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  1. I’m not as high on this Eifert deal as most. I really think it was time to move on. He’ll get hurt again and just the delay the inevitable. This was the year to get a stud TE in the draft. If Gesicki is sitting there at 46 you gotta take him. He’s special.
  2. Harley

    Buh bye, Jeremy

    Hill’s ticket was punched the day they drafted Joe. That said, I’ll take Gio over them both.
  3. Would love to see the Georgia LB drop to us. Beyond that, BPA, which is hopefully OL.
  4. No way. McCarron would have played at some point if this were true. We have bigger problems than Dalton.
  5. 1. Good talent evaluator. 2. Good not great. Kept Alexander and Zampese too long. Leslie Frasier. 5. Until soP dies, no dice. 6. But are they motivated? 3 & 4. Really??!!!!! I hate this status quo bs. Are we just happy with a winning record?!! Preserving mediocrity?? I would rather give an up and coming coordinator a chance to breathe live into this org. I hate that they retained him. PS. I have as many NFL playoff wins as Marvin Lewis.
  6. Harley

    Mike Brown Interview..

    soP was born with a silver spoon and this team was his financial concern first and foremost. Fans are a necessary evil. As he become wealthy beyond what he can ever spend, I believe he did want to win. Problem is, winning will never be at all costs. And losing, he can handle. An oh well kinda thing. Now he’s really old and he just can’t get too jazzed up about it. The org is something to tinker with and gives him an office and an audience. Because of his lack of passion and fire he inspires no one. He surrounds himself with what’s comfortable and never the best and brightest. The Bengals will never win a Super Bowl with him in charge. [emoji30]
  7. Sadly, this team lacks swagger, confidence, and are uninspiring all of which come from the top: soP and Marvin. These two are old, lack real drive, and motivate no one. There is no world championship with them at the helm. This is a hard team to be super excited about. Andy is a good quarterback and if he was on an awesome team could win the big one. He’s not good enough to carry a team like this one. I think we may be looking at a stretch of 6 to 8 win seasons. There is no quick fix to be poised for a Super Bowl.
  8. Thanks, Numbers. Glad to hear from you. I would like to see your old board scrape.
  9. Harley

    Carson Retiring

    Damn, good for him.
  10. I think Marvin’s words are hollow and he is no longer effective. I don’t believe he can get us to the SB. I do believe in the possibility of doing better with new fire. To underscore my feelings on ML I simply pointed to vegas odds not reflecting that of a SB contender. A change in coaching may have changed this over the next two years but we will never know. Horse beaten.
  11. Let me re-state: In the two seasons for which ML has been re-signed, the Bengals will not win a world championship. As such, the vegas odds in this same period will not be those of a projected super bowl winner. Better?
  12. Harley

    Coaching Staff Changes

    I read that Gruden may get partial ownership. That won’t happen fast.
  13. True to a point and more true that it’s a balancing act of where money is bet. However, there is a foundation of validity in odds. If our team was the 72 dolphins and then kept the team in tact the following year we would be heavy favorites that next year. The 2018-19 Bengals will not have odds of a Super Bowl favorites not because they’re unpopular. It will be because they aren’t good enough to even reach the Super Bowl.
  14. Harley

    Coaching Staff Changes

    Speaking of Alexander, looks like Whitworth’s move wasn’t so dumb. He may have more postseason success in his first year with Rams than his whole Bengals career. Good for him. Geno’s turn next.
  15. Those odds are for this year’s SB. Even if they were for 2019, +5000 isn’t exactly a favorite.

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