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  1. He was chipped and double-teamed all day.
  2. My issue is Zamp!!! 3rd and 2 driving in and you call a pass play. I hate that ish!!! With the RBs we have!??!?!
  3. cincity

    Whatzzzzzzzz up?????

    Welcome back Beotch
  4. cincity

    Pacman suspended

    I agree totally
  5. cincity

    Pacman suspended

    I was hoping he got more, so it would kinda force the team to play the younger CBs and move away from him. Off the field, he's been the ONLY knucklehead for the past few years. I try to tell people that I work with (in Houston) but most of the country STILL thinks we have a bunch of wild thugs.
  6. With Eif, Green, Gio, Ross, Boyd, Hill (yes Hill), LaFell, Mixon, Andy, and Hewitt, I really don't think it's going to matter too much. This Offense will be better than 2015's. I also think the Defense is going to be better with Tez there the whole year.
  7. This is the reason why they should be ranked higher... We didn't score last year, and our defense did defend (which he pointed out)...... So there shouldn't be a question about our defense, and he just stated that our offense can score....
  8. yeah, but our top 3 offensive options were hurt over half the year, that left the next to best receiving options, with less than a year in the system. Both starting Tackles did not have any training camp. I think our kickers lost just as many games for us as compared to our OLine. The defense was under new coaching in every position coach, the was a big reason in the first 4 game we gave up about 5 passes over 40 yards and after the first 4 games they only gave up 2 the rest of the year. AND Tez was not healthy and missed the first four games. All o
  9. Once again, this dude is a DIE HARD Stealers' fan, why would he even think about the feelings of Bengals fans? He was on TV talking to AJ saying "we have to get you out of Cincinnati".. C'mon.
  10. I was thinking the exact same thing
  11. I must admit though... IF this line can be decent... This offense just got soooooo much more dangerous!
  12. I think this is where I am. After witnessing a obvious bias for certain teams, and how the league and the networks do everything to keep these teams in their good graces... I have grown kinda blah towards every team except my Bengals (born and raised in Cincy, lives in Houston now)
  13. cincity


  14. he's strictly a 3-4 defensive coordinator, they don't have the pieces for a that... So many players would be playing out of position.

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