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  1. I coulds see 4 receivers sets with a tight end on the line for JB to do his magic with.. All comes back to his protection...
  2. He doesnt change peoples views on the team.. If he wants to be negative all the time just ignore it.. He actually has some points but its allways the past.. Gets old but thats him..
  3. I think their draft was one that Zach had alot of influence on the picks..
  4. Top corners next year are Patrick Surtain and Shaun Wade..both project to go in the top ten.. Israel Mukuabu of South Carolina may go 1st round or early 2.. He had 4 ints and 9 pds past year.. A big year may put him in middle of first... Hes listed at 6'4 but draft scout has him at 6.2.6 and 205...4.52 forty..
  5. Is it really for safety reasons or revenue?? The only obstruction playing the Suoer Bowl in March would be March Madness (if they even play it).. The NFL would take priority so NCAA will adjust schedule around it.. Owners want that 16 games Im sure for the revenue..
  6. Oh you will...he'l l even amaze us more than we.are comprehending right now.. Just build a pass protecting wall.. Is that too much to ask ?
  7. Wow thats interesting.. Im thinking a short season would be in order.. First four reg season games would now be preseason affairs.. You have to see what your players can do to some extent.. Modify it to 12 games unless they dont mind playing into Feb or even March..
  8. I compare him to Montana.. With a pass protecting wall and good receivers he should be what we expect him to be.. The best we've ever had at quarterbacking this team..
  9. Alot of new activities with the masks .. Most players face masks would seem to elininate some if the issues.. Having the mask and helmet would be prudent.. Oh and gloves..noone wants to be touched..i can see that as an upcoming mandate as well.. Weird year fo sho!
  10. Oline seems to be finished this year.. Only thing is who starts, makes the roster and PS ... Saw a CBS mock for 2021 Bengals with number 2 pick taking OT Sewell .. Kid seems to be the next coming of the great ones.. The price on him would be to go 2-14 possibly 3-13 to get that pick... I dont want to watch a miserable season again.. Im hoping JB and Co. can provide more wins than what the media is projecting... A Vegas Bet site has them at 5.5 wins.. Im looking for more...
  11. Definitely have to get these pct up this year for offense to move.. Michael Thomas caught 149 balls and led the league by far with an 85pct rate.. That is incredible..
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