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  1. ugh you work at Kroger? you need to get a better job.
  2. i just can't wait for the 1st Stealers game and he break artie burns and mike mitchell's ankles.
  3. mixon or cunningham.
  4. If you think about it this helps pass protection probably better than any single player..teams can only have 7 in the box max. No way they single cover AJ and Ross and now efiert in the seam vs less pollution is scary also. I guess it open the run game also, you play 2 deeps safeties fuck it run the ball. Could be really interesting.
  5. I feel like this pick protects Dalton. You have to keep 2 safeties deep, 7 in the box max, aj green and this guy will demand double coverage, efeirt Should be open a shit ton.
  6. Rumbling was browns were trying to trade with the 49ers to get him, so the bears who wanted him had to move up to make sure they got him
  7. I swear if we reach for someone I'm going to cry.
  8. Agreed, him and Illoka would be a nightmare combo.
  9. So we're drafting Darious heyward-Bey?
  10. I would be blown away if they draft Ross with Hooker and Allen on the board. Just nuts.
  11. If we can somehow trade AJ for a 1st and Watson slips, I'd run up to the podium to get him.
  12. I just wish I could be in on the Sabermetric coin flip.
  13. 8mins x 8 = about 64 minutes, so i'd say around 9pm is when I'd guess.
  14. Yeah i think it's a matter of fact that, thomas, allen or Hooker will be there, if 1 of these guys is and we pass I'm be so damn pissed off.
  15. I think Deshaun Watson is going to be a really really good QB, I hope he goes to the NFC. He looks like a larger better Dak Prescott If the Bengals can figure out a way to Trade McCarron for a late 1st and draft Watson, I'd be elated. I don't see it happening, but I'd be all for it.