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  1. From what I have heard the guys like him. It's just they aren't very good. I expected more from Jonah and Jordan. The right side is what I expected.
  2. Zac is in over his head and the O-line dug the hole.
  3. Who is this "Burrows" person you keep talking about?
  4. Burrow is mentally tough. I'm more worried about his physical condition if the line doesn't improve.
  5. 6 points??? That's disrespectful!!! To the Eagles! (Time to get the old mojo going again.)
  6. Who is available right now that actually could “fix” the O-line?
  7. It's not Claypool vs Ross, it's Claypool vs Higgins.
  8. Given the governments in California and Oregon I don't think the PAC12 will be able to decide to play. If we do somehow draft Sewell Jonah moves right. However I'm not convinced we would take him even if he was available because "Bobby Hart is phenomenal".
  9. Brandon Wilson is a beast of a kick returner.
  10. 1 hour away from the official start of the Joe Burrow era!
  11. I won't believe the Browns are good until they prove it.
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