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  1. Which I think is a good thing this year. The old guys are on their way out and won’t be part of the Joe Burrow show much longer.
  2. Well, they must spend up to 95% of the cap on a rolling 5 year basis and no less than 89% every year. If they don’t they simply have to send a check to the players Union to make up the shortfall. They really can’t save or spend more which is why the league is so competitive. Now when you start talking about non capped out of pocket spending on things like facilities, coaches, trainers, scouts, perks like great food, hotels and all the little things good companies do to keep employees and families happy, the Bengals are sorely lacking.
  3. Like many Bengal players, I honestly think the ending to the 2015 season ripped the heart out of Dalton. He has a great season going, gets hurt but watches his team finally win a playoff game..., until they didn’t.
  4. Dalton led the league in yards per pass attempt in 2015. He has regularly been in the top ten for yards per pass attempt. Like another poster pointed out, you are just shouting at clouds. If anything he threw too much downfield in particular his patented 3 yards out of bounds deep sideline pass which was especially annoying.
  5. I think 4 of their starters at oline are hurt. Sad thing in none of our starters are hurt and we still suck.
  6. Uhh, Dalton isn’t a Bengal, he is a Cowboy. And I am not sticking up for him, the Cowboys are as bad as the Bengals. Their defense is worse.
  7. Do you have a firebush laced strap on under the bed? Why do you care about Dalton and the fucking Cowboys so much?
  8. Why are you so fixated with Andy Dalton? Seems kinda gay.
  9. 3 of their starting O linemen are on IR. Zeke fumbled twice near his own endzone and Dallas has the 32nd ranked defense. But yeah, all Dalton’s fault. He didn’t play well but he wasn’t alone.
  10. Andy didn’t play well but Zeke gave the ball away twice near his own endzone which turned into 14 points, Gallop dropped a TD pass and 1 of Andy’s ints might have been the worst non pi call this year. Oh, and Dallas has the WORST defense in the NFL.
  11. Almost everyone on the field is a Marvin holdover. These guys act like they have been kicking ass the last 3 years. The d is ranked 25th right now. In 2019 they were 29th. 2018 they were 32nd. Being the leader of a terrible unit doesn’t mean shit or give you a pass. Totally agree, they had their chances and blew it. 2015 was unforgivable. At least Cleveland still hasn’t found a QB.
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