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  1. So two deep balls is ok for you? Even Dandy threw more than that per game
  2. Our deep ball is non existent aside from that 9 to 85 one time shot. Need to fix that Zac
  3. Why give to a fullback when we couldQB sneak or run Mixon?!? Idiotic
  4. Where the fuck is Geno? I get it, he’s hurt but fuck this line sucks balls
  5. That drive was from our 1/2 yd line and we got 3 out of it. Decent job guys, keep it up
  6. Burrow needs to show who he is right now. Would be nice if AJ can redeem himself on this drive
  7. Too much miscommunication on D, this is too easy for a vet like Rivers
  8. I started drinking margaritas at 10am/kickoff, am I drunk or is this real?
  9. I was expecting a force to AJ and a settling fg. Nice surprise, good job Gio!
  10. I’m gonna enjoy this win today. I’ll be critical mañana. Salud!!!
  11. We’re looking like a complete team aside from the Dline
  12. I got a hankering to watch Jo(e) Jo(e) Dancer tonight
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