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  1. soundstreamer

    2018 Draft 1st round thread

    Im used to ESPN slighting the Bengals but this year may be the worst ever. Not even the slightest discussion about their first round pick. It's pretty ridiculous
  2. soundstreamer

    2018 Draft 1st round thread

    Damn you Detroit!!
  3. He deserves it for sure. Good for him and I sure do hope he gets a ring! Never would get it with SoP running this team.
  4. good night folks this one is over. must say closer than I thought it would be. Would make my morning to see Marvin fired.
  5. Knew the officiating was going to be an issue after the 2 missed delay of game calls in 1st half.
  6. Yep. If he was out of bounds and Jackson hit him they probably would have thrown a flag for it. Doesn't justify not hitting him though. Pure classic Bengals play.
  7. Maybe they will get called for roughing the passer then.
  8. This Oline is just pathetic. Worst I have seen in a long time.
  9. Amazing what happens when you actually try running the ball
  10. Dont even try running the ball that series. Thats brilliant

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