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  1. Marvin just wanted to check out the UCLA cheerleaders.
  2. He is an upgrade period. He isn't great, we can't afford great at every position, nobody can. He is average linebacker which is better than having a guy so bad they run plays at you. I think all of us would take an average center and interior lineman right about now as well. He makes our current linebacker corps better.
  3. I have no idea if Barkley is any good. Played a few games for Chip Kelly in Philly and got a few starts for a horrible Chicago team. Certainly threw a lot of picks. McCarron got to play on probably the best team we have had this century or pretty close. Comparing the two is pretty difficult given the small sample size.
  4. I was being sarcastic. I think Barkley has like 5 or 6 starts and 50 ints.
  5. Which is a good thing. Let those fuckers try and play a whole season without their best defender, we only have to survive 4 games. Their defense went to shit when Ryan "The Spear Fish" Shazier went down.
  6. Both away games too! NFL will be worried about the flood damage.
  7. I am not defending the Stealers, I am regurgitating stats. They push Burfict's buttons because they know they can get in his head.
  8. The Steelers are 10-3 against the Bengals since Burfict arrived to include the playoff game. They have won 6 in a row. Their wide receiver knocked him out last game. They own us.
  9. Well, Barkley has way more experience than our previous backup. I think its a good move. And I concur, thanks OLD!
  10. Well, at this point he is the 2nd best LB on the roster and for the 1st 4 games, will probably be our best LB.
  11. It means Pacman doesn't do nearly as much stupid shit ON THE FIELD as Burfict. Doesnt punch guys in the groin after the whistle, doesnt twist the ankle of the league MVP Cam Newton after the whistle, doesnt twist Greg Olson's ankle after the whistle, doesnt step on Legarrette Blount's leg after the whistle, doesnt flip off Buffalo fans after a game, doesnt kick Roosevelt Nix etc. Go back to to the day we signed Pac man and read what I wrote. I NEVER WANTED HIM HERE. That said he has played very well for us.
  12. Yeah, now you are just re writing history to sell your snake oil. Pacman has been suspended for 1 game as a Bengal. This new charge, if it stands, will make it 10 for Burfict.
  13. Is Mike Mitchell on our team? Did Mike Mitchell go undeafted because he was a horrifically dirty player in college? Burfict tackles just like Ryan Shazier, leads with his helmet ALL THE TIME. He is a marked man yet took a banned substance. Dumbfuck.
  14. Burfict was a dirty player for years. Stopping on players, ball tapping and the hit on Brown was fucking retarded given the situation. Dude is stupid.

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