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  1. And he plays for the 2nd worse team in the league. However, this same team beat the Titans a few weeks ago so..
  2. Good- So many choices but I will pick one and say the defense turning Lamar into a pocket QB was a thing of beauty. We just had a solid month of every pundit and talking head proclaiming NOBODY can figure out Lamar. You d coordinators about to face Baltimore can thank us now. Bad- No longer under the radar Ugly- the no call on the headshot to Burrow. Burrow’s pick was pretty brutal but it’s a team effort.
  3. Being number 1 in the ENTIRE AFC means you are obviously #1 in the AFC North and get a bye. I agree being #1 in the North is step 1.
  4. Why? It’s not like there were any red flags before the draft (SF2 Googles Johnny Manziel Red Flags). Never mind.
  5. To be honest I don’t remember Browns fans saying much of anything to us since their team moved to Baltimore. It has been a pretty rough 22 years for them. They are not on my Hatedar like Pittspuke.
  6. A fully torn labrum is nothing to sneeze at. Their medical staff can’t possibly allow him to play, that is just stupid.
  7. LOL, that was very cringe worthy. I never pay much attention to anything coaches say for the most part. At my age I pretty much tune out the same ole, “We have to execute on offense better” pressers. At least Jim Mora and Mike Leach were entertaining.
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