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  1. SF2

    Alex Redmond Suspended

    I don’t think a rookie and Hart at the tackle position will be better than Glenn and the rookie. Miller, Westerman bot Jordan will not be better than Redmond IMHO in 2019.
  2. SF2

    Alex Redmond Suspended

    I just don't think it is fair to blame Redmond considering he lined up next to Bobby Hart and 8 games next to Trey Hopkins at center.
  3. SF2

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    Like I said, if he goes to the Browns I will pray he gets genital warts. Gerald McCoy to visit Cleveland Friday; Browns and Ravens on his short list and Bengals interested too Updated 4:25 PM; Today 3:11 PM AP Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy (93) during the first half of an NFL football game against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Mark LoMoglio)
  4. SF2

    Alex Redmond Suspended

    Subtracting Redmon doesn't make the team better considering they don't have a better replacement.
  5. SF2

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    I heard the Bengals have interest in signing Khalil Mack and Patrick Mahomes as well LOL.
  6. SF2

    Alex Redmond Suspended

    Peterson is worse since he tried to mask the result and got an extra 2 games out of it. Dude, take your 4 games and move on, you play for the Cardinals for God's sake.
  7. SF2

    Alex Redmond Suspended

    If he can show up week 5 healthy and stronger since he used roids, it isn't as bad as it sounds. Worked well for Julian Edelman.
  8. Somebody has to be the best player on the worst linebacker squad in the NFL. We better hope Pratt has 1st round talent because we have by far the least talented slowest group of linebackers in the NFL. Pratt is by far the fastest guy on the squad now.
  9. Doesn’t catch enough passes (yet). Of course Adam is Rank doesn't even delineate between a standard league and PPR. Mixon was 10th in PPR format last year. This guy basically took last years top 10, added Le'veon Bell and dropped #10 who was Mixon. Guy did zero analysis what so ever other than moving David Johnson, a guy who is either hurt or has never returned to his 2016 form up a few places and dropping New England's James White because Bellicheat hates good running backs. Seriously, this list is almost exactly how the 2018 final rankings ended up with Bell added in and of course adding Nick Chubb who is on the future 2019 Super Bowl champion Browns. /massive sarc off https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/reports/leaders/ppr-rb.php?year=2018&start=1&end=17
  10. With a healthy Green, Boyd and Eifert (I know T-Dub), and more passes thrown to Mixon, Ross will be lucky to see 58 targets again this year.
  11. Actually, it told me alot about the current contracts of every QB in the league and ranked them based on quality of play and status (Rookie, rookie contract, vet contract, age etc.) I thought it was very informative.
  12. Why? The Bengals don't owe Dalton any more money and he is in a prove it year. It is no different than KC getting rid of 33 year old Pro-Bowl QB Alex Smith who had just had an excellent season to include playing great in their playoff loss to the Titans for Mahomes. Our problem is we don't currently have a Mahomes on our team I don't think. You don't really think Dalton is already safe for the foreseeable future and the Bengals already have plans to resign him do you?
  13. It doesn't hurt that Baltimore is rebuilding, Pittsburgh is a dumpster fire and the Browns...are the Browns regardless of the new lipstick.
  14. It isn't even full contact yet is it? I thought OTAs were no contact other than patty cake?

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