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  1. I just cannot believe how snakebitten this franchise is
  2. Well I guess they didn't consider Lengel much of a threat lol
  3. Griever

    Hue is Back

    Not criticizing your post at all. But if after all of the embarrassment throughout his tenure hasnt caused pride to be a factor yet, I dont know if it ever will
  4. Griever

    Hue is Back

    God he is such a smug bastard
  5. Griever

    Fire Austin Now!

    I am just astonished at how quickly a pretty decent defensive unit was turned to shit.
  6. Griever

    Bruce Irvin?

    Savage lol *laughs a little* But probably true *cries a little*
  7. Griever

    Bye Week Thread

    Well they have the Browns twice and also the Raiders...could possibly limp into the playoffs...
  8. Griever

    Bye Week Thread

    According to Schefter, looks like missing some games is already expected for AJ. Do we give Dez a call? Not a fan of the guy's attitude but damn it we can't let this 5-3 start go to waste
  9. Griever

    2015 and beyond - TV Talk

    Was debating on putting this post in the geek zone, however the new season of Castlevania came out and man is it good. It stays pretty true to Castlevania III for NES, but pretty much using Kojima's artwork from Symphony of the Night for PS1 to tell the story. I'd recommend if you are a fan of either game, or even a fan of anime in general. Only on Netflix that I know of though.

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