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  1. Jason

    Bengals vs Panthers analysis

    Someone needs to post the line.
  2. Zimmer cut a kicker he drafted? What an idiot.
  3. So the stealers and cheatriots both lost today???
  4. Woo Hoo urineburgh loses. Bengals only division team to win!
  5. Colts just marched down the field on the Redskins.
  6. Jason

    THE Ohio State Football Thread

    I had to watch it streaming, and had to download google chrome to do it, after trying multiple times to get it to work on Safari, so I missed up until the first OSU TD. Game was a little scary for a while, but they got it done. O-H!!!
  7. Jason

    THE Ohio State Football Thread

    I may have to watch the game online. Looks like lots of storm coverage on local network stations.
  8. It looked like he landed awkwardly on the knee.
  9. Jason

    Injury updates

    I was just going to post about this.
  10. Did it start in 1980 or 1981? I thought it was 1981 but a guy on twitter said it was in 1980 and to google it. Apparently Coley Harvey wrote it was in 1980. I didn't become a fan until 1981. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  11. Uh oh, the dreaded bone bruise. That's a career ender. ?
  12. Jason

    THE Ohio State Football Thread

    My next "goal" is to have power for the TCU game.

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