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  1. I more disappointed in De'Ante Smith than Carman. I had high hopes for Smith after the little bit of playing time he had last year. Carmen is pretty much continuing what he shown last year which is someone that looks like they don't belong in the NFL.
  2. Damn there goes Fortner. Not looking like they will find a good center this year.
  3. The thing I like about both picks is that they are versatile. I think they both could play CB if needed and one could excel given a chance. I agree that Hill is most likely the one to play CB though.
  4. I like it. They are hopefully really upgrading the secondary for the future.
  5. I dont mind that pick at all. Good player and for sure will need one very soon.
  6. I laughed at that as well. Didn't do very good research on that statement.
  7. This is what I'm hoping for now as well. As long as they can still stay near the top of the 2nd round. Hoping someone grabs Linderbaum before the Bengals pick.
  8. My hate pick would be McBride. But I also dont want to see a RB, QB, or WR in the first round. Linderbaum is starting to creep into the hate pick because as someone else said I'm worried about him being another Billy Price.
  9. Same here. I'm a nervous wreck right now. Just want the game to start.
  10. Actually I think they could be in a good place to trade down a few spots. Of course it all depends on who is left but at the end of the first round a lot of teams want to trade up to grab a player they feel has slipped down the draft board. Teams in the past have got some pretty good trades for late round picks so they should be examining all options. But if a highly rated OL, DL, or CB is there they should pick that player.
  11. Holy Shit. I'm just so happy right now. Great win! Glad the horrible call by refs didn't cost them the game.
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