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  1. BTW - If you look at the names in the original photo you'll see that the fonts correspond to different eras. That's why I've convinced myself that the "Anderson" in the photo is Willie, not Kenny. Of course Kenny would be on the RoH, its just that of the three names on the Club Level façade captured in the leaked photo, his wasnt one of them. He might be on the other side of the stadium with two additional names, he might be further to the left or right outside of the photo... but the font used during his era and Willie's era were different, and that modern take on "Anderson" is
  2. Me too. My list was never intended to exclude anyone. Just to provide a debatable metric for comparison.
  3. Agreed. But as my college degree ends in ".... of Science" and I can't quantify touchy-feely stuff like "great teammate" and "community leader"... I am using math with quantifiable things. My lists are intended to merely be a starting point for discussion and certainly should not the metric by which everyone should be considered against each other. If I'm being misinterpreted as suggesting that - my bad.
  4. If we ignore ProBowl selections (which leans toward being a popularity contest - one that Ken Riley never won because he wasn't well liked - and go with All Pro selections instead, the player list gets juggled quite a bit: 37.3 Anthony Munoz (13/9) 20.1 Willie Anderson (12/3) 18.7 Ken Anderson (16/1) 17.7 Ken Riley (15/1) 16.4 Geno Atkins (11/2) 15.4 Chad Johnson (10/2) 14.7 Tim Krumrie (12/1) 13.7 Andrew Whitworth (11/1) 12.7 Bob Trumpy, Boomer Esiason, Pat McInally, Louis Breeden (all 10/1) Nobody else earned All Pro.
  5. We should also retire a few jersey numbers while we're at it. 78 13 14
  6. Ditto.... Koch is the way to go. You might even be able to order just the plate and have them ship it to you if you know your way around a sewing machine.
  7. A few years ago, I scored a sweet "Boomer Eshoeason" jersey on eBay. The thread is locked, but you can visit it and enjoy its historical goodness: Well, just last week I was able to score a nearly identical jersey. A Rawlings XL from the same era for $11. Only this one has no name on the back: I have three 7-Black jerseys from this era now and need to decide what name to put on this one. I have one made by Williams that I wore to Super Bowl XXIII - that one has no name on it and will remain exactly as it was. I have the Eshoeason one. And I
  8. A million years ago, someone... (well, okay, it was me)... someone started a thread regarding which players should be in a hypothetical Ring of Honor. It was based on math (duh, if anyone knows me that shouldn't be a surprise) and it was based on a formula that included # of seasons as a Bengal and the # of Pro-Bowl selections during that time.... or for coaches is was seasons and playoff appearances. Here's the Pro-Bowl list: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/cin/all-pros.htm The list is pretty long so I'll cut it off at 30. I've put those who should
  9. Heh.... if you don't mind having jerseys hanging in your closet in the soon-to-be-old design with players who haven't been with the team for a full season, I just spotted a TON of discounted Dalton (and a few Eifert) jerseys on Fanatics. The Nike $150 Limited are going for under $30 new. Linky: https://www.fanatics.com/nfl/cincinnati-bengals/men-jerseys/o-4616+t-14483582+ga-90+d-5377905+os-2+z-9-4226016558?sortOption=LowestPrice One could keep the names, or swap the plates out for Kenny Anderson, Isaac Curtis, or Chad Johnson and have a sharp, yet obsolete, jersey f
  10. As of tomorrow, we're all undefeated again. First place Bengals! Who Dey!!
  11. Steeler Nation is in full melt-down. https://twitter.com/SteeIerNation/status/1341238324128845825 They're openly opining that they'll not win another game. With Indy, Cleveland, and a playoff opponent they might not be that far off. And some are grousing that they're the only team to not get a bye week (lol). It's a beautiful thing.
  12. Chargers win. Eagles win. Unless we win 2 of our last 3 (we play PIT-HOU-BAL) we will lock in to a top-3 draft pick. Assuming NYJ/JAX take QBs (Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields), the Stripes will get their pick of any OL they want so they can ruin that young man's professional career, too.
  13. Relax, Bengal fans. 5-10-1 is good enough to make the playoffs.... in the NFC East. Lol. Meanwhile, we look to be a lock to draft Sewell, since the 1-2 picks will take QBs and we have a comfortable lead over everybody else for the #3 pick:
  14. Here's the full text of Pumpkie's email.... Nice that she knows me. She should dump Troy and let me marry into NFL royalty... I mean, it's not like I'm already friends with Nancy.
  15. Fuck that. That means slightly fewer than ONE-HALF (7) of the teams in each league (15) make the post-season. Time to fix this shit. Get rid of the Central Divisions and distribute everybody back to the East and West Contract Tampa and Arizona Swap Milwakuee (to the AL) and Houston (to the NL), where they belong End Interleague Play Get rid of the Designated Hitter Make them throw 4 pitches to intentionally walk a batter Put Pete in Cooperstown
  16. I see UK's 2016/17 squad is doing better than normal. Congrats. Though I hear that 2017/18 is going to be another rebuilding year after this year's team o' freshmen all do their inevitable one-and-done tango. I gotta tip my hat, though. Renting players for one season before they turn pro or flunk out on academic ineligibility has proven quite successful. I wish more programs would scrap the silly notion that they're fielding "student athletes" and just follow UK's example.
  17. For me, Duke are the Patriots. Nearly no reason at all to root for them, but if they're playing Pittsburgh, reluctantly, I'll pull for them.
  18. Nice season KY. Too bad that Calipari will have to rebuild after all 16 players graduate this year - again. It may he a while before KY is relevant again with all that turnover. And thank you Wisconsin. Now I don't have to root for Duke.
  19. Updated map to show the new split in Lot D, to show where Lot A is actually located, and to rename System Parking 0 to "Lot 1" and "Lot 1U": [img]http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/1144/pbspark2011.jpg[/img] Click here for Full Size image: http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/1144/pbspark2011.jpg
  20. A fitting ending to a disappointing Bearcat season... but at least the Flyers move on! [img]http://i.usatoday.net/_common/_images/_sports/logos/ncaab/dayton_36t.png[/img][b][size="5"][url="http://content.usatoday.com/sportsdata/basketball/ncaab/game/Dayton_Cincinnati/2010/03/22"]Dayton 81, Cincinnati 66[/url][/size][/b][img]http://i.usatoday.net/_common/_images/_sports/logos/ncaab/cincinnati_36t.png[/img] National Invitation Tournament - Second Round - Fifth Third Arena - Attendance: 6479 [img]http://www.google.com/hostednews/img/ap_logo.gif?hl=en[/img] [img
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