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  1. Interesting that it seems as though Mike Brown made the decision...i thought it was supposed to be Marvin's. Guess that last lost was the final straw?
  2. I wholeheartedly second this. That smug mofo has been giggling his fat ass all the way to the bank for TOO LONG.
  3. I just cannot believe how snakebitten this franchise is
  4. Well I guess they didn't consider Lengel much of a threat lol
  5. Griever

    Hue is Back

    Not criticizing your post at all. But if after all of the embarrassment throughout his tenure hasnt caused pride to be a factor yet, I dont know if it ever will
  6. Griever

    Hue is Back

    God he is such a smug bastard
  7. Griever

    Fire Austin Now!

    I am just astonished at how quickly a pretty decent defensive unit was turned to shit.

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