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  1. The offensive line is so mediocre..
  2. claptonrocks

    Injury updates

    Hopefully he gets a chance and does something to get excited about...can he block?..
  3. Good comment...run Joe 20 timez or more a game unless you fall far behind...
  4. claptonrocks

    Hue is Back

    Cleveland Browns....let that sink in...
  5. claptonrocks

    Teryl Austin Fired

    I would look at the draft and find good strong side backers...not just a linebacker... Vigil isnt the answer...
  6. claptonrocks

    It's Stealers Week!

    Stealers in Cincinnati...one of the highlites of my foitball season... ( Ohio St at Penn St being another) Bengals oline matchups? Stealers oline is better.... Bebgals Dline have to keep the relentless pressure they display with 7 dlineman.. Turnovers and penalties... Before i talk smack abiut the Stools the Bengals have to win this one....
  7. claptonrocks

    Cut John Ross and sign

    Ross's route running or lack of is his biggest hindrance right now imo... Itll take some time with him but he has very good talent ... Boyd is just peaking now....
  8. claptonrocks

    4-1, next week is huge.

    Geno and Carlos are really pressuring ands the rest are following their lead.. No giving up on this defense... Dalton and the recievers are making plays farther down the field this year... Offensive line isnt good but neither is 25 other teams olines!! This week is huge....
  9. claptonrocks

    Potential on Offense

    There really isnt an answer to the right side of the oline... Everyone theyre trying is mediocre. Its why they arent looked at as an above 500 team.... Matbe someone wlll surprise ...
  10. claptonrocks

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    Green..Ross..Boyd..Malone... LaFell..Core How many receivers do they keep... Tates really slow...really s l o w !! Some team may release a receiver thats a good fit....
  11. Alexander will single handedly ruin cowboys line this season... Horrible talent evauluator and in denial about his abilities as a line coach.. Thank god hes gone....
  12. I agree....i dont think williams is a bsll hawk but good north south tackler...illoka and bates are better at covering .... They could be a nice combo....
  13. How many int has Williams had? I disagree with your assesment...

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