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  1. Our offense is so much faster and more explosive.
  2. Had I listed another guy it would have been Willis. Ba Da Bing!!
  3. All Name Team
  4. We took Schrek!!!
  5. Apparently a TE
  6. Again, he's a 6th round pick. He is a cover LB. In 6 if you have a guy who has a skill you can use, take him. I'm not asking anyone to be "giddy" about him, just understand what he is and why he was taken.
  7. 8 career TDs 6 ways
  8. CB Brandon Wilson Houston 4.40 40
  9. Bengals trade up!
  10. You realize how bad we are at cover LBs, right? And he's a 6th round pick. Not many perfect prospects go in 6.
  11. From Evans' scouting report: Fluid cover man in space in man or zone. Possesses ball skills and physical tools to play all three downs. Had twelve passes defensed this season including four interceptions.
  12. Maualuga wasn't finesse and couldn't cover. The game has changed. If Evans can cover, I'm fine.