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  1. *sigh* Good for them I guess but their celebrating just makes me depressed. I can't believe I'm jealous of the Philadelphia Eagles...ugh
  2. I think Mixon can become a very dynamic back. We get our blocking scheme in order and I think we'll have a pretty good tandem with him and Gio. That being said, I agree with Fluhartz. Idk if its gonna actually take us anywhere...
  3. Still, a halftime lead and possibly no more Gronk to defend.
  4. Fournette just powered his way thru. Jags looking good
  5. Yeah don't pull a Jeremy Hill here...
  6. This is glorious...but because this is shittsburgh, I am worried this is setting them up for the "MOST GLORIOUS COMEBACK EVAAA" something along those lines that will make me vomit
  7. Oh, holding on the jags Fouts? I don't fucking think so
  8. Please let the second quarter be as good as the first. Highly enjoyable so far
  9. Amazing how much leeway you get for wearing specific jerseys
  10. Manziel to CFL

    Never liked Manziel but if this actually happens, I can see myself tuning into some cfl this year. Id be interested to see how he fares.

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