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  1. I wouldn't take the 1M because of the tax ramification...u would only see about 600K. So for the entire 1M...thats a life quitter amount. Sorry Bengals. 7 figures is my price. If I had to keep working a few years longer to see a SB win, I'd do it.
  2. the guy plays like Mike Williams only with speed. excellent at making contested catches and adjusting to ball in air.
  3. Kinda of a coinkydink....CD is exactly who he reminded me of watching him run as well as his nice stiff arm. Love to see him repeat history.
  4. I went and loved it. Up close and personal with Lap and some old timers. Jazzed to finally meet Ken Anderson, Max Montoya, and Jim Breech among some others. Sent from my SM-G935V using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  5. Anyone from GB going this Thur, besides me, that is? And has anyone been before that can tell give a heads up about what to look for.
  6. They even got Kevin Kaesviharn on the eligible list.....bwaahaaaa.....
  7. Uhh...they got the wrong Mike Wilson up for votes. The Mike Wilson in the picture is #67 Michael DeForest Wilson who played or us in 1969 and part of 1970. I'm sure they meant Mike Wilson, #77 from the 70's and 80's--Munoz bookend tackle.
  8. Sounds great for the TExans, move into top 10 and only give up a late 1st and 3rd and a variable 2nd--that they don't even have. Stupid as hell for the Bengals....
  9. Now that I think about....he may be the reason they are holding onto Pacman...yes back to Pacman again. A guy on the team who has been there done that who can both show what not to do and guide him how to handle things differently than he did.
  10. I see a post but no pic....if there is supposed to be one, that is
  11. Uhh....that was tongue in cheek statement....you know, half joking. Pittsburgh hates him, but would take him in second as he fits their modus operandi that they've had in effect for past 45 yrs--dirty, cheap-shotting types, aka "Stiller Footbaw". Not so funny to them when they are on the receiving end..............but, being old enough to remember the advent of the Rust Drapes, I have enjoyed it immensely.
  12. I think the Stealers would snag him first....
  13. Watched 3 more games No change on his cover skills and blitzing both light years better than Maualuga and Dansby. Run defense was looking a LITTLE better, but still had a penchant for filling the wrong hole--not just RB adjusting, you can tell where the play is designed to go by the blocking...and Minter still shoots a hole where there is no action. Did better at fighting off blocks in the hole, but still got swallowed up by G's at the second level. I really think he would make a great OLB and nickle LB. One thing he seems to excel in exactly the patterns that Dansby screwed the pooch. Minter has excellent closing speed that Dansby has lost. Surprised AZ didn't have him blitz more, he looks like he could be double digit sack guy if you let him go more than a few blitzes in a game.
  14. I went back and watched his first 4 games last year and came away with this "eyeball" test. He is, indeed, very good in coverage. He reroutes crossing patterns and hustles to flat and takes his guy out of the play. Regarding his lousy PFF score against the Rams. Really I would put only one on him. He whiffed on a tackle on a safe throw against their TE Kendricks. 2 other catches were "safe" throws as well. The two Gurley catches--one looked like he was playing L middle zone coverge and, thus, didn't chase Gurley to the flat like he would in man coverage and gave up the catch. The other was practically indefensible, Gurley is faster and Keenam tossed an absolutely perfect lead pass that I doubt a DB would have covered any better. He is a better blitzer than any of our present LB's--times blitz well, avoids blocks without leaving his lane, pushes back a RB when he can't avoid him. Against the run....well, I hope he isn't on the field too much on running downs..... gets caught up in trash, picks the wrong holes to fill (like filling a hole that isn't even there), gets taken out of play by guards at the second level easily. On the plus side he has a motor and hustles across the field to make tackles. Regarding his Buffalo PFF score, the rest of the defense must have been really lousy, because Minter was horrid against the run. He needs to an OLB or we will get gashed if he is the MLB. He is NOT a Mauluga upgrade in this capacity. Maybe it's time to make Tez the MLB? When I get a chance I will look at some more games to see if my impression changes.