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  1. Amazing what happens when you actually try running the ball
  2. Dont even try running the ball that series. Thats brilliant
  3. Did they start them at the 2 yard line after the penalty?
  4. Seems like he has a lot of speed. Hoping they can develop him and could be really good. Just glad to see a LB
  5. Glad to see Miller gone. Not what the Bengals need. Glad to see a LB!
  6. I like that pick. Need another good corner.
  7. This! Would love that pick
  8. Seemed like that 3rd down play should have been grounding.
  9. So its the responsibility of the defender to avoid helmet to helmet unless of course they play for the Stealers. So much bullshit!
  10. Oh so now its a big deal to him them in the head. Fuck you Refs!!!!!

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