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  1. He could see alot of action... Outside of Vonteze whos has that much more ability? I like Vigil as the Sam...made mistakes as rookie look for improvement. We now have a good MLB in Preston Brown.... Jordan Evans could be the WILL.. Jefferson could get alot of snaps here if Evans falters.... is Lawson a DE ? Nickerson and Rey arent cover backers to me... Chris Worley on special teams..
  2. I agree about the right side .... Not clue on who will win out at RG All seem like backups to me... Id try and see if Bobby Hart could make the move...at 335 lbs he might make some holes for Mixin. Im hoping Jake Fisher can finally be a quality RT....dont know...
  3. claptonrocks

    Your favorite Reds by position

    Ok not my all red team just some favorite players at each position thru the years... 1B Sean Casey.... 2B Pokey Reese SS Barry Larkin 3B Buddy Bell LF AlexJonnson CF Gary Redus RD Dave Parker C Jonny Bench P Mario Soto
  4. claptonrocks

    2018 Reds Season Thread

    The habit is finding ways to lose ...
  5. A lot of work to do with this young man... His narrow base (for an interior lineman) and technique are in question.. Good luck to him..
  6. Glenn trade was a good one. Glenn-Bolling-Price looks solid .. RG could be.Bobby Hart..hes strong and Ha s the girth to move prople..im not sure about leaving him on a RT island though.. In going to put alot of faith in Jake Fisher this year.. Don't compare Jake to Cedric... Jake believes in his abilities.. Cedric needs alot of coaching.. If this comes to fruition they might be better than media thinks...
  7. I see Sam as a 6 or 7 sack guy...help with outside runs and tall enough to make qbs alter their throws or risk a pd... Hometown love for the city.. All around great guy... Nice pick for the defensive line ...
  8. Not fast but shifty..natural instinxts,to wait for a hole to materialize then shift thru it .. Definately an asset to the running/passing game...
  9. Oh how they missed Reggie Nelson ball hawking... Bates fills that bill.. Very good pick
  10. claptonrocks

    2018 Draft 2nd and 3rd rounds

    In going to go with malik jefferson if he's there... A long shot of jefferson is gone is tackle jemarco Jones ohio st..
  11. How about the Griffith kid at linebacker? Seems to have in intangibles they wabt.. Lightening speed good tackler great fit on and off field.. Its a good reach of thats what it takes... Harrison Phillips is a baller at tackle ...
  12. One thing very good centers do well is snap/step.... That initial burst off the ball as they snap the ball... Bodine never seemed to bring it together ..time he snapped then made his burst he was all ready engaged and pushed back... Price is well rounded... Finally a center that has the makings of a probowler in the future..
  13. claptonrocks

    My draft fear.

    Bengals should draft mcglinchey if he's there.. If he's gone go will Hernandez.. I think this year's class is loaded with busts.. I don't see that in big Mike as a Rt or heavy duty Hernandez ... Take your center in second provably Price who may fall due to injury... Been saying for years it starts in the trenches...mskes everyone's job easier.. 3rd round....fast backer that a good tackler..
  14. Prince's red flag is short arms (32").....he had balance issues.. Not sold on him ...2nd rounder to me... Daniels is a technician...2nd rd... Ragnow is the total package for a center...2nd rounder but i think he 'll be gone by the bengals pick... Do you reach for Ragnow or Daniels in round 1?? I believe they'll cross fingers and hope to get one In second round whic h would be Price....

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