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  1. I think that is probably true. And this year it needs to be, unless they somehow acquire another 1 or 2. 1 needs to be a QB, and 2 a RT.
  2. One more game for Chase. Back for PSU!!
  3. It’s not like Burrow was a bad QB last season. He was playing in a prehistoric offense designed around the bad QBs LSU has had recently.
  4. Right now Burrow is my pick. But, because this organization refuses to pursue top free agents, this will not be a quick rebuild. So if they decide to take the best player, Chase Young, and go for the QB next year I’d be ok with that.
  5. Burrow showed a lot of grit and competitiveness, on top of talent, last night. He's the guy I want.
  6. He was involved in a very overlooked play in XVI. He was flagged for a late hit that gave the 49ers a first down after the Bengals got a stop on third down. SF went on to score a TD on that drive. But he was pushed from behind into that late hit.
  7. Same thing I’ve been doing since Week 4. Except I didn’t record a game.
  8. In their defense a little, it's hard to pass rush when you are behind. Especially when our run defense is so horrible. As long as the threat of the run is there you can't really tee-off on the pass rush. Having DBs that can't cover for 2 seconds makes it tough too.
  9. But if you can trade Dalton and get a draft pick in return, and sign a cut Mariota, it might give us a shot at another high pick next year ad we can take Chase Young this year.
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