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  1. Orange Alert!

    Yeah, as Cincyindc said, sometimes. I feel like they brought it back last year after like a decade long hiatus. I actually like the orange jerseys with the black pants more than the white pants.
  2. I saw an interview with Boomer this morning and he seems to think Marvin will retire at the end of the season. I will say this though. If at the end of the season Marvin goes to Mike Brown and is like "give me one more shot", MB will TOTALLY oblige. That is how much I believe he hates change. With all that being said, I will be insanely pissed off if that happens. But what am I going to do? The Bengals are my team, I'll always watch em until they are eliminated from contention.
  3. Oh wow, crunchy or creamy? And did you class it up with strawberry preserves or go with the classic grape? Sorry this is more interesting of a subject right now.
  4. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Please please please let it stay this way
  5. Well, the wheels have fallen off every facet of the game now. Please FUCKING LEAVE Marvin
  6. I have never seen AJ so out of his mind before tho, legit UFC shit right there
  7. Well shit. Man this thread is a ghost town today...cant imagine why. Depressing
  8. I think they can beat the Colts but sadly I'll be surprised if they win another game before playing Cleveland again.
  9. Until I see a headline stating Marvin Lewis has been fired or has resigned...I'll just assume no change is happening...he'll be the coach next year
  10. Starting 0-3 made the percentage not much higher than zero unfortunately. While not mathematically eliminated, the Bengals season is practically over. I can only hope Lewis's time is over as well. Pretty sure this makes him 8-21 against shitsburgh for god's sakes. This humiliation will not stand.
  11. Same shit every damn year. It is way too FUCKING early to be sitting around the draft forum. SHIT
  12. Why the HELL can we not beat these ASSHOLES
  13. Shades of Kimo right there...bastard

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