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  1. True. It could have been any number of modern country musicians singing about their dog, Ford pickup truck or former girlfriend’s sister back in their small town.
  2. It used to be the only way you would witness really bad behavior or the Prima Donna behavior Go described was first hand. Now that everyone has a hand held video camera capable of posting video to the world in seconds, we get to witness all the bad behavior, at every level, 24/7. We even had Oregon’s coach record his trash talk tirade and send it to the world. That didn’t happened much 30 years ago if at all. It’s the Steven A. Smith school of sports journalism that probably started with Jim Rome.
  3. Wish more parents with kids you son’s age taught them the same. I was a youth and junior high lacrosse coach for 7 years and a high school ref for 8. The dramatic change in behavior over the last 10 years, with both the parents and players at the youth level is sad. Parents throwing F-bombs and racial slurs is something new at the Junior High level. Trash talking isn’t that new but openly trash talking while standing next to a ref is. Never had fights at any level until my last 2 years as a ref. Oddly enough, it was after the Covid year. These were not baseball fights either, legit MMA punches being thrown. Gotta believe social media is causing most of this.
  4. There is a big difference in knowing how a play is supposed to work and making it actually work in real time. And without him working in camp he can’t become proficient with any new plays.
  5. Assault in front of 4 police officers. Not exactly an intelligent move.
  6. Watching Miami right now and they have motion on almost every play. Their offense is much faster and more complex than ours. That is what missing most of training camp does to you, forces the offense to simplify the playbook.
  7. This is starting to have an Andrew Luck feel to it. Watching Brock Purdy sipping on a Corona with Snoop Dog in the backfield waiting for someone to get open is depressing.
  8. The NFL is the best league for a reason, each team has a chance of turning it around in a short amount of time because of the salary cap. We are a perfect example.
  9. Yeah, unfortunately that really only works in sports like basketball where the better players sign multiple GIGANTIC contracts over their careers. A good player is lucky to get a 3rd contract in the NFL. Players need to get as much money as possible on their 2nd contract.
  10. This makes no sense. The reason we haven’t signed Tee is the price. That would certainly be worse with Jefferson. Also, the formula for winning Conference Championships and Superbowls is not to have 2 #1 quality receivers, it’s to have good to great offensive tackles, decent interior linemen and a franchise QB. Kansas City got their ass kicked in the Superbowl to Tampa after both of their starting tackles couldn’t go and they had zero depth at the position. They ended up getting rid of Hill and getting more protection for Kermit.
  11. I will be honest, I will never read more than one paragraph about a punter. Terrible weather, do better this week.
  12. To be fair, Dalton has outplayed Wilson the last 3 years on way worse teams.
  13. I guess the Jets are going to be forced to see if the #2 pick from 3 years ago can actually play. He will never get an opportunity like this again.
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