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  1. I hope Vince Williams get's his "Karma" Next what a fuck.
  2. I think the other cardiac cats games should be in there as well, was it against the Ravens in 2009? http://www.bengals.com/media-lounge/videos/Bengals-Ravens-Highlights-101109/b8056427-6c08-4abb-ab00-dcf1c2712e55
  3. Ross to play CB?

    So Marvin Leiws is just setting him up to be the teams special teams gunner like Dre was for the 1st 4 years he was here.
  4. Ross to play CB?

    LOL, so we drafted a wr to cb at #9, over Marshawn lattimore and marlon humphery?
  5. Dude, I hope he walks again....here's my dream. He walks out on Hienz Field for their divisional match-up vs the Jaguars, where a stadium of inbreds goes nuts and then they get steam rolled and lose 37-9. Bell Leaves in FA and Rothlisberger retires after Calias Campbell rips her vagina off.
  6. Spine Surgery for Shazier

    Here's my favorite new rebuttal to any shit talking steeler fan. I'm so excited, we're getting our Starting MLB back in a couple weeks, he's the heart and sole of our defense. The team feeds off of him and looks to him as a leader of this team. His playmaking ability is amazing its almost unmatched. How's your LB corps doing in Pittsburgh?
  7. IR and Practice squads

    I can see the geoff hobson article now..... Bengals have -$2million in CAP due to signing 6 bums off of other teams practice squads. Will not bother to sign a single FA or retain any of their FA's, also they will be trading down from the #8 draft pick for to 2 2nd round draft picks because they don't have enough set aside for the rookie pool.
  8. Current 2018 Draft Order

    I think we do good in the draft if take one of the top 2 tackles. I honestly think our RT position is worse then our LT position. I'd take whoever translates to being the next Willie Anderson and keep our fingers crossed CEDO can develop more and more.
  9. I think this is an extremely smart move though.....we have the same deal with Ced O i assume? Red-shirt the guy, hell ( i don't think so) Ced-o could be a probowl LT by year 5 if he figures it out, would hate to have him spend 5 year here developing and then walking to a new team once he's really good.
  10. 2017 Play off Picture

    I think the raiders, bills and chargers win 1-2 more games max. Only competition at this points is titans and ravens.
  11. 2017 Play off Picture

    No it isn't. Stealers beat the ravens and we win, it's still going to come down to us vs the ravens in week 17 to decide who advances. We can handle the vikings, bears and lions IMO. Bengals can still get to 9-7 and get in with the 6th seed, need the ravens to lose one more game i guess, so likelyhood of them losing 3 games is slim....but who knows browns might pull something out.
  12. My offseason

    I hope they plan to frame in some headers over those large openings, yikes. That's a small lake, williamstown?
  13. My biggest issue with Dre was he just seems like a half step behind with his arms. If he can get his damn hands up a millisecond quicker, he probably deflects 3-5 more passes and that would have easily been enough to change the outcome of the game. WJ3 seems to have it figured out in less then 1 year in the league.
  14. George Iloka

    i think he pick 6's that ball.

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