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  1. With the D we have, we can win every game with a competent offense. This game is a tosser as we have a new OC & so much shite Ginny on but the Packers look horrible aside from Rodgers (my girl is a fudge packer 😶). I'm not on the AJ for QB bandwagon yet but we shall see how this game plays out.
  2. Zampese Out

    Does Andy not have 100% authority to change the play call at the line?
  3. I totally agree but I am optimistic that AJ and the entire defense (especially Burfict) and even Mixon (who seemed extremely pissed off the whole game) will finally realize they have the power to overthrow this shit show of an offense.
  4. And we will beat the Packers to further make us wonder what the fuck this whole season.
  5. Why does this offense always tend to play away from its strengths? Fucking pathetic having Mixon & Hill on the sidelines for a 3rd and 2 run up the middle.
  6. Every time, well...the couple of times I've seen Ross with the ball I think fumble every time. He just look too weak out there in the NFL. Hope he proves me wrong of course.
  7. Well, at least Marv declined that penalty, is it bad I was nervous he wouldn't?
  8. I wonder this exact thing every year since.
  9. Whitworth use to completely shut out Suggs & Harrison every game, still can't believe they let him go.
  10. Vontaze!!! Can't believe he didn't destroy Cousins
  11. Sweet TD Hill, I'll lessen my disappointment.
  12. The Coliseum - LA Raiders vs Bengals (reg. season & playoff game)/both losses. Anaheim Stadium - LA Rams vs. 'aints/My LA Rams (original team) lost. Quallcom - Chargers vs. Bengals/Three times, all wins. PBS - Playoffs vs. Chargers/Fucking joke of a loss Candlestick - 49ers/lost but got to see Chris Henry (R.I.P) catch a bomb TD! Metrodome - BiQueens/Loss My record isn't the best, maybe I'll stop going to games 😑
  13. Day 2 draft talk

    "Cheap" as in we'll pick them as they are going to drop due to the issues I already stated.
  14. Day 2 draft talk

    Mikey always goes for the cheapest way to get possibly good players at the cheapest level. Injured, questionable character, weight issues, etc that makes them drop and we can get them (Chad, Dillon, Pacman, Gresham, Ogubehi, Andre, etc and many others) and continues with Ross & Mixon. I'm not hating, just sick of the fact that being cheap is a major factor in the gamble that they'll change their ways/heal physically & mentally. Yeah it's a business but us real fans deserve better. We need someone that wants to win a Super Bowl as a priority and not think about how much it will cost. Yes, I am confident every year that we can do it and I'll have faith in the draft picks until they prove me wrong but the consistently frugal trend is disappointing.

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