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  1. Vol_Bengal


  2. Yes, you're crazy...   rooting for another one!   Ohio State fans are rooting for another NC tonight, and they won one about 10 years or so ago...  winning just breeds winning.  you want more of it is all.  I'd love to win so much in the playoffs and get 2 SB wins to be able to get pissed at Marvin and Andy (or whomever is coach and QB) for losing in the AFC championship game or SB again...  I'd relish it!!!  Been a fan since I knew what football was - raised in it.  Dad's had season tickets since the Bengals still played at Nippert Stadium... yes, Nippert.  I think he's going on either 39 or 40 years.  Don't mark me on that exactly.   But, winning big one year isn't going to stop me from rooting for them to win big the next.
  3. There isn't a "can't miss" qb in this class.  Not by a long shot.  I feel sorry for at least the top 5 teams, probably top 8-10.  Almost all need a qb but are going to spend a high value pick on a qb that isn't worth it.
  4. This.  Jay Cutler is the current version of Jeff George.  $30 million dollar arm, 10 cent mental makeup.  Jay Cutler is a bitch.  He whines like a bitch, pouts like a bitch, quits like a bitch.  I've never seen an NFL quarterback basically say fuck it, I don't care, in the middle of a game like Jay Cutler.  And, to beat it all, he's a cancer.   My family and I had this discussion over Christmas while we were in Cincy... 1/2 said they'd love to try it as he at least had the tools.  other half, me included, said hell no.  I'd rather roll with Dalton... he doesn't have all the physical tools and will never get you more than 2 wins in the playoffs (if he can get that far even) but I at least know he's trying his damnest to win and it means something to him.
  5. Along with that you get a date with New England and Denver in the regular season next year as well.  Congrats!  I was pulling for Cincy to use week 17 as a bye, rest the players, etc. and go into playoffs rested.  Not only did we not do that, we knocked out our best receiver and tight end.
  6. Reality is that Bengals take a huge hit if they don't keep him next year...   Andrew Brandt ‏@adbrandt 49m49 minutes ago After games like that from Dalton, teams comforted by NFL contract reality. Unlike NBA/MLB deals, can usually "get out" after 2 years.   Bengals on the hook essentially for 2 years, $25 million dollars.  After 2015, can do whatever with no penalty.
  7. It'll be a miracle to get to 8-8...   @New Orleans            L  (In NO, Saints getting right now) @Houston                   ?  (don't see how we pull a win when they're going to shove it down our throat with Foster...) @Tampa Bay              W (and this is iffy - even they played the Browns a good game IN CLEVELAND) PITTSBURGH              L  (with how they're playing???  good lord) @Cleveland               W  (we won't play THAT bad both times, will we?) DENVER                     L  (primetime against Mr. Manning... that's an as beating coming). @Pittsburgh               W (banking on Pitt resting guys)...   So we're looking at 8-7-1 to 9-6-1... don't think either gets us anywhere.
  8. I didn't read anything in that article that makes me think they believe they'll blow the doors off of Carolina.  Whit says "we need to play better this week"... Iloka says "we saw what Patriots did and we hope to do the same thing this week against Carolina"...   What makes you think they believe they'll blow Carolina away?
  9. All I know for sure is Gostkowski kicked a 48 yarder in the 2nd quarter (so he was going the same direction Nugent's 52 was) and he kicked it into the net a solid 10-15 feet above the crossbar...
  10. I look at is as they walked into a hornets nest... playing a desperate team that had to win that game.  Primetime, at home.  Listened to the naysayers all week.  When I saw the article about the Pats needing to evaluate the QB position I was afraid it was going to turn out like last night.  Pats' backs were against the wall.  They go to 2-3 and they're in deep trouble.   Bright side, aside from 2 Dalton passes (Green's left sideline where he threw it out of bounds) and the overthrow to Gio on 3rd down (3rd drive I believe) that would have been a TD, he did what was asked of him.  Between the Gio pass and If Gresham catches the TD pass its a different game.  I pin this loss on the coaches more than anything.  Defense not ready for a hurry up offense?  Really?  And, the offensive gameplan just completely changed from the first games of the year.  Gio was averaging 5.3 a carry and in a 2 score game we're passing the ball 2 out of 3 plays... makes zero sense.   This is the Bengals week to "be pissed, be angry, ignore the noise, blah, blah, blah"...  and come out Sunday pissed and put it to a Carolina team that has no go-to players on offense, and a defense giving up a bunch of points.   I will say, I'm going to have to see us perform on Monday night against Denver this year to have ANY confidence in a playoff game.
  11. Peyton Manning's backup, longsnapper, punter in that order!   Make plenty of cash to live comfortably.. still have all your marbles and physically feel good when you leave the game  I always thought Jim Sorgi had the greatest job on the planet.  He backed Manning up for probably 5-6 years in Indy when Manning NEVER missed a game.  Stand there, hold a clipboard, and get paid.
  12. "Flash... AH AH... Saver of the universe!"   Loved that movie!
  13. Flash Gordon... loved that movie as a kid.  Saw it the other day... the graphics suck!
  14. Denver... Manning my favorite NFL'er of all time.   My teams are Cincy and whomever Manning plays for.  So - "Time to Ride" for me!!!
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