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  1. I never said he was asleep, I said he was racking his brain to come up with a solution
  2. Kind of what I meant when I said "solid organization" from the front office down to the players
  3. He never stood a chance, only way an unproven position coach could come into a head coaching job with a chance is if there was a solid organization to support him, I doubt a proven winner could come in here and fix these problems much less a QB coach
  4. Here is my story : my son who is 27 started having seizures , he was let go from his employer because of it , so now he is unemployed and has no insurance , he has tried to work several jobs but when he has a seizure he is let go so he can't work long enough to acquire healthcare, we tried to get him into a neurologist (out of pocket) there are only like 6 neurologists in our area, 5 would not see him because he doesn't have insurance, we finally found one that would accept our cash but took 6 months to get him in, the Dr prescribed a drug to see if it would work for his seizures, $1200 for a 30 day supply, the Dr has been giving him free samples , we got a call from his girlfriend last month telling us that he was in the hospital from a seizure, he ran out of the free samples and didn't want to burden us , we got him back to the Dr and he has a new medicine that is cheaper , it is making his seizures less frequent and milder but he's still having them, the expensive medicine kept them away , he needs an MRI but they want $2400 up front before they will give him one , the thing is no one is sure the MRI is even going to show what the cause is so its a coin flip for $2400 , he has applied for social security disability and has the hospital and his Dr working to get it through, , if he is denied once we go broke which we've went through a good portion of our savings he will have no way to cover his expenses and could potentially die , our health care is a national emergency I don't care what our govt and psychopathic leaders need to do but health care for all has to happen, I'm sick of the excuses, I'm sick of hearing that 45,000 people a year in the USA dies from lack of healthcare , I'm sick of hearing we can't compare our country to all the other countries that its working in , I'm sick of people defending the psychopaths that say it won't work here, it has to work, just pretend its a war, pretend we are attacking a country in the middle east, we always find money for tax breaks for the wealthy and money for wars, we have to figure it out because our people are dying and our leaders don't give a fuck
  5. Storm


  6. I agree the pressure is on but I think its not as bad spreading out among 10 players as it is on 5 or 6     This team can remove any player and still beat any team in the nation,   doesn't mean they can't lose,   hope they go all the way but I just don't think they will
  7. When it comes to guns the only solution people have is to ban legal guns,  no one ever has a solution to get rid of guns in the hands of criminals     When the last criminal has their gun removed you can have mine     and if you are going to ban guns because 30 people die each day from them then go ahead and ban automobiles too because more die in car crashes every day   117 people die every day in car crashes
  8. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='589504' date='Nov 8 2007, 11:07 PM']Gardner-Webb [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img][/quote] Its going to take awhile for Billy to take out the garbage that Tubby left.
  9. [quote name='steggyD' post='588259' date='Nov 7 2007, 05:03 PM']That's probably a good thing. Last European white kid on our team stank it up.[/quote] I'd be just fine to never see another 7 footer on the team, seems like everyone we get is right footed with 2 left feet
  10. [quote name='IKOTA' post='587984' date='Nov 7 2007, 02:08 AM']No UC discussion huh? They've played 2 preseason games so far and don't look very much like a team but that's to be expected with so many new people. Their first 10 games or so will be rough but they should start to find out about themselves then. I look for a respectable year from them with next year get ting back into the tournament. As for recruiting, Teondre Williams will probably not be attending UC. They also lost out on J'Mison Morgan who was a really sought after recruit, he commited to LSU earlier in the week. Would have been nice to get him but Mick will continue to find another player who can play C, PF.[/quote] I hereby invite you to the Big Blue Thread, there will be plenty of good things to talk about there this year
  11. [quote name='Bunghole' post='587983' date='Nov 7 2007, 02:07 AM']Our non-conference schedule looks pretty weak this year, outside of whomever is playing in that 2k tourney....the Tarheels and....that's about it. How we looking guys? I can't watch the games on my "new and improved" cable, Comcast. Don't get FSN South or "BigBlue Network", which is funny, because when I lived in Sunman I used to get all the games, and now that I live right across the river from NKY (ie, much closer), I don't get the games! Fuck! [/quote] That guy Coury looked like an all american and he is just a walk on, Patterson looked ok but he will be a stud, Legion looked good, Bradley, Crawford and Meeks looked better than last year, looks like they are playing with more intensity than in years past which is a reflection of their coach, give Billy a few more years to get his players in here and we will be competeting for NCs again.
  12. The Billy Gillespie era has started Looks like a hustling ass team even though we are playing a cupcake, years past these cupcakes gave us problems but not anymore! We are back baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. [img]http://blog.kentuckysportsradio.com/wp-content/uploads//2007/07/schedule.jpeg[/img]
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