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  1. Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    I wonder if this thing will score me any perks at Lambeau:
  2. Go: I have a buddy in Dayton who just posted: If you're going to be in CMH on Saturday I could hook the two of you up if you'd like.
  3. Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    Hint: You were looking for a nose count for the tailgate. I will be there with my buddy Scott. There *might* be another warm body or two following me around, so I would be 2, maybe 3-4. Can't nail it down yet, depends on how boring the group of 80 I'm traveling with turns out to be and whether the other "Cool Kids" wanna split-off and follow me around.
  4. LT: Are you still going to Bengals-Bills and bringing a +1?
  5. Should be an awesome day for Bullock and the Defense. 9 Field Goals + 2 Safeties.
  6. Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    My tickets: Interesting to note, on the back where WE get a coupon for $5 off $20 at Gold Star, Packer fans get free beer: They're giving out free sunglasses at the entry gates. There will be a KC-135 flyover (Wisconsin ANG 128th Air Refueling Wing) after the National Anthem. Halftime will feature a High School QB Challenge between Black Hawk HS and Pecatonia/Argyle HS, plus recognition of some Packers Alumni. Weather forecast is clear and 85. (hot!)
  7. Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    On another board I frequent, a regular poster there made HIS first ever trip to Lambeau during week 1. He was given recommendations by locals, then posted a list of what he did.... A: Taking my parents to the Green Bay game, leave Friday! First time going...pretty pumped!! Got the Lambeau tour scheduled for Sat AM and everything. We have Sat afternoon open if anyone has some suggestions for places to check out around town. Also any game day tips, I did find a Hawks meetup nearby. B: Grab a meal Saturday at Krolls on S Ridge Road (SW side of Lambeau Field). Your parents especially will probably like it as it is kind of a throwback restaurant. Get the butter burger unless you don't like burgers. By going early you can easily street park in the neighborhoods on the NE side of Lombardi Avenue for free and within a couple blocks of the stadium. With it being a late game and looking like the weather should be amazing, the pre-game atmosphere should be terrific. Think of a 20,000 person block party. So go early enough to spend some time taking it in and grab some brats from the stands around the outside of the stadium parking lots. Or do what we sometimes do...wander the tailgate paries making friends and mooching. Then head inside to enjoy the game in the holiest of holies of football. And don't worry about being visiting fans. Packer fans will sometimes have a little too much fun, but rarely at the expense of the visiting fans...even those accursed Bears fans that occasionally wander north. Win or lose, you will enjoy yourself and create some great memories. And since it's week one, I don't have to talk about things like bringing cardboard to put under your feet to keep the feeling in your toes. A: Appreciate the info, thanks! We'll actually be at the Hilton, so we're on foot for game day! (and we won't be rushed in the morning as we aren't flying until late afternoon) Looks like Blues Traveler and Everclear are doing a free show Sat night...so we'll check that out and see the Johnsonville Tailgate area. Let's hope some of these Thurs night games turn out watchable this year.... B: Would be interested in hearing about your experience in Green Bay/Lambeau if you feel inclined to share. A: Had a great time! It was my first time out to the midwest...and it was really refreshing (literally, the air in the NW has been the worst since I can remember, with all the fires). Just loved the rolling farmland hills, American flags every where. Seeing the old fashioned Churches with cemeteries behind them. Something about the simplicity of it all that really appealed to me. Made reservations at the 1919 restaurant for Fri evening (Sat was booked) and it didn't disappoint. Nice atmosphere, live music...I had the 1919 burger which was fantastic. Lambeau - definitely recommend doing the tour in the morning, we did both the tour and Hall of Fame from about 10-12:30, and it definitely was much busier as we were leaving. Tour guide was fantastic. Got to go onto the field and take pics with my Mom and Dad which was what I was hoping for. Stopped by Krolls - talk about your no frills place, but that's part of the charm! They had the Badgers game going on most of the tv's, we just did some apps and talked with folks at the bar. My parents were iffy on it at first but were positive about it after we left. (It was a little dark and could've been a few degrees cooler) Night before - bonus concert w Everclear and Blues Traveler... it was just outside the stadium. We checked out the new Johnsonville Tailgate center. Fun time...but wow...they know how to party out there! A lot louder than I've been used to, and no alcohol enforcement that I could see. Game Day - we walked around the parking lot and sure enough, got invited over by a few folks...offered beers, fresh off the grill eats, etc. Couldn't say enough about the Midwestern Nice, it's the real deal. Fans very hospitable and impressed that we came from Seattle specifically for the game. My Dad relayed his story (probably a dozen times) about being there 52yrs earlier as a child, which went over very well! Only negatives...the 18inches per person on the benches is tough. You just have to accept that you'll be constantly adjusting your positions with those next to you. After the Game - even crazier than the night before, we had visited several of the bars previously...but that was simply not going to work that night....much too wild for our taste. The only refuge was the HoF Chophouse - which actually was a very nice way to end the day. If you don't mind a more expensive steakhouse...it's a good way to go. Heading home - we took the scenic route...we wanted to see Lake Michigan...headed to Kewaunee, which is just due East...and they have a perfect little park/beach there. We ventured through the Point Beach State Forest and into the town of Two Rivers...found a great little pub called Schwarz's. I've never done a restaurant review but I just might for them...wonderful experience there. So, all in all...a Hawks win would've been a bonus, but that wasn't our main reason for going. We got to do everything I'd planned and hoped we'd be able to. Just wanted to bless my Dad and make that "I'd love to go back there..." bucket list trip become a reality. And we did it. Thanks again for the tips! B: Nice report, thanks! In hindsight I wish I had recommended renting the seat backs (many people bring their own). I think they rent for $6 each and even though they don't exactly offer much in the way of lumbar support they can be worth the money just to keep your 18" of seat space sacred. Plus you conveniently just leave them in place when the game is over. Now imagine what it's like when everyone is dressed for below zero temperatures. Better leave your personal space issues outside the stadium. A: Yeah, my Mom did the seat back rental...thankfully we were just two seats from the aisle...but sure enough...two heavier ladies were in those spots, and every time we stood up, they tried to move her seat over. Hey lady, it's not our problem if you can only fit one cheek on the end of the bench! My mom pushed back a bit and the seat helped to maintain the space. The one negative outburst was from a Hawk gal behind one of those heavier ladies. Ughh... great representation...I would not want to be a visiting fan at a Seahawks game.
  8. Ravens @ Bengals: 5 Key Match Ups

    Ravens beat writers: Same (shit) as it ever was. Scoreboard: W 27-10 L 19-14 W 24-16 W 28-24 W 27-24 W 23-16 W 34-17 Ravens have lost 5 straight at PBS, and have only 2 wins in the past 12 trips to Cincinnati. Y'all need to put up or shut up.
  9. September 7, 1908, Paul Brown was born. Paul Brown Coaching Tree: Paul Brown + Don Shula + Bill Arnsparger + Marty Schottenheimer + Herm Edwards + Bill Cowher + Dom Capers + Chan Gailey + Jim Haslett + Dick LeBeau + Marvin Lewis + Leslie Frazier + Jack Del Rio + Mike Smith + Hue Jackson + Jay Gruden + Mike Zimmer + Vance Joseph + Mike Mularkey + Ken Wisenhunt + Mike McCarthy + Gunther Cunningham + Ray Perkins + Bill Parcells + Ray Handley + Tom Coughlin + Kevin Gilbride + Sean Payton + Bill Belichick + Romeo Crennel + Eric Mangini + Nick Saban + Tony Sparano + Chris Palmer + Al Groh + Bud Grant + Weeb Eubank + Chuck Knox + Joe Vitt + Buddy Ryan + Jeff Fisher + Dave McGinnis + Gregg Williams + Blanton Collier + Bill Walsh + Sam Wyche + Bruce Coslet + George Siefert + Dennis Green + Brian Billick + Mike Smith + Mike Tice + Scott Linehan + Mike Holmgren + Steve Mariucci + Marty Mornhinweg + Jon Gruden + Bill Callahan + Mike Tomlin + Raheem Morris + Gus Bradley + Andy Reid + Brad Childress + John Harbaugh + Steve Spagnulo + Pat Shurmur + Ron Rivera + Mike Sherman + Joe Philbin + Jim Zorn + Ray Rhodes + Chuck Noll + Tony Dungy + Rod Marinelli + Lovie Smith + Lane Kiffin + John Fox
  10. 3 point favorites this week

    Umm.... it worked for Ickey.
  11. Advertising is gone..

    Amish Support headin' your way. It's a lot easier to help out financially, now that I'm no longer spending any money on food and beer. Was: Is:
  12. Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    Snow/Go: I will be at the game. I've joined Lenny's group and we'll be bringing a busload of Bengal fans with us for the weekend. Leave Cincy Friday midnight/Saturday morning - drive all night - tour Lambeau sometime Saturday. Leave immediately after the game on Sunday for the long victory ride back to Cincy. I know he's already arranged for a tailgate, but there's no reason I can't go to two. PM me your mobile # and I'll send you mine. -Amish
  13. RIP Chuck Berry

    Couldn't decide which to use as this thread's tagline: "Roll over Beethoven, tell Chuck Berry he's dead." or "Johnny B. Dead"

    I see UK's 2016/17 squad is doing better than normal. Congrats. Though I hear that 2017/18 is going to be another rebuilding year after this year's team o' freshmen all do their inevitable one-and-done tango. I gotta tip my hat, though. Renting players for one season before they turn pro or flunk out on academic ineligibility has proven quite successful. I wish more programs would scrap the silly notion that they're fielding "student athletes" and just follow UK's example.

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