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  1. Based on the science his kid should be fine. The mom is in greater danger statistically but still probably very safe if she has no underlying issues. I can't fault him for being concerned but I am not sure why he would go back. He shouldn't be near them and if he tests positive, he just restarts the 14 day clock I believe. He may be looking at 21 days plus away from the team based on how long it takes to test positive once you are infected. Not the best thing considering he needs to build some cohesion with a rookie QB and he is playing for his next contract. He might have just handed Tee Higgins a starting spot.
  2. Welcome. As far as the Bengals part of the board goes we only allow Bengals fans here for the most part. There are a few outsiders who show up during rivalry weeks but they are not your typical mouth breathers, we will ban any of them that come to talk trash about the Bengals. We do have our share of opinions but most of it is pretty well grounded. The board has a nice mix of old timers and new younglings who didn't live through the dark ages so it can get interesting. We (mods) won't put up with outright personal attacks but the "What are you smoking?" type jabs are fine. The other part of the board is what it is. If you want to discuss politics on the other parts of the board don't expect any moderation so you better have thick skin. We don't allow politics in the Bengals forum unless it has to do with football aka DeWine shutting down fans at stadiums is perfectly acceptable discussion here, Trump = Bad Orange man isn't. Welcome aboard. The board will start to pick up soon. It has been a rough couple of months.
  3. NCAA football has become more and more regional over the last 15 years. The SEC has dominated for sure. Add in a few ACC teams, Oklahoma and Ohio State and you basically have the South/Southeast, Texas / Oklahoma and a small part of of the Union (Columbus). The ratings don't lie and the collapse of the Pac-12 in particular USC has turned college football into a regional sport for the most part. So now we have those same regions forging ahead with football while the red headed step children will be sitting on their hands. Ohio State must be beside themselves. I do think it is laughable that the excuse being used is to look out for the safety of the players. There is nothing safe about playing tackle football at the college level.
  4. Well, the normal transfer assumes the team you are leaving is PLAYING football that year. There is no doubt this would qualify as a hardship transfer I would think. It the team you are leaving is not playing football, I can't see how the NCAA can prevent you from going somewhere else. That said unless you are a serious stud or the other team is in serious need of someone at your position I think it is kinda late for this type of thing on the offensive side of the ball. On the defensive side there are a lot of plug and play positions at the college level but on offense it is a different story.
  5. So Aug 26th (14 days) would be the first time he could practice with the team again? I am asking, not sure.
  6. Yep, just like the #3 ranked University of Dayton basketball team. Best team in 50 years and Toppin is a top 5 NBA pick.
  7. The NFL will play on every Saturday if all 5 power conferences are out. There are almost zero logistics issues. In fact, with no college games the networks will have way more resources to televise 6 or 7 games on Saturday instead of 25 or so.
  8. Wow, I didn't think about that. Then again, he would have probably been a late round pick or UDFA at best.
  9. At the end of the day this decision will be made by University Presidents and their lawyers and the harsh reality is I can't see there being a season as much as I want it. The coaches and athletic directors will have limited input.
  10. ABC/ESPN Sports is going to be crippled by this. They have the rights to the SEC games as well as Big 10. They only have 1 NFL game (Monday night). The loss in revenue will be profound.
  11. Meh, all the teams have private planes so the only difference would be hotel arraignments. It isn't like the stadiums are being used for anything else during the pandemic. I am sure the networks (Fox, NBC, CBS) would love this as almost every game could get a national audience and to make back some money from college probably being cancelled. ESPN/ABC sports might be obliterated if the SEC falls in line and cancels their season as well. Losing SEC and Big 10 football this fall will be a crushing loss. They have 1 NFL game a week.
  12. Well, Prescott has started 64 of a possible 64 games in his career so.... In the last 4 years only 15 passes were thrown by QBs not named Dak Prescott, most in a meaningless week 17 game in 2017 and none in the past 2 years. It might be awhile until we see the Red Ryder under center again.
  13. Collinsworth's arms were never that manly looking
  14. Jacoby Brissett is going to be paid $12.5 mil to back up Rivers this year. Marcus Mariota $9.25 mil to be Derek Carr's backup Baker Mayfield being paid $9 mil to be a douche bag.
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