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  1. I mean I dunno. The way he’s talked about it on social media leads me to believe he’s just dumb. Doing himself a disservice especially the way he plays.
  2. Anything less than 2 years for this sick fucker would be disgraceful. I’d prefer a permanent ban, but I know how the NFL doesn’t give a fuck about women, so I’m expecting a 1 year suspension.
  3. One more thing. We were the “home team” right? Why were they allowed to play Rams home team things in the stadium. Like the make some noise type things and trying to get their crowd amped up? That’s absolute fucking bullshit IMO. Besides all that easily the most beautiful stadium I’ve ever been in. Shit was incredible.
  4. We do. He’s better than he was when we won 2 games but goddamn that’s not a high bar to clear. Also the guy at the hotel bar gave me a cup of bourbon instead of a double and somehow I’m more at ease with this loss.
  5. Zac Taylor just….he’s had 3 years to get this playcalling shit right man
  6. One thing that’s being glossed over. Huber was absolutely DREADFUL today. As he’s been most of the playoffs and season. It’s been time to move on. Feel good story but move the fuck on.
  7. Nah he wasn’t hurt. He just pulled him off the field like he does on 3rd down like this is Madden or something. Idiot shit
  8. Zac Taylor…I just don’t get it. All season long he’s had Perine in on third when the man can barely run, can’t catch, and is not a great blocker. Such stupid fucking decision making. Dumb stubborn shit. I’m so mad man
  9. I’ve seen a bit of that but that’s just bitter, silly fans. You’ve got all of Louisiana basically and tons of SEC fans that’ll be tuning in mainly for Joe and Chase. And I guess Whit and OBJ too. All of Michigan watching and a lot of them cheering for Stafford. You know all the AFCN rival fans, which is a large group, will be tuning in mostly praying for our downfall. I think this SB will surprise a lot with the ratings. Especially if it’s a good game. I’d prefer a Bengals blowout victory, but still
  10. Going with my pops. No clue where the seats are yet, just pumped. Was nervous about asking my PM for the day off on short notice but he seems more excited about it than me lmao
  11. I don’t give a fuck who it is. If it’s the Chiefs, hope they bring their good whistles. If it’s the Bills, I’m so so so sorry we have to do this my child.
  12. This game is entertaining as fuck despite Burrow being murdered every other drop back. If we make the AFCCG I’ll probably do some dumb drunk shit tonight
  13. Boomer wasted a lot of time shitting on our playoff win. Pretty lame.
  14. Man. Haven’t been on this forum a lot in the last 4-5 years. But goddamn it feels good to see y’all excited and hyped about this win. I’m 32 fucking years old. I never thought I’d be waiting this long to see this team win a playoff game. But fuck. Finally happened. My girlfriend was looking at me like I’m crazy when I was fighting tears when the time ran out lmao
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