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  1. Dr Tarzan

    AAF Scouting

    I tried watching .....but the first drives of the Sat night games were just so.....like I was watching the Myrtle Beach Freedom arena team. lost interest.
  2. Mr."First Dowwwwwnnnn......." finally forced to punt. One of my favs. His games rarely seemed like they were determined by officiating.
  3. took the f'ing words right out of my mouth. These are huge game altering BS penalties. I think I'll keep paying for gamepass, but I just can't spend one more dime than that on this league. I'm almost to the pooint of just not watching at all.
  4. Dan, Amish....u are literally half the man u used to be....
  5. Jets...at the end of I believe the 2009 season....that didn't turn out well....
  6. Uhh......would you rather they be all orange? yechhhhhhhh......
  7. Dr Tarzan

    The Price Is Not Right :.(

    Jeffro had trouble his rookie preseason, too. but it straightened out thereafter. Price is too smart and skilled not to get this.
  8. I think you all underrate Fej. He is probably the surest tackling DB on the roster. He doesn't have alot of measurables but he never seemed lost in coverage and played angles well. I would have him over Williams all day.
  9. Senior Bowl is where they discovered what they had in Geno...similar statements back then.
  10. Dr Tarzan

    Tobin opens up on No. 21

    TJ was kinda marginal at guard, but the few chances he had at C I thought he played wayyyy better than Jeffro. Running lanes that were nonexistant with Bodine magically appeared with TJ in the position. It was maddening to never see him get another chance to start a game at C at least as a Look-see circumstance.
  11. possible to paste them, I refuse to subscribe to twitter....? thx!
  12. Too late I already refused to pay for my 4 season ticks....MB gets my PSL money and that sucks.
  13. Uhh....don't be too hasty with that assessment. Your memory must be short as our, arguably, best player had a similar combine. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-combine-vontaze-burficts-2012-debacle-drops-him-out-of-draft/ He may end up being shit, but underwear olympics don't make the player. Most of the players train specifically for the combine and their numbers may not reflect what they will be once they train for football and get on the field. REmember Andre Caldwell? He ran a 4.37.....and couldn't seperate on a deep pattern to save his life. Just a random example.
  14. That's where the tape comes in. Some guys are just damn good football players, they have the intangibles but not the metrics. That's Orlando Brown. Then there's the guys who knock it out of the park in underwear but just don't translate that onto the field...take Colton Miller. If he played like the twinkle toes he shows in shorts, He'd be the #1 pick over all the QBs, but he doesn't. No way a guy that big and incredibly agile should whiff on blocks 2-3 times a game. Of course if you could find a guy that combined the two....you would have another Anthony Munoz....I can dream if I want....
  15. Well first 10 min is total thing of beauty!!!!

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