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  1. Coming up with a name that doesn’t offend anyone will prove difficult. Washington Guardians has a nice ring to it.
  2. So you think every team we play starts their backups when they come to Cincy? Don’t think so. And the food is fine, what are you looking for at a stadium, Jeff Ruby’s? You want good food go to a Dayton Dragon’s game.
  3. I know. My closet friend lives and works there. Could have been taken care of a year ago but the Mayor didn’t want to piss anyone off.
  4. Everyplace has issues, Portland’s are significantly less than most cities especially on the crime front.
  5. Let’s put it perspective: Detroit, Nashville and Portland have almost the same population. In 2020 Portland had 55 homicides, Nashville 107, Detroit had 327. Don’t get me wrong, people live there to stay away from violence so a large uptick for them still sucks.
  6. The homicide rate in Portland isn’t even in the top 65. Akron, Toledo, Cincy, Cleveland and Dayton have way higher homicide rates. When you have an extremely low homicide rate to begin with, a few more killings look bad percentage wise.
  7. Nothing. You can work across the river in Washington State and pay no income tax and cross back into Oregon and pay no sales tax. Win win.
  8. BTW, how can the Chargers be above us? The only people who attend games are the visiting team’s fans. They literally play 16 now 17 road games every year.
  9. I forgot about Foxboro. You are right, that area and stadium suck. Shit reminds me of Denver’s airport which is 20 miles from Denver. Oakland would have easily made the list.
  10. Let me guess, he thinks Green Bay is super awesome and Lambeau Field is the best. Let you in on a little secret, ITS A DUMP. Nobody gives a shit Bart Starr and Vince Lombardi once won a game when it was cold 55 years ago. Lambeau reminds my of Notre Dame’s stadium which is an old concrete dump. “But the history SF2, the history!” Cleveland is awful but at least the stadium is actually in Cleveland. Stadium is pretty nice though. Detroit, awful. Miami/ Hard Rock stadium is 6 miles from Miami. The Jets and Giants play in East Rutherford New Jersey, which sucks and can take an h
  11. Don’t forget when Whit threw Chad out of the huddle and told him to go back to the bench.
  12. Who gives a shit what he has accomplished. Can he play offensive line at the NFL level? If not he can take all his trophies and awards and hit the road. Hoping another year of experience makes him a valuable asset.
  13. Jimmy Johnson had 10 years of head coaching experience in college to include 1 National Championship at Miami. He also came into Dallas with a plan and a very experienced coaching staff. He had to dump a bunch of aging vets (something Taylor finally has done) which resulted in a very young team going 1-15. Taylor will get his 3rd year so we shall see. Johnson was 11-5 year 3 with a wildcard game win. I will sign up for that. 12-5 or 11-6 works.
  14. If you stray into the political threads you do so at your own risk. I won’t monitor them unless someone alerts me to a death threat.
  15. It didn’t help having Go do a flyby occasionally and drop Napalm on the Dalton fans. It was funny though. Pittsburgh happened then we started losing. Some truly horrible early draft picks didn’t help either.
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