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  1. Day 2 draft talk

    "Cheap" as in we'll pick them as they are going to drop due to the issues I already stated.
  2. Day 2 draft talk

    Mikey always goes for the cheapest way to get possibly good players at the cheapest level. Injured, questionable character, weight issues, etc that makes them drop and we can get them (Chad, Dillon, Pacman, Gresham, Ogubehi, Andre, etc and many others) and continues with Ross & Mixon. I'm not hating, just sick of the fact that being cheap is a major factor in the gamble that they'll change their ways/heal physically & mentally. Yeah it's a business but us real fans deserve better. We need someone that wants to win a Super Bowl as a priority and not think about how much it will cost. Yes, I am confident every year that we can do it and I'll have faith in the draft picks until they prove me wrong but the consistently frugal trend is disappointing.
  3. Shite! Does anybody know What's the Bengals record against Rookie QB's
  4. I always thought Will Clarke deserved a shot, 6'6 280 seems ideal to take over MJ's slot.
  5. From Los Angeles here but basically that's how I became a Bengals fan, errr...junkie. It's cool when I meet random Bengal fans out here just because they or I have some gear on so that part would definitely be missed. I'm an not looking forwards to having Chargers fans up here.
  6. kriZENry

  7. Shawn Williams avoiding any contact as usual ?
  8. I like Boyd but his hands are suspect. I always fear the review that he didn't actually catch the ball. He had a good game though, hope it continues.
  9. Now that's how we supposed to play! Aggressive for once
  10. Marvin will blame this loss solely on "losing the turnover battle" forgetting the ineptness of the coaching staff and shitty play calls.
  11. Burfict finally seems like Burfict again, bench Dansby for Nick and we win the next few games.
  12. Welp, as long as we're talking shit, I hate it when people write Burdock ?
  13. I get it, I just don't agree with it since it is how we played the whole game. It is the sole reason I bet on us to lose in double digits (and won big) but still thought we could win it in the 4th.
  14. I'm still pissed we run out the clock with almost :30 seconds left and two timeouts. The saints just were in the same situation and got 3 points. Conservative Marv holds this team back so much it's giving away possible wins.