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  1. My strong preference is to stay at 1 and take Burrow. If somehow you could acquire pick 2, I might consider it. Because Tua is the only other QB in this draft I’m remotely interested in. Or you would have to give us all of your 1s this year AND 2 first round picks next year so we can move up for Lawrence or Fields. But that’s not happening, so I’m perfectly happy to stay at 1 and take Burrow.
  2. I’d take Baun over Jackson, but neither is at the top of my wish list.
  3. It’s still on. I’m fortunate that my company is considered essential and I’m still getting paid in full. The contest will open for guesses on the morning of April 11 (assuming the NFL doesn’t move the draft between now and then) when I post the official contest thread. It will close on the evening of April 19. If you’re “lurking” and want to participate you must be a full member of the board as of April 10, and a Bengals fan. Remember, this year the contest will be based on the Bengals SECOND pick.
  4. There's a good chance he goes in 1, but I'm not sure it's a lock. Pretty sure he's gone by 38 though.
  5. Baltimore signed him to be a backup. Then when the Clowns ran all over them they put him in the starting lineup. Their run defense was great, and they didn't lose another game until the playoffs. We signed him to be our base D starter. Depending on what happens in the draft he may not play on obvious pass downs.
  6. Were they? Are you sure they weren't Tobin picks? Especially Ross. Guy fumbles his first touch then never sees the field again that year. Marvin acted like he wanted nothing to do with Ross.
  7. I will be shocked if Tua makes it to 5. Someone will trade up for him. Even with the injury, his upside is just too high.
  8. For one thing he's over 30, and for another, he WAS a second round pick. If we move to a 3-4 base he may be the most expendable.
  9. The car I've wanted since I was a kid. Oh, and the top is removable!
  10. I've seen those rumors too. And I know this has been an amazingly weird offseason. But I'll believe this one when I see it happen.
  11. Players and coaches wouldn’t. But what Miami did with player moves last year sure looked like a tank job to me.
  12. Let me explain my thinking more clearly since it seems there is always someone who doesn’t get it. My preference is to stay at 1 and take Burrow. For me to even consider moving off Burrow it would have to be a deal that gives me a shot at Lawrence or Fields next year because no QB in this class other than Burrow or Tua interest me at all. But even an extra 1 and 2 in next year’s draft doesn’t assure us the capital needed to get into the top 2, so we would also need to play Finley to increase our odds. But this team won’t do that because they just spent a ton of money, which says they are all in on Burrow. I am NOT suggesting they should do anything else, I’m just stating what it would take for me to even think about it. But it’s not happening. Get it now?
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