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  1. Anyone worried about the Browns?

    All based on if they can find a QB worth a shit.
  2. Anyone worried about the Browns?

    If we lose to these guys it will be a travesty. Our Defense should be capable of shutting them out. Offense needs to be put up 13pts probably to win.
  3. not even a snake draft so accorsi had to pick 12th in every round? this is dumb.
  4. Pacman suspended

    Hope he fights it and loses and serve the suspension in game 5 or 6....just don't really like the idea of WJ3 starting week 1....or who ever the hell the 3rd corner will be.
  5. can't we just look like the other 20 of these we have done over the past 10 years?
  6. Yep, rather have the insane talent and ability to run a the franchise, would be a huge mistake to totally rid ourselves of him, if anything put him in a front office position.
  7. Ehh, we can argue this all we want....but hey how many playoff losses do our previous 3 coaches have? 0, because they couldn't even fucking sniff .500. Shula, Coslet, Lebeau....no thx. I'll give it 2 more years then maybe my patience will have run out.
  8. Front 7 covered their asses.
  9. Dre K is a music mogul.....

    Dude Calm down, he probably spent maybe $2K-$5K on this, did he just sign some insane contract? He probably spent his interest on this, and if i had that kind of money I'd probably do the same thing to, mostly because it's solid stupid entertainment.
  10. Anyone have a comparison of Mixon to Peterson and Bell in terms of size combine #'s etc?
  11. While I don't think they'll be 2015's #2 Scoring defense, I think it's going to be damn close barring any major injuries.
  12. Pretty much, that. Efeirt, Ross green will make offense unstoppable imo.
  13. 12-4 record 2nd in the AFC, it will come down to us beating Brady and probably knowing our luck the Stealers in the divisional round. I think this team is setup to win and win a lot of games, I really don't think the O-line will matter. Dalton get's rid of the ball quick.
  14. So only Willis left?