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  1. What price did he pay? My son spent an entire weeked locked up and lost his license for an entire year, Mixon,..ZERO. He got community service washing Bob Stoops big screen TVs. Stop with your nonsense. Elite football and basketball players are pretty much above the rules at almost every level starting from grade school.
  2. My son never attacked a 125 lb girl and sent her to the hospital. Apples and oranges. And my son was ostracized by many of the students and parents, the QB not so much ( certainly some though).
  3. The day after he turned 18 the pampered elite athlete suckered punched a 125 lb girl in the face and broke in in 4 places. Meanwhile, my 17 year old son gets charged, handcuffed and escorted out of his high school for all to see for,..gasp, selling his close friend some alcohol OFF SCHOOL PROPERTY.. Yeah, pretty much tired of watching pampered football and basketball players do what they want and local law enforcement turn a blind eye. Hell, the starting QB for my son's High School got caught stealing money and credit cards from his own teammates during practice out of their football lockers. 1000s of dollars stolen. Do you think he got arrested at school and paraded down the hallways? Fuck no, no arrest either just had to pay his teammates back. Joe Mixon is a piece of shit. I really don't care just as long as he can play football and doesn't fuck us over. I certainly don't care about his or anyone's character since I realize most of them have none. It isn't the same as taking on Pac-Man. Jones was a serial fuck up and I felt it was a matter of time until it blew up in our faces. Getting punk'd by Porter was about as Pac-Man a move as possible.
  4. Yes, the difference is the videotape as far as the public and casual fan is concerned. No, I am not saying it is right, far from it. The comparison is Ray Lewis. Nobody with half a brain thinks Lewis was completely innocent when his buddies murdered a guy. Every ridiculous excuse and explanation was made to protect Lewis by mainstream sports media. A video would have changed that. BTW, I think Mixon will be a very good player and a huge part of the offense. From a football standpoint, great pick.
  5. If big Jen had raped a woman and there was a video of it, he would of gone to jail. There is a video of Mixon breaking a little girl's jaw in 4 places. Keep in mind the entire story had gone away UNTIL the video surfaced. If you don't understand the difference then we are at an impasse.
  6. The press ended Ray Rice's career for hitting his black fiancee. Your comment gets 4 Pinnochios. You don't keep anything real, you simply make shit up.
  7. Hurt his back after carrying the PGA for 15 years. Pussy.
  8. A diluted sample is a serious red flag. You have to intentionally drink massive amounts of water, urinate as often as possible, then take the urine test as soon as possible. You don't do it by accident.
  9. If they moved to Mason,..sure. If they moved to St Louis or San Diego,..Fuck No.
  10. Kaepernick didnt suck last year. First year with Chip Kelly, 16 TDS, 4 ints, 90 rating. Shitty receivers, Carlos Hyde hurt, defense a joke. He could be a good backup but not worth the headache.
  11. So some here think Antonio Brown flopped after the Burfict hit? To believe this you also have to believe he faked a concussion which kept him out of the next playoff game with Denver. I think not.
  12. The Patriots released Hernandez before he was even arrested. We would have waited until the trial was over.
  13. You must have bought a shotty fun.. dam spell checker.
  14. LOL, I was reading this and thought, Damn these guys played for some shitty teams.