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  1. I agree the pressure is on but I think its not as bad spreading out among 10 players as it is on 5 or 6     This team can remove any player and still beat any team in the nation,   doesn't mean they can't lose,   hope they go all the way but I just don't think they will
  2. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='589504' date='Nov 8 2007, 11:07 PM']Gardner-Webb [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img][/quote] Its going to take awhile for Billy to take out the garbage that Tubby left.
  3. [quote name='steggyD' post='588259' date='Nov 7 2007, 05:03 PM']That's probably a good thing. Last European white kid on our team stank it up.[/quote] I'd be just fine to never see another 7 footer on the team, seems like everyone we get is right footed with 2 left feet
  4. [quote name='IKOTA' post='587984' date='Nov 7 2007, 02:08 AM']No UC discussion huh? They've played 2 preseason games so far and don't look very much like a team but that's to be expected with so many new people. Their first 10 games or so will be rough but they should start to find out about themselves then. I look for a respectable year from them with next year get ting back into the tournament. As for recruiting, Teondre Williams will probably not be attending UC. They also lost out on J'Mison Morgan who was a really sought after recruit, he commited to LSU earlier in the week. Would have been nice to get him but Mick will continue to find another player who can play C, PF.[/quote] I hereby invite you to the Big Blue Thread, there will be plenty of good things to talk about there this year
  5. [quote name='Bunghole' post='587983' date='Nov 7 2007, 02:07 AM']Our non-conference schedule looks pretty weak this year, outside of whomever is playing in that 2k tourney....the Tarheels and....that's about it. How we looking guys? I can't watch the games on my "new and improved" cable, Comcast. Don't get FSN South or "BigBlue Network", which is funny, because when I lived in Sunman I used to get all the games, and now that I live right across the river from NKY (ie, much closer), I don't get the games! Fuck! [/quote] That guy Coury looked like an all american and he is just a walk on, Patterson looked ok but he will be a stud, Legion looked good, Bradley, Crawford and Meeks looked better than last year, looks like they are playing with more intensity than in years past which is a reflection of their coach, give Billy a few more years to get his players in here and we will be competeting for NCs again.
  6. The Billy Gillespie era has started Looks like a hustling ass team even though we are playing a cupcake, years past these cupcakes gave us problems but not anymore! We are back baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. [img]http://blog.kentuckysportsradio.com/wp-content/uploads//2007/07/schedule.jpeg[/img]
  8. Players reactions to the new coach Billy Gillespie [quote]3 Ramel Bradley, Jr. On Coach Gillispie’s style of play… “It sounds good. I’m looking forward to his style, to stay aggressive, and put up some shots. Sounds like we’ll run a little more and you know I like that.” On the last two weeks… “It’s been crazy, a weird feeling. To lose a coach, and then get one so soon, it’s all just shocking, just need to regroup a little. We all tried to handle the situation together, and the best we could. Things happened quickly, but that’s life, and you just need to deal with change sometimes.” On meeting Coach Gillispie for the first time and possibility of him leaving… “He just gave me a smile, and all I can do is welcome him with an open mind, and smile back. I never thought about leaving, so it’s pretty easy to welcome a new coach. I just need to regroup, let it all soak in, and move forward the best I can.” #43 Jared Carter, So. On the progress of his shoulder… “Right now I am about 95% healed, and I should be able to start practicing in about a month. I’m already in the weight room, and it really feels like nothing has happened to it.” On his first impression of Coach Gillispie… “We had a meeting earlier this morning, and he told us he was ready to get to work and prepare for next season. He doesn’t want to wait and feel things out. He wants to get started right away.” #32 Joe Crawford, Jr. On the change to a new coach… “Change can be good. Everyone’s positive, and we’ll move forward as a team and do what we need to do.” On the rumors of different coaches the past couple of weeks… “It was pretty tough to hear some of the rumors. We all tried not to think about it, but it was obviously there. We have a coach to lead us now, and some directions, so I think we’re all ready to move forward.” On Coach Gillispie’s style of play… “I like that he talked about aggressiveness on both offense and defense. His style should work here with the guys we already have here. It will be more exciting, and I’m excited for the new start.” #22 Ramon Harris, Fr. On meeting Coach Gillispie the first time… “It was good. He came in and I could tell he was very excited to be here and that is one of the things that we like to see as players. We want to see someone who wants to be here and he definitely showed us that. He showed us that he is the type of coach that is open and he is the type of coach that you can rely on.” On coming in midseason then getting a new coach… “To be honest I felt settled here about midway through the season. I knew that there was going to be a point of time that my name was going too be called and I wanted to be ready for that point of time. Now Coach Gillispie is here I am excited about getting the chance to work hard for him.” #5 Derrick Jasper, Fr. On meeting Coach Gillispie for the first time… "I think he’s a great guy and a great coach. It was a little awkward at first, because we didn’t know what to expect. As soon as we heard him give us a speech we knew he was the right man for the job. He told us he wants to cut down some nets, and he gave us confidence.” On Coach Gillispie’s style of play… “I like what he said about letting his players initiate the style. I think he will play to the talent of the players.” #21 Perry Stevenson, Fr. On his reaction upon hearing who the coach would be… “I didn’t know what to say because I really didn’t know what type of guy he was. He talked about what we wanted to accomplish here in terms of academics, on the court, and staying together as a family.” On whether or not he thought about leaving Kentucky after Coach Smith resigned… “I didn’t think about it much, because that would mean leaving the best program in the country. I’m going to stay here.” courtesy of Ukathletics[/quote]
  9. [quote name='JC' post='459461' date='Mar 20 2007, 11:52 PM']Are you fucking kidding me? I thought he was only supposed to narrow his choices this week? Edit:couldn't find anything anywhere?[/quote] Its BS, just a bad rumor
  10. [quote name='LeakyBengal' post='459191' date='Mar 20 2007, 03:19 PM']Patterson to Florida per Fox Radio.... FUCK![/quote] Thats BS! did you make that up
  11. [quote name='LeakyBengal' post='458680' date='Mar 19 2007, 03:25 PM']I'm not smart enough to know what you mean by that but if you mean we have other top 100 players waiting if we don't sign Jai or Pat then you are wrong. If you are saying that we have a bunch of scrubs waiting for if we don't sign Jai or Pat you'd be right.[/quote] The latter [quote name='LeakyBengal' post='459191' date='Mar 20 2007, 03:19 PM']Patterson to Florida per Fox Radio.... FUCK![/quote] Thas ok, I'm sure we can find a couple of Sherray Thomas's and Bobbie Perry's in the scrap heap instead
  12. [quote name='LeakyBengal' post='458503' date='Mar 19 2007, 02:51 AM']We have two players signed. One a 7 footer who is out of basketball. If we lose Randolph and [b] don't get Patterson [s]or[/s] and Lucas we are fucked[/b].[/quote] We should have blue chip players waiting in line to play for us
  13. 36-30 at the half The difference in the game is Joe Crawford who hijacked the last 6 minutes of the game, he needs to realize is is a role player and not a superstar
  14. Everyone better have taken UK deep into the tourney in their brackets Kansas is going down, UK is going deep and Tubby will redeem himself by putting forth his best coaching effort since his first year and the UK faithfull will carry him out on their shoulders
  15. I bet the Kansas players are more worried than ours Go Big Blue
  16. [quote name='sneaky' post='455944' date='Mar 13 2007, 05:46 PM'][color="#FF0000"][b]Smith will forever be cursed because he followed the success of Pitino and his National Championship will always be understimated because it's viewed as having won with Pitino's players. Which to me is unfair. Its a damned if you do, damned if you dont scenario. Truth is, if Pitino were to return to Kentucky after the season, even he could not duplicate the magic he had in the 90's.[/b][/color][/quote] Thad Matta could
  17. Me and a friend was talking about the Tubby haters vs the Tubby defenders and also was talking about some of the media types that hate Kentucky and we found a strange correlation. People who hate UK love Tubby
  18. Kansas fans have to be pissed at looking at a 2nd round matchup against UK If we get past Villanova we are beating Kansas and going deep into the tourney. Thats the feeling I have
  19. lets look forward and dream a bit Thad Matta wins it all this year at OSU and is king on High St. His Job is done, nowhere to go but down. One last challenge, rebuild the Big Blue
  20. Even though I've been a Tubby detractor for years I'm not sure how competent Mitch Barnhart is and I'm not convinced he will get the right guy, if he can't go out and get a Donovan or Matta then he might as well just stick it out for another year with Tubby and see if his next decent recruiting class is the answer. This could all be a moot point with a Final Four this year
  21. [quote name='LeakyBengal' post='445921' date='Feb 26 2007, 04:49 PM']So, who is the next coach going to be at UK? I've heard rumors with Thad Matta's name in them. I think that would be great. I think he has 9 recruits already coming to OSU over the next three years each ranked 4 star or higher.[/quote] I started that rumor but thats all it is, Tubby probably gets another year or 2 because his recruiting classes have improved, I haven't given up on this season yet, they have enough talent imo to make a run in the NCAAs.(if we make it [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//42.gif[/img] ) If we were to lose to Georgia and Florida that may be in jeopardy. I've been pitching Thad Matta on the UK boards for 2 years now and even started a rumor on the OSU board that he was coming to Lexington last year That caused quite a stir
  22. [quote name='#22' post='442520' date='Feb 18 2007, 06:16 PM']...even though he is very close to bringing in what could be his 2nd best class ever [b]next year[/b][/quote] Thats why they call him Tubby "wait til next year" Smith Tubby just did something no other coach at UK has done since 1923 Lose 3 straight in February 84 Years!
  23. [quote name='Bunghole' post='442416' date='Feb 18 2007, 02:27 AM']Yeah but back then at least we had a modicum of offensive production with guys like Prince, Hayes, Azuibuike, Estill and others. This year's squad can't score for shit, and the mantra of "defense" has lost some if it's luster. We aren't being very good at either. I only dogged you for calling for his head because at the time, we were enjoying relative success, now I don't know what to think. We're backed into a corner of scholarship lousiness by guys like Perry and Thomas. Why are they good enough to start for a UK basketball team again?[/quote] [quote]Prince, Hayes, Azuibuike, Estill[/quote] Those guys weren't here last year and I measure success at UK in the Tourney, we have now went longer without a Final Four appearance since they went to the 64 format and I still have some hope this year that they might be able to make a run, they have some talented freshman and they have Morris who should be dominating every game, if they don't make a run this year then hopefully Tubby resigns or gets fired.
  24. [quote name='Bunghole' post='442381' date='Feb 17 2007, 11:37 PM']Sigh. Three losses in a row! There's not much to take that's positive out of this.....for years now under Tubby, we have an anemic shooting offense that only seems to come to life when it's too late in big games. I'm tired of it, personally. Games like this one burn me up! We HAD to have it and we played like SHIT! Whelp, it was nice being in the top 25 while it lasted! Fucking Wildcats. If they can't get it together and make a late season run going in to March, I'll stop watching their pathetic excuse for team offense and their inexcusable lapses on defense and stupid fouls and turnovers. It's too painful. This is NOT what UK basketball is supposed to be. Fix it or begone, Tubby![/quote] Funny that just last year you dogged me up for questioneing Tubby Myself I am giving him the benefit of the doubt until the post season, he must get them to the final four or he needs to go! Its time to shit or get off the pot!
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