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  1. kriZENry

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    My thoughts exactly.
  2. kriZENry

    Bad Billy :(

    Never thought he was a smart 1st rd pick as usual, or drafting has been horrible in the 1st rd lately.
  3. kriZENry

    Bad Billy :(

    If I recall correctly, Whitworth wasn’t that great his first year. Billy boy seems to have the right mindset but injuries have taken away a lot of his consistency to learn. Anyways, fuck this season, I work Sundays now, I still love my Bengals but will put my positive energy into my Rams even if I think the Saints are the strongest NFC team.
  4. The only chance the Bengals have is it’s been “raining” here for a couple days so they have that advantage. I was going to switch with my coworker to go watch it (I’m like 10 minutes from Stubhub Center) but why the hell would I want to continue spending money to see this shit show of yet another season?!
  5. kriZENry

    Misuse of Current Players?

    Funny, I did a breakdown for my cousin the other stating a lot of those points. He’s a Vikings fan and going through the same shit on a lesser level 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Now that’s funny!
  7. Good: I’m $200 dollars richer, Mixon, Boyd Bad: Defense, coaching, Dandy, injuries Horrible: Coaching/Ownership, I work Sundays now.
  8. Just started a new job, will send some when I gets paid for sure!
  9. No call face mask of course on that TD, fuck the refs!
  10. Even though the Rams are my original team, it pisses me off when I watched them because it’s a constant reminder that he should still be a Bengal.
  11. Why doesn’t Geno ever complain about being held? He should’ve had the sack before Hubbard.
  12. Chris Perry flashbacks 🙄
  13. I bet the over +58 so I shall continue to watch this pathetic display. Goodbye Mikey, Marv and everyone else. Shit display as always on Sunday night.

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