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  1. Unfortunately I did the same thing last season. Let them go. The good thing is I can still get tickets in the same great area.
  2. Guess I have my answer. The halftime lighting up over and around the stadium with the Prince symbol was pretty cool.
  3. How's your feelings about the town you lived in ? Can they fly or will they fold ?
  4. 5th to 7th best OT in the draft. Can play center. Projected in day 2. One quote has me worried; "gets knocked to the ground too much when going against power" We've already had too many turtles in the Oline . No sense in adding another player that spends a lot of time on the ground.
  5. Brumfield, Dyer, Pollack, Moore... ...and Pacman's bullet.
  6. James Brooks. Dual threat. I'll take a James Brooks type player over anyone else. However, if we're going to stick to your list, I'd say Anderson over Norman and AJ over Norman.
  7. I'd like to share one thought after another with you. We discussed scheme in another thread which educated me somewhat. Scheme does not matter as much as the talent on the line and ability of a coach to elevate the line play. IMHO, we have a talented line that doesn't play well together but separately they are good to very good players. I've never been a big fan of the individual superstar although there is a certain need for stellar abilities at certain positions. I'm a big fan of the quote by Aristotle; “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In my opinion we probably need a slight change in how talent is evaluated for the offensive line.
  8. Yes he certainly does. He also needs a line. I am hoping that both problems get fixed.
  9. The lovable losers. Bud Grant. The best play ever in football when Jim Marshall ran the wrong way. My brother's favorite team in 1972 was the Vikings, my sister's was the Dolphins. I follow all the teams somewhat closely.
  10. It's AFC-NFC Championship Weekend.
  11. Thanks again. As always, I can count on you for the best travel and transportation advice. I have my fingers crossed.
  12. Did you guys tailgate before that game ?
  13. Today the latest news on the incidents is... http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/16/politics/ex-navy-commanders-criminal-charges-collisions/index.html "Ex-commanders face negligent homicide charges over deadly Navy collisions The Navy also said there will be additional administrative actions for members of both crews." I don't know what will truly happen to the commanders in question. The Navy shot down an Air Force F4 in the late 80s. It took 25 years for karma to catch up to that Ltjg. His father who was a Rear Admiral at the time managed to help his son salvage his career despite dereliction of duty. He failed to walk around and check his aircraft out before getting in to take off on a non live firing training mission. He would have easily noticed his missiles were armed. Fortunately that day it resulted in a couple of wet Air Force officers and not dead bodies floating in the Mediterranean. One of the officers is now 100% disabled. When they were rescued and onboard our carrier, they still did not know what happened or what they did wrong. Once they were told, they we're pissed. Ltjg never flew again but managed to climb the ladder to success until he was under review for the promotion...
  14. I wasn't at the Freezer bowl and I'm thankful I wasn't.

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