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  1. John Ross

    Educated guess : Ross will be back in time to fumble during the Stealers game before going on IR. IMO anyway! They have to fix his hands issue followed by the knee issue, followed by Rookie syndrome completed with Marvin doesn't like to play Rookies their first year syndrome treatment plans. After that we might see him in year two week three.
  2. Well Shit - Prime time - and nationwide - Whats our record after the Bi-week? and Prime time? Shit shit shit shit shit! Ok tantrum over - Go Bengals!
  3. yup - then drink a beer for a victory celebration! Go Chiefs and whoever plays Baltimore!
  4. Again - we need to beat Pittsburgh first!
  5. Sadly, i disagree. I love this team, but one win over Cleveland and a win against Buffalo will not convince me to drink the Kool-aid. So, lets see where it goes. At this point I need to see more from the OL. I need to see the run game produce true results. The Defense i believe could win a post season game I'm not convinced the offense could. Yes, we have talent but Mixon has Yet to score as a Bengal (i think that's right). I need to see what other WR will step up and help Dalton and Green. Kroft may be a one week wonder and I am not willing to fall into the Eifert trap just yet. So, a win against Buffalo followed by the bi-week and then the true test of this team - they must beat Pittsburgh, not once this year, but twice for me to say they have a playoff chance in hell. I hope they can go to the playoffs, Hell I hope they win the SB, however, at this point i would say the chances of that happening are equal to a snowball in Hell. Realistically i think this team is 9-7 and just miss.
  6. Good: Nothing - We beat a bad team Bad: O-line, Run Game Ugly: We are 1-3 Enough said: now win next week and we will see if the Good gets upgraded.
  7. J.J. Dielman

    no - not Boling - I want to move boling to RT and sit Fisher! So the line would look like this.... LT Smith LG Deilman C bodine RG Hopkins RT Boling - i want to bench fisher and obmisserable......
  8. J.J. Dielman

    I think they took a chance to shelve him but given the performance of the OL I also think it is time to shake it up! Play him at G next to Smith on the Left and sit Obumisserable
  9. the Bengals re-signed G JJ Dielman to the practice squad on the 14th - after the RAMS cut him. The OL looks bad and Dielman looked good in camp and pre-season - should we bring him up? Would it help - I bet he's hungry! Thoughts?
  10. Good - I could laugh it off in the morning Bad - We lost last night Ugly - We suck - really suck! Worse still - I love this team and will keep enduring each and every week!
  11. Let me revise this - 0-16 - apparently the flavor of the Kool-Aid was "Lost in the blood of the fans that endured over the last 50 years". I believe we may have a perfect season!
  12. Zampese Out

    I see your point, i think if it turns into a shit show then you have to make the change. As for week 3 - there is no way i can see the Bengals turning it around in 9 days - i think it may be the bi-week before we see any turnaround or real change. I am stunned at the lack of success both last year and this year so far. As for Andy's contract - i think he will be gone - we won't pay him unless he produces. Unfortunately, even if AJ took over and performed well, would we even commit to a contract - or would we simply look for the best rookie coming out of next years draft. Huge questions for the next head coach of the Bengals to answer.
  13. Zampese Out

    I agree - Fire Marvin First - However - Andy has not played well in prime time for 7 years! Andy has looked terrible this season - especially in the RED ZONE! I just think we should look at AJ before we release him into FA at the end of the year! I believe the time to assess him is now!

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