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  1. Major notice to the entire TEAM should be shut the F up you have a long road ahead. All that good media just went in the trash. You just showed why.
  2. Harbaugh! Almost looked like he was going to cry! I nominate him this week
  3. Next week we will know the heart of this team. The ability to recover from a heartbreaking loss. Go on the road and destroy
  4. They didn’t prepare for a serious NFL team. Zack will never take this team anywhere. I said it when they hired him. Here come the 90s
  5. Good: Run Stopping, Chase, Mixon OLine no sacks! Carman! Boyd! Bad: not stepping on the neck when you have the chance Ugly: that timeout!
  6. Great for us! WhoDey! OLine of the Ravens hit a lot by one man! We can do this!
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