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  1. Joe maneuvered out of 3 or more possible sacks.. He looked much better this week. The Oline is still shit as a unit.
  2. Trey Hendrickson was PFF defensive player of the week ..94.2 rating.. Deservedly so..
  3. Hell of a combined group. Annarumo is really at the top of his game too..
  4. Bengals defense has given up 18.3 ppg That seems to include JBs pick6. Diesnt seem right include that in the ppg average.
  5. And one will be Tua.. Kid's had some injuries but he's tough as nails and with the start they've had I cant see him not playing. Huge game for Both teams at this point.
  6. I suppose so but feel your reaching for him not to play. I want to see JB-Tua matchup. .
  7. Aaron Judge is the 3rd (unofficial) player to hit 60 in a season. Great feat.
  8. I wish walls were higher to reduce hits that bounce over fence for doubles. Not going to happen but I really hate that play..
  9. Theyre totally unwatchable with no stars. Greene and Lobodo are future stars but still maturing. Castellini will cut payroll again and next year will look the same as this season.
  10. I read it was a head injury falling back from a tackle. Got his bell rung but came back into the game after a few plays. You know the the concussion protocol. I would suspect Tua will play Thursday cuz its important to keep the win streak and to hell with a bruise to the brain. Brutal business..
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