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  1. And of course...everyone in the AFC North wins except for us
  2. Yup, wonder how we would have fared against the rook
  3. Not for nothing but the Chargers are giving the defending champs a run for their money right now...
  4. Can't say i really blame him, being deactivated so that bum Ross can play...not to mention the team looks to be floundering with a coaching staff that is obviously in over their heads.
  5. We all probably knew this news was coming. Sample in for some extra work this season.
  6. Joe Burrow: “Losing isn’t very fun” “Losing isn’t very fun,” Burrow told reporters after Thursday’s 35-30 loss to the Browns. “This might be the only time in my sporting career that I have lost two games in a row. It doesn’t feel very good. I know that the guys in there are hurting. We are going to come back to work tomorrow and try to get this thing right. Losing is unacceptable to me, to everyone in there, to coach [Zac] Taylor and to everybody in this organization. We are just going to have to get it fixed.” It’s an admirable attitude, but it’s likely not something that will quickly change. The Bengals have Burrow because they went 2-14 last year. “I will never adjust or accept losing,” Burrow added. “That is just something that is not in my mindset so this 0-2 start is really hurting me. I know it is hurting Coach and everybody in there. We will never adjust to losing. We will never accept losing. We are just going to have to get it right.” They have a few extra days to get it right before playing again, next Sunday at Philadelphia. And the wins will come. The Bengals could have won both of their games this year. And Burrow improved significantly from Sunday to Thursday, ironing out the occasions in which he tried to do too much while completing 37 of 61 passes. The 61 attempts are No. 2 in franchise history (behind Jon Kitna’s 68), and the most ever in a Bengals’ non-overtime game. Also, the 37 completions tie Carson Palmer for No. 2 on the Bengals’ single-game list. The performance has drawn widespread praise for the first overall pick in the draft. “[W]e are 0-2,” Burrow said. “That is all that matters.” With that kind of attitude, and given the way he performed last night, the wins definitely will come. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/09/18/joe-burrow-losing-isnt-very-fun/
  7. (Un?)fortunately we may have a really early pick to get a difference maker on the o-line. Jonah has shown promise at least.
  8. Just wondering if god forbid we head into the bye winless like last year, heads start to roll. Idk, this just sucks.
  9. Burrow's second game as a rookie, in primetime, and he was the best looking player out there. Dude took an absolute beating all game but just kept getting up and making plays. Feel bad for the kid, defense is such trash he never had a chance to win them the game. Felt like Sample, Tee, and Thomas showed flashes. Aside from Boyd's usual reliability that's pretty much all I can think of. It was mentioned in the game thread, but Zac is now 2-16 as our head coach, you have to think the seat is at least getting warm no? This is Hue Jackson territory we are talking about now guys. I'm not saying our team has enough talent to win a championship or anything but c'mon man. Even the fundamentals like tackling aren't being corrected.
  10. Definitely gonna need this mini bye week to regroup and hopefully heal up...taken an absolute beating tonight.
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