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  1. Will cover the Bengals tomorrow.
  2. Pick 21 Poll

    He mentioned Billy Price in a recent interview.
  3. Or he’s there to check out Miller and Brown.
  4. Pick 21 Poll

    21 is down to McG or Daniels for me as well. I'd be happy with either, but I think I'm leaning Daniels. I want whichever position we didn't go at 21 at 46 or 77. If Gesicki is still there at 46 I would have a hard time passing him up. Unless we took McG in 1 and Price is also still there. After that give me a run stuffing NT, a ball hawk safety, and BPA after that.
  5. Pick 21 Poll

    He's not a temptation for me at all.
  6. ***Official UC Basketball Thread***

    Tie game under a minute? Really???? Ugh.
  7. ***Official UC Basketball Thread***

    They are going to blow this freaking game.
  8. ***Official UC Basketball Thread***

    Wake up guys!!
  9. ***Official UC Basketball Thread***

    HOT start and a good first half! Keep it up!
  10. Baker is down to 300, I think he's more a 3T right now.
  11. Not really. Billings is the guy as of now.

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