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  1. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Hell we can even have a section with signs to say "Go for it on fourth down", "Punt," "Kick the field goal" Play man or cover two!
  2. IR and Practice squads

    Anyone tracking Nick Vigal to IR - I saw it on another site? Had not heard this one and couldn't find it anywhere. Rumors?
  3. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Well now that you mention it - I think i should apply! I would even do it for 1/2 and i would use the fans on this board to assist me in making half time adjustments, draft selections, and FA acquisitions. Hell, I may even hire some on here as assistant coaches - and arm chair quarterbacks! lets start the petition today! MHFINKS for HC! Hell Yeah!
  4. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Washington's Chris Petersen "Petersen would be a great fit for the NFL. He runs an NFL-style offense. He loves to use the tight ends. He knows how to put together a strong coaching staff and pro players would respect him." I found this on the NFL list - any thoughts?
  5. My offseason

    29 to date it will be 30 in Aug. Army, 1SG,
  6. 2017 Play off Picture

    Ravens need two losses and still need to lose to us. if we beat them and we have the same record they get in (they own the tie breaker) The Ravens must lose twice before the final game - I don't see that happening with the browns, colts, or anyone else they are playing to end the season. We can all hold our breath for a hail mary pass that just isn't likely to happen. We needed the win Monday night and did not get it.
  7. My offseason

    Been planning this for a while! This is my Super Bowl (my house) So sure, I would think about the HC Job! We looked around the lake for lots for over a year and then this one just popped up. Had to say yes! Then because its on a lake, i had to meet all regulatory requirements to build there (pain in the tail). Finally my retirement home is being built - and Yes I am the HC for this project. My wife is the GM.
  8. My offseason

    Stripper fishing is good! Small and large mouth - Catfish - not bad. T-Dub - fishing is always apart of the offseason!
  9. My offseason

    I'm doing the finishing work, floors, paint, trim, stuff like that - Smith mountain Lake in Virginia, my wife and I enjoy boating in the summer and i am getting ready to retire from the Army and this will be where i yell and scream at the Bengals unless i come to a game.
  10. My offseason

    oh yeah they are... LOL - its smith mountain lake in VA - thats a cove view....
  11. My offseason

    My off season will be spent building and moving! Relaxing on the water and not giving a fudge about this team again until... until... we interview new coaches and start the draft process... until then i will watch, cheer, drink beer and relax - no more stressing this season.
  12. Yeah it was. Well, unless the stars align just right - were done. Looking forward to a new HC and the Draft.

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