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  1. He makes a lot of good points but this is still an apples to oranges comparison. If it were Josh Allen or Tom Brady doing this (current star QBs like Vick was) it would be wall to wall coverage. Also, ever since the Jenn Sterger incident, Favre has been pretty much ignored and shunned by the National media. Definitely correct about how some Americans view animal abuse verses stealing money from the needy. I know people, that given a choice, would chose the life of their dog over a fellow human being.
  2. Not at all. Mine scared the shit out of me the first time I slowed down in a turn and the front end slid a little. Having to apply power to keep it turning was unnerving. I eventually sold it and bought a vette.
  3. Having owned a Porsche 911 back in the 80s and having driven newer ones they are not toys and do not drive like most people think. It is very easy to get one sideways if you dont know what you are doing. Most people have never driven a high performance car with under steer characteristics. Hitting the brakes in a high speed turn are a no no.
  4. The last TNF game had over 15 mil viewers which was higher than last year when the game was on the NFL Network. Not sure why TNF has to be the color rush game but it probably has to do with money???
  5. Many do the same everyday particularly in government. Slide that contract over to your friend so you get a little piece of the action. Stuff like the use of the vacation home in Hilton Head, fishing trips, etc. As far as Favre is concerned he did NOT KEEP the money for himself which everyone seems to overlook. The money went to build a volleyball facility at Southern Miss. The source of the money is the real issue and if Favre knew exactly where it originated. This further strengthens my point that govt types do this shit all the time.
  6. This shit goes on ALL the time in big cities like Chicago and New York. Hell, I had to pay the comptroller of New Orleans $5k cash once just so she would cut our company an almost $200,000 check we were owed. Everyone knew the drill. He probably has a better chance of being prosecuted in Mississippi.
  7. Once the brain trust let Whit and Zeitler go with nothing remotely close to serviceable replacements, Dalton literally led the league in having the quickest release. It didn’t translate to wins but he didn’t die.
  8. This time is different. The teams of only a few years ago sucked everywhere. This team has a very good defense which ranks 7th in yards given up. If not for the 5 TOs and horrible field position they have had to deal with their points given up ranking would be better than 15th. The offense simply needs to get their shit together and the team will be fine. They can’t have another performance like the first two or the mood will begin to swing south. 0-3 is a deep whole historically.
  9. That game was crazy. Lamar had 4 TDs and over 400 yards of offense,…and lost.
  10. I would guess he would simply play if he passes protocol. He really is a matchup nightmare for teams considering they also have to deal with Chase. He really looked shaken up on that play so I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get cleared.
  11. That is way more than I thought but it certainly showed, he was ready at kickoff.
  12. I was at that game. Old Tulane Stadium. The sideline seats literally went right down to the field. No wall, railing or anything.
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