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  1. SF2

    Burfict released

    Hey, don't make fun of a town on the Golden Corridor of I-75. Vandalia, Tipp, Troy, Piqua, Sydney, Wapak, Lima and Findlay. It don't get better than that.
  2. Referee: "Personal Foul, #93 Defense, trying to tackle the Chosen One. 15 yards automatic first down."
  3. SF2

    Burfict released

    I dunno, he put up some pretty spectacular numbers last year. 320 yards per game, 96.5 rating, 73 QBR, 5129 yards passing. Dalton has never sniffed numbers like that. This actually makes it better, he is still playing great but everyone who leaves is shitting on him. Good story. I am invited to my close friend's wedding. Both families are loaded. They decide to have the wedding at the Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee GA. All we have to do is get there and everything is paid for including room. Rehearsal dinner is at the separate steakhouse on the property. High end, way above SF2's paygrade. Only problem is we had to share it with another party who had priority. That party is The rapist and all of his receivers and TEs. 2015 so Bryant, Brown, Wheaton, Heath Miller and I think Heyward Bey are there. I guess that is where Jen lives offseason and raped the girl at a bar close by. After dinner we all go to bar (steakhouse bar not Ben's Rape Cave) and the Cavs are playing the Kings in the finals. So Jen takes a chair, sits right in the middle of the bar and is watching the game by himself (not a big place) while all the receivers are bullshitting with us. Funny thing was they all realized we were Bengals or Browns fans and started laughing, "Damn we come all the way to Georgia to be surround by Bengals and Browns fans" They were all pretty cool except Jen. Dude just sat there by himself and didn't talk to anyone.
  4. SF2

    Burfict released

    I agree. You would see him lower his head and sustain a significant collision then slowly get up an hobble to the sideline. Scary thing was he would be back in the next series. Regardless, he was out of shape and missed a bunch of tackles last year because of it and that had nothing to do with concussions. It makes little sense for him to have checked out other than maybe the front office laid into him for the PED suspension and he wanted out. If he had played very well last year he was going to get a nice paycheck this year.
  5. SF2

    Burfict released

    Yeah, I was thinking more the Kimo hit and drafting Klingler and Akille as bigger detriments to the club considering that was before rookie pay scale. Add in Pollacks injury and Odell becoming Roger’s first skin to the list as well
  6. SF2

    Burfict released

    Was it one of those prison phone setups with the really thick glass in between and phones?
  7. SF2

    Burfict released

    Suspended for 1 game and fined.
  8. Anyone who has throw a TD pass in the 4th quarter of a playoff game to take the lead has a leg up over a guy like Driskel but I agree, he isn't a late career Kerry Collins or Drew Bledsoe.
  9. SF2

    Burfict released

    Not a goon, just a guy who was huge and fast that could physically dominate his opponents legally. He didn't play like Gretzkey who avoided contact at all cost. Lindros didn't shy away from contact, hell it was his ability lower his shoulder and drive a defender right to the goal that made him great, but it eventually caught up with him as the hits started to add up, in particular, the cheap (then legal) high hits he received over the years. The reality is 98% of Burfict's tackles in the NFL were legal when he did them. His issue was he lowered his helmet when he tackled and those hits have added up. Now they are illegal but I think it is too late for him. Add in a Ju Juul Shuster cheap shot to the helmet and his career is looking more like Lindros' other than the Hall of Fame part. The sad part is Burfict was utterly dominate for stretches of his career and he was the MVP of that playoff game until Jeremy Fucking Hill blew it.
  10. SF2

    Burfict released

    He is Eric Lindros of the NFL. Lindros was 6-4 240 and enjoyed blowing guys up on the ice. Only problem was he became a marked man and the rest of the league started targeting him. Started getting concussions from simple hits on the boards. Burfict in same boat.
  11. And the following year he caught 7 of 8 targets for 64 yards including a circus catch for Andy Dalton's ONLY post season TD pass against the Bolts. Eifert was AWOL that game but that certainly could have been an Andy thing. Not saying Gresh was great, just that Dalton's 3 straight TOs in the second half killed us that year. Dissecting atoms is hard.
  12. If White isn't there and the Iowa tight end is, you take him. This team went to the playoffs 5 straight years when Andy had either Gresham, Eifert (healthy) or both. Dalton almost always checks down to the TE when his primary is covered or the defense tells him to. If I had more faith in both Eifert staying healthy and Ross becoming anywhere close to his draft slot (at this point I would take Brandon "stone hands" Lafell circa 2016) I wouldn't make this move. People love to shit on Gresham but his last year here he caught 78% of his targets and had 5tds. When both he and Eifert played together, the offense was much better. We should be picking up an FA LB NOW. There is no excuse not to. Don' t take Bush at 11, he is undersized. Their will be quite a few decent LBs available in 2 or 3 but get one in FA now so we they can concentrate on O lineman. Yeah, I know they just signed 2 TEs in FA so this won't happen. I just happen to be in the same camp at T-Dub. You can't keep paying a guy who is on workman's comp all the time.

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