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  1. Im thinking theyre going to push Rottenburger into retirement now... He was God awful last half of season.. They may start Rudolph and if hes bad replace him with Haskins...
  2. U of Miami kicker Jose Borogales has entered the draft.. Highest ranked kicker in college.. 18-20 FG longest 57yrds.. 35-35 xps.. Analysts say he kicks it straight thru the middle allmost everytime.. Id take a flyer in 6th on him...
  3. Hes saying that right Now.. Theyll be competition Im sure..
  4. All but Beasley...hes on a downhill ride.. Hes been very unproductive since 2016!!
  5. Damn good mock... I can only hope that would come true!!
  6. Good for them..hes a bust.. Theyll bust this coming year as well...
  7. 6th and 7th rounders are ST players to me.. A kicker fits that bill... And we need a clutch kicker no?
  8. Im with you on this..especially another 2nd rounder..
  9. Good guards in the draft this year.. We'll get one.. Gotta get a OT first and foremost.
  10. Carman is going to guard.. And he ll be a good one imo.. Plenty of good guards in this draft..
  11. Alot of really good coaches werent that good on the field but can teach more talented players properly.. Some really good players on the field cant convey that.. Your now a teacher not a player..
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