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  1. Jason

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    Warren Sapp. Nick Fairley its not like they’ve never tried before.
  2. Peterson is actually a good player. Redmond used PEDs and was still awful.
  3. Sooo much more. Hart must have received ownership of the compromising pictures.
  4. Jason

    Meet Kenyon, our newest puppy

    Got new pictures from the breeder. Here is my favorite one.
  5. Jason

    Meet Kenyon, our newest puppy

    Very true. They grow so fast when they are that young.
  6. Great Dane. We get him Father’s Day weekend.
  7. If you like authentic Italian food you MUST visit Scotti's downtown on Vine Street. Their marinara sauce is awesome.
  8. I stay with family most of the time but there were a couple of hotel stays. You can find reasonable prices 3 to 10 miles from downtown in Cincinnati.
  9. He was 85. Somewhere Misses a-Whiggins sheds a tear.
  10. Did it keep falling out of his hand? Could he not move his arm?
  11. 2009 was pretty exciting, if in a different way then 2005. I will take a "low flying" team that sweeps the division any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  12. One of the draft picks or free agents is going to have to show himself to be a better gunner than Core, or I think he stays.
  13. If only Marvin had done this.

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