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  1. The Bodyguard..... Having. Jonah at LT eases my mind about JB's blindside...
  2. Wren is bigger stronger and faster. hopefully he stays healthy. He can aldo play DE in a 3-4 base... Im hopeful
  3. Like to see a pic of all our offensive linemen in. just shorts ... See whos foolin who...
  4. I cant agree with anything you just shared ... Differs..
  5. I believe Taylor and Turner think theyve assembled a good pass protecting line. The run blocking will be a problem.. Keepin Joe healthy is a bigger priority than Mixon running thru holes.. Look for Joe to have alot of catches from JB..
  6. Dalton didnt have a preseason as a rook.. He led them to 9 wins and a playoff game no?
  7. Hope he has a great uninjured season.. Big targets for JB in Green Tate and Higgins....
  8. If your asking "is Burrow a pretty boy" the answer is yes.. He ll bring more female fans to PBS. not to mention the apparel theyll buy... Hes what this team has needed for decades...
  9. I was thinkng with Redhawks you keep the feather but dicard the chief for a hawk.. Seems simple to me..
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