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  1. I have a beautiful daughter. Tall and thin with black hair and brown eyes.
  2. Finally done and it's great!!
  3. Last picture until it's done. Wrap in foil, add some mop sauce and jack up the temperature.
  4. Thanks. No, I prefer cole slaw with my pork. I add the drippings to my BBQ sauce.
  5. After 4 hours in the smoker.
  6. No. Something to think about though.
  7. Dry hickory chunks and soaked pecan, apple, and cherry chips.
  8. The pork was in the smoker at 4:47 am.
  9. A few pictures starting from last night.
  10. 40 years ago today Star Wars, A New Hope was released. May the 25th be with you!
  11. He's not the best player, but there is no more exciting player in MLB than Billy Hamilton. I enjoy watching him more than any Red not named Johnny Cueto in a LONG time.
  12. Fortunately for us his career will not be defined by what happens in this off season.
  13. Would he be allowed to do that anyway???