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  1. I think Atlanta takes Pitts, and I’m still team Chase, but I’d be happy with this result.
  2. You need to revise your tiebreaker guesses. They are creating bookends. Please see my responses to your posts for further instructions. Also applies to MontanaBengal, but he deleted his post.
  3. It’s ironic because I heard Philly moved out of 6 because they thought the Bengals were taking Chase.
  4. A. Orange/Black Super Bowl jersey is still my favorite. These are probably 2 Already purchased black and white Burrow jerseys.
  5. Your tiebreaker guess creates a bookend om Stryker57 with Le Tigre. Please change your tiebreaker to a number higher than 93 or lower than 71.
  6. Not everyone is picking Chase, so the contest will stay first pick.
  7. Your tiebreaker guess creates a bookend with TigerJ@w and ClaptonRocks. Please change it to greater that 109 or less than 84.
  8. I don’t think HSH was talking about the first round.
  9. Is everyone planning on guessing Chase? If so I think I might do a repeat of last year and have everyone guess our second pick.
  10. Everyone gets 1 guess. No limits on how many times Chase or Sewell (or Pitts?) can be guessed. The first year or 2 I did this I limited the number of times a player could be guessed to 5.
  11. Ok, here it is, the contest thread. Here are the rules: 1. Guess the player you think the Bengals will take with their first pick. It does not matter when that pick is, whether at 5, 26 or 37. So don't tell me they trade the pick. 2. This year there will not be a limit to how many times a player may be guessed. 3. The tie breaker will be the pick number where Pete Werner is taken. Do not give me a team and a round, I want a number. In the event there is still a tie, there will be a second tie breaker between the 2 contestants. It will be another player to be determined at that
  12. They expected to get something out of this guy named AJ Green.
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