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  1. [quote name='Bengals1181' timestamp='1314371611' post='1021840'] WE? [/quote] We!
  2. So, did someone put a marker in Antartica just to be an ass, or do we have someone renting a timeshare at the Fortress of Solitude?
  3. [quote name='Jamie_B' timestamp='1314302989' post='1020984'] Put it this way I've never sat in a bar and had a Ravens fan almost want to fight me because I didnt get excited about Hines Ward setting the Steelers receiving record. [/quote] One instance does not prove a universal fact. Besides, the Ravens have never had a WR worth getting excited about
  4. [quote name='Jamie_B' timestamp='1314300092' post='1020961'] I am, and while they are annoying, its not as bad. Steelers fans 1, Rat's fans 1a [/quote] Bah, you just think that because you hate the Steelers more. You can admit it, be honest.
  5. [quote name='Elflocko' timestamp='1314295982' post='1020927'] That and they're not nearly as annoying... [/quote] That's only because you're not around them enough.
  6. [quote name='Numbers' timestamp='1314293757' post='1020907'] Go, is there a city delete option ? Ie... Pittsburgh ? [/quote] Can't we all just agree to delete Baltimore?
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