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  1. And thats the shame of it.. Trying to get to mediocre...jeez
  2. Idont believe the part about bosy language.. Gell hes what? 83? Hes slumping but doesnt know it....
  3. I nust have missed your quote earlier but yes the number of "incidents" with the Oline is intriguing due to the fact that Turner is their coach.... I fire him now!
  4. He wont say anything deep.. Marvin was like that too.. The Bengal organization way... Other teams as well...i.e. Patriots...
  5. Im not a believer in Turner's abilty to teach these linemen proper techniques In any phase of getting the best out of these guys... Same fucking issues game after game.. It seems all these guys are stagnated.. Surely there a line coach that could help them improve cuz they arent under Turner...
  6. 34 inches...great length... Hell give him a shot.. How could he be worse than the others???
  7. Damn he expresses his true feelings and he's an asshole cause he doesnt see it your way? Maybe you should rethink about the possibility no?
  8. Their assessment on Burrows is interesting.... He is having a good year... Gut feeling is meh.... I hope they dont draft him...
  9. Hopefully but adding Thomas would give them promising bookends.... Chase Young would be in there too...
  10. I wouldnt draft Burrow unless its 3rd round..low ceiling imo..
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