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  1. I still hate the 69ers as a Rams-Bengals fan. I’m in the minority but hate them worse than the Stealers.
  2. I thank Dalton for all the AJ moments to get me through the years but definitely been his time to go for awhile. If AJ leaves I’m ok with it but need a FA to get the doubles off Boyd since Ross will be injured as usual. Wouldn’t mind getting rid of Erickson. Need a few LB’s, OL, but is this organization going to do things right for once? I can only hope
  3. WJ3 I’m feeling gets a pick or two today. Forget how good he is at everything, except tackling.
  4. I know who he is. I’ve tried watching his stand up and he’s just annoying to me but comedy is so damn subjective so to each their own.
  5. I think I’m the only one who can’t stand Bill Burr here. I don’t mind him in movies but his stand up is obnoxious and annoying to me.
  6. Most were for the Rams coming back. The ones against it were citing traffic, gentrification in Inglewood (happening anyways) and dumbass Raider fans. No one wanted the Chargers here, even Chargers fans which I do have in my family. You're spot on about Las Vegas. My Vegas brother and nephews have been hardcore Knights fans as is the town and they can’t wait for Raidernation to come.
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