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  1. No reason...really...I can think of a few. The oline is basically the same unit that sucked and same for the defense. Not to mention the coaching staff has no experience in their roles, Taylor has never been a HC and both coordinators are green as well. I would be shocked if the Bengals go 8-8 and beat Pitt once this year.
  2. He doesn't even want to play OT, he's pretty much done in the NFL unless he goes to NE and Belichick turns him into an All Pro
  3. I agree but maybe there was some type of preexisting condition with labrum because he tore it doing a lot of light work. The Bengals definitely should have drafted 2 OT's because there is no depth and now only 1 average OT, with a history of injuries, on the roster.
  4. They have a history of drafting players with known injuries. Ced and Ross were hurt before the draft and the Bengals still drafted them in the first round. However, you have to question the medical staff and their ability to identify and project potential injuries.
  5. The Bengals were going to win the Super Bowl before this injury, everyone knew that....just ask Mixon and Boyd
  6. To quote the great American philosopher Mike Tyson, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth....
  7. How did the medical staff not know about this injury during the draft process? At least we got Bobby Hart
  8. Yeah he's the king of dad jokes I'm going to spend as much time with my wife as possible in the next 6 weeks so that I can ignore her every Sunday come mid August thru January.
  9. I live in Atlanta and the Falcons fans are the worst because they have a good team that is successful and an owner that is going to spend to win but they still don't show up on Sundays. Every game almost half the stadium is full of the other teams fans and people don't show up until the mid 2nd quarter. I guarantee you this guy doesn't even go to NFL games, he's definitely hasn't been to every stadium to actually see and speak with each fanbase.
  10. Maybe that's why Marvin is over the NFL and doesn't want to watch any games this year.
  11. Thankfully we have Hobson to get our daily fix of Bengal related content...oh Geoff where we would be without you..
  12. Question: why does Duke Tobin still have a job and when will he start to get any blame for these shitty drafts and free agent signings.
  13. You guys are really underestimating how difficult it is to win playoff games. Only 8 current coaches have more and 3 playoff victories. Expecting a rookie HC with no experience as a HC to do something that no previous coach has done in the last 3 decades is not realistic. I thought Marvin should have been fired after 2015 playoff loss, but I still respect what he accomplished and refuse to minimize his achievements.
  14. Maybe after 3 decades of the NFL he is burnt out and wants to do something different on Sunday. Marvin was on the competition committee and has seen how the sausage was made, he could be over the NFL. Also you clearly missed the part of the interview when complimented his former players and wished them the best...did you even listen to the interview or are u just mad for no good reason?
  15. Good post, most fans would consider Wyche one of if not the best coaches in franchise history despite his failures and mistakes.
  16. I'm not trying to spin anything, I just don't understand the hate towards Marvin. Some people are acting like he got their teenage daughter pregnant or spit in their face when all he did was try his best to win football games. Considering the franchise was abysmal before he arrived and he had to put up with the collective genius of Mike Brown and Troy Blackburn, I would say he did a good job. He absolutely could have been better but I don't flat out hate him for his failures. Before we go throwing trash on his lawn and cursing his name let's see what the new staff can do, winning games in the NFL is not easy and Marvin was good when his team was healthy.
  17. He's the winningest coach in franchise history, it must have been a rough 16 years for you if Marvin brought you very little joy.
  18. I don't get the hate Marvin, he did some great things here and always handled himself with class. If you don't like the way he answers stupid questions from the media, like why didn't win in the playoffs, what do you really want him to say, then that's on you. Marvin is enjoying his millions he earned and has moved on
  19. He's also a convicted sex offender and rapist...not to mention a fucking soldier...
  20. McCoy said he will decide over the weekend and never visited, its time to move on.
  21. https://fansided.com/2019/05/29/5-nfl-teams-hire-marvin-lewis-2020/?utm_source=connatix&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=connatix
  22. I have interest in many things that will never happen, the real question is does McCoy have any interest in playing in Cincy. I'm sure he will have a robust market for his services and go with the highest bidder that gives him the best chance of winning a Super Bowl ring, which will not be the Bengals.
  23. I think Anderson likes the flexibility of working with whomever he wants and having control over his schedule.
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