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  1. Ross Concealed Injury

    I'm really just soooooo glad we used the 9th over all pick on this piece of work
  2. Bengals v Titans Game Day thread

    That has to be a touchback
  3. Bengals v Titans Game Day thread

    Wow burfict just got tossed
  4. Bengals v Titans Game Day thread

    This online is taking years off Andy's career at this point
  5. zero percent chance we make the playoffs this year.
  6. First round draft talk

    I also really wanted allen
  7. Im expecting a top 5 pick next year after dalton gets murdered behind a shit oline. Marvin lewis signed his own pink slip after letting whit walk. He was the best linemen plus there heart and soul. Im not even looking frwd to the draft. We won 6 games with a better roster. 7 draft picks cant salvage that.
  8. wow we got hosed by the pundits when we took vixen with joker and lex luthor still on the board. What were the bengals thinking..... lol

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