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  1. I thought the Chiefs were supposed to be good?
  2. THE Ohio State Football Thread

    Nice game by JT last night.
  3. That would be the smart thing. But I think someone might take a 1 year risk.
  4. There are those that disagree with that.
  5. I've said it before and I will say it again. There is no officiating conspiracy in the NFL. Too many people involved to keep it undisclosed this long.
  6. I used to prefer 1pm starts, but our church is further away now and we barely get home in time for 1pm games. Especially if we stop to get lunch.
  7. And the Bye week history. In 2011 they traded Quitter Pick-6 for 2 draft picks. Those became Gio and Dre.
  8. I can see missing TJ, but Berman was insufferable.
  9. I will be validating a lyophilizer SIP.
  10. You know Buffalo beat Atlanta and Denver, right?
  11. My grandfather used to say when your best players make errors (he was speaking in a baseball context, obviously) you usually lose. For AJ Green to have 3 turnovers and we still win, that was an accomplishment.

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