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  1. Sorry, you had me at Redeemer McSoggyTrousers.
  2. If it were just injuries I would think the organization would have his back which doesn't seem to be the case. Sure, a healthy Ross who knows the plays and runs good routes might be a good receiver Ross posting a few videos of himself and adding the healthy scratch caption is laughable and not helpful. Reminds me of my friend who put together a lacrosse recruiting video for his son. Scene after scene of him scoring. Never showed all the times he lost the ball since he was the biggest ball hog in the history of the sport.
  3. Who made that claim?? Seems to me you just pulled a Fred.
  4. Which brings us back to my point. High first round picks at WR who don't have good rookie years rarely amount to much. The Rams have tried everything to get the 4.34 running Austin into the game to include using him as a tailback. Guy just isn't a very good NFL football player. Doctson was the 22nd pick but he isn't very good either. Ross didn't play this year because he just isn't very good.
  5. The players could demand this and they would get it tomorrow. The owners would love this but the existing CBA probably would not allow such a punishment.
  6. Pretty sure this is Marvin's 15th season and his lack of playoff success coupled with the horrible play this season was being discussed as the FINAL nail in the coffin, not the only one. Marvin's goal, like every other coach's is to win a Super Bowl. Doesn't happen overnight and the first step is to make the playoffs, second play for Conf Championship and finally get to and win a ring. In 15 years Marvin never made it past the first step. The past two seasons the team has regressed.
  7. You are right. 2017 $3.08 mil 2018 $3.89 mil 2019 $4.67 mil 2020 $5.45 mil $17.1mil in dead cap over 4 years. Still doesn't change the fact that compared to most (not all) single digit picks, he hasn't produced.
  8. You are aware Brett Favre threw 29 interceptions in 2005,..no? I am not a victim, I don't expect the Bengals to win in the post season so it doesn't really bother me.
  9. The Patriots have NEVER been our rival. If I wanted to be jerkish, I would have posted Pittsburgh's top 5 victories this century. If I wanted to be a total cunt, I would have followed up with Baltimore's 21st century highlights.
  10. I lived 4 miles from the Super Dome until I was 10 (I moved before it was finished). When I moved to Dayton in 1974 I was pretty happy. The local football team didn't suck and this was the local baseball team: The Big Red Machine. The Patriots post served one purpose: To reinforce the fact that this organization has accomplished next to nothing with Mike Brown at the helm. Our greatest victories in the last 25 years are insignificant.
  11. Compared my list to my buddy's list who grew up in Connecticut and is a Patriots fan: 2001 Super Bowl 2016 Super Bowl 2014 Super Bowl 2003 Super Bowl Jan 19, 2002 Div Playoff Game at home vs Oakland Raiders "The Snow Bowl" Honorable mention 2004 Super Bowl
  12. Antonio Brown was chosen in the 6th round. He cost the Stealers $393k his first season, $450k his second season. He wasn't expected to do shit his rookie year. John Ross cost us $17.1 million in cap space this year. He WAS expected to do shit his rookie year. He cost 43.5 TIMES as much money as Brown did his rookie year. If you are going to make comparison, try comparing Apples vs Apples. For instance Ted Ginn was the #9 pick in 2007. During his rookie year: 34 receptions for 420 yards 230 punt return yards 1433 kick off return yards Overall Ginn had 2084 all purpose yards as a freshman. Michael Crabtree was the #10 pick in 2009 48 receptions for 625 yards and 2 tds as a rookie. The other side of the coin is Mike Williams and Corey Davis were both picked higher than Ross this year and haven't exactly lit the place on fire. No single digit draft pick WR who had a bad rookie season has gone on to amount to much the last 10 years. Heyward Bey had one good season after a bad rookie season but he has been a disappointment. Justin Blackmon #5 was a bust. Kevin White #7 looks to be a bust but he has been hurt. I guess we shall see.
  13. One more try, nobody said regular season wins can not be big wins. Everyone here would agree some wins during the regular season are very big, particularly against division rivals. That said, the FACT that our BIGGEST WINS this CENTURY have all come during the regular season is pathetic.

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