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  1. I seem to remember doing a look back but I’m not sure. I’ll check this evening.
  2. Think back to how you felt about this team one year ago. For me I was hoping for 9 wins, but not sure I could honestly say I expected it. This season I expect at least 12.
  3. You REALLY need to catch up. I've been in NC since 2007. And sadly, it's no longer we. Diva passed away in September.
  4. If you’re a football fan how do you not love Burrow. Unless you live in KC.
  5. 1. Anyone who isn’t already all in on Burrow hasn’t been paying attention 2. Accuracy, fantastic football intelligence, ultra competitive, ice water liquid nitrogen in his veins 3. Already
  6. Anyone interested in a board road trip? I’m thinking about maybe the Saints or Bucs game, but leaning Saints. Anyone else interested?
  7. Dolphins schedule is out. We play them Week 4 on Monday night.
  8. Rumor on Twitter that Bengals/Cowboys is the 4:25 Thanksgiving game.
  9. This isn’t Andy Dalton’s Bengals anymore. Joe Burrow is a different kind of cat. He really is a Bengal tiger.
  10. I don’t believe so. I do think Dallas will either be a thanksgiving or prime time game.
  11. Aside from sleep deprivation prime time games don’t bother me anymore. Big Stage Joe.
  12. On pace to lose 121. Glad I didn't get the MLB package. The worst thing is, even if they get the #1 pick in the draft it's probably 3 years or more before he makes an impact.
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