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  1. That was a great day. I was already a Zimmer fan, but that moment sealed the deal.
  2. My favorite "moments I was there for": Beating Houston in the 1990/91 playoffs. Comeback against Green Bay in 2013.
  3. I saw this topic on the footballsfuture.com board. Let's say there is an expansion draft and you can only protect 3 players (and rookies are exempt). Which 3 Bengals would you protect? I thought it would make for some interesting discussion during this down time. Here is my post to that thread:
  4. You know that play happened early in the 4th quarter and not on the last drive, right?
  5. It was good to see Pete honored and the video intro by Sparky was great!
  6. The media would despise putting down a dog because a kicker missed. Even if it was going to be put down anyway.
  7. Bobbie and Max both played RG. I liked Bobby, but I'll take Max.
  8. If we are playing fantasy football I would take Ross or Trumpy over Rodney. But in "real football" give me Rodney. He wasn't just a good receiver he was also an excellent blocker.
  9. He was good, but that's crazy talk.
  10. I thought about Bergey too. He's certainly one of the 3 or 4 best LBs we've had. How many years was he here?
  11. Give me Reimers and Kozerski at guard and center. I'll vote for Anderson at QB.