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  1. Vikings – L @ Bears – L @ Stealers –L Jaguars – W Packers – L @ Lions – W @ Ravens – L @ Jets – W Browns – L @ Raiders –L Stealers – L Chargers – L 49ers – W @ Broncos –L Ravens – L Chiefs – L @ Browns –W FINAL RECORD = 5-12 Don't think they got enough help on the oline for this year and although they added some talent on defense the coaches haven't proven to be very good.
  2. Hoping Teven Jenkins makes it to the Bengals but wouldn't be surprised to see the Ravens grab him. He's the last of good OT's left I think. Radunz and Eichenberg are decent and could possibly play this year if needed but not worth the 38th pick. After that I'm not seeing anyone that I would feel comfortable with if they had to start at tackle this year.
  3. Please don't pick Cosmi. I see him being a total bust like Cedric. Hoping somehow Radunz or Eichenberg are available.
  4. Yep that is one of my worries. I figure there will still be a couple decent OL left when they pick but what if say Jaelen Phillips, Christian Barmore, Asante Samuel, or Rashod Bateman are still available? I could easily see them grabbing one of them instead of OL.
  5. Sure hope Chase really opens up the offense like everyone has been saying. To me just another dumb pick by the Bengals. You dont draft Higgins last year to be a complimentary receiver and pass up Oline help there. Now they use a premium pick on another WR when the Oline is trash and so is the defense.
  6. I was probably one of the biggest detractors of selecting Higgins last year. I'm glad he turned out to be a good player but it was still a dumb pick. There were good Oline players in the 2nd round last year that would have made a bigger difference than Higgins. It's pretty simple when you a have an elite QB. Give them time and they will find open receivers and it also prevents your RB from getting him behind the line of scrimmage everytime they touch the ball. If only the Bengals front office could understand this.
  7. I agree with that. But I was saying that based on their recent inability to develop a LB into a quality NFL player. Plus I don't have much faith in Golden. Parsons on paper seems like exactly what the defense needs.
  8. Outside of Sewell this is the guy I keep thinking about as well but I just don't know if he would be put in a position to succeed with the Bengals. He seems like a great pass rusher which they need and can cover some as well. If he is what the draft reviews say he could be a game changer that the defense really needs. After Oline a great defensive player is much more valuable than a WR or TE for this team.
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