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  1. Thinking about this game as the Bengals maul and crawl their way to a win seems a reality... Pittsburgh gotta be thinkiing of all the serious weapons the Bengals have... Im not so sure ZT thinks the same about theirs .
  2. Joe Mixon relishes the idea of running til they wear down.. He says he wants to punish them over and over like he did the Raiders... 25-30 carries...yes
  3. Not to predictable against the Raiders... ZT thought he could wear their dline down which happened.. Im looking for more of the same from him down the stretch.. I
  4. Reds are entertaing thoughts of Tyler Naquin starting in CF next year.. In 127 games he put up allmost identical numbers as India .. Playing a full season he could put up some really good numbers unless last year was a hoax...
  5. Hendrickson.. (29) and Hubbs.(26) are 5th and 6th in the NFL on pressures now.. Id like to see BJ Hill getting more reps at the 3tech..seems to cut thru for pressures more than Ogunjobi..
  6. I have a good feeling about their play this week though.. I guess thats where the "Hope" comes into play....
  7. Im with you.. Bengals are in a good place to win it.. I found it ironic and satisfying that the 2 most vulnerable players had their best game against the Raiders.. Hopkins at 79.6 blocking grade and Apple at 87 1 for the game.. IF Hopkins and Apple have finally turned the corner this team could do some big things down the stretch...
  8. Well... I do remember JB and Chase winning to all under a complete disaster as a HC in Ogeron.. So yes...but maybe Ogeron and enough talented assistants to offset his coaching disabilities..
  9. That shitty coaching staff has got them to 6-4 and 5th in the AFC race.. Not saying they'll show out finishing up but they've played better than most thought..
  10. Or guys that simply have observed his play thru the years..
  11. If Dalton posted that on here Tibor would tear him up.. Hed go away thinking.. "Hes right...fuck him anyway"...
  12. He'll be out for a few more weeks.. I actually dont care if he plays or not anymore.. He'll be rusty if he did return. _ (which he probaby wont).. Apple had a 87.1 grade against the Raiders so hes improving nicely..
  13. Possibility Carman play Sunday.. Adenijji was "limited" in practice yesterday...ankle
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