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  1. Guess I'm gonna have to flex my weekend hotel plans too. :). Shame, I was able to score a free room at the AC Banks using an expiring Marriott certificate for Saturday that doesnt have a matching available room on Sunday. Guess I'm staying at IKEA again. Lol.
  2. Oh I dunno, Orange and Black unis did pretty well last time against these assholes....
  3. Looks like 2022 will see two London games, one in Germany (there are three finalist cities - Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich), and one in a feces-flinging Stadium Azteca in horrible, horrible Mexico City. If the NFC East is indeed tapped as the host division, Dallas is almost certain to be the team exiled to Mexico. Assuming my speculation about the designated opponent is correct, they would host whichever AFC North team that matches them standings-wise, which would presumably be our division champ. I would also speculate that the Stealers would go to Germany, for marketing purposes only. Based on the current standings, I would guess: UK: CIN at PHI, CLE at NYG GE: PIT at WAS MX: BAL at DAL Linky: https://www.nfl.com/news/three-german-cities-in-discussions-to-stage-nfl-regular-season-games
  4. Tottenham is a more modern venue, true, but with a noticeably smaller capacity than Wembley. And though Wembley is indeed more remote relative to city center, public transportation options are better developed..... Sure, it could take an hour in a crush of people to get onto a train, but at least there's an underground station right there. The closest underground stations to Tottenham are Seven Sisters (30 min walk) and Tottenham Hale (25 min walk). Alternates are White Hart Lane Overground (5 min), and Northumberland Park National Rail (10 mins), plus a crush of bus queues. Public Transport Options: https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/media/19336/area-overview-july-2019.pdf So while the games are no longer at Wembley, I think I'll miss the place in spite of the distance and the tube wait times.
  5. Yes, it's JAMES FUCKING BROWN. He's the boss in a man's world! He's got a brand new bag, and the payback is that he's gonna get up offa that thing! He's living in America, and he feels good because he's a fucking sex machine! Now, get in the hot tub!
  6. When the NFL owners approved the schedule expansion to 17 games, they also approved a new formula for determining which teams would be playing in the International Series games beginning next season. All 4 teams from a specific division will play one of their "home" games in London, and the division in question will be from the conference that gets the 17th game at home - that way the affected teams will still get 8 home games in their home stadium. In 2022, the conference will be the NFC. Right now, it appears most likely that the division that will be tapped is the NFC East, as that division's teams have had the longest average wait since playing their most recent game overseas. NFC East = PHI-2018 NYG-2017 WAS-2016 DAL-2014 (Average = 5.75 years) NFC West = LAR-2019 SEA-2018 ARI-2017 SFF-2013 (Average = 5.25 years) NFC North = CHI-2019 MIN-2017 DET-2015 (Average = 5.0 years) NFC South = ATL-2021 CAR-2019 TBB-2019 NOS-2017 (Average = 3.0 years) Their opponents are more than likely to come from the AFC, as those teams will play an extra road game, and will also more than likely be their "17th game" opponents so to not interfere with the current travel rotation schedule. The 2022 "17th game" opponents for the NFC East is the AFC North. If all of the above holds, the Bengals may be heading to London again next season.
  7. Linky: https://www.wcpo.com/sports/football/bengals/paul-brown-stadium-going-cashless-for-full-capacity-2021-season No cash. No folding money. All transactions, including buying beers from roaming vendors, will be included. Specifics from the article.... The following forms of payment will be accepted inside the stadium: * Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) * Debit cards * Apple Pay * Google Pay (concessions only) * Universal debit card purchased at cash-to-card kiosks located throughout the stadium. Roaming food vendors will be equipped with card readers, the team said. Not sure exactly how this will work. Do they expecf that I'll just hand my phone to the folks between my seat and Tim the Beer Man standing in the aisle and expect them to pass it down and back?
  8. BTW - I have nothing but a hunch to go on, but my guess is that the ceremony will be on 9/30, the week 4 game against Jacksonville. Its a Thursday Night, and therefore the earliest "national" game, which the Stripes could leverage off of to help garner HOF support for whomever (cough..Ken Anderson Ken Riley... cough) gets honored. Heck, the whole broadcast could feature Bengal historical greats during the cutaways to commercial breaks if the league got behind it. The only other logical choices would be opening week (but we play the Vikings, nobody will be watching) or the Browns (but thats in week 9, much too late IMO for an honor thats supposed to be season-long). And with our home schedule being backloaded, it really seems to me like Week 4 is optimal. My .02
  9. To further infuriate folks, here's my personal list: Class of 2021: QB Ken Anderson + CB/S Ken Riley (alphabetically, not gonna rank them against each other) From the other fifteen: 1 - WR Isaac Curtis 2 - OL Willie Anderson 3 - DL/LB Tim Krumrie 4 - OL Max Montoya 5 - QB Boomer Esiason 6 - RB Corey Dillon 7a/b - WR Chad Johnson + WR Cris Collinsworth (I keep flip-flopping on these two, so I'd put them in together) 9 - CB/S Lemar Parrish 10 - PK Jim Breech 11a/b/c - RB James Brooks, CB/S David Fulcher, DL/LB Reggie Williams (in any order, its all good) 14 - TE Bob Trumpy 15 - OL Dave Lapham
  10. Can we at least start by ranking ballot players from the same position? If there's a "best" player at that position, the "next best" player shouldn't be considered until the "best" player is. Here are the position with multiple nominees, and I've listed them in the order I would take them in: QB: Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason RB: Corey Dillon, James Brooks WR: Isaac Curtis, Chad Johnson, Cris Collinsworth OL: Willie Anderson, Max Montoya, Dave Lapham DL/LB: Tim Krumrie, Reggie Williams CB/S: Ken Riley, Lemar Parrish, David Fulcher The positions with one nominee: TE: Bob Trumpy PK: Jim Breech So instead of comparing seventeen nominees, it really boils down to eight .... or nine if your #1 overall pick is from a position that has a #2.
  11. Nah... go back and watch the Soldja in his video. Saphead was translating.
  12. Linky: https://sports.yahoo.com/kellen-winslow-ii-sentenced-to-14-years-for-string-of-rapes-sexual-assaults-215452589.html Glad that POS is gonna be locked up for a long, long time. Hope he gets a boyfriend while in prison.
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