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  1. I actually just had surgery for a torn labrum in my shoulder last year. Doctor said they're generally injuries that build up over time. I remember when I went to him after getting my MRI. He looked at me and the first thing he asked, with no prior knowledge, was "Did you used to be an offensive lineman?" I laughed and said yes, and he went on to tell me that the constant pushing and pulling of playing line plays havoc on your shoulder joints. I had the labrum tear, and then a bunch of fraying around the rotator cuff. He said I probably had my tear for years, which made a lot of sense because I had noticed a slight "click" in it for quite some time, but hadn't actually started to hurt until I played in an alumni football game and woke up with my shoulder in agonizing pain. I suspect this is the same scenario. Probably something that started way back in college and he just never really acknowledged until now. Then something happened in practice, he torqued his should at just the right angle, and the tear got more severe. Anyways, tough break for Williams. My shoulder hasn't been 100% since the surgery, but I also didn't commit to rehab full time like I"m sure he will. So I'm sure he'll be fine.
  2. Correct. First, he would have had to sign his franchise tag before the Stealers could have made any move with him involved, and Bell never signed it. So their hands were tied either way. But, if even if Bell had signed, then at best, he would have been a loaner until the end of the season when his tag expired and he became a free agent all over again.
  3. You're correct. The earlier confusion was that everyone assumed that if Bell skipped this season, it wouldn't count as an accrual and would wouldn't advance up the Franchise Tag ladder, meaning the Stealers could retag him next year at the same 14.5M rate (adjusted for any new salaries that could affect that number, of course). But, that turned out to not be the case because he's a 4 year veteran, so the season counts and he advances to the third tier of the franchise tag, which would give him the average of the top 5 salaries in the league, regardless of position (which the Stealers obviously won't do). At worst, the Stealers would use the transition tag, which would give them the right to match any offer Bell receives. In that scenario, the Stealers would likely wait and see what offer Bell got, and if it was reasonable enough, they'd probably keep his rights and then trade him to guarantee they got something back for him. But realistically, they're not going to do that and they'll just let him walk to get that headache over with.
  4. A little perspective from the other side of the fence.... Stealers were rumored to have offered Bell a 5 year deal worth around $15M per season, with $30M of that guaranteed this past offseason. Bell turned that down, initially saying he deserved to be paid like a RB and WR. Stealers broke off negotations, content to slap the franchise tag on him again and let him walk after this season. Then Gurley signed his deal, and Bell seemed to think that justified him even more, even though Gurley is 2.5 years younger, has 600+ fewer carries/receptions on the odomotor, has never been suspended for drug use, isn't coming off his worst statistical year since being a starter, and hasn't spent the past two seasons proving he couldn't care less about the rest of the team. Despite all of that, Bell seems to think he should still get Gurley's contract. So everyone assumed he'd just repeat the process of last year when he sat out camp, then showed up the week before the first regular season game. Except he hasn't. He still hasn't shown up or told anyone associated with the team what his intentions are. The only statements we have are in an interview his agent did, who said that Bell plans to eliminate as much wear and tear on his body as possible this season, and cited his 400-touch workload last season as evidence that Tomlin intends to run the wheels off of him this season before letting him walk this offseason....which is probably valid and Tomlin has a long history of doing just that (see Willy Parker). Contractually, Bell doesn't have to show up until Week 10 for this to count as an accrued season and have it still burn a year and satisfy the requirements of the franchise tag. So the extreme, but suddenly looking more plausible, option is for him to sit out until week 10, then show up. The downside for him being that he doesn't get paid for those weeks, either, and would lose out on $855k per game missed. The more likely option is that he'll sit out a few weeks to the wear and tear that he seems afraid of, then realize he's losing way too much money and show up to sign his franchise tag offer sheet and play. His teammates, and about 95% of Pittsburgh, are pissed at him mostly because he had a perfectly fair contract on the table, one that most fans here thought was already too high to begin with, and turned it down so he could try and milk a few more guaranteed millions from the team, all while the rest of his teammates have Super Bowl for which they've been working their butts off in 95 degree heat in training camp. So the likely outcome of this, by my guess, is that he shows up somewhere between weeks 2-6, plays the rest of the season at a mediocre (for him) level, then becomes a free agent after the season where he'll likely get signed to a deal for some crappy team for less than what Pittsburgh offered him in the first place.
  5. Care about Ben retiring, or care about his comments about his towards drafting Rudolph? Obviously we care about Ben potentially retiring. Frankly, if drafting Rudolph bruised his ego enough to push him to play another year or two past when he otherwise would have retired, then that's a good thing. He's still a top tier quarterback, even if that's at least partially because the top tier isn't as high as it used to be. But the drop between him and the tier below is him is a rather drastic one and I don't think anyone around here is quite ready for that gamble. As for his comments, I haven't found any fans around here that have cared at all about them. The media around here tried really hard to turn it into a story and kept making it a headline long after it past, but no one really cared.
  6. Personally, I'd go onto your favorite Bengal forum, find your favorite poster that roots for the Stealers, and send that poster her phone number. I'm pretty sure that's the only proper etiquette in that situation.
  7. I've seen that complaint about it before, and while I'm not personally a multiplayer guy myself, I can understand wanting it. But then again, I don't know exactly what you'd do with the multiplayer. There's no real combat to speak of. I guess you could team up to cut down on the time to gather resources by going to separate areas, but if you do that, you're essentially going to be on your own anyways. And I don't think resource gathering is so tedious that you really need another person to help. Basebuilding with a multiple could be OK, but again, you can build a fairly complex base by yourself with much effort, so I don't feel another person really adds much. The developers have said they have no intention of adding multiplayer support because they feel it'd take away some aspects of the game, and I can totally see that. The game's best moments are when you wonder into a dark and mysterious area, wondering what the hell is going to come out of the abyss, and I feel like that's best experienced while you're by yourself.
  8. Been spending a ton of time on Subnautica. Very cool game. Basically, a survival game that takes place on a mostly underwater alien planet. One of the very few survival games I've played that actually gets the balance right between having enough crafting to be interesting, but not so much that it's overly tedious. Resources are available enough that you're not annoyed when you have to go out and get something, but still scarce enough to push you to explore new areas, which is really where the game shines. I actually bought this game because I'm a scuba diver, and have always wanted to find a game that actually does a good job of capturing the mystery of diving, and this game actually does a good job of scratching that itch, even with it's sci-fi components. Wandering into new areas can be pretty awesome, and at the same terrifying as you plunge into the depths without knowing what's there (and you may very well find something much bigger than you). Also has a base-building mechanic that I initially had no intention of using more than necessary, but have grown to love it and now have multiple large bases around the map. There's also just enough story to give the game purpose and depth. There's no real time limit, so you can do things at your pace, but if you do get bored, you can go back and investigate the story more. Only downside is that I bought it as a pre-release on Xbox One for $15, which is playable and worth that cost, but definitely has some significant performance issues, especially when you get into the deeper areas. I've recently started exploring one of the areas closer to the end game, and the texture popping makes exploration extremely difficult as it's often hard to see what is a cavern and what is solid wall until you run into it (and I've fallen through the bottom of the map multiple times). With that said, they are still working on it and pushing out occasional updates as they go along, and you'll get many hours of it before you get to a point to where the performance becomes a real problem. The PC version is supposedly fine and doesn't have these issues.
  9. Haley isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, nor particularly well liked around town. I'm actually in awe that he was dumb enough to go to a place that Tequila Cowboys for New Year's. That's just asking to get in a fight with some yinzer. I don't even think it matters what the Stealers do in the playoffs, I'd bet Haley isn't back next year, and you won't hear much complaining from us.
  10. To be fair, Shazier has a higher likelihood of playing in a playoff game this season than any Bengal player does
  11. Delegate, man. Got some smart folks right here in this thread. Sure they’d be willing to lend a helping hand. Hell, I’d be willing to help, as taboo as that sounds. I’m a fan of a rival and all, but I like these boards, and definitely want to see them continue on.
  12. I only saw it when posting. Looked like there was some error being thrown on the server when the “Submit Reply” button is hit. But doesn’t happen every time. Thinking back, maybe only difference is that it only happened when quoting someone, but that could be coincidence too.
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