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  1. The coaches and players were selected by Dufus Tobin...he should get the axe.
  2. The fact that the Bengals have fans is a testament to the fans...wtf are babbling about?
  3. The plan from what I've seen so far was for the Brown family and Tobin to blame Marvin Lewis for everything that went wrong. They brought back the same players, so that is basically saying the coaching was the issue. The marketing of a New Dey, that didn't age well at all btw, with the same players minus Marvin Lewis once again puts all the blame on Lewis. Then they hire a guy with no relevant experience and he brings in more unqualified and inexperienced coaches. So the brain trust that has delivered zero playoff wins in 3 decades decides that previous experience calling plays and being a HC isn't a requirement to the job. The arrogance and ignorance of this organization is mind boggling. This whole unconventional way doing things that yields no positive results is their "plan".
  4. Why do keep saying Clowney like he's a bust, he's a Pro Bowler and the leader of one of the best teams in the NFL. Garrett is a good player and so was Big Daddy. How can you not watch OSU but watch the Bengals?
  5. They were also accomplished coaches with a proven track record before they got hired. Johnson won championships in college, Walsh was an OC that worked under Paul Brown. Walsh and Johnson also had owners that prioritized winning and didn't whatever it took, Taylor doesn't have thank type of support. This is a lazy comparison and quite humerous. For every Walsh and Johnson there countless coaches no one remembers that didn't make it.
  6. You live in Columbus, watch a OSU game. You questioning whether Chase Young is any good is like someone from Cleveland posting "tell me about LeBron James fella".
  7. He's done some pretty fucking elite mock drafts in the past, I definitely think he's selling himself short
  8. The Bengals are clearly regressing to a point of not even being competitive. What a shit show every Sunday is turning out to be, Taylor looks clueless at this point. From the coaching staff, scheme, and personnel... it's all horrible at this point.
  9. I had a chance to meet Dunlap Sr. a few years ago at TC. Very nice guy, glad Dunlap got an opportunity to make a lifetime memory with his dad.
  10. Burrow, he's from Ohio, can make all the throws, and he's mobile enough to keep defenses honest. At this point he's the best QB in CFB.
  11. It took Carson Palmer bad mouthing the Bengals for you to realize Mike Brown that is completely inept? Where were you during the 90's? Any successful organization has competent leadership and the Bengals are in the position they are in because of their leadership, or lack thereof. If not for ripping off the tax payers of Hamilton county and profit sharing from the NFL there's no way Brown could make money running a NFL franchise. The problems with the Bengals has and will always be Mike Brown.
  12. Week 10 of the season and Taylor and co. look worse now than week 1. Everyone is regressing, when the Bengals started this New Dey marketing campaign I didn't know it meant they were going to be worse than they were under Marvin Lewis.
  13. No, if AJ was healthy enough to play, he would. He's not the type to cheat the game, he's not looking for a come up or an unearned paycheck.
  14. Definitely not, which is why he's not playing until he's 100%. AJ wouldn't get to be one of the best players at his position for almost a decade if he was the type of guy that faked injuries.
  15. He had the surgery, hence the 12+ week recovery time. Anyone second guessing AJ's integrity or commitment to playing the game the right way is ridiculous.
  16. Don't forget about the rookies and the half a billion they need to sign FA during the season in case someone gets hurt.
  17. Exactly, the Bengals can be the southern most CFL franchise at times. This is the last stop for many fringe NFL players, if the option is either retirement or play with the Bengals then there's a good chance they will sign here, if there are other options then good luck Cincinnati
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