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  1. Tim Krumrie should get in Now while he has a chance to enjoy it.. The true meaning of a football warrior Isaac Curtis would be a close 2nd pick between He and Willie.
  2. Good outlook..4 of last 6 at home. Bad Outlook ..final 4 games look brutal..
  3. As horrible as the Reds are playing and looking like a team that's unable of pulling out if it I have selected a team damn near as bad to race for the worst team. Maybe ever award.. Detroit Tigers worst record besides the Reds .. Cincinnati....7-24 Detroit...... 9-22 Let the race begin.. ...
  4. Reds 7-24 Tream BA......213 Team ERA......6.64
  5. Valid points.. Yes he's the GOAT on the field but that has nothing to do with his mic'd up analysis and other facets of announcing... Big Risk imo.
  6. Theyll figure a way to keep all 3.. Like some said.. Cap going up alot..
  7. Great news.. Tee Higgins is a top 10 receiver in the NFL ... Tee will be a monster this year.
  8. Im with you. Dallas and Green Bay are on my list As division winners..
  9. Mathaeu has been an an AllPro player a few times. Hes still very good but his age (30) is a factor on a bigger contract at this point... The good young ones i.e. Bates will be looking for more than he signed for.
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