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  1. He covers the Bengals for The Athletic. Does a lot of draft content and film review studies during the season.
  2. Details on the Bengals coaching staff from Joe Goodberry.
  3. Airs on MLB Network on January 30. Looks like it will be really good. Bench is still my favorite player all time so I’m definitely recording it.
  4. Warren Sapp would disagree. Oh, wait....
  5. It's getting pretty thin.
  6. Wow. He’s the only voice of the Reds I’ve known.
  7. His father inlaw has OL background.
  8. My definition of success for 2020 is simple. 2 playoff wins or more. Don't care about anything else.
  9. Someone will. Fletcher Page thinks he's gone before we pick anyway.
  10. Don't know. I don't pay that close attention to any other team. But I know at least his coordinators were hired before he quit after the Super Bowl.
  11. Browns hire Monken. Damn.
  12. So if Zac is the guy and he told them Press is his OC, any chance they hire Press this week?

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