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  1. May be a boring pick but if he can actually block someone unlike their current RT it will make the offense more exciting.
  2. Love this pick! Easily best player available and fills a huge hole. Hopefully starts out at RT and maybe move to LT.
  3. Im used to ESPN slighting the Bengals but this year may be the worst ever. Not even the slightest discussion about their first round pick. It's pretty ridiculous
  4. He deserves it for sure. Good for him and I sure do hope he gets a ring! Never would get it with SoP running this team.
  5. Yep. If he was out of bounds and Jackson hit him they probably would have thrown a flag for it. Doesn't justify not hitting him though. Pure classic Bengals play.
  6. This Oline is just pathetic. Worst I have seen in a long time.
  7. Seems like he has a lot of speed. Hoping they can develop him and could be really good. Just glad to see a LB
  8. Glad to see Miller gone. Not what the Bengals need. Glad to see a LB!
  9. So its the responsibility of the defender to avoid helmet to helmet unless of course they play for the Stealers. So much bullshit!
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