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  1. I know who he is. I’ve tried watching his stand up and he’s just annoying to me but comedy is so damn subjective so to each their own.
  2. I think I’m the only one who can’t stand Bill Burr here. I don’t mind him in movies but his stand up is obnoxious and annoying to me.
  3. Most were for the Rams coming back. The ones against it were citing traffic, gentrification in Inglewood (happening anyways) and dumbass Raider fans. No one wanted the Chargers here, even Chargers fans which I do have in my family. You're spot on about Las Vegas. My Vegas brother and nephews have been hardcore Knights fans as is the town and they can’t wait for Raidernation to come.
  4. Will this embarrassment of a loss do anything to impeach Mikey? Please humour me
  5. I was hoping to hear a different voice at QB but Finely sounds exactly like Dandy
  6. Wow, I’d like to hear it as he tells it to his close friends over a few beers.
  7. I liked Andy up until this season and knowing a better QB wins that Seahawks game. I have a feeling Skinny Finely may get killed and Doppleganger or whatever his name is will finish out the season.
  8. Good: Tate’s potential. Bad: This team just look disinterested aside from a few players. Ugly: Am I the only one here that dislikes the White uniforms? Was hoping to see my old Rams colours play my Bengals current ones but oh fucking well.
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