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  1. Meh, I have never even been on a reservation or close to one. I don't think my opinion matters in this regard.
  2. Sometimes us mods just let the guy hang themselves.
  3. Yeah I did. I watched Dobbins drop two touchdown passes. I watched Lawrence break free for a 67 yard TD run to end the half. I watched a player rough the punter on the 3 yard line giving Clemson a new set of downs and the result: A 53 yard screen play for a TD in the 3rd quarter throwing to who's side, Chase Young. Next series Fields threw into double coverage resulting in his 2nd pick although I certainly don't blame Fields for that loss, he came back and retook the lead on some beautiful passing. I then watched Clemson go 90 yards in 4 plays using simple dumps and screens against a totally undisciplined pass rush coupled with TERRIBLE tackling. The TD was a simple dump play 5 yards down field to a wide open Etienne. Gee if only those defensive ends (cough cough Chase Young) and linebackers had stayed in contain and not given up so many big EASY plays. Ohio State had numerous chances to put that game away early. Should have scored at least 24 in the first half not 16. Shouldn't have let Clemson back into the game so easily. They were so UNDISCIPLINED on defense. They were constantly getting completely out of position on numerous plays allowing for huge gains on simple 5 to 10 yard screens, dumps and QB draws. Add in a stupid roughing the punter call ie going low into the kicker on the 5 yard line? Dumb. Blaming the refs for one call and then pulling the old "The refs screwed us the whole game" is why I am simply a casual Buckeyes fan.
  4. Since I am 1/32 native American I would just do the Tomahawk Chop with my pinkie. Fortunately, I don't follow a single team named after Native Americans.
  5. Maybe a spot for a Divisional playoff round participation trophy.
  6. LOL, they put up 46 on Alabama in their house. Auburn was a close game. Didn’t OSU lose to Clemson? Let me rephrase that, didn’t OSU choke against Clemson? Remember, that game? The one Chase Young had 1 tackle and zero sacks in? It was just last month.
  7. Oh I despise the 49ers. Saints were in their division for 30 years and they kicked our ass every year. I also hate the fucking Falcons. Still, the Stealers are by far my most hated team due to being cheating dirtbags and having a rapist as their QB.
  8. Was Mayfield’s wife’s nipples totally poking out in that last commercial? Asking for my 18 year son.
  9. You are so full of it. If the Buckeyes stepped on the field with the Bengals, they would lose by 60 plus. Anyone that tries to pull that retarded dumb shit knows NOTHING about the NFL. The Bengals would rape them like Greeks.
  10. There have been 14 QBs chose #1 since 2000. Only David Carr and JaMarcus Russell would be considered busts. Bradford was good but couldn't stay healthy. Rest of them were pretty good but only Eli Manning ever won a Super Bowl. You are not incorrect, a good scouting department would have prevented the drafting of a few of these guys up top in particular Russell whose work ethic and eating habits were issues AT LSU. That said, if you can tell us which one of these guys is the next Mahomes, Rodgers, the Rapist, Brees, or Wilson it would be appreciated. There are a lot of mid 1st round to late 2nd round QBs chosen that did almost nothing in this league.
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