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  1. Ok here we go Retake
  2. sounds like a one year prove it deal to me
  3. nothing new about that!
  4. I'm game for this one and when crabtree gets cut - i want him too....
  5. Get off my lawn reminded me when they threw trash on Carson Palmers Yard before he semi-retired! LOL
  6. mhfinks

    Coaching Staff Changes

    Well I think i will! The big question is who stays with him! Does the OC job stay with Bill L. and does Paul G. leave for a HC job himself, or leave to coach the Raiders with Jon G? I guess AJM is out and Jon Ross never sees the field. (LOL) However, i do believe the man wants to win! So lets see what happens, for me all it means is that i have to put my "fire Marvin" shirt away for another year!
  7. the wait it over - 2 year deal
  8. mhfinks

    2018 Coaching prospects

    Hell we can even have a section with signs to say "Go for it on fourth down", "Punt," "Kick the field goal" Play man or cover two!
  9. mhfinks

    IR and Practice squads

    Anyone tracking Nick Vigal to IR - I saw it on another site? Had not heard this one and couldn't find it anywhere. Rumors?

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