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  1. Glad I slept through the game. Was Mixon showing any pissed off emotions? That stat line is cringey
  2. Is this the game where Dalton gets “injured” like so many others?
  3. I’m paying for Sunday Ticket and can’t even view my team go down the drain. Anyone else having issues?
  4. I’m a 49er hater #1. My childhood team was the Rams then Bengals just before the first Super Bowl Against the 9ers. Also, I’ve always hated teams with gold helmets, college or NFL.
  5. Just that, he did OK. We need a lot more than that and this may awaken thoughts of bringing back old coaches like Hue and the like.
  6. JB3 has been a huge disappointment this year. He’s on Dre level
  7. I’ve seen Boyd grab his left hammy a couple times, anyone else?
  8. Let’s not forget Dre and his unnecessary 15yd penalty
  9. I rarely play Madden but did so in honor of tonight’s game and this happened
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