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  1. Actually, I slightly misspoke. If your first year comes at like 24 or later, statistically you have a small chance of succeeding. Burrow could well be an excpetion, especially under those circumstances, but I don't want to waste a year of him either, especially since he is already 23.
  2. You would think, but statistically it's the other way around. The older a player is in his first pro year playing the less likely he is to be successful.
  3. Burrow is already coming into the league on the old side for a rookie. I don’t want to waste a year of him.
  4. Except Burrow is more mobile than a tree, unlike Peyton.
  5. Yep, Boomer absolutely WAS “the dude”. But it seems he was playing with an undisclosed shoulder injury late in the season because his playoff passing was awful.
  6. I’m watching the Oilers at Bengals playoff game from the 1990 season and they need to bring this back
  7. No. I still want to see them win. But we will have a ton of new starters and a rookie QB with essentially no offseason on field work. That needs to be accounted for in your expectations. I expect them to be better than last season, but I care more that the team gets better over the course of the season than I do a raw win number.
  8. Given a normal off season I would have expected 6-8 wins this season, if the key players stayed relatively healthy. But what I'll be looking for now is progress.
  9. No, there was no year 0. The 21st century officially started on 1/1/2001.
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