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  1. Andy Dalton seems to hate throwing to any other WR that's not AJ green ... the targets for all of the other WRs suck, if AJ green isnt kinda open he throws it away immediately Unless the play is a quick pass to the TE or the RB, it's AJ green or throw it away Can we give Gruden Dalton back and take Cousins? At least he will spread the ball around
  2. Anyone heard or seen how Core is doing so far?
  3. Need Sanu to get busy ... they will not see him coming.
  4. watching Steelers lose

    The Titans had ONE JOB
  5. Good Andy vs. Bad Andy ... the only QB with such a popular designation ...  He always does just enough to not make me hate him for life ... just when I think Im done with him he gets us to the playoffs ... The consummate C+ student
  6. Id love to Start Hill and use Bernard in the Sproles Role ... but either way, as long as we can have both healthy Im happy
  7. Thundercats

    70's Babies; 80's Kids >>> 
  8. Thundercats

    Lion-O = Dalton Panthro = AJ Tygra = Gio Wily Kat = Hill   Jaga = Marvin Lynx-O = Mike (He's blind) Cheetara ... Katie?    
  9. I thought by now someone would've tried to work the Thundercats into a nickname or something with the Bengals ... Lion-O has Red hair ...  Dalton Detroit has Megatron, why couldn't AJ be Panthro?   ... its also past midnight, Im going to sleep now. lol
  10. I'd Take Andre Johnson here .... in a heartbeat.

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