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  1. Its Still the best draft of any Ive seen including the "experts" in the media.. Once again..you covered it..
  2. I think Atlanta needs to groom a QB until Ryans contract runs out..2yrs?? I see them debating on taking Trey Lance if hes on the board..
  3. Love the jerseys... The stripe on these pants looks gaudy. Id like them narrower.. All in all nicer look. .
  4. Good points.. The FAs you mentioned may have bern contacted and for reasons declined to play here... I was big on G Larry Warfield but he doesnt seem to be to interested in signing with any team right now.. He could be waiting postdraft to see where his best desination will be.. Ive grown into liking these 1yr show me deals for now as theyll have to showout this year to maximize their longterm contracts. .
  5. I dont think he needs scars to prove anything.. Just showed how inept the interior line has been..
  6. With Smith Waddle or Slater on the board i dont see how theyre in bad shape at 6.. I did hear theyre open to trading 6 though.
  7. Thats a shame.. Hes not confident as much as arrogant..in sleazy way..
  8. We need another edge rusher.. As far as tackles go there are alot of 3Techs and NT.. Capable but not dominating..
  9. I think the team is set on either of the 3..Sewell..Pitts..Chase... Hopefully in that order ...
  10. If a knowledgeable gambler had to bet his savings on it hed take the 30%..or below..
  11. I want the best foundation possible to let the skilled guys perform even better.. I expect them to draft Penei Sewell to start that happening..
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