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  1. ***Official UC Basketball Thread***

    2 good wins in a row.
  2. Off our PS. Per Ian Rappaport twitter.
  3. I had a similar experience. I was at the game when Jeff Blake lead a second half comeback at old Memorial stadium in (I think) the Ravens first season. The first half I was getting some teasing, but I walked out head held high.
  4. From what I heard he was just visiting and wasn't here for a tryout.
  5. RC Sproul passes.

    Rejoice in Paradise RC! Your teaching will be missed.
  6. I have to add the come back win against the Packers in 2013. I was there.
  7. The 2004 game in Baltimore where Carson lead the 4th quarter comeback.
  8. Can you 2 get a room so the rest of us don’t have to deal with it? Thanks.
  9. They Bengals won't take a guard in the top 10. And on the off chance they do he won't get a second contract here. Just take the tackle in 1 and C or G in 2.
  10. Not fooled. Nor should any long time Bengals fan be. Mike doesn't work that way.
  11. Good: Seriously? Bad: Offense Ugly: Defense Uglier: Getting blown out by the worst offense in the league. At home.
  12. Upcoming Movie Trailers

    We saw Thor yesterday. I liked it, but there were moments that were awfully hoaky. Jeff Goldblum's character mainly. I may be in the minority (I'm ok with that) but I liked Justice League better.
  13. As Lapham would say, coffin nails. For ML's tenure.
  14. He was one of my favorites when he played at Ohio State. So I hope he recovers enough to at least have a normal life.
  15. He’s the top of my board in 2 right now.
  16. I knew he had a heart related issue. First time hearing about surgery. Praying for him.
  17. The way the Chiefs have collapsed Andy Reid might get fired. If he does, anyone want him here?
  18. So you think the team lacks passion but you want to get rid of one of the most passionate players we have???
  19. Are we not still last in the league in total offense? (Real question, I haven’t checked the stats yet.)
  20. Last I heard both are still in concussion protocol.
  21. George Iloka

    Suspension overturned. $36k fine and change.

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