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  1. ***Official UC Basketball Thread***

    2 good wins in a row.
  2. Off our PS. Per Ian Rappaport twitter.
  3. I had a similar experience. I was at the game when Jeff Blake lead a second half comeback at old Memorial stadium in (I think) the Ravens first season. The first half I was getting some teasing, but I walked out head held high.
  4. From what I heard he was just visiting and wasn't here for a tryout.
  5. RC Sproul passes.

    Rejoice in Paradise RC! Your teaching will be missed.
  6. I have to add the come back win against the Packers in 2013. I was there.
  7. The 2004 game in Baltimore where Carson lead the 4th quarter comeback.
  8. Can you 2 get a room so the rest of us don’t have to deal with it? Thanks.
  9. They Bengals won't take a guard in the top 10. And on the off chance they do he won't get a second contract here. Just take the tackle in 1 and C or G in 2.
  10. Not fooled. Nor should any long time Bengals fan be. Mike doesn't work that way.
  11. Good: Seriously? Bad: Offense Ugly: Defense Uglier: Getting blown out by the worst offense in the league. At home.
  12. Upcoming Movie Trailers

    We saw Thor yesterday. I liked it, but there were moments that were awfully hoaky. Jeff Goldblum's character mainly. I may be in the minority (I'm ok with that) but I liked Justice League better.
  13. As Lapham would say, coffin nails. For ML's tenure.
  14. He was one of my favorites when he played at Ohio State. So I hope he recovers enough to at least have a normal life.

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