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  1. "We did some good things" *clap clap clap* But seriously, aside from the pick six and vinny's ankle I thought things went well. Mixon looked good, no snap issues by Price, aj is still aj, geno is still geno, I think Tate made the roster last night.
  2. Griever

    Lafell released

    Wow. Guess Tate is the real deal. Glad to see Boyd is separating himself as the bonified #2 as well
  3. Wow, that is awesome! Here's to us watching some meaningful games come mid December
  4. I agree with the OP tho, 9 wins...sneak into the playoffs
  5. *If it causes them to miss the playoffs
  6. No Kidding?? Jeez time just passes me by. In this case I'm not too upset by it though!
  7. Damn...and his Popeye's was wasted!!
  8. I was thinking the same thing. If Mixon is taking the bulk of the carries, I wouldn't be surprised if Gio gets a lot of opportunities to catch the ball out of the backfield. He's shifty enough to break a few long ones at that.
  9. Griever

    Debbie Downer Update

    Hahaha Wait, holy shit
  10. Griever

    Season over/under

    I remember last year saying "if the line can hold up, this team can win 9 games." Well, we all know now the line was pretty much shit and yet they somehow managed to scrap together 7 wins. Yes, I know a couple of them were wins when the playoffs were out of reach but they were wins nonetheless. I kind of want to stand by my prediction of last year and say 9 wins again but with the possible improvements in the personel and coaching, I think 10 to 11 wins and a trip back to the playoffs isn't out of the question.
  11. Really hoping that torn pec was just a freak injury, gotta admire the dude's work ethic and intensity though. We need him to be good.
  12. C'mon man. Uber or taxi it or something
  13. Griever

    Richie Incognito?

    Dude has lost his damn mind. PASS

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