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  1. So I guess that's it. What are the chances an 0-3 team makes it to the playoffs? 3%? Toilet Bowl next week
  2. Great play there Andy, tails never fails
  3. Just saw that man, unreal...
  4. I personally don't want ML to return in any capacity. Leadership should be gutted, the franchise is in need of a big culture change.
  5. I miss toad the wet sprocket and spin doctors and gin blossoms. Ok maybe the 90s weren't all bad
  6. How about Klingler level? Lol
  7. With the way things are going, we'll be breaking out those paper bags from the 90's soon. This offense is Akili Smith level pathetic, and that is saying something. I just don't know how, we have some decent talent on that side of the ball unlike back then. Just horrible.
  8. It legit looks like they are just giving up
  9. Telegraphed, awful int
  10. Wow that is really bad. I can realistically see 9 wins if the O line is decent. But only FIVE? That's even worse than last year, damn.
  11. John ross hurt

    I haven't read anything official but somebody said he was standing on sideline. I would think it can't be too serious then? Hopefully no news is good news...
  12. If Burfict wore black and yellow, this would no doubt be featured on some top ten list of best preseason hits and be lauded for it. That said, I'm expecting him to be gone for at least three games. Damn.

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