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  1. 1 game actually. Tampa's week 1 game was postponed due to some chick name Irma.
  2. THE Ohio State Football Thread

    A little of both I think.
  3. Zampese Out

    I'm actually content with most of the position coaches and Guenther. Hopefully Lazor will put our offensive talent to their best use. What I most want changed is more competent and aggressive game management.
  4. Yep, pretty bad too as I understand.
  5. Hill is playing his last season as a Bengal. Giving him the bulk of the carries does not make any sense. Hill is playing like a guy trying to earn a contract. Let him earn a contract somewhere and take some tread wear off Mixon this year.
  6. Hill is averaging a full yard per carry more than Mixon this season.
  7. Let's hope they play better than they did Sunday. I'm at this one too.
  8. I don't feel quite so bad getting dusted by the Chiefs in the pre-season game anymore. Looks like Giselle forgot to deflate Brady's balls before the game though.
  9. Reports are Luke Fickell will be the next head coach for the Bearcats replacing Tommy Tubberville. There are also reports Kerry Coombs will join him as CO HC and DC. Kerry and Luke are my 2 favorite assistant coaches from OSU and it's tough to lose them, but they will make UC better.
  10. That's a chunk of change for a guy who hasn't played a full season since his last extension. I'm glad he's ours though.
  11. In the latest storm forecast Irma is staying west of where I live, so I might be able to stay for the game.
  12. Irma has caused me to alter my vacation plans. Instead of being in Cincinnati until Saturday the 16th I'm now leaving Monday the 11th. I have 1 ticket for the Houston game Section 211 Row 9 seat 1. I will sell it for best offer or trade it for a ticket to the Ravens game. I will be in Cincy Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning to make the sale or trade.
  13. 3 points? That's disrespectful. To the Ravens! Let's get the old magic working again.
  14. Cut/waived/signed

    Apparently not because the beat writers think they just stick with 52 and bring back Adam and not have to cut anyone after 1 week.
  15. Cut/waived/signed

    I tweeted Hobson last night.
  16. Cut/waived/signed

    Anyone they sign would likely be inactive anyway.
  17. Cut/waived/signed

    Adam Jones. After the Ravens game.
  18. Cut/waived/signed

    So when they IR Driskel do they bring back a LB or DL? They currently stand at 5 LB and 8 DL.
  19. Reasons we could lose to the Clowns: 1. Garrett vs Ced O 2. Rookie QBs vs Marvin Lewis
  20. Play ball! Feldman up 0-2 on the first batter

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