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  1. Anyone interested in a board road trip? I’m thinking about maybe the Saints or Bucs game, but leaning Saints. Anyone else interested?
  2. Dolphins schedule is out. We play them Week 4 on Monday night.
  3. Rumor on Twitter that Bengals/Cowboys is the 4:25 Thanksgiving game.
  4. This isn’t Andy Dalton’s Bengals anymore. Joe Burrow is a different kind of cat. He really is a Bengal tiger.
  5. I don’t believe so. I do think Dallas will either be a thanksgiving or prime time game.
  6. Aside from sleep deprivation prime time games don’t bother me anymore. Big Stage Joe.
  7. On pace to lose 121. Glad I didn't get the MLB package. The worst thing is, even if they get the #1 pick in the draft it's probably 3 years or more before he makes an impact.
  8. I haven’t been paying much attention this year. Just saw they were 3-20. Wow. Glad I didn’t get the MLB package this year.
  9. The last time Joe Burrow had a normal offseason his team went on to become an undefeated national champion. Don’t forget to call your doctor in 4 hours.
  10. Honestly, I will be surprised if we get to 90.
  11. Membengal wins. Congratulations! Send me a PM with a link to your prize selection specifying size and color as applicable and your mailing address.
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