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  1. I thought this defense was too talented, despite the weakness at LB, for the numbers they put up last season.
  2. Beautiful Sam Hubbard, Carlos Dunlap and the D-line. Good John Ross. Take away the drops and he winds up in the "beautiful". Easily the best game of his NFL career. It's nice to have a staff that knows how to use him. Andy Dalton for the most part. The rain induced fumble really hurt, and he had a ton of tipped passes, but he played well enough to win. The lack of penalties on the O-line. The defense overall. Bad Turnovers Missed FG Run blocking Ugly that last call. There is no way that's a fumble.
  3. That's one. There was another one. And who else was available?
  4. Fields was really impressive today. Complete domination by the Buckeyes.
  5. The 2002 OSU v UC at PBS is on ESPNU now.
  6. He was actually pretty good last season. Don't judge him on 1 game this season.
  7. Meghan Trainor should not be wearing that outfit.
  8. All part of the plan. Lull the seagulls into a false sense of security.
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