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  1. Bengals score 13-17pts on their 1st 3 drives, while holding the packers to 6-10pts. We go into half up 20-13 and hopefully the defense can hold off the packers in the 2nd half so the bengals can pull out a W. However, Honestly it wouldn't surprise me in the least that mondays headlines are some dumb shit like this... Bengals Offense finds the endzone, but the defense faulters as the bengals fall to 0-3. Then post game interviews of Pacman are all subdued telling the cameras, this one was on us, not really sure where to go from here, but we need to try to put together a complete game next week blahblah blah.......just watch.
  2. #5 Defense

    I agree, I think the fix is so damn simple there....it's TAZ and our nickel package being.... WJ3 and Kirk on the outside and Pacman moving into the nickle.... I get so annoyed seeing Dennard in at Nickle CB and WJ 3 sitting on the bench....there's a better combo on the fucking sideline coaches.
  3. #5 Defense

    I think the defense is a top 2 defense, we literally don't have a weakness, it's stacked, i can't wait to see how we do vs the packers, really wish we had Burfict vs them, but o well. Offense turns around and keeps the defense off the field and this team could win it's next 5 games.
  4. Imagine if the bengals hired Mike McCoy to OC after the Chargers canned him....i bet we'd be 2-0 and people would be saying we look like a superbowl team.
  5. Anyone know of an offical page where they keep track of all the players fine/suspensions and amounts etc?
  6. He made 2 really good catches. The one her caught down the seam gave me a glimmer of hope. O well Kroft and Uzomah time.
  7. So no1 mentioned Shazier was actually fined $25K, but he is repealing it.
  8. Zampese Out

    complacency, he "earned" his turn. Idiotic in today's NFL, almost as bad as handing your Son a NFL franchise because he's your off Spring, nepotism.
  9. Actually last night RT was the issue, Ced showed up, Fischer didn't.
  10. Zampese Out

    It was as correct a move they could make at this point in the season...Zampese clearly sucked, start their and see what happens before the dumpster fire.
  11. Zampese Out

    You kind of have to hire within during mid season....you expect the the offense to learn a completely new playbook in 9 days?
  12. Zampese Out

    HOLY SHIT it's a miracle! So excited for Hobson!! Bengals are LAZOR Focused. Maybe they will bring back Brat and we can all enjoy the halfback pitch!!
  13. Zampese Out

    HOLY SHIT it's a miracle!
  14. I figure by week 6, the Kroger Paper bags will be out in full effect....ahh the 90's when I was young and naive and didn't understand why you'd watch a game that way.
  15. I felt like they have addressed it.... It looked like for most of the game Mixon in on downs 1 and 2 and Bernard in on 3rd down. Mixon is clearly the better talent.

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