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  1. Ickey. Gave more than he got. Honorable.
  2. I went Kenny Anderson first as he should be a Hall of Famer and checks every box for a Ring of Honor. For second, I had a lot of final choices and while most of these guys will eventually get honored, I went with Tim Krumrie. Total beast and warrior. He represents defense in the inaugural year of the ring of honor.
  3. Make your picks and add your selections and reasoning separately.
  4. Nice fix. Hate the black outlined orange stripes.
  5. A strong Oline makes less spectacular RBs, WRs, QBs, all look spectacular. Take Sewell and improve what we already have. A QB lying on his back can't throw to the draft's best receivers.
  6. Harley ---------------------- Penei Sewell --------------- 128 I won this when Denard was drafted.
  7. Generally speaking this is an improvement, that I'll describe as more of a clean up job than a new look. I still believe there could be a complete overhaul and was thinking this might be it but then realized we still have soP. That said, this is a net positive. I also now know why Ocho was in Cincy recently. They got rid of the god awful side white panels that we all complained about They simplified the number font from that terrible italicized mess They simplified the shoulders - bigger, obvious stripes and no numbers Getting rid of orange shoulders on the white unif
  8. Been a long time since I’ve posted but nothing really changes... Stealers game was pure groundhog day. What an absolute crime in what happened to Burrow. It looks really bad and so unfair to the shining young rookie who has been nothing but positive and tenacious. Bengals shouldn’t be allowed to have players with a future. Happy for Dunlap. Gotta trade Green. Another season is over. OFU Original Fed-Up
  9. [quote name='CincyInDC' timestamp='1314305031' post='1021002'] a Ravens fan once tried to get a rise out of me and Jamie, but we [i]were [/i]wearing Bengals jerseys in M&T Bank Stadium. I suppose we had it coming. [/quote] I go to the Bengals game every year in Baltimore and, comparatively speaking, the fans there are pretty tame. Walking out the stadium it's hard to tell if they won or lost. It's the complete opposite in Philly. Hell, baseball in Philly is far more brutal for opposing fans.
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