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  1. Until Mike Brown is out of the picture completely, I will be rational with every season most likely ending in disappointment.
  2. This would actually make it worth watching somewhat.
  3. Agreed. What makes this worse is watching my girls packers game
  4. Refs were garbage on both sides but way more on ours. Imma look for that JuJu when he’s back in LA, and simply walk by (I’m not not stupid ) If anything, maybe Shazier will expose how the Stealers train/offer/encourage bounties with cheap shots. I seriously think this could happen if Shazier’s injury is as bad as expected.
  5. Dre is good but he needs to trust his coverage rather than fucking get all touchy feely with everybody. No way WJ3 should not be starting even with that worst NFL play this season.
  6. Iloka had a pick for sure if he’s playing the ball. Would love to know what Burfict said to Little Benny after that errant pass to Brown.
  7. He’s Morman and our offense is conservative enough already. 1/2
  8. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Anyone watching stealers packers? Chris Collinsworth saying he has some coaching ideas.
  9. I thought exactly the same, keeping Zimmer on our sidelines was a no brainer.
  10. Unfortunately, I’m an addict despite everything telling me how wrong I am.
  11. That shot on the sideline timeout looked like Marv got the call from Brown: “We pay #18 a lot of money, throw him the ball because no one else is worth it.”
  12. Billings has had decent pressure today, good to see.

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