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  1. 1. This is an act of capitalism not fascism. It’s not the government forcing them to stand. 2. That said, as a believer in free speech I’m not a fan of this ruling either.
  2. When? Have you watched his last season at Washington?
  3. But if you need ketchup on your hot dog, Ced is the guy you want!
  4. The Worley article says he’s one of 4 rookies from tOSU. Who is #4 or was that a typo?
  5. Dude thinks it's still 2006.
  6. Translation: 82% of fans are tired of having players on their favorite team suspended for doing something that is still a violation of federal law.
  7. How did they drop 7 spots since the draft?
  8. Nah, for a girlfriend the only thing that matters is the size of her hands.
  9. 12. Cincinnati Bengals Noah Fant, TE, Iowa* Fant led the Big Ten in TDs (11) and averaged 16.5 yards per reception in 2017.
  10. Simmons wasn't notably better after Marvin arrived than he was before. Brooks was just a guy here, but a Pro Bowl player in SF. Odell was pretty good. For 1 year. He made plays. But he also gave up some plays because he was undisciplined. But I'll give you Odell. I actually thought about him after I hit "submit". So that's 2 IMO.

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