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  1. Couldn't decide which to use as this thread's tagline: "Roll over Beethoven, tell Chuck Berry he's dead." or "Johnny B. Dead"
  2. I see UK's 2016/17 squad is doing better than normal. Congrats. Though I hear that 2017/18 is going to be another rebuilding year after this year's team o' freshmen all do their inevitable one-and-done tango. I gotta tip my hat, though. Renting players for one season before they turn pro or flunk out on academic ineligibility has proven quite successful. I wish more programs would scrap the silly notion that they're fielding "student athletes" and just follow UK's example.
  3. On average, there are 1250 intentional walks handed out during a full MLB season. That works out to 0.51 INT-BB per game. It takes 4 pitches to issue one. Each pitch takes 17.3 seconds (faster than the league average of 24.1 seconds because the pitchers don't reset or check the runners typically). 4 of these will save 69.2 seconds. With 0.51 of them happening per game, this rule will speed up the average MLB game by approximately 35 seconds. Thirty-five whole seconds. Fuck that. I like that pitchers throw all 4 pitches. If the batter falls asleep they could fire one in for a strike. If the pitcher fucks up and throws one in too close, the batter can swat at it and knock it out of the park. It's a part of the game and is HARDLY a gimme - there's no practical reason to remove it and very little measurable benefit (35 seconds?) for doing this. Besides, there's an easier way to give a player first base without throwing 4 pitches.... just bean him.
  4. That's kinda cool. Of course, we need to get Le Tigre to update his "20" since he's relocated Westward during the off-season.... he's probably unaware that two board regulars live right across town from him now. Question: When I sell my house and move into a Winnebago, will the site automatically update my location every time I check in from a Denny's or a WalMart parking lot or will I have to do that manually?
  5. That was for the players I've seen. If I can use ANY player from Redlegs history I'd put Ted Kluszewski at 1B and Frank Robinson in RF. Can you imagine this batting order: 1 - Rose 2 - Morgan 3 - Robinson 4 - Bench 5 - Foster 6 - Kluszewski 7 - Davis 8 - Larkin Where would you put Phillips if playing in a DH game?
  6. C: Johnny Bench 1B: Tony Perez 2B: Joe Morgan SS: Barry Larkin 3B: Pete Rose LF: George Foster CF: Ken Griffey Jr RF: Jay Bruce DH: Brandon Phillips SP: Jose Rijo, Jack Billingham, Johnny Cueto, Danny Jackson, Tom Seaver (rotation) RP: Aroldis Chapman, Randy Myers, Rob Dibble
  7. Bettis Stealers Jerome Bettis Andre Smith Just checking the auto-correct function. Carry on.
  8. Yup. I could see him landing with the Zimmers in a heartbeat. Don't blame him a bit, tho I really hope the FO can come through with a deal to keep him here *and* give him the Super Bowl-contenting squad he wants to be a part of.
  9. "As of tomorrow, we're all undefeated again." First Place Bengals.
  10. Dude, if you were his wife I'd be pissed off. You're my bitch, not his.
  11. What affect will this injury have on us? Unknown, but I am certain it will effect our strategy. I wish I gnu.