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  1. Lol..Cab you imagine the big guy getting down in a 3 point stance at guard over and over...going down and getting his back straight then coming up is going to wear his ass OUT.. Better at RT where he can stay in two point stance alot...
  2. If all 3 first round picks plus pick 39 and your second 1st rounder in 2021 Id think long and hard.. Ok ive thought long and hard and if you want him that bad why wouldnt we?.. Tua is busted up.. Herbert doesnt do much for me. Joe Burrow is going to be a Bengal...sorry
  3. Nelson 6'5 330.. Wilson 67 350.. Hes actually 6'6.5 By your reasoning someone 69 and 370 could play guard since he wouldnt be that much bigger than Isaiah.. Is there no limit? We just disagree on him at guard.. Doesnt make either one of us right..
  4. I truly believe his talent is gone.. The mobility wont be there at his age and weight.. Wouldnt surprise me to see Tomlin finally have a losing record this year...
  5. You were rollin good till you got to theWilson at LG..hes actually to big to get in that guard stance...hes huge! Trevation signed a 3yr deal to stay with the Bears..
  6. He can do that here if they build him a pass protected wall... Miami is in love with Burrow.. I wondered how far thell go to get him... All 3 firsts a second and next yrs 2nd... Mike might still say no to that magnificent haul... Why?.... Because they see these gifts in him..
  7. Was it a shotgun wedding cause noone thinks Hart is up for the task this year.. Hes never graded above a 60 every year. Cheap contract at 2.85 mil this year helps offset other signings ....Can we gope Fred Johnson can play better?
  8. About the lottery pick By having the worst record we d have the most balls or whatever they use.. Hell we d stand a damn good chance at number one pick again!! GOD can't be that good can he?
  9. I like the Bengals helmets.. I ser they won over the Giants bland one the 49ers bland one the Stealers bland one and finally the Vikings bland one imo.. They jad a great draw.. Teams I would think in the final four would be Rams. Raiders Cowboys and of course our Bengals.. Id like to see more opinions on the final four from this board..interesting Tks for reentering this...
  10. Mike: wanna be a Bengal? Joe: yes Mike: ok... Interview over...
  11. I read that the Browns may skip a OT with the 10th pick and try and trade up for Isaiah Simmons... Maybe a rumor but that would be an interesting move..
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