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  1. Glad the parole hearing finally went your way!!
  2. Boomer early 90s, Pickens mid 90s, Corey Dillon late 90s,
  3. Parrish was a 6X pro bowler as a Bengal which is pretty amazing given our small market status. Still, I don't have a problem with Riley at 3.
  4. Obviously the women in Cincinnati are so hot and easy there was no way Carson could help himself. That is why his wife wanted him back in So. California so he would not be surrounded by so many beautiful women of low morale character.
  5. Takeo Spikes has same issue. 15 years in NFL, missed only 21 games but not here long enough to make this list. Riley played here for 15 years, Parrish only 8. Parrish was a better player but Riley a better Bengal. Trumpy was a 4x pro bowler and 1x All pro. Has to be higher on list. Dillon is obviously on this list whether you like him or not. Read this to understand why. https://www.google.com/amp/s/taylorblitztimes.com/2014/02/23/corey-dillon-belongs-in-the-hall-of-fame/amp/
  6. Are you implying that the riots didn't occur? Are you implying the Cincinnati police didn't have serious issues in this area back then? Sanctimonious Yankees make me laugh. Didn't a UC cop get off after reently murdering a black guy sitting in his car?
  7. He was a dickhead to the organization, which deserved every bit of it. Oh no, he threw his pads into the stands! Meanie. Mean to the city? The same city that had race riots 2 years earlier after the police killed a black 19 year old for outstanding traffic tickets? LOL.
  8. What is he supposed to apologize for? Being the best player on a shitty team?
  9. Yeah, they signed him to the deal AFTER they had tagged him. You do understand how the salary tag works right? Play one year, get hurt, they toss you to the curb? Dillon's only real options were to sign a new contract with the Bengals, play a 1 one year tag deal (only an idiot would do at the RB position) or sit out.
  10. The reality is by the beginning of the 4th quarter in the first 6 playoff games, our team was in full choke mode. They were being completely out coached and out played at that point. We couldn't stop simple running plays and the offense was totally shitting themselves. The last game against Pittspuke was just disturbing on many levels. Marvin was outscored 96-29 in the second half of those playoff games and keep in mind, 4 of the 7 games were home games.
  11. Rivers completed 12 passes,..and we lost by 17.
  12. I got the same vibe as you. He stayed for 7 years which is an eternity in the NFL at the position. He was pissed the Bengals refused to let him go after a 2-14 season, his 6th.
  13. All the while he was 6th (2002), 2nd (2001) and 7th (2000) in the league in rushing. We managed a 12-34 record. Marvin had NO track record as a head coach meanwhile the Pats had won 2 Superbowls in 3 years. Nobody with 7 years under their belt would have stayed unless their name is Joe Thomas and they enjoy being the best player on the worst team in the league.
  14. I don't consider Burfict of questionable character. Great player on the field that sometimes tries to make the too big a hit and gets himself in trouble over it. Other than that, he isn't Martavious Bryant or Josh Gordon. I still think Marvin should have been let go after the San Diego playoff disaster. Totally out coached. The "defensive" guru couldn't stop the same running play over and over again. Pathetic.
  15. The Bengals gave him a chance and he was great. The rest of the team was utter shit to include the coaching and front office. In Dillion's 7 years 9 different QBs started for the team. The defense averaged 22nd in the league over those 7 years. The offense was an utter joke. Worse, they ran him over 300 times in a 2 win season in 2002. That pretty much summed up the ineptitude of the franchise back in the dark ages. He was a running back, very few of them last 7 years let alone do it exceptionally well for an incompetent franchise at the time. Only an idiot would want to stay given the opportunity to play for New England and I wish I had caught those shoulder pads. Left and got a ring. Way to go Corey.