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  1. Cool graphic, 107 days tho jeeeeez
  2. I can't imagine him having such audacity. Especially after the organization giving him the chance when others apparently didn't even have him on their boards.
  3. No fucking around with these two, nice.
  4. Guys guys guys, "Model Model" as Hobson always says. We are only 15 years into Marv and Mikey's presumably 30 year plan. Just have to be patient and keep things the same.
  5. Maybe not, still feels like our Bengals are at a natural disadvantage when compared to those teams though.
  6. I'll be happy with whoever wins the SB so long as it isn't Shittsburgh. With that said i agree with the OP, the NFL is just downright embarrassing and shameful with their preferences. Makes me wonder how much of a chance Cincy will ever have with these "favored" franchises in the picture...forever.
  7. They've done studies you know...
  8. With the coaches from LA, Buffalo, Jax, San Fran, and now San Diego all being fired, i soooo wanted to see Cincy join the party today...but since Mike is the ultimate gutless loser and coward, of course we'd hold onto starvin Marvin for more of the same next year. Uuughhhh
  9. So close to that record too. What a damn shame.
  10. I refuse to get my hopes up about this because as soon as I do, Marv will probably get an extension. Would be quite the Christmas miracle though!
  11. No better dudes to talk about, joke around, and commiserate with about the Bengals, thats for sure. Merry Christmas everyone
  12. Upvoted for the thread title lol
  13. Yeah sure why not. Our abysmal percentage can't get much worse
  14. I guess I'll go with the Lions. I've always considered them to be the NFC counterpart to the Bengals (years of incompetence, in a division where two other teams have superbowl wins, etc). I also like Marvin Jones. Always felt kinda bad for that franchise.