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  1. Why would he do that? Lose out on NFL facilities and shit for what reason? If the team wants to cut him they can cut him.
  2. That was Taylor’s worst play call yet, right? That was remarkably bad.
  3. Trade Geno and AJ. Send them to good teams and keep it moving. Andy’s been a fine tank commander so he can stay.
  4. I just would like to not go to sleep feeling crappy because of the Bengals. Have tried to stop caring in the past but it just...doesn’t stop.
  5. Oh fucking hell. We play them on MNF next week? This sucks
  6. Andy should’ve been replaced years ago, but starting back ups at the linebacker position is a mistake. Going so DB heavy with below average DBs is a mistake. Fat Randy still being in the NFL is a mistake. Simmons still coaching ST with them continuously fucking up is a mistake. A lot of mistakes with this team. Andy isn’t the worst thing about this team, but he plays a position where if we had an actual talent, we might be able to slide by the rest of this shit somewhat. He’s never going to go off and will the offense to a victory. Which is what we fucking need. A QB that can improvise even in a shitty situation.
  7. I’m not sure how Simmons is still a coach here. Get some fucking new blood in. Our special teams is fucking stupid
  8. Okay. I need one of you smart people to tell me how our defense is so much better this season. Is it all Seattle’s shitty offensive line or what?
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