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  1. Around the 6minute mark Tate TD
  2. Yowza! So Baker Mayfield, Josh Gordon, possible Pac Mac & Dez Bryant are the answer?!? Good luck with that
  3. Cool. I’m stuck with ESPeeN
  4. Ha! I’m starting to believe this conspiracy
  5. Took Swahili for me to get into it but once he started calling out the doubters, pretty cool. Hate the censorship though, fuck em.
  6. Loved the Pickens/Darney Scott duo but forgot who the 3rd was. Chad, TJ & 15 were tops in my book.
  7. Ha, nice! Mr. Wendell is a dope track and frizzle fry is a classic. Totally agree on loaning anything out to friends or family, my nephew “lost” a few of my unreplaceable 90’s underground hip hop tapes and I still haven’t forgiven him.
  8. I was lucky enough to get a free ticket to Lolapalooza 1993 (in the supposed new Raider stadium in Irwindale, Ca.) Opening band was Rage and ended with Primus, great show throughout (Alice in Chains, Tool, Dinosaur Jr., Arrested Development, Redman).
  9. I loved it when Corey Dillion won it all despite not liking how he left. He suffered plenty here with those shit QB’s & coaches albeit, suffered while being extremely rich.
  10. Truth. Krumrie’s broken leg, Carson targeted knee and Hill’s fucking dumbass fumble. Now we get Marv ball back for two more years after so much hope for change. Why do I still love my Bengals despite my original & hometown team (LA Rams) doing great and being progressive and making huge changes (Hiring McVay, Whitworth, playing Tavon Austin only in garbage time, etc)? Sigh...
  11. I hope the Rams win the Super Bowl!
  12. This IPA goes great with this Whiskey, will continue.
  13. They must have a keg brought in at halftime to be this consistently inept all year.

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