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  1. It's a luxury pick when your OL includes John Jerry, Billy Price, Bobby Hart, and Fred Johnson that has had to start. You want that protecting your rookie franchise QB? I said I would have preferred to trade down from 33 to draft either Ezra Cleveland or maybe Robert Hunt. If they really wanted a WR they could have at least taken Pittman. I hope Higgins proves me wrong and I will eat crow but I see him struggling to get open in the NFL.
  2. LB was a big need for sure and I dont mind the picks but it wasnt the biggest need ahead of OL. You have to protect your franchise QB or you will end up with another Klingler. Higgins is a luxury pick they didnt have to make and could have traded down to grab an offensive lineman.
  3. I'm still mystified by this draft. How do you not select help for the OL when it's a huge question mark. Even if Jonah is good that still only leaves 1 NFL caliber tackle on the team. LG is a question mark with Jordan and RG is a gaping hole. God forbid if there is an injury. Burrow will be running for his life if he is capable of running after being behind this line.
  4. Hoping they can trade back up to grab some help on the OL.
  5. As much as I want the Bengals to finally draft some help on the OL I wouldnt be mad at all if they picked Davis-Gaither in the 4th round.
  6. At least the Dolphins understand you need to try to protect your franchise QB.
  7. Sure hope a good OT is there in the 3rd round but was really hoping to get a LB there though. Can't help think that was a luxury pick when they couldnt afford it.
  8. I wouldnt mind Cleveland at all either. Whichever one they think fits their scheme best and as long as the ketchup whisperer doesnt like them.
  9. Really dont want to see either Diggs or Higgins taken by the Bengals.
  10. At first I wanted to trade back but after thinking about it stand pat and hopefully they take Jones. They have to protect Burrow and Hart is not the answer and Jonah is still a big question mark as well. If they're comfortable with Hart at RT for next season then see what Jones can do at RG where there is a gaping hole. I wouldnt be as happy but Baun or McKinney would not be bad to have as well.
  11. Sure hoping the Bengals trade down now. Moving down a few picks would still likely net them a good OT just don't want any of the WR's.
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