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  1. I was there. The Newman fumble return TD, and Michael Johnson batting down a 4th down pass from Rodgers.
  2. If all you have seen is her profile picture I can understand that thought. But check the podcast videos, she is very pretty.
  3. He was on Lap’s podcast today. Lap asked him the longest field goal he’d ever made in game or practice. 75 yards!
  4. Team shop https://gobuckeyes.com/collections/mens-ohio-state-jerseys For some odd reason, white jerseys are hard to find.
  5. He certainly should be. Whether or not he is, only Mike and Katie know.
  6. I think it takes more than 6, unless there is another rash of injuries or the offense is really good but the defense is truly horrible.
  7. Game Day! Go Bucks, bury the Gophers!
  8. A successful season is hoisting a Lombardi. Anything less is not successful. But I’ll be content with 9 wins and giving me hope that a Lombardi is in the near future.
  9. It’s officially Game Week! Go Bucks!
  10. They shouldn’t. They shouldn’t love any other team either. Just treat us fairly.
  11. Even when they compliment Burrow in the article it's backhanded. "Because Joe Burrow lacks arm strength..." He's going to surprise a few people this season.
  12. Travis Etienne done for the year with a lisfranc injury.
  13. That’s what happens when your team wins 6 games in 2 years. Plus Cincinnati might now be the biggest beer making town with a team since St Louis and Milwaukee no longer host any games.
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