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  1. I totally agree that beating Carolina at home was asking a lot. That said the things that really stand out are: John Ross, who has been with the organization for 18 months looks like a rookie in his first pre season game. The worst thing that can happen to an organization is to miss on a single digit draft choice. You have to pay them quite a bit of money and its guaranteed. In Ross' case $17.1 mil over 4 years. The dead cap NEXT year on Ross is $10.1 mil. Fucking brutal numbers for a guy who is basically your #4 receiver and does NOTHING else. We have almost no choice but to pray he gets better. The best thing that can happen is you strike gold with a 2nd round pick like Tyler Boyd. We have him under the rookie contract for 2 more years counting this year. That is only $837,000 for his services this year and the total risk to the club the day we signed him was a paltry $1.9 mil. The one thing we could do right now to make the team better is give Seattle a call and see if we can take Earl Thomas off their hands. Real ugly situation there. He and Burfict back would be a hell of a combo in the middle of the field. He wants out NOW.
  2. Right up there with watching Red's baseball, a team that hasn't been relevant for 28 years. Toche. I just assumed everyone knew that. Until we get Burfict back and up to speed our run defense will continue to suffer. Having the Dre liability in the secondary isn't helping.
  3. There is zero reason to keep him next year if he continues to play this bad. $4.2 mil dead cap to eat is nothing considering how much we pay him. No way we need to pay him $9.6 mil next year, he isn't close to worth that much.
  4. Good: It was a spectacular day at the lake. Took the pontoon out for one more ride, got the jet skis out for the season and enjoyed the awesome weather. Eifert caught a lot of balls. Boyd had nice game Glad we still have Gio. Bad: Pass rush was non existent for the most part. Panther Receivers were pee wee football wide open Ugly: Dre Kirkpatrick was simply horrendous. John Ross is borderline worthless. Cant even get separation. I thought he was fast? RT. No reason to elaborate. Linebackers were HORRID in pass coverage
  5. I dont think that is psychologically possible. It would be as if I were a Georgia and Auburn fan at the same time. SF2 = Saints Fan Too. I lived in New Orleans until I was 10. Went to plenty of AWFUL football games featuring Billy Kilmer and Ole Run around and get sacked Archie Manning. Moved to Dayton and started following the way better Bengals and Reds. Kind of hard to follow another team outside your broadcast area back in the day and there was no ESPN for highlights until we got cable 10 years later. Oh, I hate the Falcons as much as the Stealers. And I really hate the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers. Steve Garvey can suck on a hand grenade.
  6. Do you have some documentation and data to back up the theory of yours?
  7. That is why I am buying each boy one of these. It is open season on men.
  8. Without makeup. She is a mom with kids. Victoria secret model. Aussie so she has no problem being topless on beach as a simple Google search will show. Godess.
  9. Always more of a Miranda Kerr guy.
  10. He is talking about the 2022 AFC Championship of course. Now it would be comedic gold if both Baltimore and Pissburgh lost this weekend and we won. The league office would have an emergency meeting to "rectify" the situation.
  11. The reality is he hasn't gotten any snaps with the starters in 3 weeks and played WAY better than Tyrod Taylor. He took a few chances but his passes were WAY more accurate than Taylor. Peyton Manning led the league in INTs his first year, its what happens when you go to a bad team and try and make plays as a rookie. He will have some growing pains but listening to Hue Jackson say, "We haven't decided on a starter for next week, we will need to see the tape first." is pure comedy. Everyone knows who the better QB is and the fans would concuss Jackson with dog bones if he rolls out Taylor next week. I have to give the guy props. Wasn't recruited by any D1 teams, walked on at Texas Tech, became the starter. Left for Oklahoma, walked on and won the Heisman. May have won a National Championship if his coach didn't go conservative the last half. Was the #1 overall pick as an unrecruited Heisman Trophy winner. I was at the Ohio State v OK U game and he carved us up like a surgeon. Near the end of that game everyone just couldn't believe how easy he was making it look. Very accurate polished QBs make the game look way easier than it is.
  12. Or figure out who killed Tupac.
  13. SF2

    Injury updates

    Lol, , sorry, I thought you added that.

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