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  1. FWIW; From the day Lazor was fired from the Dolphins... http://www.dolphinssidelinereport.com/dolphins-fire-offensive-coordinator-bill-lazor/ "The Dolphins offense currently ranks in the bottom half for all major offensive categories and found themselves being one dimensional again against the Jets on Sunday. For the third time this season, Miami was held to under 10 yards rushing in the first half of a game." "...currently ranks 27th in points per game (20.5) and 26th in yards per game (335.9)."
  2. Yes sir. It's an affliction that I've been saddled with 4 decades almost 5. The doctor's have all told me that there is no cure. Except maybe more cowbell.
  3. The Good will be a high draft pick. The Bad will be the Bengals wasted another high round draft pick... I'm pissed. I need about 10 days to recover...
  4. Nobody gets anything if they lose.
  5. If someone rewinds the tape around the time Eifert got back up I'd appreciate it. He had a look on his face directed towards the offense that appeared to say "What the fuck are you trying to do? "
  6. ...and punt it away...
  7. I am going to be so wrong on my season prediction of 6-10 if they drop this game...
  8. Death of the NFL

    I've always been of the opinion that money will be the end of the NFL or any sport. Yes, it's linked to the rash of brain injuries. It's also linked to the owner's bottom line, the paycheck a player receives, the paycheck a NCAA player does not get but their school does, player's healthcare cost, Stadium's being built or not being built upon the taxpayers backs, operating cost, prime time teams revenue sharing with small market teams, etc... Sent from my 2PS64 using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  9. 6 and 10 sounds a little too optimistic now that I see this crap. Sent from my 2PS64 using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  10. Please pass good karma in the direction of our Bengal's fans down south. KHWiii is in Tampa Bay Area with his wife. I was on a ship when Hurricane Andrew hit. Provided relief and rebuilding efforts for Eluthera Island and Homestead area high school. Then I was living in Puerto Rico when we were hit with Hurricane Marilyn. Fortunately for that one we had a solid concrete house on a hill. We were hit with trees and coconuts. Point being, without support from those not affected, we would have been devastated. Boots on the ground after the devastation has passed will be the most appropriate in my opinion. Love you guys and be safe.

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