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  1. We're not getting towels.... It's pom-poms. Well.... Eh.... Okay, I guess.
  2. If there WAS a deer, he should've used a helmet to bash its' head in rather than risk his car. Just saying.
  3. Well, over 60,000 of us will be there to see it in person. Are you local to Cincinnati?
  4. Here's the media take on last night's festivities. https://www.bengals.com/news/issac-curtis-willie-anderson-honored-by-teammates-for-ring-of-honor To be honest, not everyone spoke, and not everyone who spoke introduced themselves. Since they weren't wearing jerseys, since I was used to seeing them with helmets on, and since it's been nearly 20-30 years for most of them since they played, I couldn't tell you for certain who everyone was. That plus having our seats being obstructed and only being able to reliably see whomever the camera was on - which was generally the person speaking - combined to make identifying everyone tough. Hopefully between my pair of group photos and the attached article y'all can ID everyone more accurately than I could.
  5. Hey! Shayne Graham is speaking. That means.... maybe... BengalSis is here. She was a cutie!
  6. Oh.... and I said hi to Nancy Brown. She was polite and friendly but I'm confident she doesn't remember me.
  7. Still hoping to get a moment with Willie.....But with so many fans here that may be a tall order.
  8. I got a chance to talk briefly with Kenny A. He said he liked my jacket and shook my hand. I'll never wash that hand again, lol. Here's me with Kris, daughter of my dear friend Doug (RIP) and whom LT knows well.
  9. The food did not disappoint ... This was the third round, after buffalo wings and short rib soft tacos.
  10. We've taken over the entire East banquet hall. There are 400-500 guests, Ben-Gals, and about two dozen legends here tonight. Lapham, Kenny A, Ickey, Louis Breeden, Jim Breech, I think I saw Tim Krumrie. Dudes that played in Super Bowl XVI, the entire O-Line that played alongside Willie... it's glorious.
  11. I'm talking WAAAY too much about this. I spoke with the front office yesterday - needed help transferring a ticket to someone technologically-impaired and we ended up just yanking it from my account and sending it over to Will Call as a physical ticket for them to pick up Thursday. Turns out the person answering was Sara P, my season ticket account manager. We chatted and I asked her about the dress code (if any) for Wednesday's event and whether I could bring item(s) for autographs. She said that there isn't a dress code - some come in jackets, others come in jerseys - but she did mention that wearing Bengal-themed attire that's maybe a "little bit" classier than shorts and tees might be the right call. Big mistake, saying "classier" there. 🙂 I was leaning toward a Bengal SS polo or a Bengal sweater vest over a button-down, but Sara said "classier". I'm thinking it's time to finally wear this jacket to PBS..... LS White Oxford Button-down, w/black Bengal sweater vest and Bengal bow-tie, under this beauty. Whaddya think.... too much? Lol. At the very least, it would practically guarantee getting photos with Willie, Isaac, and any other surprise legends (Boomer? Ickey? Cris? Anthony?) who might be attending. (Also, items for autographs is fine, although no guarantees that anyone will sign anything. Taking the White Tiger helmet from the bottom shelf of that previous photo for Willie, and I've got another helmet - not shown - that's got orange stripes on black that I'll take as well for any "bonus" autograph opportunity that might come up.)
  12. I'll be shocked if there's not a fan handout involving something white - like towels or such - to make it easier to white-up those who come in black or orange. Not that I care. I've got my white already picked out, per my earlier post.
  13. Damn, LT, you had to post a photo that includes Jan Smithers.... WKRP's Bailey Quarters. So much hotter (to me) than Loni Anderson. Then again, I've always been more Shirley than Laverne, Mary-Ann than Ginger, and more Velma than Daphne. Guess the nerdy librarian look has always been more attractive to me than the glamor babes.
  14. BTW it's nice to see that PayCor is getting their money's worth regarding in-stadium signage for the coin they dropped on the team....
  15. They should do it like the old Battle Of The Network Stars shows. Have the players compete in go carts, paintball (as suggested), sprinting, dodgeball, hell even bowling. Finish it with the top two squads doing a tug of war. Throw a few cheerleaders in for good measure, like for a swimming relay. A little titillation couldn't hurt the TV ratings.
  16. They're painting the midfield logo at PBS white today..... Maybe the endzones will get the same treatment....
  17. Lol.... still have that one! Archived Thread: https://forum.go-bengals.com/index.php?/topic/79775-boomer-eshoeason/
  18. Half of all Ravens, Stealers, and Cleveland fans have below-average intelligence, while half of all Bengal fans have above-average intelligence. No joke, it's a fact folks. Always knew there was something different about our fan base versus the others.
  19. Are you guys actually concerned about that QBs health, or is it related to whether or not the Fins get to play him against us next week? Be honest with yourselves. You want it to be the former, but you know it's the latter. With that confirmed, and it's about getting the W, just ask yourself - would you rather play a team on a short week with their starting QB denying an injury that is likely to make him play beneath his potential OR would you prefer to face another backup QB in the Trubisky / Rush / Flacco mold - QBs we traditionally make look really good and against whom we have a losing record this year - with practically no time to scout or game plan for? If you want the W.... SINCE you want the W... you want Tungaviola to start.
  20. Obviously he needs to turn the ball over FIVE times, get ZERO takeaways, Remember, we were a missed extra point from doing just that in week one.
  21. Hey ST holders, you may want to check your ticket account. I just found that the Bengals have deposited a pair of ProShop vouchers worth $10 each into my account. Found them by opening the Bengals app and tapping "Manage My Tickets" They're only good on NON Gamedays, and have a mid-October expiration. I got two, presumably because our account has two seats. I have NOT seen any email traffic from Pumkie to announce this, so it may be a secret perk, but I doubt that mine is the only account that got these.
  22. Hope so, tho I promise nobody will be raping little boys in the showers. We don't need to go "full" Penn State.
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