#6 in Come for Behind Victories" t shirt like the rest of us? I wear it when my "Playoffs: 5 Years in a Row, Bitches" shirt is in the wash.
  8. And Eifert may not be ready when training camp begins either.
  9. And Mixon is NOT running behind the Dallas O Line like Elliot did last season. If the O Line struggles, so will he.
  10. The line stepping up is a huge if. Consider that Fisher who has shown little is next to Andre Smith who has never played guard and is definitely on the decline. It looks bad on paper. Oogie at LT is plain scary. He has to have made huge strides just to be ok. Depth at O line almost non existent. Everything else looks pretty good.
  11. Williams is going into his 5th year and is 26. He isn't young and should be playing his best football already. If, as you say, isn't as good as a starter then we will need to start looking. I happen to think he is pretty good
  12. Yeah, it does come from PFF and they do a decent job of ranking players. If total tackles was the only metric, Dahani Jones would have gotten a fat new contract, not a gold watch and pat on the back on the way out. If your defending Peko's play the last few years then you probably think Clay Matthews Jr. is still a great linebacker. Most importantly the BENGALS didn't think giving Peko a 2 year deal for the same money he made the last 2 years was a good investment.
  13. 19. Cincinnati Bengals Top overall grade: LB Vontaze Burfict, 87.6 Lowest overall grade: DE Michael Johnson, 41.1 The talent disparity along the Bengals’ defensive line is quite amazing. Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap are both top-15 players at their respective positions, but the line didn’t feature a single other player with a competent grade in 2016. Michael Johnson, Domata Peko, Pat Sims, and Will Clarke all saw more than 350 snaps, with none of them grading higher than 46.6. In 2010 our top tackler was Dhani Jones. The next year he was out of football. Your stats do not change what my eyeballs are seeing and the Bengals DIDN'T pay him almost the exact same amount he made in 2016 to stay.
  14. Nonsense, Peko has consistently been rated one of the worst interior lineman in the NFL over the last 5 years. Bottom 25%. Denver over reached but it is a short term far cheaper deal than resigning Williams. Better lineman were available but they are 6 mil over the cap therefore they paid what they could for a veteran.