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  1. Typically I'd say animal print should be reserved for women, but the helmets should not be touched. Agree with the OP, best helmets in the league. As dark of a time as it was, the 90s had the best design in my opinion. Always liked the leaping tiger, miss seeing it at midfield. Now we just have that big stupid B.
  2. Joking aside about how much the NFL hates the Bengals, I'm always interested to see the regular season reveal. I can see opening in Buff as a possibility. Lots of change this upcoming season, I'm pretty excited to see how things shake out, year one.
  3. Week 1: Bye Week 2: Pittsburgh away Week 3: Pittsburgh away (NFL introduces new idea where you play a divisional opponent away twice in one year) Week 4: Home opener (in London) Week 5: Cleveland away (Thursday Night Football, so short rest just because)
  4. Was never a fan of Hobson's style of writing, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to read. I'm sure he means well but seeing him in videos/giving interviews on the website...dude just seems like a really weird guy. Or maybe senile, who knows.
  5. Mike Brown wants to win...his way And that is the problem...
  6. Griever

    Burfict released

    He provided some attitude that actually struck fear in our opponents' hearts, and I loved that about him. I agree with the above though, his various issues/suspensions just werent worth dealing with anymore. With the concussion history he might want to start thinking about quality of life going forward. Good luck to him.
  7. Unreal...Brownstains going all innnnn
  8. I'm not savvy with managing the cap or anything like that, but it'd have to be an extremely team friendly, incentive laden deal. One can argue that his latest injury was simply a "freak incident" but it still happened. The dude just cannot stay on the field. This has been the case for pretty much his entire NFL career. What's the old saying? The best ability is availability.
  9. Griever

    Squeelers Drama

    "Rapey" lmao
  10. Hate to say it, but rebuild. Which is a damn shame considering I dont really think Pitt and Bal are really all that good. Could be the Browns time to shine, which made me throw up in my mouth a lil bit
  11. Interesting that it seems as though Mike Brown made the decision...i thought it was supposed to be Marvin's. Guess that last lost was the final straw?

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