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  1. Much love to you Mr. Go-Bengals but I’m giving you the Child Please on this, everyone talks about LA being expensive, that’s some outsider shit talk. Living here is easy money, just have to know how to live. Much love and Who-Dey from LA!
  2. Comparing “fans” at a Super Bowl game to a regular season game is unfair. Super Bowl is for the rich and a status thing, plenty of us original Rams fans around during the regular season but the melting pot that my city is, home games sure ain’t got the love like when I travel to smaller cities.
  3. We had just finished building my friends half pipe the day of so we were skating that most of that first half then watched the whole 2nd half. My friend who didn’t know anything about football just kept repeating, “Duuude, Fuck Rice!” which I still say to this day. That would be sweet as half my family is from the Bay and 49er/Giants fans to my Bengals/Dodgers. It always a shit talk fest
  4. This game is personal. I endured a lot of shit talk as an 80’s/90’s teen from my elder Raiders family when they were in LA. Shit talking has already started from them, a win would be sooo damn sweeeet!!! WHO-DEY?!?
  5. What’s our success rate on 2pt conversions under Zach? I can’t recall a successful one
  6. I’m in town for the game for the first time since our playoff loss to the Chargers. Hopefully a different outcome and a new dey!
  7. This is the game where Burrow needs to make his statement. Shit show so far, halftime better instill something in these guys
  8. This win was fucking awesome but a lot of shit went our way for once. Can’t wait till the next! Who-Dey?!?
  9. Sad news. RIP Onyx, always enjoyed his posts.
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