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  1. They basically went all in trying to win the Super Bowl the past three years. The problem is Brees can’t throw the ball deep anymore. He also hasn’t played well late in the season 4 years in a row now. He is done. They just ran out of time and cap space.
  2. “Bitches, I am available! How much you gonna pay me?” agent.
  3. Its Archbishop Alter High School to you pal. Pray it then Say It!! I agree there are always a few surprise releases at oline during FA. Ryan Ramczek of the Saints is being paid 11 mil, no dead cap space and the Saints are 96 mil over cap. Guys like him (not predicting he will) will have to be cut loose especially if Brees retires. There will be more guys like him out there.
  4. It isn’t that I think Sewell is a bad pick, it is just that going O line first round 4 of 7 years is ridiculous. What is worst is that the Bengals most reliable player over the last 3 years was picked up in FA. That would be Bobby Hart. Ouch.
  5. So I guess it’s another o lineman. We get a little better on offense so what does that mean? 15th rated offense? Couple that with a high 20s rated defense with 1 great player (Bates) and average at best at every other position and well, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The media’s excitement for Joe Burrow has already faded with Herbert and now Fields probably going to a big media New York team and TD Jesus going to Urban Meyer led Jacksonville. Burrow, from a media / recent success standpoint is the 3rd most interesting QB in the division behind Baker and Jackson. He
  6. Until FA is 3 weeks in all these scenarios are just for fun. If we picked up a decent RT/ LT in FA then we can start talking trade.
  7. Are there any good RTs in FA? I mean we have gone Oline first round 3 of the last 6 years. Looking at $7.5 mil a year for Sewell.
  8. The Browns played way better than we did. Their fans enjoyed a playoff win this year and a good game against the reigning NFL Champs. We won 4 games. The Bengals and Lions are nothing but an afterthought.
  9. 100% correct. No way he sniffs an HC spot anywhere else for at least 4 or 5 years and not before he is an NFL OC or DC at some point for a few years. He was given a chance he didn’t earn the old fashioned way so he better make the best of it.
  10. If you are going with mostly a two backer scheme my advice would be to have at least 1 absolute stud at the position. We don’t.
  11. They are taking a QB I think. They gotta feed the fans something. The cold hard fact is Darnold is one of the worst QBs in the league and hasn’t improved in 3 years.
  12. Not sure what the end result was yet. He was offered $15 mil a year at Texas and said no. That didn’t really surprise me. The Jets and Houston wanted him and he never even entertained an offer. I think he might have gone to Houston until the dam broke on the disfunction. The money and Lawrence were too much for him is my guess. Pretty much fuck you money. He won’t last 5 years.
  13. A young position coach in the NFL might make $250k depending on the position. Proven veteran coaches make more. Certainly O and D coordinators make more if they are experienced AND successful. No way Taylor was making close to 1mil as a young QB coach in LA especially since McVay runs the offense himself. The entire Bengals coaching staff is paid commensurate to their experience at the position. In other words, not as much as their peers. Taylor was a completely inexperienced coach basically given a chance to prove himself. No way he is being paid anything close to a
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