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  1. Perfect example of the state of our coaching
  2. How did management really think this line could compete this season... pathetic
  3. Need to spend 5-7 pics on line next year
  4. Wish we had a first round pick last year
  5. Why aren’t we playing Mixon??? I hate Marvin Lewis.
  6. Why not use timeouts and save clock after 2nd and goal? Lost a couple minutes.
  7. NativeTheory

    There goes Elliott

    Think the frustration with this subject is having picked him in the 5th round with all the other issues we have and having nothing to show for it. Could have easily had him or Gonzalez in the 7th.
  8. NativeTheory

    Bucs at Bengals!

    Don't forget we should get some bonus hard knocks coverage this week... hope they show us running wild
  9. Why is it that we can't seem to get our run game going? We have two talented backs, high draft picks on the line, an experienced QB who should be able to change plays based on defense, a formidable passing game to force defense to not stack box. Yet our run game seems to be the worst I have seen in recent years. Not going anywhere this year if we can't rush for more than 40 yards a game. 1st and goal should have been an auto 6 points yet it isn't.
  10. Shawn is a friend of mine too and a great guy. Definitely support him he's an amazing artist.
  11. Why do people say he is only a 2 down DT and can only stuff the run? He looks very athletic and quick for a big man so don't see any reason why he can't get to the quarterback especially playing on a line with Geno, Dunlap and Johnson.
  12. Jets and Broncos should be starting rookie QBs so better to play them early.
  13. Can anyone please upload a link to download these specials?
  14. I'll be there. Coming all the way from Dubai. WHODEY. Let me know where people are tailgating and will come by before the game. 

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