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  1. They have a bunch of picks next year as well. Plus their organization is pretty dysfunctional.
  2. I am 6' 240 and don't like tying my shoes.
  3. Yes, MrChadRico, I would love to trade. I want the #5, #18, #39 and your second first round pick for next year. Don't listen to all these "Get off My Lawn" grumpy old men with their ball sacks hanging around their knees.
  4. Zero upside to taking Herbert short term, ZERO. It would simply piss off the fan base to no end to make this move. Maybe if they took 3 picks from Miami and did it people might buy in but drafting him with the #1 would set of a torrent of negative publicity.
  5. I think we should trade down with Miami in the draft. I would take their first 2 first round picks and their 2nd rounder (#39) and second 1st rounder in 2021. Would rather have an extra 1st rounder next year to deal with whatever kicks us in the nuts in 2020. Every teams takes one to the nuts every year. With that move here is what I would do. round 1, #5: Either Jedrick Wills: OT, Alabama or Jeffrey Okudah CB Ohio State. Getting Okudah would be insanely awesome. Absolute shut down corner. round 1, #18: If they don't get Okudah hoping CJ Hendrson, CB Florida of Fulton CB, LSU. Otherwise its linebacker Kenneth Murray or Patrick Queen. round 2, #39: Best BPA that is a OT or WR. Lean toward WR since there would still be quality guys there. Who is my QB? It isn't Andy or Cam Newton. I am signing Jameis Winston to a 2 year prove it to us deal. I honestly think the Brady signing was STUPID. NE doesn't low ball him unless they think he is done. Ariens and TB are acting like a labrador retriever at an indoor tennis facility. Everyone talks about Winston's INTS but that wasn't his norm the previous 4 years. What has been the norm is Tampa's defense has been pretty damn bad the last 4 years. If the guy can cut the ints in half, he is balling. Just keep him loaded up with crab legs. He is still VERY young and dude can throw the hell out of the ball.
  6. Not a Warrick hater but as the overall #4 pick he was a bust particularly since he got paid under the old rookie salary rules. Less than 3000 receiving yards lifetime.
  7. Don't get me wrong, Manning had a great career in New York but Tom Coughlin was WAY better than Norv Turner and Mike McCoy as coaches particularly in the playoffs.
  8. Manning wouldn't have won anything on those stone age Norv Turner and Mike McCoy run teams.
  9. Burfict when he kept his cool was a game changer.
  10. Dan Wilkenson started 182 games in the NFL. Did he live up to his draft slot? No. Was he a bust, absolutely not. Missed 7 games in his first 12 years. BTW, he sure did forget about first rounders David Klingler, Akille Smith, Ki-Jana Carter, John Ross, Billy Price, Andre Smith, Cedric Ogbuehi, Peter Warrick, Pete Koch, David Rimington and David Verser.
  11. Just to put things in perspective here is what the Chargers received in the Eli Manning Trade: Philip Rivers, QB 2004 3rd-round pick (Nate Kaeding, PK) 2005 1st-round pick (Shawne Merriman, OLB) 2005 5th-round pick (traded to TB for Roman Oben, OT) The Chargers won that trade. Granted the Giants won two Superbowls but Manning was never as good as Rivers and Merriman was a great player until he got hurt. . Kaeding was a good kicker too.
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