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  1. Well first 10 min is total thing of beauty!!!!
  2. Ok now there is NO DAMN WAY the STILLERS don't get some favorable officiating....Pouncey threw a ref aside while hawing with a Jag ....and not only did not get tossed from the game but didn't even get a flag....sheesh....
  3. OK.........you shut up. Not funny,....nope,...... not one bit.
  4. There is no bad blood....didn't hear, it's mutual respect. but I agree with you, Baltimore is the only other team than NE that can regularly beat that team up the river.
  5. So Ben owns Cincy?

    Uhh.... that was pretty funny actually....and in the figurative sense, quite true.
  6. God this recurring nightmare of a rookie outlying our veteran QB. Seems any rookie who doesn't play for the Browns, is made to look all pro by a Cincinnati defense. Now Am drops another one that leads to an not. Total clusterfuck of a season. Good God there better be wholesale cleaning of coaches next year.... Oki
  7. Current 2018 Draft Order

    oh, yeh, that's right.
  8. Current 2018 Draft Order

    10 yr vets are not compensated.
  9. Just how bad is this O-Line?

    OMG, that sack with a 2 man rush left me totally livid in the stands, I think I was the only one around me who even noticed it for pete's sake.
  10. Bengal History week 7

    Yeh, my sister's husband went to it as well and was sitting near where your seats are now and he said the same thing......never heard the place that loud before or since.
  11. WEll, that's the end for Mr Eifert in a Bengals uniform unless he wants to come back in a "prove it" season at minimum wage....nobody will pay him anything else, if the man is stupid enough to try to continue this sport.
  12. Good--- an offensive game plan that fits the whole talent. Nick Vigil finally looking like an NFL linebacker, God he was horrible in the first 2 games. better pass blocking in general. Young guys getting PT. WJ in place of Jones. It seems the coaches are admitting and seeing what the fans see--Adam just isn't the CB he was. Andre holding up well in a tackle rotation. Gio doesn't look like he was ever injured. Bad-- OL still can't block for shit in the run game. Mixon making cuts 3 and 4 yds deep in the backfield for god's sake. Hewitt injured. Ugly--everything Brown.

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