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  1. [quote name='Bengals1181' timestamp='1308142244' post='997349'] how sure are you that Home Depot will honor it? I'm about to drop about $1000 there today. [/quote] [quote name='Bengals1181' timestamp='1308178113' post='997441'] thanks for the tip man! You saved me $125 this morning. I"m also going to go get another one for tomorrow. [/quote] Sorry I didn't see this sooner... glad I could help. Yeah - I'm POSITIVE. The coupons as you get them from the post office are dated for like 3 or 6 months out... you can't go get em and keep them for a year or 2 and expect to use them but if you get one or a few close to when you intend to need them they'll definitely save some jack. That 10% is on top of any sales pricing, etc. that you might find while you're there. I saved a BOATLOAD of money when I remodeled my house last year using these coupons between Lowe's and HD... HD already has a hot key programmed to honor the Lowe's coupon. You show it to them, the cashier knows exactly what it is, hits a button and about 5 seconds after showing it to them you're getting the discount no questions asked.
  2. [quote name='Paul' timestamp='1299013932' post='974132'] Lowes is offering a tax refund special if buy a gift card for a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $4000 you get 10% of the original amount added back on March 18. [/quote] Just to kind of piggy back this... If you go to the post office and ask of a "moving kit" or "change of address packet" (they'll suggest doing it online, tell them no - you want to fill out the form). The packet has several coupons in it, one of which is a Lowe's 10% ANYTHING in the store. And, Home Depot will honor it. Could get your gift card, getting 10% added to it for whatever amount you buy, then when it comes time to purchase take a 10% off coupon (and this is good on sale priced items too) and you're buying power is a lot better. I spend about $45,000 last year completely remodeling my house I bought and when I went to the post office I asked them for a packet and he asked how many I wanted. I left there with about 30. And, used them all. Bet you I saved at least $2000-2500 overall from Lowes and/or Home Depot.
  3. [quote name='Bunghole' date='29 March 2010 - 02:29 PM' timestamp='1269887389' post='873757'] On the scoreboard, yes, WVU beat UK, and they were coached by Bob Huggins. My point, which is valid, is that UK beat themselves by the worst shooting effort by an Elite Eight team I have ever witnessed, and it actually had very little to do with Huggins, the defense, whatever. UK had open looks along the perimeter all day...they just wouldn't fall. Same goes for the charity stripe. I'm not bitter about it. Its just exactly how I see it. There's always next year. And unlike Bob or WVU, UK has actually won it all in recent memory. [/quote] Bung - this isn't pointed at you directly... but UK lost by the exact thing I said they would because it cost them their two games during the season... outside shooting. They're just not very good - if you look at the body of work over a season. Most teams they were so over-matched that they could still win while shooting poorly from the outside. I didn't think they'd play 6 straight games and shoot well enough to win it all... the first weekend they shot very well and won handily both times. Saturday - they shot more par for their average this season, particularly behind the the arc. The better teams will make you pay and WV did.
  4. [quote name='Bunghole' date='15 March 2010 - 10:10 AM' timestamp='1268662217' post='870643'] Vol- You may be right. [b]UK is pretty talented[/b] (and quite deep, especially big men, now that Orton has been playing so well) but their achilles heel is definitely inconsistent shooting, particularly around the perimeter. [/quote] That team is loaded! Factor Orton inside and you have 3 big guys that can play with anybody. What other college team has 3 starters penciled in as top 10 NBA picks? Most would be lucky to have 1. Throw in Bledsoe and Orton and you've got as top heavy as well as deep team in the tourney by a long shot. Their issue will be youth and perimeter shooting.
  5. [quote name='#22' date='14 March 2010 - 04:30 PM' timestamp='1268598606' post='870492'] My preseason final 4 (which I think is on here somewhere) was Kansas, WVU, Nova, and UK. I'm still feeling pretty good about mine. and UT wouldn't do shit with or without those three rocket scientists they lost, because they play sloppy defense, rely too much on the three point shot, and can't hit free throws. [/quote] Whoever picked UT into NC or Final Fours... was crazy. But to say they play sloppy defense is just a clueless person. That is one of the few things they're actually good at. Look at how they're winning games this year. They're holding teams down. I'll agree on relying on the 3 point shot - especially when you don't have legit 3 point threats... and free throws - that is the case for about the 3rd straight season. This year it is just more pronounced because their margin for error is smaller than in years past. And, yes, they got blown out Saturday - but that was a game until the 8:00 minute mark of the 2nd half. UT lost its composure at that point. That said - if UK / Bledsoe shoot that well from outside throughout the tourney they'll win it all. You have to pick your poison - either defend the inside and hope they're not shooting well or you go ahead and defend the perimeter well and basically concede inside points... I'll say right now UK won't win it all. They're the most talented team in it... but they're young and they won't shoot well enough in 6 straight games to win it all. They'll get theirs inside with Patterson and Cousins but they'll get to final 8, Final Four somewhere around there... then lose. [quote name='Bunghole' date='14 March 2010 - 11:16 PM' timestamp='1268623018' post='870600'] You're crazy about the UT shit. And I'm a UK fan! UT is pretty goddamn good if you ask me. [/quote] UT is good, but they're not legit from the outside and really only have 1 good big man - Chism. Scotty Hopson needs to learn to compete every minute of every game he's on the floor. He's not doing that now and it shows...
  6. [quote name='Bunghole' date='11 January 2010 - 02:02 PM' timestamp='1263236550' post='856135'] Eh, Kansas brought a knife to a gunfight. [/quote] well done... corn fed white boys don't know shit about being a gangsta...
  7. [quote name='#22' date='11 January 2010 - 12:04 PM' timestamp='1263229473' post='856054'] Perhaps, but that was a HUGE win for the program... [/quote] Agreed.
  8. [quote name='#22' date='10 January 2010 - 05:03 PM' timestamp='1263161003' post='855612'] Kentucky is now 16-0, and the rumors are swirling that Hall will be back next year (he'd be a fool to do this, though). As for the Kansas/UT game on now, I'm conflicted: should I root for UT to give Kansas a loss, or should I pull for KU to further support my claims that Tennessee is a pretender, not a contender? [/quote] Tennessee is a pretender... in the sense they're not a title contender. They'll make the dance and probably win 1 game. Lose in the round of 32...
  9. Give UK credit... they hired the "Teflon" coach! Nothing ever sticks to him!!! All this shit happens but he never "has any knowledge of it"... Rose's brother flew on the team plane with the team (not on his own dime) but Calipari managed to not realize him out of the 26, or so, in the group... This isn't a football team with 80+ players, trainers, etc. This is maybe 15 players, maybe, and a trainer or two, SID's, etc. But he was unaware... Only coach in history to vacate Final Four appearances at two different schools. [url="http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2009/aug/20/geoff-calkins-ncaa-ruling-less-about-memphis-more-/"]Memphis' Punishment Under Calipari[/url]
  10. [quote name='#22' post='779226' date='May 28 2009, 04:04 PM']By the way, can anyone find a successful modern college coach who hasn't been guilty by association with wrongdoing?[/quote] I don't like the guy but I don't recall any wrongdoing or stories thereof of Coach K. Tom Izzo, maybe. By wrongdoing... are we talking secondary violations??? Or, paying to have people take other people's tests? Or, paying for people's apartments? Or, paying for people's families' apartments? There are so many variations of NCAA violations / wrongdoing... didn't know what exactly you'd be referring to. Secondary crap is stupid stuff... unless it continues to build up and at some point then I guess so many secondaries should equal a primary, etc.
  11. [quote name='#22' post='779223' date='May 28 2009, 03:55 PM']I guess that quote about inquisitive idiots in your sig has some new meaning now. :rofl: though if you think that UK didn't know the ins and outs of this investigation (which is 18 months in the works) before they hired Calipari. Why do you think the first 5 minutes of the presser when they hired the guy were about academic integrity and honesty? Sandy Bell, who is now UK's chief compliance officer, was in charge of the NCAA investigation against Marcus Camby and UMASS. She personally gave our AD the OK to hire Calipari, and vouched for his clean record in the Camby case. Here are some things to look at in this case: 1.) Calipari has not been named in any allegations, and neither have any other current or past Memphis coaches. 2.) Calipari has been sent a letter by the NCAA formally clearing him of any wrongdoing. He has been asked to testify because that's the protocol in these matters. 3.) The NCAAs still haven't shown that Rose's SAT scores were, in fact, fraudulent. 4.) The test in question was taken before Rose had committed to Memphis. 5.) If Memphis knew this was coming down the pipe and thought that Calipari was involved [i]in any way[/i], why did they try to outpay UK to keep him at Memphis? 6.) Cal, by the way, has graduate 19 of 22 players in the last few years at Memphis who didn't go to the Pros. What are Bruce Pearl's numbers here, I wonder? So anyway, Calipari has been involved (and [u]absolved[/u]) in two scandals in 27 years of coaching. Lane Kiffin has had 3 recruiting violations in his first 3 months as UT's football coach. Thanks for playing [/quote] Easy there, tiger... getting a little worked up aren't we??? When Calipari first was announced, as you can easily go back and look up, there were several posts here talking about his less than stellar track record... Again, I guess it is just coincidence that this crap keeps happening while Calipari is the head coach... kind of like Kelvin Sampson. Just bad luck I guess. As for Kiffin - as you can go back and look at in prior posts... I've never been a fan of his... all that being said - you're bringing up secondary violations??? Hah! That is hilarious... Oh god... he said a recruit's name on the radio... oh god... That is funny! And, regarding Cal's graduation rate... "19 of 22 that didn't go to the pros"... what the hell does that mean? Technically, it is 19 of 22 that stayed 4 years, not just went to the pros - you added that part... but we won't get caught up in facts. But, beyond that, now we're here arguing Calipari's or Pearl's graduation percentages??? Laughable. Are guy's transferring factored into the numbers? What about leaving school for whatever reason? I do think it is funny that you Big Blue fans coming running to defend the guy when there have been numerous articles and stories detailing Calipari's historical exploits... Esquire magazine's article on the C-USA when it highlighted Calipari, Huggins, and Pitino together... less than savory. Gary Parrish used to cover Calipari... Dude, don't fight it. Embrace it. Kentucky will win a shit pot load of games with Calipari. They'll end up NCAA trouble because of shit Calipari has done. Just embrace those things and run with them - take the bad with the good.
  12. [quote name='Bunghole' post='779153' date='May 28 2009, 11:25 AM'][b]Calipari is not being charged with anything[/b]. And in other news, I heard on the radio this morning that Billy G is suing UK for 6 million, claiming wrongful termination.[/quote] Just coincidence the school he's just left is being investigated... kind of like the same thing that happened at UMass. Again, coincidence. Nothing to it, I'm sure... The stink that follows that guy is amazing.
  13. All quiet in Big Blue country... Color me not surprised... [url="http://www.kentucky.com/818/story/810309.html"]Calipari at it Again[/url] Apparently, he made sure Derrick Rose passed is SAT/ACT to become eligible.
  14. [quote name='ThurmanMunster' post='760483' date='Apr 1 2009, 10:53 PM']lane kiffin was a GREAT hire.[/quote] We'll see. I hope so, but that remains to be seen. I hope I stand corrected because I wasn't won over initially and I'm lukewarm now. And, when he looks like a fucking idiot when he opens his mouth regarding recruiting shit and such it makes it even worse. He gets results recruiting though, I'll give him that. Paint me skeptic and I'll gladly admit if I'm wrong. Gladly.
  15. [quote name='Bengal Migration' post='760514' date='Apr 2 2009, 12:24 AM']Call Ashley what you wanna. [b]She's smokin from where I'm sitting. [/b] If you play ball with Kige, be sure to post some pics [/quote] Damn skippy... Two things... she can park her boots next to my bed any time she'd like. and, I wouldn't kick her out of the bed for leaving cracker crumbs... Assuming of course the wife wouldn't have a problem with it...
  16. #22, Scharm... I give you credit - you guys defend your Big Blue to a hilt. I don't want this to be a UT vs. Kentucky thing because I never intended it that way initially. For the record, I didn't like the Kiffin hire when it was announced. I don't particularly like it now. The only thing that gives it some window dressing is he has built one hell of a recruiting class and has done it in about 2 months... and he has his dad as DC. I didn't have an issue with Alabama paying Saban all that money because he'd been successful in the SEC and had won a NC within the last 4 years, at that time. One other thing, if Kiffin continues bringing in the level of player he did with this first class, especially these last two guys I don't care how shitty a head coach he is, UT will definitely finish better than Vandy, UK, SC, and then will battle Georgia and Florida for the East year in, year out. But, again, to each his own.
  17. [quote name='scharm' post='760268' date='Apr 1 2009, 12:23 PM']About as much sense paying the loser Oakland Raider coach 2+ million to lead your football program?[/quote] That's pretty rich... You're honestly going to consider any coach's tenure in Oakland??? Give me a break. The only thing I fault him for is accepting the Oakland job to begin with. Coaching for THE most senile and worst owner in professional sports... give it another go! I'm sure you can find something...
  18. [quote name='Bengal Migration' post='760218' date='Apr 1 2009, 03:34 AM'][url="http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=forde_pat&id=4032093&sportCat=ncb"]http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/sto...mp;sportCat=ncb[/url][/quote] DAYUM... I knew Calipari was shady, but DAYUM. Forde put the wood to em! No doubt Cal will make Kentucky a winner again - just hope Kentucky doesn't pay too big a price for it. Almost $4.4 million / year to a head coach that has never won a Nat'l Championship... almost a million more than a coach that has won 2... makes perfect sense.
  19. I think Meeks and Patterson are gone... at least that is what the local talk radio is speculating and various national columnists are saying. As for losing to Georgia... isn't that their second SEC win? They were like 0-7 against the East so fare this year. Ouch. I think Billy has one more season... and the issue with that is if Meeks and Patterson do leave their team will be the SUCK next year. What do they have to replace them with? It is those two and a bunch of other guys... even with Meeks and Patterson they're only 8-7 in the SEC. I thought Florida / Kentucky was going to come down to whomever won Saturday would get that tourney spot. With them losing to Georgia I don't see Kentucky getting there this year. Granted, they'll get benefit of the doubt which they've earned but I don't see it.
  20. [quote name='#22' post='647819' date='Apr 1 2008, 05:57 PM']Marvin Stone died today as well, at the age of 26. Also, Hopson committed to UT.[/quote] Sorry to hear about Marvin Stone... And, I apologize if this is shallow Whoo!!! hoo!!! With Hopson in the fold all we need is for Tyler Smith to come back for one more season (which he realistically should) and we'll be deeper and should be better than last year. If this board can have a whole posting topic just pimping Terrelle Pryor and him going to OSU I can at least address Hopson to UT in one simple post, can't I? Again, hate to hear such a young guy leaving so soon. Sad really. Oh, I heard Gillespie is in the running for the Oklahoma State job... surely that is just media speculation. Why would he leave the Kentucky job for OK St.???
  21. [quote name='steggyD' post='645169' date='Mar 21 2008, 03:32 PM']Nah, it's the other factor. Kentucky, with the way they play, can not win in a game called that close. I'm not saying the calls were bad, it's that there were too many calls. I hate games where they don't let the players play, it works against UK's D and injury-plagued team.[/quote] I'll agree with that. So far, every game I've seen I've felt that way... Did anyone watch the X-Purdue game? Jesus, it took like 20 minutes and the game clock went from 15:55 - 11:50... Then, the last 4 minutes felt like they took 30... The tight games go against my team as well - I think most SEC teams are that way. The close games have been fun to watch but the incessant fouls being called - some 85 feet away from the bucket that had no relevance to the game to be honest just makes the games not quite as much fun to watch.
  22. [quote name='JC' post='644012' date='Mar 16 2008, 08:32 PM']UT can beat UNC. They would have to play an A game, but they can beat them. And i think UT comes out of the East.[/quote] [quote name='#22' post='644013' date='Mar 16 2008, 08:39 PM']I'll be rooting for UT (or UofL) in a game against UNC.[/quote] I appreciate the support. You're right - Tennessee can beat anybody on a given night... but we can lost to a lot of people on a given night too!!! I just look back to Duke - they were ranked lower than Tennessee when conference tourneys started and lost in the semi's just like UT... I don't get it - I understand ACC bias, etc. but come on. UT's 4 losses this year came to a #2, #4, #8, and #11 seeds. That is pretty good. And, the bracket I thought UT should have been the #2 in - Georgetown gets it!!! Georgetown?!? Are they serious??? The Big East and ACC get way to much credit year to year... I'll shut up now. I guess a UT fan bitching about getting a shitty #2 seed shows how far this program has come since Pearl came here. 4 short years ago UT wasn't even getting into the tourney. I guess I should be thankful for how far this program has come. Oh well... Let's just hope JaJuan and Lofton play lights out and Tyler does his thing. Rotate Crews, Chism, & Williams on Hansborough and work his ass over. UNC wants to run - so do we... I think we're a much better shooting team from the outside but they'd definitely have the upper hand inside. Hopefully we get that far to see that matchup.
  23. Knowing that Kentucky would get in I thought their seed was about right - Marquette is a tough draw... As is Stanford because the Lopez twins are actually pretty agile and can run really well. Can I bitch just a little?!? How does Tennessee go from a bubble #1 to the last #2? I don't get it. At worst, we should have been the #2 in Kansas' region. Theoretically, we'll get Butler in round 2 (hello a game in the 50's to 60's tops which favors Butler), and if we get past them probably will get Louisville which is a lot like Memphis with less talent but no cakewalk. Then we get the #1 overall seed in North Carolina, in Charlotte again, where they've just won 3 games in a row to win the ACC tourney... Nice... That is bullshit. I'm done!
  24. [quote name='#22' post='643794' date='Mar 15 2008, 10:10 PM']Are the Vols a #2 seed now? Did anyone else catch Pelphry telling Jajuan Smith to shut the fuck up? I need a .gif of that.[/quote] I don't think so... I think they'll still be a #1 - the only way I'll worry is if UCLA and Kansas both win their tourneys... Our resume matches up with anybody out there. RPI #1, SOS #1, 29-4, 14-2, not a bad loss in the bunch, etc. As for JaJuan, I'll say 2 things... JaJuan needs to shut the fuck up and just play - I've felt that way all year. AND A coach, any coach, has no business talking shit to an opposing teams player... they're supposed to be above that. Telling them good job, etc. is fine and Pelphrey knew he was in the wrong when he was questioned at halftime and just dodged the question. I know college is different than little league, etc. but you can be assured if an opposing coach said anything derogatory to one of my players he'd have an issue and that issue would be me. They're just isn't any place for it.
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