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  1. Marvin Jones, Tyler Eifert, Geno Atkins, Margus Hunt, the LBs, Shawn Williams. This list could go on forever. 
  2. I'd imagine Hill is quite happy. He could be running through some epic holes if we go with an extra lineman or two jumbo packages.
  3.   Completely agree and I don't think TJ Johnson would be too difficult for a young guy flashing potential to replace.
  4.   I think they reached for Bodine because they needed a center. In no way was he impressive last year nor was he impressive at UNC. If Boling goes to C in 2016 they can use 2015 to get him practice reps for comfort and I wouldn't want a new center unless I had a guy like Whitworth next to him. Moving Whit to LG this year isn't best for the team. It is all speculation but just a thought. I wouldn't put it past them either.   I get the feeling that they expected to lose Hue pretty fast and now I get the gut feeling that Hue is going to hang around for a while.
  5.   Then Zimmer goes in that same boat, but everyone here just sticks their head in the sand and pretends the defense didn't consistently shit itself in the playoffs under him.
  6.   They are changing the entire makeup of the OL so going the opposite of Bodine makes complete sense. Neither Ced or Fisher fit their normal guys on OL. They are moving to Hue's style.
  7. I feel bad for him. He got screwed out of millions of dollars and seems to have done absolutely nothing wrong other than having bad taste in women. The only benefit is he gets to pick his team and situation and as long as he isn't a bust he will be able to sign a large extension sooner.
  8. Gotta keep Jones. Sanu only if his deal is very team friendly. His only value he brings is based on having 2 good WRs on the outside.
  9.   Coaches coach. Players play. I see players making mistakes in the playoffs that they don't make in other games. The coach didn't magically coach the players poorly that week and the players start fucking up. It is on the players. A HC in the NFL has very minimal affect of outcome on game day. If any coaches are to blame it is the OC/DC but mostly the DC as the defenses (when ranked top 10 in NFL) have been pure shit come playoff game. But even then I blame the players not the coaches.
  10.   Marvin Jones is a must sign. I didn't say he is a must overpay. Obviously there is a certain price tag that he is told to fuck off. He is the only WR outside of AJ who is a deep threat and has speed and isn't 5'8''. He is a very good WR and would have had a strong college career if his QBs at Cal weren't dog shit. He is very important to the offense and without him we don't have much of a deep game because teams just focus on AJ and reduce his amount of opportunities. Marvin Jones will put up another good year this year which will allow AJ a lot more opportunities for big games this year.   He's very deserving of an extension. He's not deserving of a Golden Tate deal.
  11.   Didn't say they were signing any day now. There are prelim talks with a lot of the younger guys to get a ballpark of where everyone's asking price is.
  12.   She was pranking a teammate...can't exactly do that from her account. It is 100% true.
  13.   Your 5 starters would be Ced, Fisher, Whit, Boling, Zeitler. Both Fisher and Boling can play Center. Boling should be the center. You put your 5 best players starting and get a major upgrade because Bodine isn't very good.   Ced-Whit-Boling-Zeitler-Fisher
  14. I love Andre and he's been pretty good the last few years. But Andre was near impossible to resign the first time and the team has already questioned his motivation (through sources to the media) for the future after another deal. I'm ok with letting Andre walk, someone overpay him and we get a 3rd round pick the year after.
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