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  1. I've added a poll. Honor system - please vote for no more than two, and please vote once only.
  2. The unofficial tally as of the posts above this one: 7 Curtis 5.25 Willie 5.25 Krumrie 4 Boomer 1.25 Lemar* 1.25 Fulcher 1 Trumpy* 1 Chad *-From the poster who said "older should get priority" in the voting but who didn't name anyone. These are the oldest two I think, based on their first season of play on the nominee page. The 0.25 votes are from the poster who didn't man-up and just pick two, instead he picked one and named four more "tied" for 2nd.
  3. Today is the first step towards cementing the legacy of two more Bengals Legends. Ring of Honor voting opens today. For more information on this year's nominees, visit http://bengals.com/team/ring-of-honor/
  4. I'm chiming in a little late, apologies. Before the league added a third Thanksgiving game on NFL Network, Dallas and Detroit were the only hosts in play. CBS and FOX would alternate who would host which game, which was driven by the conference affiliation of the visiting team. This meant that on even years, Detroit would host an AFC team and on odd years Dallas would host an AFC team. Due to schedule rotation this fully-excluded the Stripes from ever appearing as we would play at Detroit only in odd years (2005, 2013, 2021) and at Dallas (2000, 2008, 2016) only on even ones. Due to the new 17th game rule, Cincinnati at Dallas when Dallas is scheduled to be on CBS is an unprecedented quirk. I would be surprised if CBS didn't jump at this and demand the league give them that matchup. Updating to add: Dallas has only 3 AFC opponents at home this year: Indy, Houston and us. Barring a complete redo of the Thanksgiving broadcast agreements, one of those three play on Thanksgiving as CBS "gets" the Dallas game and CBS generally "owns" intraconference games where the visitor is AFC.
  5. Not sure why Ollie thinks it's a leak ... The league announced it this morning on GMFB, starting at 7am ET this morning. Lol. Oh, there's been a "leak" that the Niners will be exiled to horrible, horrible Mexico City to play the Cardinals... Best tell Ollie.
  6. Seahawks! I'm really happy for a friend of mine over there who is a Hawks fan. Best news so far today!
  7. You've never been in my neighborhood then.
  8. Too bad we don't host them this year, might be nice to open at home against them, do a ring ceremony, invite Tannehill to participate, help him accept his loser status.
  9. Of course.... if the Stripes *do* head to Germany, I'll be able to complete my collection by seeing a professional football game in all of the nations shown in the attached USA Network WLAF intro reel. England - Bengals at Wembley vs Redskins (2016) and Rams (2019) Germany - Bengals at Allianz Arena vs Buccaneers (2022) Spain - (WLAF) Ohio Glory at Montjuic Stadium vs Barcelona Dragons (1992) Canada - (CFL) BC Lions at BC Place (Vancouver) vs Hamilton Tiger-Cats (1989) Edited To Add: The moment the British WR catches the pass thrown over the Atlantic as the music changes to "Rule Brittania" - goose bumps for me every time, man. A close second is the instant you realize that the music playing for Germany is from Beethoven's Fifth.
  10. As soon as the NFL releases the schedule - in less than 2 weeks - you can bet that someone will rush to Wikipedia to update things there immediately. Here's the Germany listing ... scroll up slightly to catch England and the game in horrible Mexico City. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NFL_International_Series#Germany_Games Edited to add: With 2020 wiping out the International series, there are presently only 4 teams (ATL JAX MIA NYJ) who have played in one of these games more recently than the Bengals. Of the three AFC teams playing "at" TBB this year, KCC (2019) and BAL (2017) have had a longer or equal wait time than CIN (2019). Presuming an AFC-NFC matchup (to allow for an opponent that already has 9 away games on their schedule this year), it would seem that the odds are stacked against the Bengals as the designated visitor in Munich.
  11. Let's wait the two weeks to see if we have to deal with this issue or not. Bengals über alles.
  12. Personally, if we go overseas I am hoping for London again rather than Munich, but it's based more on personal reasons. I -did- do a search on "things to do" for visitors to Munich and came up with these from a site owned by TripAdvisor: 1. Neuschwanstein Castle 2. Neuschwanstein Castle 3. Neuschwanstein Castle (I shit you not) 4. Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Tour from Munich by Train 5. Salzburg Sightseeing Small-Group Day Tour from Munich by Rail 6. Bavarian Beer and Food Evening Tour in Munich 7. Hitler and the Third Reich Munich Walking Tour 8. Neuschwanstein Castle (again) 9. Berchtesgaden Town and Eagle's Nest Day Tour from Munich 10. Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Private Tour from Munich by Train https://www.viator.com/Munich-tourism/d487-r1114451657-s41495073 So it's the fairytale mountain castle, Hitler, Death camps, and beer. Or (#5) a trip somewhere else. Not exactly filling me with enthusiasm. I suppose one could go to the former Olympic Games site - where the Israeli team was murdered. I'm back to hoping for a game against the Saints at Tottenham.
  13. BTW, not that anyone ever uses the search function, but there are a lot of discussions about the 2022 International games in another thread. Jus' saying, ya dummkopfs.
  14. Der Weinerschnitzel WhattaBurger Schöenling Gesundheit Schnell! That's all I got, other than this whole matter being an intra-Kraut issue, Klink. Bengals über alles
  15. If we go overseas and it's Germany, it appears that the US Consulate there has leaked the date. Nov 13.... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2022-nfl-schedule-u-s-consulate-may-have-accidentally-leaked-the-date-for-buccaneers-game-in-germany/ Which implies that the London games would be the three weekends prior to that.. Oct 23, Oct 30 and Nov 6.
  16. I'll be watching via email tomorrow morning to find out what happened. Who we pick will be the same whether I watch or not.
  17. Now that the thread is closed for picks, taking a look at the summary in the first post at the top, here's the same info rearranged by selection and tiebreaker. I've also shown the spread of picks that each person owns in case there are multiple people with the same player.... and have highlights in BOLD those picks which overlap the 3rd round (picks 65-105), which is where the latest projection has the tiebreaker player being selected. JC ----------------------- Andrew Booth ---------------------- 69 [1-100] [101=tie] Kingspoint -------------- Andrew Booth, Jr. ------------------- 133 [102-262] [101=tie] ArmyBengal -------------- Coby Bryant ----------------------- 113 BlackJesus ---------------- Lewis Cine ----------------------- 90 [1-92] Bengals1181 ----------------- Lewis Cine ---------------------- 95 [93-262] I_C_DeadPeople --------- Arnold Ebiketie ----------------------- 85 gatorclaws ------------------- Kaiir Elam ----------------------- 95 [1-98] BengalBuck ------------------ Kaiir Elam ---------------------- 102 [99-110] [111=tie] Jamie_B -------------------- Kaiier Elam ---------------------- 120 [112-125] [111=tie] Mojo ------------------------ K. Elam ------------------------- 131 [126-262] BBR ------------------------ Kyler Gordon --------------------- 70 SF2 ---------------------- Logan Hall -------------------------- 96 [1-100] [101=tie] New Jersey Bengal ---------- Logan Hall ---------------------- 106 [102-109] [101,110=tie] WRAPradio ---------------- Logan Hall ------------------------ 114 [111-122] [110,123=tie] HOF dan ------------------- Logan Hall ----------------------- 132 [124-262] [123=tie] esjbh2 --------------------- Daxton Hill ----------------------- 88 [1-93] [94=tie] membengal --------------- Daxton Hill ---------------------- 100 [95-110] [94=tie] Kochman ------------------ Daxton Hill ------------------------ 121 [111-262] MOC ------------------- Jermaine Johnson II ----------------- 94 Schneiderbengal --------- zion johnson ---------------------- 109 Cricket ------------------- George Karlaftis -------------------- 97 JungleTiger -------------- Tyler Linderbaum ------------------- 31 [1-52] TigerCub -------------- Tyler Linderbaum ---------------------- 74 [53-81] Gary --------------------- Tyler Linderbaum ------------------- 89 [82-90] Claptonrocks --------- Tyler Linderrbaum --------------------- 92 [91-95] LeTigre --------------------- Tyler Linderbaum ---------------- 99 [96-138] AmishBengalFan --------- Tyler Linderbaum ------------------ 178 [139-204] Stryker57 ---------------Tyler Linderbaum -------------------- 231 [205-262] Spicoli ------------------- Perrion Winfrey --------------------- 77 Mhfinks --------------------- Devonte Wyatt ------------------ 101 [1-106] TigerJaw ---------------- Devonte Wyatt ------------------- 112 [107-262]
  18. BTW:. If you are a Season Ticket holder, the Bengals are currently opening all available seats for upgrades this week and next prior to exposing everything to the crush of new account holders following our Super Bowl run. If it's anything like 1989, it may be several seasons before demand relaxes enough to make decent upgradable seats available again, so I would encourage you to look at your options now while you have them. As for our account, we made a minor adjustment to our location in 104, moving forward a few rows, which will hopefully get us away from the StubHub "Fans du Jour" who kept appearing in the seats immediately adjacent to ours, and putting us more squarely into an area with established long-term holders (like us) and where the team has traditionally placed players' family members. I met Mama Apple last year. I expect we'll be in Row 14 for the next decade. GO, you're in 106... which row?
  19. Well... Munich and Cincinnati are "Sister Cities", so maybe we play against Tampa Brady in Deutschland instead and still fill the SuperDuperDome with Stripes, too.
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