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  1. Current 2018 Draft Order

    oh, yeh, that's right.
  2. Current 2018 Draft Order

    10 yr vets are not compensated.
  3. Just how bad is this O-Line?

    OMG, that sack with a 2 man rush left me totally livid in the stands, I think I was the only one around me who even noticed it for pete's sake.
  4. Bengal History week 7

    Yeh, my sister's husband went to it as well and was sitting near where your seats are now and he said the same thing......never heard the place that loud before or since.
  5. WEll, that's the end for Mr Eifert in a Bengals uniform unless he wants to come back in a "prove it" season at minimum wage....nobody will pay him anything else, if the man is stupid enough to try to continue this sport.
  6. Good--- an offensive game plan that fits the whole talent. Nick Vigil finally looking like an NFL linebacker, God he was horrible in the first 2 games. better pass blocking in general. Young guys getting PT. WJ in place of Jones. It seems the coaches are admitting and seeing what the fans see--Adam just isn't the CB he was. Andre holding up well in a tackle rotation. Gio doesn't look like he was ever injured. Bad-- OL still can't block for shit in the run game. Mixon making cuts 3 and 4 yds deep in the backfield for god's sake. Hewitt injured. Ugly--everything Brown.
  7. Yes, and I doubt they will let us fleece them again....
  8. I think the "No more Blackouts" rule has hurt attendance more than any other influence. The "Last 10K" that fill a stadium were the kind that wanted to see the game but realized they couldn't do it from home.
  9. Good. Gio looks fully recovered. Geno still has it. Billings looked great. Lawson will be something. That's about all I got. Cody core getting separation on the deep balls Bad. Bengal dbs that pick themselves out of plays. Phantom penalties, I hate these ten times worse than missed calls. Happened on both sides. Hill still can't see a hole that isn't right in front of him . Using Mix on just two series Minter sucks against the run as bad as he did in AZ Zampese has not improved with experience. Still feels like a high school coach is calling plays. Ugly. Our new "cover". Lb Nick Vigil. The only play he covered well was against a player who pulled his hammy. He only got his isn't because he was so damn slow to come up and challenge the receiver that he was in position for the deflection. Looks totally lost. Stat sheet will show he made a lot of plays,. This is one times it is damn lies.. Bad Andy showed up for home opener. Aided and abetted by a sieve line, but his worst throws were under little duress. The good news.....never saw bad Andy in consecutive games. afore mentioned Ol with special ineptitude award for #70. It's gonna be a long season. false start on first play of game. Remember the last time our season started with a presnap penalty.....the infamous delay of game on first play?.....Bengals went 2-14.
  10. Burfict Extended

    what saphead said ^
  11. Bengals vs Jaguars Nov 5th

    I'll be staying nearby a the Omni.
  12. The hits it right on....
  13. I wouldn't take the 1M because of the tax ramification...u would only see about 600K. So for the entire 1M...thats a life quitter amount. Sorry Bengals. 7 figures is my price. If I had to keep working a few years longer to see a SB win, I'd do it.
  14. the guy plays like Mike Williams only with speed. excellent at making contested catches and adjusting to ball in air.
  15. Jersey #'s

    Kinda of a coinkydink....CD is exactly who he reminded me of watching him run as well as his nice stiff arm. Love to see him repeat history.

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