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  1. Agreed. It has become clear to me that hitting offending players with a fine has become a joke. "Touchdown Brown will pay his fine... " I might go further and state "...should remain suspended AT LEAST until said player returns." AND include a game check for every game they are sat down. I know the above will never happen but it is at least a solution to SOME of the offending hits.
  2. How many of those 25 games were against Pissburgh ?
  3. Should anyone here feel they have a special talent that would contribute to the new department please leave your resume or idea below...
  4. https://www.bactrack.com/pages/bactrack-consumption-report-which-nfl-fans-drink-most I'm sure we can work on improving this record at least. I'm also certain they don't need a new coach or QB for this issue. I'd like to start a new department within the Bengals organization called the Drink to Forget foundation. Pretty sure this could be a multinational department with representatives from UK/Scotland (Malt Whiskey), Germany (Beer and German moonshine), Japan (they own some really good Kentucky Bourbon distilleries), and a beer consultant from the Czech Republic... Of course we will have US consultants to teach us how to fall asleep in Florida hotel hallways, get stomped on by police horses, throwing mustard covered hotdogs while not spilling your beer, how to properly freeze for an ice luge, how to stay warm in freezing cold temperatures with no clothes, introducing yourself to visiting fans, etc...
  5. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Lap is familiar with MB and is capable of understanding how his mind works or, in some cases, doesn't work. He might not have heard anything but his sentiments concerning HC is likely spot on.
  6. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Out of necessity. BUMP...
  7. Ugly: Not being smart on play calling.
  8. Unless the sack total by either team goes up in garbage time...
  9. Great: Longest active tenured head coach streak of 15 years is at an end.
  10. As Fred stated in the game thread: Fits into the Uglier category, Total yards...Chi 473-Cin 162 First downs...Chi 29-Cin 9
  11. I added an extra category to the good, bad, and ugly. Uglier. Good: We're one more game closer to the end of the season clearing house. Bad: A 3 - 9 team handed us our asses. Brady Quinn... Ugly: Lack of spirit and a constant WTF signalling with the players hands after an obvious whiff. Uglier: Lack of half time adjustments for the umpteenth time.

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