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  1. C'mon man. Uber or taxi it or something
  2. Griever

    Richie Incognito?

    Dude has lost his damn mind. PASS
  3. Not a big fan. I'm a little surprised the "who dey" is the focal point of the hat. As other posters stated, I'm also not big on the striped "B"... The leaping tiger or just the tiger's head is better in my opinion.
  4. Griever

    Private/Expired certificate warning

    Thanks for the update, was wondering about this
  5. Hope the Bengals finally move on...after his contract is up that is...
  6. I did just a few months ago. Went with an android box, pretty sure it runs Kodi (it is called "MaggTV" if you are curious). Anyways, it was kind of a steep price up front - but never having to pay for monthly cable again? I'll take it! I can see the savings already. I'm pretty sure the price is mostly due to the maintenance they do on a daily basis (system updates, improvements, etc), as the android box itself is rather unimpressive specs wise. As far as stream quality, it does take a little bit of patience sometimes. Typically I use one particular "app" that provides a stream for pretty much any cable network I could think of. If a particular network happens to be "down" on that app, it's as simple is just going to another app and trying again. All of the apps have pretty much the same interface, and almost all streams are in 1080p (some do give you the option of choosing standard definition streams if your speeds aren't very high). There are at least five or six streaming apps available at one time so your chances of finding what you want are pretty good. I think the instruction booklet mentioned its' recommended to have at least 30mbps or something near there. Now, if i could just get rid of Spectrum all together and go with Greenlight or something for the internet id be a very happy man.
  7. Better Ingredients...Better pizza...Better get drunk...
  8. unless we are talking an extremely good bargain, I hate wasting the roster spot on someone who could legit play half the year or less...
  9. Griever

    Fisher Cleared to Play

    Ok, the monkey or whatever that is pissing on GEE-OFF is hilarious
  10. *sigh* Good for them I guess but their celebrating just makes me depressed. I can't believe I'm jealous of the Philadelphia Eagles...ugh
  11. I think Mixon can become a very dynamic back. We get our blocking scheme in order and I think we'll have a pretty good tandem with him and Gio. That being said, I agree with Fluhartz. Idk if its gonna actually take us anywhere...

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