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  1. Mike Brown is probably happy to not have to refill his ambien prescription anymore. All he has to do is watch his team.
  2. Haha my god, that Starter apparel. What a throwback!
  3. Pretty sad that I am legitimately concerned that we can't win a single game this year, but yeah that may do it. On the other hand, wasn't it lebeau who went 2-14 and Mikey boy wanted him back?
  4. Was just thinking the same thing...and yet here I sit watching...hoping by some miracle this becomes a competent team. That said nice return lol
  5. Couldve been worse but man, legit no hope in scoring any points
  6. This is a really bad team, holy shit. I don't want to go back to the 90's
  7. Hi. Just dropping in to say Fuck the Stealers.
  8. Good: 2nd half adjustments. I thought that was just journalistic jargon. Everyone in the division lost so I guess this week is a wash. Woulda been nice to steal a game though. Bad: The entire 1st half. This could have easily been like the 49ers game but the Bills left the door open. Just couldn't seal the deal Ugly: pretty sure every officiating crew hates the Bengals. We lost, again. 0-3 is pretty damn ugly and is a death sentence for playoffs typically. DGAF: not gonna lie, I mostly watched the Mets until I saw that the Bengals tied it up lol
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