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  1. Agree...Remember when his sister was on another site and she was allways defending him?..
  2. That was good too.. The cap pulling on your supposed leader was the motherload of disrespect for Shula..
  3. How would you rank the AFCN teams helping to improve their QBs?
  4. 43-40 at this point.. 2nd in the division. Impressed by starting pitching so far and the bullppen has done well. All stars would be Castellanos and Winker.. Platoff bound..
  5. Fred Johson will stick for depth. Same with Darrius Phillips.. The rest are bubble boys...
  6. Tks for the new take on Brown... And the beat goes on with redundancy.
  7. The strengrh trainer should be at a press conference answering How did it occur specifically.... What machine or exercise?.. How long his his session?.. Accountability...
  8. Joe Burrow is the personification of Cool.. Nothing whatsoever to dislike about the QB prodigy...
  9. Im seeing Ossai as a DE-LB hybrid.. His best plays come from a passing rushing lineman .. He's raw at coverage so theyd have to scheme him properly.. Theres a fire in his motor all game ling.. Sample would weigh 290 or so and work at 3tech... Honestly Im not feelin this player much.. PS possibility..
  10. 5'8 180lbs..4.65...... Reminds some of another lil slot Cole Beasley... Good backup....
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