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  1. Jason

    The Athletic

    If you can't be an athlete...
  2. I love the Baked Buddy. Always get at least 1 while I'm in town.
  3. I think they knew since Boling did, they just kept it quiet.
  4. What does Boling have to do with their LBs? Did you not notice how many guards they acquired in the offseason?
  5. Warning about Montgomery Inn. Living in Texas you're probably used to real BBQ. Montgomery Inn isn't. They boil their ribs and cover them in sauce. The sauce is good, but after leaving Cincinnati and having real BBQ I don't like MI anymore. Except the sauce.
  6. Ken's biggest problem is he played most of his career in the same division as one of the historic dynasties of the NFL.
  7. She is leaving ESPN at the end of July and we’ll get a new reporter. No word yet on who.
  8. The board is slow these days. Wanted to put this somewhere it would be seen. Don't like it? I don't care.
  9. I know it's not Bengals related but he did play for UK. Health issues. After his playing days his weight got over 500 pounds. Rest in Peace
  10. Jason

    The Official 2019 Season Thread!

    2 of 3 from the Cubs!
  11. The way he was treated here (not that it was undeserved) I think Red would retire before returning to Cincinnati.
  12. Jason

    The Official 2019 Season Thread!

    ...and this one belongs to the Reds!!!!! I love beating the Cubs almost as much as the stealers.
  13. Jason

    The Official 2019 Season Thread!

    26 down, 1 to go!
  14. Jordan was recruited as a tackle. But he was so good he was one of their best 5 linemen so they put him in at LG.

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