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  1. Something about this fucking team, WHY CANT THEY BEAT THESE BASTARDS
  2. Griever

    Broadcast map

    Week 6...oh joy, Fouts...
  3. We gotta come out after halftime and score fast
  4. Hey, off the field on third down I like it
  5. Thanks for the heads up, just read it. Apparently the author is a "NFL Network Analytics Expert"...so guess we should just pack it in for the season since the Ravens are gonna win the division...
  6. Hard to believe right? Not that it means anything, but might be interesting to look back on this. Many division leaders are surprising, at least to me, at the 1/4th point in the season.
  7. Im still shaking, damn lol Awesome start boys
  8. Man that looked like that Gordon Heyward guy on the Celtics last year. Just totally broken and pointing the wrong way. Nasty

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