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  1. Linky: https://sports.yahoo.com/kellen-winslow-ii-sentenced-to-14-years-for-string-of-rapes-sexual-assaults-215452589.html Glad that POS is gonna be locked up for a long, long time. Hope he gets a boyfriend while in prison.
  2. Cap Tracker Update, 8pm (Linky: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/) Bengals: $12.0M (11th best) League Average: $8.2M Top Three: (1) NYJ $35.8M; (2) JAX $34.0M; (3) LAC $33.1M Bottom Three: (30) NOS -$10.7M; (31) PHI -$14.5M; (32) LAR -$26.6M AFC North: (11) CIN $12.0M; (14) BAL $8.1M; (19) CLE $5.3M; (22) PIT $1.0M 10 of the 13 clubs with higher-than-average space are AFC: (1)NYJ (2)JAX (3)LAC (5)IND (6)DEN (7)TEN (8)KCC (9)NEP (11)CIN (12)MIA. Nine teams are over cap: (24) HOU -$0.9M; (25) BUF -$1.0M; (26) ARI -$2
  3. Cap Tracker Update: (per - https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/) Bengals: $18,188,390 (10th best) League Average: $9,768,360 Top Three: $50.1M NYJ, $34.0M JAX, $33.2M BUF Bottom Three: -$14.5M PHI, -$17.1M CHI, -$26.6M LAR AFC North: (10) $18.1M CIN, (15) $8.1M BAL, (20) $5.3M CLE, (24) $0.7M PIT Weird Stat: 10 of the 11 teams with the most cap space are AFC. In the NFC, (5) CAR ($31.1M) has more cap space than the next three NFC teams combined. (12) MIN ($12.3M) + (16) SEA ($7.8M) + (17) TBB ($7.2M)
  4. After his entire career in Cincinnati It's going to be weird seeing him on another team's injury report.
  5. How are you getting C$303. When I try to build that jersey (retro, full-stitched, patch, name+number) I get C$262. Does your quote include shipping, or have you put on weight and are using more fabric? Are we starting with the same jersey? https://www.theriderstore.ca/collections/10-jerseys/products/mens-new-era-retro-jersey?variant=19666450972768 (PS the jersey shown HAS a retro patch on both sleeves already)
  6. BTW.... If LT or me or anyone else jumps on the ownership bandwagon, you will want to hold off before stocking up on merch from their online proshop. Owners get a 15% merch discount, but you have to register with the shop and you need info from your shareholder welcome packet before doing that. Stuff is a bit pricey, but remember that things are shown in C$, which are about US$0.80 each. With the additional 15% it brings prices down to US$0.68 per C$1.00, which will help offset shipping. So... be patient, grasshopper. Are you a new Rider Shareholder or past Rider Sha
  7. Geez, stuff is happening. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/ As of 4:39pm Today: Gains: Trey Hendrickson DE 27 NO 4yrs $60M (2021 CAP $12.5M) Mike Hilton CB 27 PIT 4yrs $24M Chidobe Awuzie CB 26 DAL 3yrs undisclosed Losses: BJ Finney C 30 PIT 1yr undisclosed (clears $3.25M of 2021 cap) Carl Lawson DE 27 NYJ 3yrs $45M John Ross WR 27 NYG no terms disclosed Cethan Carter TE 28 MIA 3yrs $7.8M TBD: AJ Green WR 33 (Mkt Value $6.0M) Shawn Williams SS 30 Mackensie Alexander CB 28 (MV
  8. Meanwhile... let's all experience Regina: I'm making this my ring tone.
  9. The issue is that the CFL's bottom line is driven much more so by ticket sales than most other leagues of their stature. While the Bengals can play to 10K and still turn a profit, teams in the Great White North depend on attendance to boost their bottom line.... and teams in the most expensive markets (Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, Ottawa, Vancouver) have not been doing that well. Throw in the cancellation of the 2020 season, and their rejected appeal to the government for a $30M bailout/loan/donation.... they're hurting. They really need the 2021 season to come off without a hitch, but the
  10. Naah, just yankin' your chain, man. SSK-WPG is right up there at the top of CFL rivalries... probably in 2nd behind EGM-CGY. And for the record, I don't know how to play banjo either.
  11. Lol - I know all about the Banjo Bowl. Others should Google that, the backstory is pretty hilarious. And you being a Bomber fan.... that's terrific. You can go ahead and hate the Riders, that's cool. We don't return the hate - the Bombers aren't that important to us.
  12. Yeah. The Roughriders play in Regina. Your Mom's Regina. Grow up. Lol.
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