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  1. I probably visit this site every hour when I'm not sleeping lol. That being said, I feel like the organization of topics that we have is perfect. Trust me, I'm no fan of "mega threads" but I feel like they don't get out of control. I like how we have yearly iterations of threads too. Like the keeping our enemies closer thread, threads for every one of our draft picks, weekly game threads, good bad ugly threads etc. Long story short, I wouldn't change anything...but I can understand less frequent members/visitors will be less likely to jump into a thread 5+ pages deep. I do like how there is a "new posts start here" line within the thread though. Is there a way each member could jump to that point or is that impossible.
  2. I agree in that they had to have been prepared for this...the question is now what?
  3. Me neither, think about all he was able to accomplish after rehabbing a gruesome injury, in only his second year. Now he can spend his time getting even better, which is scary.
  4. I knew you'd probably get to this before me Mem. Looking forward to hearing from Joe
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