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  1. And this is where I'm officially done with this league. Been fun y'all. Hope everyone's alright and healthy, btw. Later
  2. B.A.B.

    Eric Reid to visit Bengals

    Why are you assuming you know what his agent is asking? He was rated higher than both our safeties last season even while they were putting him into a bit of a hybrid role. The safety market is dead. Get him on a multi-year deal
  3. I mean, your dude is still shitting in a bag, Vince. Maybe don't say these things? At least Mixon could get up and walk to get a cup of water this morning you bitch
  4. B.A.B.

    Zampese Out

    Oh, its the same folk? You can provide sources and quotes that prove the same people who wanted that want McCarron?
  5. Andy really really really really really fucking sucks
  6. 6 quarters. Zero touchdowns. FYI
  7. That pass by Andy. Holy fucking shit what a bummy fuck
  8. Why are we not blitzing the rookie? I mean thank god for Geno there. BUT WHY ARENT YOU BLITZING THE FUCKING ROOKIE
  9. If I was Geno Atkins I'd demand a fucking trade
  10. We don't even do game threads anymore eh? Well first offensive drive. 3 penalties. Marvin Lewis is such a great coach yall
  11. LOL zero? You've got guys out here writing him off as a degenerate, people literally wishing harm on him, because of something he did the day after he turned 18, 3 years ago. Your son got a shitty draw but so do kids everywhere everyday. Get over it.
  12. B.A.B.

    Well I'm done

    First mistake is thinking the majority of people who "follow" the good book give a shit about forgiveness. They'd tar and feather groups by the dozen if allowed

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