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  1. Hey Everyone, Long time since I've posted on here but I am trying to sell some extra tickets that I have for the upcoming Dierks Bentley concert. Tickets are in 800 level of Pavillion and I am just trying to break even and get $80 a ticket for them. I wish I could go but not looking like I am going to be able to so I am posting on a few places to try and get my money back. I have 4 tickets and willing to sell in groups of 2. PM me asap if you want them.
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    Abortion Information wanted...

    Pile on the guy who misspoke right? The LAW is being forced upon all of us. Not sure how you guys read my post though and came to the conclusion that I thought woman were being forced to have abortions but whatever. Also sorry I didn't realize that the "pro-choice" movement is winning by a point... I guess I need to work a little harder to get my message out right? <sarcasm> Why all the mentions of the GOP? I am not part of the Good ole' party, nor have I been for a long time. I am certainly not a democrat either so does that make me a hard right winger or something? 8 years of Democratic law and what has Obama done to help the poor. NOTHING! And guess what, doubt Trump will either. System is rigged and we are always focusing on these out-liner issues (me included) we get nowhere. Either way, I do care about the poor, I do want there to be a safety net but we should be focusing on education and ways to get people off of things like welfare. Kind of like preventative health care, instead of treating the problem (welfare) we also need to treat why it is a problem (education and lack of skill sets). If you guys can't agree to that, then I guess we can keep going back and forth about issues that really don't matter. Roe v. wade isn't going to be repealed. It has been and will continue to be the rule of the land. Old, my opinions are also my own and I also try to educate myself about what I believe. I started my original post stating that I have many beliefs that hit each part of the political spectrum. For one, I think that Trump is completely wrong about immigration. While I believe in strong borders, kicking out all the immigrants is immoral but it would also completely destroy our moral fabric and economy. Stupid, stupid talk and way for him to stroke the ego's of people that do believe that so he could get elected. I might not agree with a lot of the stuff you are saying, but I still respect the fact that you say them and I believe that you believe them. Same with all of you, much respect and I wish I could spend time on here and go back and forth like I used to... It isn't in the cards though. Sorry all for the rants, abortion is a topic that riles me up...
  4. bengalrick

    Abortion Information wanted...

    I am all for helping out the poor. What is the saying about give a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish. I think that welfare is very very important in our society. For some (single mothers for instance) it is a necessity but for many others we should be giving technical training so they can get jobs. While I don't think that college is for everyone nor should it be funded as such, training specific trades should be funded and provided to anyone. Especially those that are on welfare. As far as my last statement, your right and I must have been having a bad night... Either way I do miss the old give and take this forum used to be and it seems like that is long over. I can't blame anyone but myself though because I was one of the voices to the right of most of you and I don't contribute anymore. But even still, it seems like there is usually one opinion and others just pile on for anyone not in that opinion. This country was founded as colonies and eventually states because there are differences of opinion and laws should be made by the will of the people. Otherwise why have states? The biggest issue with abortion is it being forced upon the half of the country that believe it is wrong.
  5. bengalrick

    Abortion Information wanted...

    LOL you guys don't know me, how do you know that I don't care about kids after their born? Never said that, I don't believe it... I am also not trying impose to put my religious beliefs on any of you... I am not that kind of guy I try to be open minded and I certainly don't fall into the category that you think I do. I have many liberal beliefs, granted I lean conservative/libertarian but I am not someone that just says what other people think because I fit into a little box. But on this issue I do happen to be very much a pro-life person... You brought up gay marriage Old. it's none of my business what other people do... I am married and I wouldn't recommend it lol. But notice one huge difference between the abortion and gay marriage debate right? It's up to the states to decide... In other words, it's up to you and I to vote on whether we think it should be allowed in our state. Not based on the out-of-touch politicians and un-elected supreme court justices to make the decisions for us... Just saying, it brings a good point up imo. Hate to say it, but this small debate makes me remember why I don't hang out and do this anymore (other than the whole lack of time and full of responsibility thing)... One differing opinion and then a bunch of jacking each other off and making false assumptions about the "black sheep" of the forum....
  6. bengalrick

    Abortion Information wanted...

    A couple of points from my perspective. I've never had a mole that had a heartbeat. I have 3 children but my wife and I lost one as well. I remember going to our doctor's appointment and the nurse trying like hell to find the heartbeat. It was one of the hardest days of my life and was particularly hard on my wife who grieved for a long long time. It is very offensive to me to compare a mole to a human embryo. It is a living being as soon as it is conceived imo and should be treated as such. With this perspective you can probably imagine it's hard for me to justify abortion except in the most extreme circumstances. I will never accept that roe v. wade is the correct decision. Sorry but to me this is murder. But I also know that my opinion is only one and others can have a different perspective. Therefore I don't think this is a federal issue but should be allowed or banned based on state. That is the whole purpose of the states and allows people to not feel infringed where the government is forcing laws that are severely against my morals. I expect to get crushed on preceding posts and luckily I don't really care But know that the roe v. wade decision has created this divide because it forced us to allow (imo) murder to the most innocent of our people. Also keep in mind I do believe there should be circumstances that abortion SHOULD be allowed at a federal level. But the question that seemed to be posing here is taking religion out of the question (hard for me to do, but ok) and whether or not voluntary abortions should be allowed... My simple answer is "let the voters decide".
  7. bengalrick

    Socialist.... What does that word mean to you?

    Thanks Elflocko and Jamie, all are doing great. Up to 3 hoodlums running around the house causing havoc! Like I said I never left but time is not exactly abundant anymore so my mass posting days are over. I will try to put my two cents in here and there though. Started a new job earlier this year as well. Things are def good but def crazy at the same time. Wouldn't have it any other way though
  8. bengalrick

    Socialist.... What does that word mean to you?

    You know when you are debating something with someone and then you say one phrase and the other person stops listening to your point and starts thinking of their retort to that one phrase you just made... Try to debate a topic with someone and bring up socialism in the middle of it and watch what happens 99% of the time. Not ragging the thread b/c its a worthy topic. However these distinctions drive me crazy. We all try to label ourselves or one another and it gets us nowhere. Rarely does a real debate happen where someone posts an idea and someone on "the other side" is like "yeah, I agree that is a good idea." I have ideas all over the board and I can't rightly define myself. I believe that the federal gov't does and should play a large role in our lives but many issues should be left up to the state. I believe that we are wasting billions of dollars in the war on drugs, although I think that we should be spending more on the war on hard drugs. I believe that if I lived in Mexico I would be trying to sneak into the greatest superpower this world has probably even known, but at the same time how can we turn our heads on illegal immigration and not try to stop it... But I also believe that building a giant bad ass wall isn't stopping anything and we have to find a smarter way to get immigrants in legally. How do we do that? I have no freaking idea but as long as we debate what a socialist, communist, fascist, liberal, libertarian or conservative is we are just spinning our wheels. That is my two cents. Sorry I don't post here much anymore fellas... I do miss most of you but I usually felt like I was talking to a wall and not getting anywhere but frustrated. I will never leave for good though
  9. Right now all black market and illegal activity is not taxed because it is obviously not reported to the IRS. Do a 10% flat tax on all purchases and now every penny we spend, reguardless of where the income came from, is now taxed...
  10.   I'm surprised the above has not been talked about more. If Burict has another concussion within the next year, he could be potentially shut down for an extended period of time. I wonder if they will consider this one long lasting concussion (and admit they f'ed up and let him play last week) or this will be considered 2 concussions within a week. If the latter, no chance we see him today and the NFL is going to be extremely careful with his status.
  11.   Great post Dish... I am one that thinks having an abortion (short of threatening the mothers life or rape/incest) is murder... Murder is the probably the wrong word but I honestly don't know the right one. My wife is pregnant with our 3rd child currently. We had a scare and thought we might have lost it. We are only about 8 weeks right now but we had the ultrasound yesterday and I can't tell you how unbelievable it felt to see the little heartbeat yesterday on the monitor.  That is a living being inside her belly right now.   It sounds like Dish and I are on the opposite sides of things politically, but I like to see people putting their selves in other peoples shoes and trying to make sense of things.
  12. I can't get over the fact that we gave up 9 penalties for 134 yards. Then we didn't call timeout before halftime to stop the clock and try to score some points before half. Third down efficiency was dismal (5 for 19). Not all of these fall squarely on the shoulders of Marvin Lewis, but this team is very undisciplined and that is the fault of leadership.   I don't fault going for it on 4rth down although the first time, QB sneak for 2 yards? Really?
  13.   I am not a Republican. you shouldn't judge people based on limited knowledge. I am absolutely disgusted with the republican party. I am in between parties currently until one starts seriously focusing on what is important to me, but I don't see that in the near future.    As far as proving something, Vladimir Putin looked more stately in the Syria conflict than our president. Vladimir Fucking Putin, Ken... 
  14.   Alright here is my logical points. Assad and Putin are not in checkmate and are both in the drivers seat. No one is going to unseat Assad because the alternatives include Al Queda ruling Syria (win for him). Putin MAJORLY outplayed Obama on this issue. 25% of American's think Obama is now a better leader and its near 50% for Putin (win for Putin).  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/27/putin-obama-syria_n_4002351.html   Obama drew a red line, then ignored it until pressure mounted. Then folded when pressure from the other side mounted stronger. I have no idea what he really wants/wanted to do. He is the weakest leader I have personally ever seen.

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