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  1. I remember Marvin saying Dennard was the "Best rookie corner I've seen" He hasn't lived up to that, hopefully this year he does.
  2. His conference call..... http://www.bengals.com/media-lounge/audio/Joe-Mixon-Conference-Call/e05801ba-386d-4108-b87a-c0f7fe4565cd
  3. I get it. I don't like this either, but let's give the kid a chance to show that he knows what he did was wrong.
  4. I think once Robinson and Lamp were gone there wasnt anyone we were in love with im guessing
  5. We traded out, Vikings are on the clock
  6. http://www.tmz.com/2017/04/21/joe-mixon-punch-lawsuit-settled/ The absolute worst thing a man can do is hit a woman and I find that the men who say stuff like "act like a man, get treated like one" to be complete doucebags. That said, if she believes he is sincere I'm fine giving him a 2nd chance. Although I'd prefer we address the O and D lines.
  7. I wanna know when is he gonna line up against a horse for a race? lol