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  1. Terrible, revived his career here and was a good back for us. RIP Ced Benson
  2. My goodness that stiff arm was vicious. Agreed about the attendance, that was surprising to see so many empty seats.
  3. Well hopefully that's mostly it along with a vanilla game plan
  4. Offense looks awful, damn. Wonder if that'll be it for tonight.
  5. Only the 'Skins broadcast available for me, bah. Welp it is better than nothing
  6. No injuries, lets cut down on the penalties too
  7. I seriously came close to vomiting after reading that
  8. Of course! Just in time for AJ to get back hopefully lol
  9. Well...who steps up in a big way to fill the void besides Boyd? Erickson? Ross? Malone? Core? I suppose "nobody" could be a legitimate answer...
  10. Griever


    Remove the B from the helmet, use the inverted version of the helmet we have now, and I'm on board
  11. Haha, had a feeling this thread was coming. I too am pretty worried. We absolutely sucked getting off the field on 3rd down, we didn't get to the QB nearly enough, and the middle of the field (big surprise there right) killed us time and time again. Much like the offense, health was a major factor in the defense being as bad as it was. Fingers crossed things are better on that front this year. Lawson being questionable for week 1 already is really unfortunate. Another factor was the putrid scheme we ran until the DC was fired. Here's the thing though, i know next to nothing about Anarumo and what the plan is there. If the offense wins TOP hopefully it helps mask some deficiencies the D still has and keeps em fresh? That's all I got

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