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  1. turningpoint

    Season over/under

    Agreed, schedule looks good
  2. He was a locker problem??? Lol 1st I heard of it.
  3. turningpoint

    Party at Dre Dre's!!

    I'd be happy to be your landlord, would have been up and running in less than 24hrs.
  4. turningpoint

    Party at Dre Dre's!!

    It's why I dont get why people assume hes involved. I own 8 rentals in Cincinnati, no fucking clue what's going on in them 98% of the time.
  5. turningpoint

    Party at Dre Dre's!!

    Drew lives in a $2million house in Indian hill.
  6. Such a joke, same for the colts both teams could win their division next season. Lol.
  7. turningpoint

    Rookies get their numbers

    Lol too funny
  8. turningpoint

    Peter King = King of Peter

    So Lamar can scramble away from every team's d line better?
  9. It's like its 1998 all over again. Akili Smith!!
  10. Yeah, but will marvin ever put him on the field?
  11. Shows how drafting a #1 qb can really open up room in your roster...ie eagles and Rams currently.
  12. I would tackle AJ green at any opportunity of a jump ball vs him.
  13. Ok so you say he's not dalton's 2nd best player....then fail to name 2 players better? you named AJ green, who yes is Daltons BEST redzone player to throw 2.....who is his 2nd? Efiert......

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