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  1. Surprise, New coaches, New Dey.....Same ole Shit. I think I'm ready to move on entirely, I don't know how many more times, this team, this town and this fan base can be subject to embarrassment and humiliation at the hands of that team upriver. Doesn't matter who is coaching it is Bengals destiny to make any inexperienced QB they face look like another Roethlisberger.
  2. reminds me of the Green Bay game in 2009 when the best hit /tackle of the day was when the big, husky security guy decleated the fan who ran on the field and stole the ball from Farve.....
  3. One of the biggest differences during the Bengals winning years during 80's was Pitt's lack of a HOF QB at the helm. The 70's Bengals were usually on par with them. During Ken anderson's tenure, In games that he started and finished....he was batting .500.....in games where they cheap shotted, er Knocked , him out of the game 0-8.
  4. Stanley seems to have some good habits-- willing blocker and hand catcher chief among them but I really like the things you can't teach. Natural ability to high point the ball, a Dillonesque stiff-arm, natural ability to set up and use blockers down field, fearless over the middle, difficult to take down after contact , elusive without being quick.
  5. ....and I believe we both know that bench press reps mean exactly "jack squat" as far as blocking and anchoring. Doesn't mean much for punch blocking either, as it is a sudden brief impact force that has little to nothing to do with the ability to give repeated gradual efforts multiple times. IF they did the Bodine would have blown everybody off the ball and NOT repeatedly pushed back into the pocket. I believe he did 43.
  6. I tried watching .....but the first drives of the Sat night games were just so.....like I was watching the Myrtle Beach Freedom arena team. lost interest.
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