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  1. Glenn was a healthy scratch after practicing all week and the Bengals started John Jerry at LT. The Bengals are currently not dressing the LT they traded for and started for them last season while, they are starting a guy who wasn't in the league last year and has never played LT before this season in college or in the NFL.
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/11/17/inside-the-waiver-proposed-by-the-nfl-to-colin-kaepernick/
  3. The players should be compensation for their risk, if Saban can have the highest salary of any state employee and millions the players should make something.
  4. You know what, screw Chase Young and Joe Burrow. Give me Whiplash the Cowboy
  5. He was benched for Blaine Gabbert but after 5 games he was made the starter again and put up good numbers. He threw for 16 TD's to 4 ints, but the team was awful.
  6. Lol... He's not extorting anyone, this whole workout was the NFL's idea. What QB that has lead a team to the Super Bowl, won a conference championship, and is looking for a job? Name one good QB that needs an opportunity to work out with Colin's resume?
  7. Did you actually read the article you posted, it doesn't back up what you posted about him turning down a contract to maintain his martyr status. According to reports at the time, the Broncos were offering Kaepernick a deal with $7 million in base salary. That year he was slated to earn $11.9 million in base salary from the 49ers. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported at the time that the Broncos wanted the 49ers to make up the additional $4.9 million and they would not. Kaepernick refused to give up the remaining $4.9 million. The talks eventually fell apart. I don't assume you're an idiot but you did post something that is not true or close to it, but it definitely fit your narrative. In 2016, before the season began Colin was already under contract for 12 million dollars and looking for a trade from the 49ers, the Broncos offered to trade for him but he had to take a 40% pay cut... surprisingly he said no thanks to that "deal". During the season he began kneeling to protest social injustices. After the season ended he was not offered another contract by any team. I truly don't understand why so many people are completely against Kaepernick but could care less about what is actually protesting
  8. Really, I've never seen that reported by anyone....link? I've allegedly had a four way with Beyonce, Scarlett Johnnason, and Jennifer Lopez..see how that works. If he had an offer and turned it down why would the NFL had settled on the collusion lawsuit? Don't you think that every media outlet would lead with that information whenever his situation is his being discussed?
  9. I could see the Chargers going to either Mexico City or London, the NFL will have an international team in the next 10 years
  10. I could see the Patriots making an offer, thus forcing Colin to either play for Pats or turn down what he's wanted for so long, an NFL contract.
  11. He's stated that he would be open to a backup position, you should stop making up things to fit your preconceived beliefs. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/colin-kaepernicks-agent-has-reportedly-reached-out-to-three-teams-qb-apparently-willing-to-be-a-backup/
  12. Most players don't wear a shoulder harness, so obviously there was something going on with the shoulder. The fact that he tore his labrum while participating in non-contact drills leads one to believe there was some type of previous injury. Whether or not the Bengals medical staff was able to detect or even cared is another story.
  13. That definitely has a ring to it... Crackpipe Bob, that's who...lol
  14. Glenn not playing is Taylor's decision. Taylor blames Glenn for his lack of success and thinks that he was lying about his symptoms, he benching Glenn out of spite.
  15. Not sure who was saying that about Ross, he was an injury prone speedster that benefited from playing in a conference that played no defense. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2011/profiles/john-ross?id=2558010 Bottom Line Ross is an instant-impact weapon who scored 23 touchdowns in just 112 touches. He should be able to step right in as a kick returner and a slot receiver, but teams with speed at tight end might utilize him outside to create extreme vertical stress on opposing safeties. If his knees check out as healthy, Ross is a likely first-round pick with the rare ability to become a high-volume slot receiver or a lesser-targeted, high-yield deep-ball threat.
  16. Clowney wasn't dumped by Houston, he was holding out and they traded him because they didn't want to pay him. Houston decided to pay a washed up JJ Watt instead of Clowney, that's an indictment on their FO moreso Clowney's talent level. They got trade raped because they had zero leverage, he wasn't dumped. Clowney had some injuries early in his career but in his last 3 seasons he has missed 3 games. He's also been to 3 consecutive Pro Bowls, before he came to Seattle, and has had 27.5 sacks, 58 TFL's, and 71 QB hits. He's making a difference in a tangible way. Same for Garrett, he's an absolute beast, he's not the reason why Cleveland sucks. If they had a better QB and HC they would have a better record. Big Daddy balled out when he was here, but one guy can only do so much. But if you don't watch college and only "ever so much as glance" at the NFL how do you form knowledgeable opinions on the game and it's players?
  17. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2019/02/05/mike-brown-duke-tobin-lead-search-zac-taylor/ Tobin lead the coaching search and has lead the draft for the past few years. It's amazing that this guy doesn't get any criticism from the media or most fans.
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