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  2. Good gawd man... can you not read?  I very clearly stated that I don't blame Urban Meyer for what Hernandez did.   Do I think he could and should have done more to try and "send a message"?  Yes I do.  A college coach has A HELL OF A LOT more leeway and control over a player than an NFL team does.  Game suspensions, etc.   But, really don't want to argue over it - was just wanting Buckeye fan thoughts was all.  Didn't know how the fans felt at this point.  I assume most are of your opinion  - now I know.  Good day!
  3. I'm not blaming anybody... just wanted tOSU football fans thoughts. Hernandez is the straw that broke the camels back but there a lot of others... Janoris Jenkins has said Now... marijuana is a minor thing.  But you don't think a player that has assaulted a bartender / bouncer / whatever (he's only been on campus 5 months at this point), been questioned with regard to a double murder, and was in another fight within 7 months of the first deserved any suspension?  Maybe you don't... and that is fine.  If tOSU fan feels the same as you then more power - no sweat.   This article more concisely summarizes my thoughts I guess... could Meyer have done anything to change what Hernandez did?  Maybe not, but he didn't try too darn hard either... other than keep him eligible and on the field. http://mrsec.com/2013/07/blame-game-nope-but-questioning-meyers-running-of-floridas-program-is-fair-game/  
  4. Not sure on that... very well may have been.  I only recall him saying that the pressure to win in the SEC was a 365 day a year job, was affecting his health, and more than he wanted.  But it could have been the other too.   I knew the guy was a bit lacking in discipline but what has come out lately since NYT, WaPo, SI, et al have started digging is eye opening.  Assistant coach tells Urban that Hernandez and "another player" (who's turned out to be Reggie Nelson) were questioned in relation to a double murder... and, after that brief conversation Urban doesn't think a thing about it until just within the last 2 weeks????  Questioned in a double murder, not a bar fight or something... double murder!!!!  The same Hernandez that 5 months prior punched a bartender / bouncer / whatever in the side of the head hard enough to rupture his eardrum...  a lot of smoke to just ignore it.  In my opinion anyway.
  5. Was more with regard to his discipline approach during his tenure at Florida...   Some pretty damning stats, comments from a former player, etc.
  6. No comments on Urban lately since the Hernandez stuff broke in here?   Kinda surprised I guess.
  7. I don't think it as much to do with a Butt Hurt Florida journalist as it does a "state of the program" and he's blaming Meyer for it. Again, like it or not, he does what he does... this article just spells a lot out concisely point by point. Naming more than just the one player would have lended it more credence and substantiation... all this article should really do is jog people to do further research on the guy. Don't automatically dismiss it just because you have scarlet and grey glasses on. I posted back on post #25 last November... and I quote: [quote]And, Urban Meyer will recruit some unsavory people... just something that OSU fans will have to get used to as a "cost of winning" type of thing. [/quote] I don't think it is that big a mystery. They had some real turds at Florida over the years. Just go pull the public stories regarding the arrests for all the different crap. Tebow helped control some of it but not completely. Urban Meyer will win. Period. Just have to be willing to put up with the muck that'll come along with that.
  8. I think its hilarious Big Ten coaches being pissed... gentleman's agreement... blah, blah, blah. That's bullshit and Urban's doing it the way its been done in the SEC for the last 15+ years. Recruiting is cutthroat. Plain and simple. Until he's faxed the LOI, he isn't safe. Sooner those other Big Ten teams realize that the better off they'll be.
  9. [quote name='Bengals1181' timestamp='1322586869' post='1069169'] I think he can certainly win a Big Ten title next year. If you look at the Buckeye's results from this year, 5 of their 6 losses were by 7 points or less, and the season was littered with coaching mistakes and poor decisions. For much of the year they were relying on freshmen and sophomores at WR and a very young secondary. By my count, they only lose 5 senior starters. Have you heard anything new about Chauvis? [/quote] Nothing more than what I was told about a month or so ago...
  10. Ohio State got a great football coach... He's not the wholesome guy that a lot of people want to portray but not many in this profession are anymore. He'll recruit however and whatever he needs to win, regardless of player background. As long as OSU fans have no issue with having some unsavory people running around (no different than the folks that Tressel had honestly) then they'll love Urban Meyer. Guy can flat coach. Bottom line is these guys are paid to win. Period. Let's not cloud it and say they need to graduate blah, blah, blah... that is the past. They are paid millions of dollars to win 11+ games a year. Period. And that don't happen with choir boys. OSU will win immediately. He has Miller which suits his style of offiense to a T. He'll have a good enough defense. I bet OSU is at 10 wins next year knocking on the door for the Big 10 title. Who is going to fight them for it? The rest of the league is down.
  11. Urban to OSU is done... I still have it on good authority that he's bringing John Chavis from LSU as his defensive coordinator. Strictly rumor but from a pretty good source. I don't know Meyer's timetable but if LSU is playing in the NC game may affect it. Coordinators leave all the time prior to a bowl game (even NC games) and some even come back just to call the game... just food for thought. Assume Meyer wants his staff filled out well ahead of NSD so he can build a strong class. The spread would work just fine in the Big Ten... the reason Michigan has / had problems is that RichRod apparently forgot to recruit / build a defense. His offenses could put up 28+ a game easy but his defenses couldn't stop shit. And, Urban Meyer will recruit some unsavory people... just something that OSU fans will have to get used to as a "cost of winning" type of thing.
  12. [quote name='Bengals1181' timestamp='1308142244' post='997349'] how sure are you that Home Depot will honor it? I'm about to drop about $1000 there today. [/quote] [quote name='Bengals1181' timestamp='1308178113' post='997441'] thanks for the tip man! You saved me $125 this morning. I"m also going to go get another one for tomorrow. [/quote] Sorry I didn't see this sooner... glad I could help. Yeah - I'm POSITIVE. The coupons as you get them from the post office are dated for like 3 or 6 months out... you can't go get em and keep them for a year or 2 and expect to use them but if you get one or a few close to when you intend to need them they'll definitely save some jack. That 10% is on top of any sales pricing, etc. that you might find while you're there. I saved a BOATLOAD of money when I remodeled my house last year using these coupons between Lowe's and HD... HD already has a hot key programmed to honor the Lowe's coupon. You show it to them, the cashier knows exactly what it is, hits a button and about 5 seconds after showing it to them you're getting the discount no questions asked.
  13. [quote name='Paul' timestamp='1299013932' post='974132'] Lowes is offering a tax refund special if buy a gift card for a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $4000 you get 10% of the original amount added back on March 18. [/quote] Just to kind of piggy back this... If you go to the post office and ask of a "moving kit" or "change of address packet" (they'll suggest doing it online, tell them no - you want to fill out the form). The packet has several coupons in it, one of which is a Lowe's 10% ANYTHING in the store. And, Home Depot will honor it. Could get your gift card, getting 10% added to it for whatever amount you buy, then when it comes time to purchase take a 10% off coupon (and this is good on sale priced items too) and you're buying power is a lot better. I spend about $45,000 last year completely remodeling my house I bought and when I went to the post office I asked them for a packet and he asked how many I wanted. I left there with about 30. And, used them all. Bet you I saved at least $2000-2500 overall from Lowes and/or Home Depot.
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