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  1. I got the impression they would be ready at the start of camp. Which doesn't necessarily mean they will practice Friday.
  2. Marvin Theory

    Where did I say that?
  3. Play ball! Feldman up 0-2 on the first batter
  4. Marvin Theory

    Mike and Marvin are practically Siamese Twins at this point. I think it will take a lot more than just not winning a playoff game for Marvin to be "fired".
  5. I'm going to the Texans game, thanks in large part to RayDoggBengal. Anyone going to be tailgating?
  6. Whatzzzzzzzz up?????

    BengalBeotch is really OJ Simpson????
  7. https://si.com/specials/mmqb-nfl-all-time-draft/draft-results.html Anthony goes 5. A punter at 4????
  8. Per any sports journalist on twitter.
  9. One. The other thread was supposed to be voting for our top 10. This thread is discussing the First 50, focussed on their Top 10.
  10. Too bad for the kid, but I was more worried about his injury history that Ross.
  11. Purely on the field. Whatever you may think about them as people, or announcers, leave it out. I'd like to ge as much done as possible before Bengals.com releases their Top 10. so we need to do this quickly. 1 is obvious - Munoz. 2. I think it's Kenny Anderson, but if anyone disagrees we can argue about it at the same time as 3. So, candidates for 3 (and the rest of the Top 10): Boomer Esiason Willie Anderson Andrew Whitworth AJ Green Corey Dillon Ken Riley LeMar Parrish Geno Atkins David Fulcher Tim Krumrie Or if I am brain cramping, add your own as you.... Vote! First to 5.
  12. Because dirt no longer has magical healing properties.
  13. You might make be able to make an argument for Brooks, but I don't think any of the other guys are top 10 Bengals players.
  14. Just to clarify, my intent was that we are voting for #3.
  15. Takeo, Pickens, Willie, Dillon, Jeff Blake, Doug Pelfrey, and, Darnay Scott.
  16. Why would the stealers hate Jeremy Hill??????????????????????
  17. Redskins were 3, Pitt was 7, Buffalo was 16 and Baltimore 17.
  18. Because in this play the stealer came away from the defender with possession of the ball, took steps, crossed the goal line, and then lost possession after crossing the goal line. The play with Eifert, if I remember correctly, he was engaged with the defender throughout the course of trying to secure the ball and did not come away from the defender with the ball. Or because one is a stealer, and the other is a Bengal. ?
  19. Dillon

    And now that he's more mature he regrets it. Refusing to forgive, aka holding a grudge, is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies from it.
  20. Dillon

    Until he (Bob) tries to sing.
  21. I'd be interested in seeing what his yards per target were.