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  1. So it is looking like we can go BPA in the draft. That said, what specific positions would you like to be addressed in the first three picks? CB TE DT
  2. As for the Oline - the advantage we have now is we can sign "tried and true" FAs. Nothing to chance here by relying solely on the draft and B list projects. Yes, we'll draft Olinemen too. Signing two of the best FA Olinemen will go a long way in signaling to the others that this is the team to join. Side note - let's not get drunk on cap money and thinking we can buy the pieces to a SB victory. Culture really matters. Re-signing Bates, Uzomah, and BJ Hill must get done. I'd be fine to get Flowers back too. That dude is hungry to help wherever he can.
  3. Any reports on how badly he was hurt? Clearly wasn't 100%.
  4. I didn't have a problem going for it on 4th and 1. They have made those some many times before and that would have set the tone. I expected to be trailing at halftime and knew they would score on the second half opening drive as they had done before. Was confident when we went up 7. Once Burrow got hurt I knew we would have a hard time scoring again. Great season and we got a fantastic taste of the Super Bowl. Winning a ring is the only the satisfaction for the next few years. What's bothering me now is that it's going to be hard to get back there again. So many good teams in the AFC. Gotta build the Oline. The advantage we have now is that we can attract proven FAs and use picks to get quality in the second through fourth rounds.
  5. Incredibly fun and we had the lead. When Burrow got hurt I knew it was going to end bad. Stings now but great squad.
  6. [quote name='CincyInDC' timestamp='1314305031' post='1021002'] a Ravens fan once tried to get a rise out of me and Jamie, but we [i]were [/i]wearing Bengals jerseys in M&T Bank Stadium. I suppose we had it coming. [/quote] I go to the Bengals game every year in Baltimore and, comparatively speaking, the fans there are pretty tame. Walking out the stadium it's hard to tell if they won or lost. It's the complete opposite in Philly. Hell, baseball in Philly is far more brutal for opposing fans.
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