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  1. This story has been floating around for quite some time. I don't recall if it came back to the surface before he landed the Denver gig or during. Anyway, sounded legit.
  2. ChicagoBengal

    New team

    I have Sunday ticket and haven't watched a game in a month and am somehow happier. I probably won't re-up next season unless some drastic (for this franchise) changes are enacted Also, I'm drinking a lot less on Sundays (true story). 4As far as rooting for another team, it probably won't happen as misery is engrained in my DNA, but pulling for whoever is playing the Stealers is an enjoyable past time.
  3. What's up, jagaloons? Who brought the pasta salad?
  4. ChicagoBengal

    Baltimore Game Flexed

    Glad the league decided to prolong our misery for a few hours. On the bright side, I'll just drink earlier which will save me some scratch when I inevitably determine that going out on NYE is overrated.
  5. I love Allen for his size, arm, and athleticism, however, everything I've read from scouts I respect scream Jake Locker. Kid is not as accurate as some people are stating.
  6. That would be cool, although my commute has quadrupled as I'm down in Houston, now. But never say never!
  7. Went to GB in '09. Best weather I'd ever experienced at a football game - and I went to Arizona. Clear and about 75.
  8. ChicagoBengal

    Aaron Hernandez takes his own life

    In other Patriots TE news, Rob Gronkowski bought a bang boat.
  9. ChicagoBengal


  10. ChicagoBengal

    Bengals have released Mike Nugent.

    We signed Fat Randy, which is fun to say every time he lines up for a kick. We did it down here in Houston all the time. Lots of fun.
  11. I almost literally ran into Jeff Fisher when he was coaching the Titans at the Westin on Fountain Square, but that was late 90's. And I was at Brett Favre's Steakhouse (super average, by the way) in Green Bay in '09, and Ed Hochuli was sitting at a table across from me. Surprised he didn't butcher the cow at the table and cook it with his laser vision super power.
  12. ChicagoBengal

    Who is going to Dallas?

    Not part of a / the group, but I may drive up depending on a couple of things that are up in the air right now.

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