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  1. Waiting for Jason's obligatory post about the odds now lol
  2. I agree with your sentiment about the 17 game schedule...16 games just had such good symmetry and preserved the record book for a long long time. There are plenty of other reasons why 16 is superior. I won't rant about it anymore here though. That is a good question though, I feel like they are essentially replacing one preseason game with a regular season game, and yet the season seems to be starting at the same time? I would think they would make the start earlier rather than extend the playoffs (and essentially the superbowl) til later.
  3. Good call on Trae, also i'm guessing 2. The obligatory Thu night game and a random Mon night game
  4. Some quick thoughts on this. - We open at home, for the second season in a row. Who would've thought? - This will be a battle of "former" teams; Zim will be returning to the Jungle, Reiff will be playing against his former team. - Feels like this is a pretty tough draw for the Bengals wk 1 even though we're at home, their defense could be tough. Stopping their running game will be an early test for our def too
  5. Week 1 has been released, why I'm not really sure. The full slate of games is scheduled to be released at 7:45PM tonight (5/12) Looks like we open @ home against the Viqueens
  6. I had been wondering about these dates, thanks for posting
  7. damn, this dude is just a beast. He still escapes despite the triple team and fights his way toward Sunshine
  8. Thinking about this gives me that warm fuzzy feeling, leveling stillers...you just can't beat it
  9. Chase first #1 in Bengals history i think. Hopefully the last after it gets retired
  10. Wasn't sure where to put this, but for those interested
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