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  1. At the time they did it the Bengals were the youngest expansion team to ever make the playoffs.
  2. My guess is the first couple of years they will do 3 to 4 a year and then pare it back after that.
  3. No, they’re not going back. But They’ve already been nameless for a year. Is it really that hard to think of one?
  4. It's long past time the Redskins chose a new name. Or went back to the old one.
  5. I hate this bullpen. They have to trade for a reliever if they want to compete.
  6. I’m not sure I’d ever play Joe in a preseason game. I do think he’s a full participant in camp.
  7. All coach contracts are guaranteed unless they resign is my understanding. As for wins, barring another rash of injuries, or a truly horrible defense I think he needs 8 this season.
  8. It seems the plan when they hired Zac was to get him early. I think they knew there would be growing pains. He seems to have excellent people skills, and Burrow believes in him. This will be a pivotal season though.
  9. We replaced our 3 worst linemen from last season and improved the coach. A big leap is possible. Honestly, I'm more "worried" about the defense than I am the o-line.
  10. If the O-line and defense can be “league average”, I agree.
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