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  1. He looks like he just got hit in the face with a bag of what the fuck
  2. Cleveland has the dawg pound ,why cant we have the assain aslyum in the south end zone.Wear the orange jump suit that BJ had on.But where do you get the outfit at?
  3. Tickets $55 , beer all weekend $ 100 , no make that $200 or more, seeing BJ passed out at Beotch door priceless.
  4. That is bullshit, sorry to hear about that.It sounds like the browns fans were there.I don't think were that bad at all in cincy.Where we sit we haven't had any problems.
  5. BJ I can't believe they Rodney King you, that's fucked up . Is there anything you can do to prevent that from happening to anyone else in jacksonatti.Glad your back hope you can make it to the jungle this year.Your out fit was the shit.
  6. That fucking rocks,we need to get him to the jungle.
  7. Beotch was on the tv last night.Hopefully BJ is ok.
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