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  1. Christian Westerman...2nd or 3rd string lineman.. He quits.. Good for him...
  2. Why because Finley look good against 2nd and 3rd teamers... Im not buying into him yet.. He ll have to play in back of this oline too.. They make anyone skittish with their inept standard of play.. God i hate this Oline!!!
  3. claptonrocks

    Guns in America

    Oh of course youd know right. All your posts are views by liberal articles.. God you must have hours on your hands to find all this propaganda.... Your also preach racism which im sure u have a secret agenda about. I think you hate anyone thats achieved more than your sorry ass in life.. Your really a bitter loser flake....
  4. He was a backup...dont know if he was a headcase or just wasnt good enough on run blocking (forget the 34 bench reps").. Heard he didnt want to carry 300 lbs on his frame anymore and was worried bout concussions .linemen get headbanged alot.. Good luck to him...
  5. the Oline is bad....jeez Dline is deep...sigh Linebackers ...no depth...jeez Corners ...no depth...injury after another.. Does anyone on tbis team ever "Wrap and roll on tackles?" Dakton Still cant throw deep with accuracy.. If the over and under stays at 6 im going under..
  6. claptonrocks


    I want to see Dalton throw a few deep balls hitting receivers in stride instead of them having to slowing down for the ball... Im watching Hart and Price closely.. Is Price healthy? Jeez. .Malone and Morgan seperations... Will linebackers cover their areas on passes???? Hummm..
  7. claptonrocks

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    You could give him credit for many things hes trying to accomplish for this country if you werent so anti....
  8. I believe Green will be out 4 reg season games.. 30 and injury prone...
  9. claptonrocks

    Guns in America

    YOU tried to minimize the decadence of Baltimore by comparing to Cincy. It is a "rat infested shithole" in many areas.. Cummings has none nothing in the inner city plight... His sole purpose is to bring down Trump because Trump knows whats going on there...
  10. Safe spaces were started by college liberals.... So no i dont...
  11. claptonrocks

    Trump and the Pope

    Done some things??? Thus motherfucksr is truly evil....because he likes younger women? Did he say 5 yr olds? Alleays out on cintext arent you... b
  12. claptonrocks

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    Man in Dayton was antifa follower... Anyone surprised... You bring up race alot .. I think your trying to promote racism.. Flake
  13. claptonrocks

    Guns in America

    Yet they still come lol Baltimore is around 55 per 100k But hey Jamie has been there and says its decent.. Where the fuck does he live??
  14. claptonrocks

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    Im done with you now... Shoo fly...

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