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  1. Linky: https://www.wcpo.com/sports/football/bengals/paul-brown-stadium-going-cashless-for-full-capacity-2021-season


    No cash.  No folding money.  All transactions, including buying beers from roaming vendors, will be included.  Specifics from the article....


    The following forms of payment will be accepted inside the stadium:

    * Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard or Discover)
    * Debit cards
    * Apple Pay
    * Google Pay (concessions only)
    * Universal debit card purchased at cash-to-card kiosks located throughout the stadium.


    Roaming food vendors will be equipped with card readers, the team said.


    Not sure exactly how this will work.  Do they expecf that I'll just hand my phone to the folks between my seat and Tim the Beer Man standing in the aisle and expect them to pass it down and back?

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  2. BTW - I have nothing but a hunch to go on, but my guess is that the ceremony will be on 9/30, the week 4 game against Jacksonville.


    Its a Thursday Night, and therefore the earliest "national" game, which the Stripes could leverage off of to help garner HOF support for whomever (cough..Ken Anderson Ken Riley... cough) gets honored.  Heck, the whole broadcast could feature Bengal historical greats during the cutaways to commercial breaks if the league got behind it.   The only other logical choices would be opening week (but we play the Vikings, nobody will be watching) or the Browns (but thats in week 9, much too late IMO for an honor thats supposed to be season-long).  And with our home schedule being backloaded, it really seems to me like Week 4 is optimal.


    My .02

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  3. To further infuriate folks, here's my personal list:

    Class of 2021:  QB Ken Anderson + CB/S Ken Riley  (alphabetically, not gonna rank them against each other)


    From the other fifteen:

    1 - WR Isaac Curtis

    2 - OL Willie Anderson

    3 - DL/LB Tim Krumrie

    4 - OL Max Montoya

    5 - QB Boomer Esiason

    6 - RB Corey Dillon

    7a/b - WR Chad Johnson + WR Cris Collinsworth (I keep flip-flopping on these two, so I'd put them in together)

    9 - CB/S Lemar Parrish

    10 - PK Jim Breech

    11a/b/c - RB James Brooks, CB/S David Fulcher, DL/LB Reggie Williams (in any order, its all good)

    14 - TE Bob Trumpy

    15 - OL Dave Lapham

  4. Can we at least start by ranking ballot players from the same position?  If there's a "best" player at that position, the "next best" player shouldn't be considered until the "best" player is.


    Here are the position with multiple nominees, and I've listed them in the order I would take them in:

    QB:  Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason

    RB:  Corey Dillon, James Brooks

    WR: Isaac Curtis, Chad Johnson, Cris Collinsworth

    OL: Willie Anderson, Max Montoya, Dave Lapham

    DL/LB: Tim Krumrie, Reggie Williams

    CB/S: Ken Riley, Lemar Parrish, David Fulcher


    The positions with one nominee:

    TE: Bob Trumpy

    PK: Jim Breech


    So instead of comparing seventeen nominees, it really boils down to eight .... or nine if your #1 overall pick is from a position that has a #2.

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  5. Linky: https://sports.yahoo.com/kellen-winslow-ii-sentenced-to-14-years-for-string-of-rapes-sexual-assaults-215452589.html




    "Soldja" Kellen Winslow II sentenced to 14 years for string of rapes, sex offenses in Southern California


    A San Diego County judge sentenced former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow II to 14 years in prison Wednesday for multiple rapes and sexual offenses committed against five women in Southern California.  The sentence was the maximum allowed under a plea arrangement Winslow agreed to in February.  Winslow was convicted of forcible rape, rape of an unconscious person, assault with intent to commit rape, indecent exposure and lewd conduct in public.


    Had he been convicted of the 12 charges including seven felonies that he originally faced without a plea deal, Winslow could have faced life in prison.


    Judge Blaine Bowman called Winslow "a sexual predator” and described his crimes as "brazen" when handing down the sentence.  “The vulnerability of the victims was no accident,” Bowman said, per the Associated Press. “It was the type of victim that you sought out yourself because you felt that perhaps they wouldn’t report the crime or wouldn’t be deemed credible by the jurors.”


    Winslow convicted of rape in 2019

    In June of 2019, a San Diego County jury found Winslow guilty of raping a 58-year-old homeless woman and indecent exposure involving a woman who was gardening in her front yard. Jurors agreed that he was guilty of rape, indecent exposure and lewd conduct, but remained deadlocked on six other felonies, prompting a retrial on those charges.  Among the charges jurors couldn't agree on were the alleged 2018 rape of a 54-year-old hitchhiker and the 2003 rape of an unconscious 17-year-old high school girl at a party.


    Multiple plea deals for Winslow

    Rather than face trial again, Winslow agreed to a last-minute plea deal in 2019 that took place after jurors had been seated for the retrial. Winslow pleaded guilty then to raping the 17-year-old and to sexual battery of the hitchhiker. He faced 12 to 18 years in prison per the terms of that deal.  He pleaded then with Bowman to hand down the minimum sentence.


    “I pray to God that you give me 12, and I can go home to my soldja family as soon as possible,” Winslow said when entering his 2019 guilty plea.


    Winslow was slated to be sentenced in 2020, but the hearing was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Before Wednesday's hearing, Winslow agreed in February to yet another plea deal, reducing his maximum sentence to 14 years. Per that deal, Winslow was allowed to change his plea of sexual battery of the hitchhiker to a lesser charge of assault with intent to commit rape.


    'I don't ever feel safe'


    The homeless woman Winslow raped was one of four women to provide statements at Wednesday's sentencing hearing. She described the long-term impact Winslow's rape has had on her life.  “It’s affecting my life every day and every night,” she said, per the Associated Press. “I don’t ever feel safe inside or outside. You brought so much damage to my life.”


    Winslow's fall from Pro Bowl tight end


    Winslow played nine season in the NFL with the current Cleveland Browns, before bouncing around the league with short stints with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots and New York Jets. The son of Hall of Fame tight end Kellen Winslow, who played for the original Browns in Cleveland and Baltimore (while managing to not be convicted of raping anyone), the lesser Winslow was selected by the current Browns as a first-round draft pick out of Miami... oops... "Duh Yoo" in 2004.   It is unclear how many women he raped in college.



    Glad that POS is gonna be locked up for a long, long time.  Hope he gets a boyfriend while in prison.




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  6. Cap Tracker Update, 8pm  (Linky:  https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/)


    Bengals: $12.0M  (11th best)


    League Average: $8.2M


    Top Three:  (1) NYJ $35.8M; (2) JAX $34.0M; (3) LAC $33.1M

    Bottom Three: (30) NOS -$10.7M; (31) PHI -$14.5M; (32) LAR -$26.6M

    AFC North: (11) CIN $12.0M; (14) BAL $8.1M; (19) CLE $5.3M; (22) PIT $1.0M


    10 of the 13 clubs with higher-than-average space are AFC: (1)NYJ (2)JAX (3)LAC (5)IND (6)DEN (7)TEN (8)KCC (9)NEP (11)CIN (12)MIA.  


    Nine teams are over cap:

    (24) HOU -$0.9M; (25) BUF -$1.0M; (26) ARI -$2.4M; (27) GBP -$2.6M; (28) CHI -$3.7M; (29) NYG -$5.8M plus the three listed above.


    Bengals Free-Agency Gains/Losses (Linky: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/cincinnati-bengals/)

    -- other sites may be more up-to-date.  I'm using this only because it coexists on same site as the cap tracker --



    Trey Hendrickson DE 27 (NOS) 4yr/$60M (2021 Cap Hit = $12.4M)

    Mike Hilton CB 27 (PIT) 4yr/$24M (4.8M)

    Chidobe Awuzie CB 26 (DAL) 3yr/$21.7M (4.0M)

    Larry Ogunjobi DT 27 (CLE) 1yr/$6.2M (6.2M)



    Carl Lawson DE 26 (NYJ) 3yr/$45M (14.3M)

    William Jackson CB 29 (WAS) 3yr/$40.5M (6.6M)

    Cethan Carter TE 28 (MIA) 3yr/$7.8M (1.7M)

    A.J. Green WR 33 (ARI) 1yr/$6.0M

    John Ross WR 27 (NYG) 1yr/$2.2M (1.8M)

    Randy Bullock K 32 (DET) N/A

    B.J. Finney C 30 (PIT) 1yr/unk



    Samaje Perine RB 26 2yr/$3.3M (1.4M)

    Tony Brown CB 25 N/A

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  7. Cap Tracker Update:  (per - https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/)


    Bengals:  $18,188,390 (10th best)


    League Average: $9,768,360


    Top Three:  $50.1M NYJ, $34.0M JAX, $33.2M BUF

    Bottom Three: -$14.5M PHI, -$17.1M CHI, -$26.6M LAR

    AFC North: (10) $18.1M CIN, (15) $8.1M BAL, (20) $5.3M CLE, (24) $0.7M PIT


    Weird Stat:  10 of the 11 teams with the most cap space are AFC.  In the NFC, (5) CAR ($31.1M) has more cap space than the next three NFC teams combined.  (12) MIN ($12.3M) + (16) SEA ($7.8M) + (17) TBB ($7.2M)

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  8. 17 hours ago, Le Tigre said:

    Being partial to the “traditional” Rider retro look, a fully-stitched/retro patch/my name on back...runs C$303. Think I’ll wait patiently for the discount. 


    How are you getting C$303.   When I try to build that jersey (retro, full-stitched, patch, name+number) I get C$262.  Does your quote include shipping, or have you put on weight and are using more fabric?  :)


    Are we starting with the same jersey?  https://www.theriderstore.ca/collections/10-jerseys/products/mens-new-era-retro-jersey?variant=19666450972768

    (PS the jersey shown HAS a retro patch on both sleeves already)


  9. BTW.... If LT or me or anyone else jumps on the ownership bandwagon, you will want to hold off before stocking up on merch from their online proshop.  Owners get a 15% merch discount, but you have to register with the shop and you need info from your shareholder welcome packet before doing that.


    Stuff is a bit pricey, but remember that things are shown in C$, which are about US$0.80 each.  With the additional 15% it brings prices down to US$0.68 per C$1.00, which will help offset shipping.  So... be patient, grasshopper.


    Are you a new Rider Shareholder or past Rider Shareholder? 

    To have your online account setup with your Owners Discount, you must first email us at webstore@saskriders.com with your shareholder number and address connected to your account for verification and we will than activate your Owners Discount of 15% to your online account.   We will send you a notification email letting you know that your Owners Discount has been activated.  After it is activated, you will notice your discount will be applied on all regular priced merchandise. 



  10. Geez, stuff is happening.




    As of 4:39pm Today:



    Trey Hendrickson DE 27 NO 4yrs $60M  (2021 CAP $12.5M)

    Mike Hilton CB 27 PIT 4yrs $24M

    Chidobe Awuzie CB 26 DAL 3yrs undisclosed



    BJ Finney C 30 PIT 1yr undisclosed (clears $3.25M of 2021 cap)

    Carl Lawson DE 27 NYJ 3yrs $45M

    John Ross WR 27 NYG no terms disclosed

    Cethan Carter TE 28 MIA 3yrs $7.8M



    AJ Green WR 33  (Mkt Value $6.0M)

    Shawn Williams SS 30

    Mackensie Alexander CB 28  (MV: $8.4M)

    Kevin Huber P 36

    William Jackson CB 29 (MV: $6.3M)

    Alex Erickson WR 29

    Brandon Wilson S 27

    Alex Redmond G 26

    Randy Bullock K 32

    LeShaun Sims CB 28

    Josh Bynes ILB 32

    Christian Covington DT 28

    Mike Daniels DT 32

    Margus Hunt DE 34

    Xavier Williams DT 29

    Mike Thomas WR 27

    Tony Brown CB 25

    Amani Bledsoe DE 23

    Samaje Perine RB 26

    Jordan Evans OLB 26

    Mitchell Wilcox TE 25

    Reginald McKenzie DT 24


    Cap Space (Assuming $182.5M team salary cap):  $30.125M  (8th best)


    Top 3:  NEP $56.8M, NYJ $52.4M, JAX $45.7M

    Bot 3: GBP ($9.8M), PHI ($19.0M), LAR ($25.8M) (these are negative values, btw)

    AFC North: (8)CIN $30.1M; (15)BAL $15.3M; (19)CLE $10.0M; (27)PIT ($0.1M)

    League Average: $15.5M

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  11. The issue is that the CFL's bottom line is driven much more so by ticket sales than most other leagues of their stature.  While the Bengals can play to 10K and still turn a profit, teams in the Great White North depend on attendance to boost their bottom line.... and teams in the most expensive markets (Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, Ottawa, Vancouver) have not been doing that well.  Throw in the cancellation of the 2020 season, and their rejected appeal to the government for a $30M bailout/loan/donation....  they're hurting.  They really need the 2021 season to come off without a hitch, but there's already speculation of being forced to play a shortened season - which only rubs salt in the wound.


    The talks between the CFL and XFL could help both... the XFL needs the historical stability the CFL offers, the CFL needs the financial resources and media access the XFL offers.  Whether this turns into a marketing agreement, player sharing, coordinated schedules and recruiting, or goes all the way to a merger with teams playing each other... it's too soon to say.  Fans tend to be focusing on the latter, which would be extremely challenging from a logistics perspective, and which would have several HUGE hurdles to overcome - sure, there's the fact that no US football stadium can accommodate a CFL-sized field, and three-down vs four-down football, and all of the other "mechanical" aspects to try to bring the rule books into alignment... but the CFL has a "ratio" rule which requires a certain # or % of player on all rosters be Canadian....  the XFL can't adopt that rule (labor laws), and the XFL would be at a huge advantage over CFL teams without it.....   And the XFL teams are all owned by the league (therefore, 100% revenue sharing and standardized player salaries) while CFL teams are not.


    But there's no question that the CFL is on the rocks financially right now.  As a member of league ownership, I -am- concerned about this and would like to seek a solution, even if it means watching the Roughriders play the BattleHawks in the 2022 Grey Cup.    #SasKAKAWtchewan! 

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  12. On 3/14/2021 at 2:18 PM, I_C_Deadpeople said:

    I am a Blue Bomber fan so the Riders are like the Stealers to me. But as a new Rider fan you need to Google the Banjo Bowl


    Lol - I know all about the Banjo Bowl.   Others should Google that, the backstory is pretty hilarious.


    And you being a Bomber fan.... that's terrific.  You can go ahead and hate the Riders, that's cool.  We don't return the hate - the Bombers aren't that important to us.  :)

  13. Are you guys done?  Because if so, I just confirmation that I am the newest owner of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  I spoke with a very kind woman in Regina who confirmed my order, spelling of my name for the stock certificate, and mailing address.  I'll have it in a couple of weeks.


    And, I guess, this means that as a proto-Canadian I need to start apologizing for everything.  :)


    As a fan of the XFL's St Louis BattleHawks (KaKaw!) I am very interested in the ongoing talks between the XFL and CFL.  Perhaps we might see the two leagues join forces - a Grey Cup Victory Parade down Market Street would be cool.  But until then - Go Riders! 

  14. Everybody knows that Green Bay is the only team in the four major North American leagues that is publicly-owned.  The Packers even, from time to time, offer shares for sale when they need to raise cash to do some upgrades to the stadium or other nonesense.  Shares are largely symbolic - you can't trade or sell them, they get you a "vote" for the annual slate of Board of Directors, and I think there's a discount in the Pro Shop.  It's more a vanity thing than having any sort of controlling interest in the team, but that doesn't stop folks from snapping them up.  I even bought one for myself and for my (then) minor child the last time the Packers did that.


    Did you know, however, that three of the nine CFL teams are also publicly-owned?  The Edmonton Eskimos, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Saskatchewan Roughriders all, in varying degrees, are owned not by an individual or a family, but by shareholding members of the general public.  Of those three, only Saskatchewan occasionally makes new shares available for purchase...


    Like right now.


    For only C$250 (which is ~US$198) you can buy a share of Class A Stock in the Riders.  Like the Packers shares, these shares really only give you a vote for top-level managerial things like the Board, but according to their FAQ, you can nominate anyone (including yourself) to actually be a Board Member.  You also get a Pro Shop discount, priority for tickets, exchange privileges, and a bunch of other stuff you're unlikely to ever get to actually use unless you plan a trip to Regina some time.   But still, the "vanity" aspect of having your name on a share, giving you fractional ownership of a pro football team is still kinda cool.


    Which is why I just bought one.  With Ticketbastard tacking on a C$2.25 nuisance fee, and then the conversion to 'Murican dollars, the whole thing was $200.36.  I'll get my share certificate, owners ID card, and windows sticker in 6-8 weeks.


    Linky: https://www.riderville.com/shares/




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