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  1. MemberMap updated**

    Guess I have to rep Pittsburgh all by my lonesome . Pretty cool feature. I've always loved the board software and setup you guys use. Definitely some top notch stuff. Especially with all the other crap forums out there. There was a time when I thought about writing my own forum software, but then I started to realize that good forum software does exist, but forums mods are too damn lazy to upgrade to it.
  2. PutWittyNameHere

  3. Site Trouble???

    Looks like there's a service call that is erroring out and giving a 500 status, which is causing all sorts of havoc. Guessing some changed some code and forgot to check if the user is logged in before doing something user-specific.
  4. Bengals fan stuck in Shitsburgh

    I've never heard of a Bengals bar, here. Honestly, I can't imagine one surviving long, either, unless they kept it really subtle. I have a couple friends who are Bengals fans that I help throw a tailgate with every year for the Bengals/Stealers game at Heinz field, and they've never mentioned any Bengal bars. I feel like one of them would have definitely mentioned it at some point.
  5. Another quick THANK YOU!

    You do good work here, Go. Always love coming here to get the perspective from the other side of the fence. Much respect.

    Haha. You seem nice. The good news is we think you guys are absolutely adorable.
  7. I come in peace. Thought you all may like some of this

    I'm guessing Bam would agree with me when I say that SIX is not exactly my favorite example of a Stealers fan.
  8. Brady Wins

    The problem here is that NFL footballs are really, really hard to throw straight out of the box. They have a very slick coating on them that has to be rubbed into the ball before use. My high school team used to use the same Wilson balls that the NFL uses, and our QBs used to spend hours getting them worn in correctly before games. Once they were worn in, they were fantastic. But you had to get them there. I have no problem with QBs having the chance to prep the balls they want to use. They just need to be more thorough in checking them after the fact. Give the balls to the team a few hours before the game, let them prep them however they want to, then have a team of people testing the air pressure immediately before the game.
  9. AFC North Q&A: Who will win the division?

      Nah, that Cam Heyward contract is a good one for us.  Cam has gotten better and better every year and may end up being just as good as Aaron Smith.  It's rare to find a 3-4 DE that is good against the run, but can also collapse the pocket, and that's a big luxury in a 3-4.     No, the real crime was paying Cortez Allen to be our starting CB, only to watch him get repeatedly burned and ultimately dropped down to our #5 CB (or even benched in some cases).  
  10. AFC North Q&A: Who will win the division?

      You'd be amazed by how many Pittsburgh fans wanted Lebeau fired, and that goes as far back as 4-5 seasons ago.     I didn't want him fired, by any means, but I do feel that his schemes were getting a little stale.  His replacement is Keith Butler, who has worked with Lebeau for 10 years.  The expectation (read:"hope") is that Butler is going to be using many of the same fundamental schemes and principles Lebeau did, but putting a few new twists in to help modernize the defense.     That said, I do expect the Pittsburgh defense to suck this year, but I don't think it's going to be because Lebeau left.  It's going to be because we have almost zero talent at CB, and only slightly more than that at safety.     I do think our front 7 will be better than a lot of people expect.  But for the defense as a whole to be effective, they're going to have to apply constant pressure to the QB, and I just don't think that front 7 is quite to that point, yet.  Maybe in a year or two if our young guys keep developing, but I don't see it happening this season.  
  11. Troy Polamalu Retires

      He really was a good guy.  A friend of mine goes to the same church as Troy, and says he's just one of the nicest dudes you'd ever want to meet.  He'd volunteer to play in pickup basketball games if a team was short, always going out of his way to say hi to people, etc.   And there's a ton of stories floating around about him doing awesome things under the radar.  He was a weakly visitor at the local Children's hospital, always alone, never with a camera crew (aside from team-sponsored visits he took part in).  There's a place he visits in Johnstown, PA (my hometown) during training camp to eat once in a hwile, and he's been known to pick up the tab of everyone in the restaurant when he goes.     And that's just what I've heard from his work around Pittsburgh.  He supposedly does a ton for kids in the Samoan Islands as well.     Most athletes have their public persona, and their private persona, which are often very, very different.  But Troy just seems like a very genuine and sincere guy through and through.  I've literally never heard a bad thing about the guy...which is kind of rare for a big-time athlete in a smallish city.  Usually, just when you start to respect an athlete, you get the "yeah, but I ran into him a bar last weekend and was a complete asshole!". stories.  But I have to hear a single one of those about Troy.    He clearly wasn't the player he once was, and from a personnel and salary cap perspective, this is the best thing that could have happened.  But I'll still be sad to see him go.  
  12. Artrell Hawkins loses H.S. Coaching Job Before He Begins

    I grew up about 10 minutes away from Bishop McCort.  Doesn't surprise me that they thought their standards were too high to hire a guy with a domestic violence arrest in his background (even if no charges were filed).  McCort is one of those uptight Catholic schools in a small town that thinks it's way better than it actually is.  Put that school in a bigger city, and no one would even know it exists.  But in Johnstown, they think they're the only school that matters.  They constantly poach the best athletes from the surrounding public schools and pretend like they're not doing anything wrong and that it's all about "academics".     Everyone who doesn't have ties to that school hates everything about it.  Everyone with ties to it treats it like a cult.  
  13.   Actually:     Report: Ravens believe underinflated balls were used against Patriots http://www.si.com/nfl/2015/01/21/ravens-patriots-afc-divisional-underinflated-footballs

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