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  1. Just imagine Burrow could do with an O-line like 2015, or 2005, or 1988.
  2. Did the refs do the right thing in this instance? Yes.
  3. They run a 3-4. They have a DT with 8 sacks and a LB with 12. But their run D is much better than their pass D.
  4. It's Vegas. He's probably an Elvis impersonator in the offseason.
  5. I think Colts. I don’t care who as long as the 5 amigos are healthy.
  6. Lou doesn't look so clueless now that he has good players.
  7. Baker only beats Ohio teams, the Buckeyes, the Bengals, and the Browns.
  8. I would like to win this game and go into the playoffs with momentum, but if Clowney and Garrett are playing, I’d seriously consider not playing Joe.
  9. New head coach at a Grambling.
  10. I find the idea of Prince v Bosa terrifying.
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