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  1. Ugly: Time management on our last TD drive. Needed to run clock and make them use there three timeouts. At worst we kick an easy field goal to tie. Also the refs and Dre, please bench #27.
  2. Hope we put Burfict on JuJu every running down.
  3. kriZENry

    Jessie Bates

    I watch Donald every game and would take Geno without hesitation. Geno, then Donald, then everybody else. Wouldn't mind having that Whitworth guy either, can we make a trade? 1/2
  4. This game is a must win, not for the standings but for the mentality. If we can run and get our TE’s involved, this is a win.
  5. That was good to see, seems like he’s enjoying football again. Then again that first half was exactly why I wanted him gone but we won so I’m good 👍🏼
  6. Pathetic display, what’s going on?!?
  7. Pick 6 right here and wake this team up!
  8. This is how I’m taking it.
  9. Awesome fucking win!!! Andy to AJ was how it had to be but Boyd is a fucking keeper, please re-sign!
  10. TD here then an int by Dalton then QB kneel
  11. Boyd is clutch as fuck since last game of last season!

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