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  1. In regards to Knob Creek it's commercialized now. It's still kind of a people watcher crowd. Most people there are not going to participate in line fire, any of the group activities, or sales of various items. There is a tailgate party of sorts that surrounds the range. Most importantly there is a police and federal presence in uniform and out of uniform. I've seen a wide range of cultural diversity and a big change over the last decade or so. Probably part of the reason was the television show filmed there and the other being the enormous growth of the range, shop, and amount of people visiting and shopping there. Lots of retired military, veterans, LE, etc... are on staff there which helps with the comfort factor. Knob Creek is not where one of the yahoo's you mention want to advertise they're a yahoo. Previous decades past there were incidents with criminal sales going on in the vending area but now all of the vendors are screened and are from bigger firms such as Apex and others. In short, let me know when you are visiting and I'll also show you "our" end of the bourbon trail too. Nothing says Kentucky like bullets and bourbon... (just not at the same time) 😃
  2. Yes. That's exactly right. Though, once the laws currently on the books start being enforced, I believe in revising or complete overhaul of mental health issues in relation to gun ownership. The ability to cross-reference a mental health database does not exist AFAIK in regards to gun dealers. As long as a person checks the no box regarding mental health issues (can't remember the exact wording) they can get a gun ? No problem with that ? I have real problems with that and I own more guns than most people I know. I also live next door to Fort Knox and Knob Creek gun range. Lots of military folks that are out of the service and a few still in (that I personally know) have mental health issues and probably shouldn't be carrying a weapon anywhere. I believe this can only succeed IF as stated above, the laws are enforced. This idea would not necessarily need a law but a creation of a searchable database similar to Casper. However, this would raise privacy issues that neither side wants to relinquish control.
  3. +1 I'm only laughing because I heard the same damn thing just the other day. Wear a Bengals hat long enough and you'll meet idiot Stealers inbred fans that have a misinformed opinion.
  4. Yes Yes. Armed robbery. Prior felony charges. Yes, he was armed but the police never released the type of firearm or amount. Sorry I'm so late on the reply.
  5. Numbers

    A True Bengal Hero

    1. If it's Brown, flush it down. If it's Mike Brown, flush twice.
  6. At one point there was a published list of value per draft position. Productive players (all positions) are a much better value in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds if I remember correctly. One of those studies for the analytical types that has shown some worth.
  7. Who did the Bengals just trade back for or was a player they coveted just taken ahead of them ?
  8. Then what is your "ideal position" ? The majority appears to be clamoring for offensive line. This was never an argument.
  9. So many throat punches, so little time...
  10. No shitheads needed. Amen.
  11. If either one of those are the BPA then they could be picked. It will not shock me if they pick an OT. I will not be surprised either if they pick a position not deemed a need by this board such as a WR or QB. I'm guessing that the Bengals stretched a bit to get a player of need in the 1st. Should we need to start another rookie on the line we might want to start planning for next years draft...
  12. Hernandez will be gone but if not then take him. Otherwise, Mason Rudolph QB or Courtland Sutton WR.
  13. Oh, and make sure to get your Hepatitis A vaccine... 1. Bullet proof vest. 2. Hep A vaccine. 3. A thirst for good bourbon...
  14. http://www.wdrb.com/story/38059547/update-police-say-person-of-interest-in-custody-after-downtown-investigation

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